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Develop a Smooth, Buttery, Deep Voice that Commands Respect.

teacher avatar Jason Mighty, Life Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. [01] Intro

    • 3. [02] Part 1 Understanding Lung Capacity

    • 4. [03] Part 2 Speaking Pattern

    • 5. [04] Part 3 How to Resonate Your Voice

    • 6. [05] Part 4 Practices

    • 7. [06] Part 5 Routine, Conclusion and the Importance of Hydration

    • 8. [07] Part 6 My Final Word

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About This Class

In this course you will learn all aspects of how to improve the richness and depth of your voice. This will be achieved naturally where you will not feel like you are "putting on" a deep voice regardless of your sex.

We will look at lung capacity, correct projection, resonating your voice and practices and training that help naturally improve the depth and richness of your voice.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jason Mighty

Life Coach


A life coach who loves to teach others how to become truly capable in affecting their environment. From interactions with strangers to powerful first impressions to relationship and friendship building in this modern era.

I teach from First Hand Experience. It has taken me 7 years to get to a place where I have an immense self esteem and the knowledge that I am capable in any and every environment I enter.

Due to this I now feel 105% ready to share what has truly helped evolve me so that you do not have to spend the next 5 to 10 years searching for this.

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1. Course Intro: are there guys and girls? My name is Jason, and I'm here to show you how to develop your own voice into one that is smooth battery and deep. That is deep in a way that it commands people respect. People always come up to me and they go, Wow, you have such a deep voice. Who The ladies must love you. Oh, do you sing? I get these Cummings regularly. However no one ever asked me. How did you get your voice so deep? I assume that our voices are just naturally what they that we can't develop them into something without it happened to be fake without happened to be pushed out. Okay, so I want to show you a natural way to develop this where you're not sort of putting on a deep voice, you know? Mm. Deep who are filled up my long with lots of air now talking and deepness is coming out. No, this is and natural deepness. Okay, One that won't go alongside your own self esteem. So if you do these natural things that keep you in a calm state that warm your vocal cords in a right away that you truly understand lung capacity and how to project. You will feel the more calm on all of that will develop into rich brought to re deep voice deep in texture, deep in tonality. Okay, so if you dive into this course with me, we're gonna look at everything and we're going to develop you all to a place where you I love your voice. Okay? Slight disclaimer. I was initially gonna use my road, Mike, because it's a lovely, beautiful mike, but I don't want anybody go in. He's using the road, Mike. Off course, his voice is going to sound beautiful and that everybody sounds beautiful using the road might. So what I've done instead is I'm using a cheap phone headphone that's attached to my phone , and I might it up discreetly like a lab mike. And it's just very basic microphone it is. You can go out to the shop and buy a £20 microphone is not gonna be a great representation off my voice. Okay, Lying the road would have given. But it is a simple microphone that represents everything I'm going to teach still but doesn't attract. And those in make my voice sound a little bit, little bit grandiose. Okay, Mawr. So than actually is. But that's my little disclaimer. Let's get into it. 2. [01] Intro: Okay, So who are my last five years? I've been developing my voice. Okay, I have been developed in my whole self, and now I've got to a point where I call myself a life coach. I'm currently teaching people how to develop certain skills to truly affect the environment . Okay, this is my first course I'll be releasing. Many have been working on a few, but they're about four hours long for few of them and trying to shorten them down. However, this is a juicy little thing that I can give to the public, and you can learn and take something away from it immediately. Okay, so let's dive in and talk about the voice. And yes, you can develop your voice. Okay. Is not something that your stock were? There's no something that has to be like that. Okay, of course, there will be nuances to your voice that different than mine on the same is true for everybody else. Okay, there are slight nuances to everybody's voice. However, we're still gonna create a voice that takes full advantage of those nuances within our voice, but allows them to breathe room in a really charismatic bought ary deep version of themselves. A case that we're gonna pull that as much deepness from your voice. That's possible. Okay. I don't mean deepness, just in a sense of tone. I mean, deepness in the body. Okay? The full body over your voice is gonna have so many tones in such a richness to it. Let's start off and look into the best ways to develop that. 3. [02] Part 1 Understanding Lung Capacity: So to understand how to use your voice on how to project correctly, we have to understand the long capacity. Now I see people, and I did this in the past. When they want to create that deep voice or push the voice a little bit more instinctively , we all do the wrong thing. We instinctively inflate our lungs completely, so we take a huge breath and we think that talking from a place where your lungs are completely full will give you. We'll give you the pressure to push out your voice in the correct manner. But it's not true, as you just heard when I was talking. Would a full long I lose or that richness? Okay, my voices and controlled as it comes out. So let's understand lung capacity. If you have a gap balloon, blow up a balloon, let it go. You know, we've all done this. One were younger. You'll find that this balloon will spin round to go everywhere. However, when the air within that balloon is going to appoint with almost empty, you'll see that balloon shoot or faster and no shoot straight. Okay, initially will be working round, and then once the air is almost completely depleted. It was Shoot off with more energy. Why is that? Shouldn't it shoot off? When it had mawr, there was more pressure onto that balloon. Should in it go faster with more pressure. So the largely balloon larger it shoots through the air. But it doesn't one reason for air resistance. So you're gonna get more resistance on a larger balloon? Of course. The second, Because all that pressure is too much force to get out of that tiny little home. Okay, that little hole is gonna flap about, okay? It's gonna make a weird noise. That is only to the point where it has the right amount of pressure it can push through correctly. Okay, is like people trying to walk through a door. If there's three of them trying to walk through that door, they're not going to get through. If they're an orderly line, go in one at a time, get three. Okay? It's like put in jet fuel in your car, OK? It's going to go three times four times this fast. OK, but along the way, it's gonna jitters Gonna rattle it may even rattle the pieces. So if you put the right petro. The right field will take longer to get there. Yes, however, you have the right melody to engine, and I just shift along beautifully. So the best way to push out your vocal cords and project is not by inflating your lungs, where you have too much pressure with this actually talking from a place where your breath is, your lung capacity is actually little bit shallow. So think about your natural breathing. We don't take deep breaths and naturally we don't know breathing like this. No. Okay, we're not feeling out that lung capacity when we're breathing. Naturally, we're breathing to a place where our chest doesn't expand. If your chest expands and rises, you will feel pressure on the on your back, and you will feel pressure on your spinal column. That's no good. To have your voice truly project, you have to have controlled breathing that takes full advantage off. The capacity would breathe were naturally. If you feel like you're breathing into your stomach and not in its pushing, nothing feels forced, and that's correct. But the moment that you feel like the air capacity is so great that you actually feel pressure on your back. So that's the instant your chest starts to rise, sir, that as that happens immediately, I know I am breathing in too much. Okay, you low. So find are you are incredibly comma. When your breath is controlled, when you breathe in is controlled and your breath is a little bit shallow, you know, feeling on the whole long capacity. I'm trying to stress this as much as possible is a very controlled breath. So you're feeling that up, so as much as possible without inflating too much. Okay. And try and find where that is. Dr. Fine. Where there is where if you took in more air, you'd be adding negative pressure to your chest. Try, find where that is. Once you find the bottom of that, breathe just to their release. Do this a few times just to get used to win. Now the breath on your voice, on your vocals, whatever you're talking about, projects a lot more when you take a breath to that point and then you talk. Do you have the correct projection? Three there and you'll find that even in a loud room, people will still be able to hear you. If you're talking with your stomach, more of your breath is shallow. If it isn't, if your chest is and so expanded that people will hear you more. But if your breath is expanded, your voice loses. Or that deepness or that richness and is very sharp on that can cut through allowed room. Okay, unless you're high pitched enough, however, you're not going to feel comfortable. Okay, I was always I've always hated when people say, taken deep breath to feel comfortable because in the last five years and discovered that you feel a lot more relaxed and at ease when you don't take a full breath, I feels up your whole lungs A rather, you take a controlled breath. I feels up your lungs a little bit, but just to the point where if you show them up anymore, there would be pressure when you're back and when you're just a little bit. So don't do an intuitive thing off thinking to project my voice more, I needed to take as women's breath. I need to take that full encompassing breath, and I need to socking about a litres worth well half a litre to a full leaders Worth of breath? No is the tiniest, tiniest amounts of breath. It takes me about three seconds, the full of my breath when there's no air in my lungs. Okay, You're not feeling up your breath for eight seconds that also try and find the right spot for you. Okay, because everybody's lung capacity is a little bit different. I know I have a large lung capacity, very gay, and I'm stressing it as much as possible, you know, trying to fill up your whole lungs. I was trying to feel of that little bit. A little place where feels natural still. Okay, your natural breath doesn't fill up your whole longs. So that's what we're gonna practice and natural breath once we feel happy with that with knowing that we are now feeling very calm and is a controlled breath. It's roughly three seconds breathed in a fill up the right amount of air without at impression. Once we find where that is, will naturally feel a lot more calm and relaxed on that relax ation you film goes hand in hand, we create in voice. Mattis, move on battery. That's one thing I've loved about developing my voice is that, you know, just developing your voice. We also develop in I can guess A in a piece in a calm on these two things go hand in hand. You cannot have a smooth, rich lottery deep voice, if you are not. Come on. Practicing right projection helps build are communists. So if you're doing everything right if you just create s so cool where your calmness allows you to speak better. You speaking better with good projection makes you calm. And I should go round in a circle like that. Carrie, where? You know you're not calm. It probably would not Speaking as well as he could be. You start by cycle again. Thing projection. Correct. Way off. Filling up your lungs. I'll make you calm and then you have a lovely voice again, Master cycle. 4. [03] Part 2 Speaking Pattern: Okay. Now that leads into my next point off breathing pattern in relation to speaking. So now that you are working on filling up your lungs to a place where then no stretched there no added pressure on two parts, your body is a controlled shallow breath. How do we work that in with what we're talking about? Andi. You'll find that even with the tiniest of breath, as long as it is controlled and shallow, you can talk and talk and talk before you run out of breath on. This isn't true if you fill up your long so much, so having a controlled breath allows you to get a lot more words out. But, oh, soon, when you pause for breath, it creates and richness and you're speaking pattern, a richness that people are so incredibly attracted to because with every pause, you create a slight anticipation the way I love thinking about anticipation. IHS. Think about your favorite meal or your favorite activity or an incredible movie. Now let's say you've got I think that incredible movie or activity, so good. Can you have anything better than that? Can you have any moment better than the best movie better than the best meal, and I would argue, But you can through moments of anticipation, coz your fantasy can outlive on B four More grandiose under reality, you can wash that movie trailer and get so excited for a movie in your head. You really got images of it being the best thing ever. And then go and watch the movie and be a little bit disappointed because the anticipation created something better then the movie in your mind. So if you find that you're somebody who is rushing your words a lot and you what? What they call it like a blab amount. I comment. But a motor mouth? Yes, that's the word he was fined like you're somebody who is in motor mouth your 1000 worth a minute. You're just going go and go in. Andi, I used to be the same. I used to be very quickly because I thought if I don't rush on my words, people are gonna lose interest. So if I'm standing the story, I have to say the story is quickest possible before they lose interest. But what you find the fuel breathing and talking in the correct manner people will naturally be drawn in to every word you have to say, not just because of the deep voice that we're creating or the rich voice that we're creating, not just because of that, because we are controlled in the manner that we talk on. The pattern that we used to speak that pattern with pauses, rules, people in with every single cools I you low so find. The more you pause more time. You have to think about what you want to say next. This is another reason why I have come to love self improvement because if you're doing it correctly, like puzzle pieces and they just match up, if you're calm, the voice will work. You're breathing correctly. People that ruling in okay, this is Joyce from understanding and trailer in your lungs. I'm thinking about the way you project on speed. That's all we are doing. Slight adjustments to our character. The slightest touch is that Ghana heavy results 5. [04] Part 3 How to Resonate Your Voice: Okay. Next, we're going to move on to the hardest bit of understanding projection on voice control. And you just stood up a little bit. Oh, before we get into the warmups. OK, So the hardest bit to understand is how to resonate your voice correctly in your mouth. Okay. So what we find that a lot of people do is when they're speaking the air pressure just coming straight out. Okay? You can feel it on your tongue and your feeling on your lips. Okay. I'm gonna try and do that right now. So talking like that, I lose a lot of death in my voice. I lose that richness. Okay. So the way that we project correctly Oh, apartment the way that we resonate our voice within a mouth correctly. Is that a voice? Those income straight out. Did you hear that little shit? So this is me talking when the voices coming straight out on this is me talking when I'm resonated it in the correct way in my mouth. Both sound good. Both sound great. However, when you resonate correctly, there's a richness to your voice. How we resonated correctly is that instead of pushing the air straight out the air, for my words, hit in the roof of the mouth and they hit behind your evil A and your room. What do you call it where people get infections? This what's the word for that? Your tonsils here. Assess the work, so use your tongue. I feel the top. Your mouth. Okay, there are. Push your tongue back to the back, your third, and you feel as a cavity ride the back of your throat behind the tons of you around that sort of area. Okay, there's a cavity. So what you're trying to do is push your air into that cavity a little bit and push it on the top of your mouth. Okay, you'll feel that you don't actually feel your breath as much as you do. If you were breathing straight out, your breath sort of lingers in your mouth. Okay, Have that creates such a rich tone to your voice. But if you're talking and you're pushing this air straight out, you know, given in the ability to create that richness, even if you're talking with the right pauses No. Okay, se You want that voice to hit at the top your mouth and it's a very hard thing to communicate. And the best away that I found to get that that correct resonance after you don't know while it's gonna be very easy is like riding a bike. Be after you familiarize yourself with it. So imagine Visualize yourself as you talk. Visualized the air hit in the top of your mouth on when you feel like your words or just liberal richer practice of that. Okay, I knew that as much as possible. This is something where there's just a slight tuneup. Slight change to how you project. Okay, You've been projected in the other way having your words come out straight for the longest time. Okay? No, for all of you. I know a lot of you would naturally project this way anyway and have our richness to your voice already. However, if you develop this, remember that you've been talking one way for most your life. Okay, Now we're slowed the developing the correct way. There's not much of a difference. It just where the air is going 6. [05] Part 4 Practices: I'm gonna move on to some practices that allow you to, um, better achieve the right results quickly. So my favorite, the vocal warm up, is taken from the drama community or you do it is saying a simple, monosyllabic sound that changes position of the vow or changes which Val in which constant and you're using. So that goes something like this. Wah wah. Ha ha! Let's look, look. Ho ho Quat Quat. Zack, Zack Pack talk, talk, talk. So I'm doing it just changing And the combination of Alan Constant to create a different way off shaping and molding Mum mouth. And that should create a lovely quick warmup. Um, I love saying Quah because that word alone stretches everything. But have fun. Be place full with what you're saying. It may look a little bit silly. You can do it in the bathroom. You could do it on the drive to work on the commute. Whatever. Okay, now the next, um, practice helps dramatically with projection. Okay, so going back to the first warmup of going lat lat Tor Tor hat. Say hi, Huh? Very loud. You're pushing back, huh? Out. Uh huh. Yeah. Are you find just that alone stretches the back of your throat. So where you want that projection to go on resonate in the top Your mouth, It stretches there. Oh, so gets your longs familiar with pushing out your words is great. Four projection. However, you have to be loud doing that. Okay, I've done in the past I'm walking to work and thinking I'm not done my routine and not on my warm ups. And I actually go hot in the middle of public and people start staring, you know, obviously, however, there is a quiet a way to do this and I think this is slightly better win. Go say that. Hey, age can can be a little bit rough on your throat so instead or we're going to do they just push out the air in the same way of saying ha. But we're not going to say the word. We're just going to go just pushing that air. Oh, on doing it as hard and as forceful as we can. Okay? No, I haven't done that today and I can already feel my voice says, become a lot more boat just from the action. Okay, so it's crucial in the process. Woman up again yourself to a place where your voice is just naturally more rich for the word battery captures people's attention in the transition to that. This is your tool kit. These practices will get you that quickly. So yeah, that is great. Now, the third practice is going to sound a little bit like I'm going back and forth and what I'm saying, OK? So initially I was saying about controlling your breath. Okay, Now this it's completely different. This I want you to inflate your long as much as possible, okay? And have that pressure on your back. Okay? Inflate your lungs as much as possible on when you got to. When you get to the place that you feel like he can't take any more air, still try to suck in a little bit more air with your mouth. Okay, So Medio and that would look a little bit like this. And then I was stuck in a little bit more. It push out that little bit more and just hold that for a few seconds. Okay? So no goes against what I said earlier about having the right controlled breath is about speaking without the full volume off your lungs. What we're doing right now is where increase in long capacity ever so slightly. It's a warm up for your lungs. Okay? Because your breath still has to resonate through your lungs. So this and hello cavity that we have here, the large it is, the more richer, deep over sound we're gonna get. Okay. However, with this practice, I say only practice it once in a while. Okay? When you're building yourself up to a place where you are relaxing your voice when you feel relaxed in your voice, don't do this practice anymore, okay? Because like I said in those go against correct breathing. However, to get you to that place where if you're aiming for deeper voice, this will help you get there. OK, By the end of this course, you're sitting down in front of a mirror by yourself. You already feel like you are able to develop in naturally deep voice. That's that's the key I don't want you guys to put on. Oh, you guys and girls, I don't want you or to put on this fake deep voice of bravado late. No, I wanted to be natural. Coming from within. Okay on that. Even if it may not be a steep as you wanted, it will still be incredibly rich. Andi, Attractive to the ear. It will have your own nuances. Breathing three. Okay, um, now. 7. [06] Part 5 Routine, Conclusion and the Importance of Hydration: So those are the main three practices Toe warm up this whole area. You've got your vocal warmups. Quiet. You've got the push of and then you got the feeling up your lung capacity again. Don't do that too much when you feel up, feel a little bit more and hold it for a few seconds. Okay? Now, the way I like to think about these, this process is a routine. Let's say in the morning they say, why you work walking to work. It's a routine you can practice and do these things. And by the time you get into work, you're vocally warmed up. Okay? Like a performer on stage, they're not going to go on the stage. Know when they have not done any vocal warm ups. Why should life be different? Carrie, it's all encompassing thing off life. When you go to work, we interacting with other people. Why shouldn't you give yourself a little bit of a warm up? No. I'm going to take a step back from that and talk about, um, talk about comfort in relation to voice. Like I said, Oh, yeah. If you're comfortable and calm, your voice would resonate the route. Anyway, however, this has happened to me in the past on this will happen to quite a few of yourselves. This is Let's say you're doing your warmups or that. Say you're going to work and you forgot to do your warmups. Your value work and in your head or that's a ringing through is I'm going to sound awful. I'm not gonna resonate. Well, I'm not going to be the best I could have been because I didn't have these warmups. I didn't do my vocal warm up. I didn't push air. I didn't fill up my lungs. Okay, having done this, how can I go and talk now? Okay, on what you're gonna do is that you're going to ruin your calmness, Okay? Even if you don't do any of these war mobs, even if your voice is rough and your nuances eso out there, even if you have a medical condition, where is hard for you to project and push out your air from your lungs? Even if all of this is true, the most important thing is being come and everything else is secondary. Okay, so whenever you feel you like, you're worrying about you haven't done the right warm up with you. Your voice just isn't sound right today. I think it's not about the Walmart. It's about being comfortable. If I'm comfortable with our shine through, you're not stress about this. Let me worry about being comfortable and relaxed, okay? And get yourself into writing mindset where you're not in this inescapable place off worry with no solutions. But actually, your solution is just making sure you're calm, even if your voice doesn't ring through the way you want it. Even if you sound like a monkey playing the violin, as long as you're calm, it will resonate on bee attractive no matter what. So make that your priority. Now I'm forgetting one thing from the practices from the war marks. No, really. A warm is something that you have to do to make sure your voice is always lubricated on always, um, able to project a well, okay, that it doesn't sour shop on his lower richness to that on. This is key on. This is drinking water on a lot of water. Okay. I don't know if this has ever happened to you. Where you out with a few friends? Andi you're having a few pints. This is more for the guys. And you've had a few pints and then end of the night. You just found out your voice sounds absolutely amazing. Two reasons. One your lot more relaxed because you're now drunk to you are actually hydrated correctly. Okay, It's mad. People on a daily basis are not hydrated correctly on your body. I warn you to a degree that you need water. It won't warn you to be completely 100% hydrated. Okay? Our body doesn't have a warning for that. A single like when we're hungry. We have the mechanism in the ourselves. I go, Hey, get food. Really thirsty. We feel dehydrated. But when we have enough, first, there is no warning for Hey, let's still drink more waters and we're completely hydrated. Okay, so you don't have to be drinking like two gallons of whatever day. I would say a good thing to aim for is about five pints of water. Okay, um, £5 to a gallon of water is what I would aim for. If you do in this, your voice should naturally be a lot more smooth. Okay? Just because your vocal cords lubricated, but you're hydrated. Okay? Your vocal cords live and die on hydration, so make sure that they are hydrated as well as you can. Andi, you won't hydrated enough or you have a little bit of water with you. Drank of that? But you still don't feel hydrated enough. Don't worry about your voice. Might not come off as well as it could be. Remember again. Calmness first, Okay. 8. [07] Part 6 My Final Word: Now the final thing I have to say if you do in this course just because you want a deep voice the truth of the matter is yes. A deep voice is attractive. Yes, you can command respect with a deep voice, however, a deep voices and what you should be striving for. She was driving for a rich voice. You should be thriving for that bordering nous carry. You should be thriving for being happy. As you talk, people will gravitate to your enjoyment your excitement more than they would. Just a deep voice. Okay, so a deep voice is amazing. Have fun with it. Don't just be the person I'm now developed the voice or, ah, you know, have fun with it that is to attraction when you have informed with yourself on, people are attracted to that phone. They want to be part of your fun. Carrie, if you can show that with your own voice. Amazing. And sometimes it's easier to show that without a deep voice. So if I was out with some friends, my natural voice would go a little bit more higher, more high pitched like I'm just having fun like this. That the voice is slightly in the back there. That is not did dominant aspect. Both my character. Okay, the dominant aspect of your character should be character. The voice is secondary to that. Thank you for listening. My name is Jason. We'll be bringing out as many more. Resource is for everybody to learn so that we can or get to a place where we feel amazing with every single action that we do, where we are capable interactions with strangers capable in first encounters on truth, full knowledge, not something that's been regurgitated by this person or that person. Know something that I've gotten out for the last five years. And I have been improved myself with this stuff and adding to it. And now I'm at a place where I am happy to share it. So look out for my next courses and I'll see you again.