Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part X (Assembling the Battle Scene Layout) | Vladimir Limarchenko | Skillshare

Develop Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D: Part X (Assembling the Battle Scene Layout)

Vladimir Limarchenko, Game Developer, Unity3d and C#

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2 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Assembling the Battle Scene Layout

    • 2. Organizing Cards and Creatures


About This Class

In this class/series we set an ambitious goal of developing our own trading card game with Unity3d and C#, mostly focusing on card game battle mechanics.

In this class we`ll organize all the elements of our future battle scene. There are 2 orientations that are most intuitive: player in the lower part of the screen and his opponent on top of the screen (Hearthstone style) and the second option – player on the left and his opponent on the right (Heroes of Might and Magic style, even though it`s not a card game). In some cases, other combinations (player on top, opponent below; player on the right, opponent on the left; some diagonal combinations) are also justifiable if they reinforce the main concept of your game. We`ll use the Hearthstone style of organizing everything and position our player`s portraits, mana pools and decks accordingly. We`ll put the burning rope timer in the middle of the screen.

In the second part of this class we`ll make a dynamic system of slots that will define positions both for cards in our players` hands and for creatures on our players` tables. This setup will help us manage cards and creatures and make sure that they are self-aligned and remain closer to the center of the screen.

With this class you will gain access to a compete, fully functional Unity project that is an example of a card game battle. The game mechanics are somewhat similar to Hearthstone: custom spells, hero powers, creature effects and so on.

Additional information:

  • The files showed in the course are downloadable from the link that you can find in the "Class Project".
  • The next class of this series will be published on 2016.12.23.