Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part XX (Spell, Hero Power, Creature Effects)

Vladimir Limarchenko, Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

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3 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Spell Effects and Hero Power Effects

    • 2. Creature Effects – Part 1

    • 3. Creature Effects – Part 2


Project Description

Congratulations, you made it until the end of this training! 

Here’s your homework: 

Follow the steps in this class and try to create a couple of new cards for this project. Create one creature and one spell card with unique custom effects. Try to use your own ideas that you'd like to see in your trading card game project or recreate an effect that you like from any card game that already exists. Use your new cards in the game (manually add their CardAssets to the list in Deck.cs script, that is attached to Deck GameObjects in Logic).

The project files are downloadable from here:

The rar includes:

  • Credits.docx
  • (The previous project)
  • (The current project)
  • (The complete, finished game that you will have by the end of this course series)

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