Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part XV (New Dragging Scripts and Game Logic)

Vladimir Limarchenko, Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

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4 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. 502 – Adding All the Remaining Scripts

    • 2. 503 – Assembling Game Logic and Deck Shuffling

    • 3. 504 – Dragging Scripts and GlobalSettings

    • 4. 505 – Turn Manager Script


Project Description

Congratulations, you made it until the end of this training! 

Here’s your homework: 

Follow the steps described in this class to set up the logic for this card game project. Think how the logical model that we use for this game applies to your own trading card game idea. What are the logical elements and mechanics that are not present in this game that you'd like to see in your game? (Hearthstone secrets, Magic the Gathering enchantments, graveyard for creatures, discard pile, one or two more players)

Remember that you can design a valid game even without some of the elements that are present in our project. For example: you can eliminate one deck by making players draw cards from the same deck, you can eliminate players' hands by making the cards played automatically (every card that is drawn is instantly played).

So, do not limit your creativity. And good luck with your ideas!

The project files are downloadable from here:

The rar includes:

  • Credits.docx
  • (Importing new scripts)
  • (The current project)
  • (The complete, finished game that you will have by the end of this course series)

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