Develop Design Skills #2: Illustration | Jestoni Esteban | Skillshare

Develop Design Skills #2: Illustration

Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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9 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Overview of the course

    • 2. Simple Shapes

    • 3. Mountains-Hills

    • 4. Hills-Clouds

    • 5. House

    • 6. Car-Hot Air Baloon

    • 7. Trees

    • 8. Rock

    • 9. Other way to divide objects


About This Class

In this course you will be creating your first illustrations using simple shapes. You will level up your design skills to the next level by learning visualization and simplifying things.

In this short course, we are going to talk about the foundations of design through shapes and for our hands on project, we'll be recreating this flat design nature landscape from start to finish. I'm going to share with you my way of designing things and see me how I approach each complicated designs and make it in simple shapes.

I'm excited to see you in the class so enroll now and see you inside.

You will receive my ebook, for free, to help you to become a successful graphic designer

You may be new or seasoned designer, I am sure that you will benefit from taking this course. You can start with no knowledge of design, finish with new skill that can be used in your future projects. At the end of the course you will be able to simplify things and recreate any designs you want even you are a new designer.

  • You Can Use either Mac or Windows
  • No Prior Experience
  • Learn Designs

This course is designed to teach you how to solve any design problems you have. In this course you will learn not only about doing designs but also the proper steps in designing. I will teach you how to maximize your talent and build your confidence.