Develop Your Illustration Style: Draw a Cat | Anne Bollman | Skillshare

Develop Your Illustration Style: Draw a Cat

Anne Bollman, Anne Was Here

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5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Develop Your Illustration Style: Draw A Cat

    • 2. Style Study

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Illustrating

    • 5. Project

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About This Class

Many illustrators struggle with developing their style in the beginning and pushing themselves away from being so literal. In this class we will use a cat as our subject matter and explore techniques for creating a stylized illustration. First we'll look at contemporary working artists' illustrations of cats and break down the stylistic elements. Then we'll chart out the different ways all of the elements of a cat and brainstorm how they can be stylized. Next we'll sketch from a photograph of a cat, then remove the reference photos and create a plan to make several more stylized sketches. Once we have a sketch we like, we will select a color palette and medium to finalize the illustration. 

Class Outline

  • Style Study: Review of cat illustrations by working illustrators. Break down of stylistic elements.
  • Sketching: Sketch from photographic reference, sketch from original sketch with a plan for stylization.
  • Illustrating: Select media and explore methods of selecting color palettes. Create stylized illustration using sketch as a template.