Develop a Custom Logotype: Tweaking Existing Typefaces

Scott Biersack, Illustration, Graphic & Type Design

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10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Trailer / Intro

    • 2. Project Description / Supplies

    • 3. Surfing the Web / Watching Netflix

    • 4. Concepting Within Illustrator

    • 5. Illustrator Techniques

    • 6. Understanding Type Pairing

    • 7. Creating Secondary Brand Elements

    • 8. Packaging Process

    • 9. Present Your Creation

    • 10. Thank You!


Project Description

Create a Custom Logotype From Existing Typefaces


Within this class you’re going to design your very own custom logotype beginning with already existing typefaces you have on your computer. No pencil sketching necessary! With your logotype lockup created, you will create a secondary brand mark for usage across other brand materials as well. Just like the previous class, we want to present the work, not just “show” it. With that said, create a mockup of your logotype lockup in use.


When designing a logotype from an existing typeface, you need to be aware of the font EULA (End User License Agreement). First and foremost, be sure to purchase the typeface from a reputable source. This will ensure the typeface is in its full entirety – nothing broken, nothing missing, and most importantly, you'll receive a EULA agreement along with the typeface you purchase. Sometimes those licenses will state that you're not allowed to develop a logotype from their typeface. In that case, you would need to purchase a separate license to allow you to do so. If you're ever unsure whether you can or can't use a typeface for a logotype, feel free to reach out to the designer that created it. Contacting the designer directly and asking for permission is always a good thing to do rather than getting in hot water later in the future. I did just that with the Bourbon typeface Mattox designed. I reached out directly and he even provided me with this helpful resource for you guys to look over.


At the end of the class you should have:

  • A completed vector logotype lockup
  • a secondary brand asset if you so desire
  • A final mockup / method to present your logotype


If you have any questions or hesitations about anything discussed in this class or have a question regarding anything else, please let me know – I'm here to help! I'll be checking back periodically to provide honest feedback if you're looking for it.

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