Develop your Emotional Resilience and Manage Stress | Robin Hills | Skillshare

Develop your Emotional Resilience and Manage Stress

Robin Hills, Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator

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7 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction and Welcome

    • Definition of Resilience

    • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

    • The Benefits of Resilience

    • Developing Resilience

    • Strengthening Other's Resilience

    • Emotional Resilience Review


About This Class

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In this class on emotional resilience and managing stress, you will learn

  • to understand resilience with strategies to develop resilience in yourself and others.
  • to understand how to work with resilience to improve performance at work, at home and in your relationships with other people.
  • strategies with hints and tips that help develop resilience.
  • about emotional intelligence and how it relates to your resilience.
  • ways to build resilient teams and organisations.





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Robin Hills

Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator

Hi. I'm Robin Hills. It is my intention to offer the best and highest quality courses on emotional intelligence available through SkillShare and across the internet. Teaching emotional intelligence skills is a challenge at the best of times. I am not teaching any other types of class as I am a specialist in emotional intelligence and it is the focus of my business.

These courses require you to take some ACTION and put into practice what you have learnt.

Please note that all clas...

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