Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part XVII (Table & Hand Script, Configuring) | Vladimir Limarchenko | Skillshare

Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part XVII (Table & Hand Script, Configuring)

Vladimir Limarchenko, Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

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3 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Configuring Player Areas

    • Table Script

    • Hand Script


About This Class

In this class/series we set an ambitious goal of developing our own trading card game with Unity3d and C#, mostly focusing on card game battle mechanics.

First we'll configure the PlayerAreas, establish all the connections with objects that belong to your player in the visual part of the game (his hand, table, portrait and hero power).

We'll view the scripts HandVisual.cs and TableVisual.cs that will handle card management and creature management in the game. HandVisual will also be responsible for card draw and getting token cards from sources other than your deck (e.g. “Coin” card from Hearthstone).

Learn how to implement a system that will handle placing and dynamically changing the layout of your cards and creatures depending on the size of your hand or the amount of creatures on the battlefield:

  • Adaptive layout that keeps its content in the center.
  • Pick a place for your creature on the battlefield (insert it between two other creatures, place it on the left or on the right of existing layout) and not just place it on the next pre-defined available slot.
  • No jumps in position. The layout adapts to the new card or creature appearing on the battlefield smoothly because of DOTween

With this class you will gain access to a compete, fully functional Unity project that is an example of a card game battle. The game mechanics are somewhat similar to Hearthstone: custom spells, hero powers, creature effects and so on.

Additional information:

  • The files showed in the course are downloadable from the link that you can find in the "Class Project".
  • The next class of this series will be published on 2017.01.12.





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Vladimir Limarchenko

Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

I am a Unity3d and C# developer with about 2,5 years of experience in game development. I also have a scientific background. I got a Ph.D. in Theoretical Mechanics in 2014, but then decided to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a game developer. I'm mostly interested in making 2D games. In my opinion, a perfect game should have some tactical or puzzle element to it.

Over the last couple of years I've also worked as an instructor and created several courses on game development. Some...

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