Develop Total Self-Confidence, Presence & Charismatic People Skills through Self-Awareness! | Brian Haggerty | Skillshare

Develop Total Self-Confidence, Presence & Charismatic People Skills through Self-Awareness!

Brian Haggerty, Expert in Communication & Social Skills

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Self Awareness Lesson 1

    • Self Awareness Lesson 2

    • Self Awareness Lesson 3

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Our success in business largely involves our relationships. All relationships begin with our first encounters. Learn how to make amazing and lasting first impressions while developing total self-confidence, charisma and masterful people skills. It all begins with self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation for all self-improvement. Anyone can learn how to have great personal skill when meeting people. But you first need to become aware of your words, deeds and actions and the kind of impression they make on others. Movie Stars, Politicians and the famous are all highly self-aware and have learned and practiced these very skills. All you need is to commit to practice. The idea is to create new, positive habits so that you wind up performing these skills without even thinking about them. Are you willing to transform yourself into a master networker whose presence is loved and enjoyed by everyone else? Great! Let's get started! 

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Glad to hear someone addressing this topic of becoming self-aware.
Brian provided bite-size recommendations to build self-awareness that anyone can do. I appreciate the emphasis that self-awareness is a skill and it can be learned as a path to self-development.
This was a good class and build my confidence up to speak to people. It is really great since I am in a sales environment. So thank you for building mindset up for me.





Brian Haggerty

Expert in Communication & Social Skills

Hello! My name is Brian Haggerty. I am a professional speaker, author, columnist, mentor, educator and coach. I always have to take a breath before I say all of that, lol! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am an expert in communications, people skills, social skills and business etiquette. I also work privately as a coach to executives, politicians (Of which I once was one), and business people. I am excited to offer my classes to the Skillshare community and look forward to providing you...

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