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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Visualization

    • 3. Badge 1

    • 4. Badge 2 part 1

    • 5. Badge 2 part 2

    • 6. Badge 3

    • 7. Badge 4 part 1

    • 8. Badge 4 part 2

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

New designers are having a hard time developing their skills. At first they thought they could design anything but later on they found out they couldn't and stop and leave their goals.

In this short course, I'm going to share with you my way of designing things. You will see me how I approach each complicated designs and make it in simple shapes.

You will receive my ebook, for free, to help you to become a successful graphic designer

You may be new or seasoned designer, I am sure that you will benefit from taking this course. You can start with no knowledge of design, finish with new skill that can be used in your future projects. At the end of the course you will be able to simplify things and recreate any designs you want even you are a new designer.

  • You Can Use either Mac or Windows
  • No Prior Experience
  • Learn Designs

This course is designed to teach you how to solve any design problems you have. In this course you will learn not only about doing designs but also the proper steps in designing. I will teach you how to maximize your talent and build your confidence.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

See full profile

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1. Overview: Hello. My name's dishonest, Eben. I'm a freelance graphic designer and welcome to my course. In this course, you will learn how to level up your design skills to the next level. Using a simple steps. New designers are having a hard time developing their skills. At first they thought they could design anything. But later on, they found out they couldn't work out what they're imagining. So they tend to stop and start living their goals in the short cars. I'm going to share with you my way of designing things. You will see me, how I approach each complicated designs and make it in simple shapes. I have prepared several projects for us to see and work on. I'm excited to see you in the class, so Enron now and see you inside 2. Visualization: Hello and welcome meanings. Distance deben. In this first lesson off the course, I'm going to give you a brief idea off what our lesson would be. The Sinus kids is nothing born, of course, it takes another practice to become a good designer, and every designer is different from one another. What? I mean, it's my way off. Designing is totally different from others. That's new Designer, if you are new, what I'd like to learn is how to do things in simple shapes. Because once you have learned that it's easy to create things in the tang of Respected, I have here a simple bunch. Look at the trees. We can associate that in tow arrows, and if we can break it down into pieces, we have a triangle and rectangle. That's what I'm going about, visualizing things into shapes. You may ask the way shapes because shapes are so easy to do and available in our computer program. So let's see if we can a great this trees in few minutes or segments. Okay, so get your startle and if you draw, if you have a star when you have to do it, so if you have this or you have to do is yes. Remove that using or don't arrows or a part of style. And you can see we have, ah, several points here and we don't want that. So it's again the, uh, only one tool here and click and drug and year and say, If you have these Pentagon, the same thing used the, uh down Adel's to remember those ships. I mean those sites now. We don't have that points. That is her door. Manipulate and shape. It's so many, uh, points in there. All right, now in the year, a tangled mess added here and this May it center. Let's see controlled by to see the outline. If there's none, if you can see, then just make this center. You think this one? Now it's saying there, Okay? And now it's said like this. So it's united using the Pathfinder. Play care, unite! And now it's one ship you can see this hour 13 over there In case we went toe, cut it into off. It's drawing a line here, then segment tool, and then this goto object. Goto path and click defied objects below. When we do this because we can add the, uh, colder seen here like what we have in our reference in our much So let me get the eyedropper tool. And here it's easy now in the other one and the seat. That's our 1st 3 You know, it's really simple if we think off it. Assad think one ships so it's doing other. Number three is here, miss Group it Control G, then all your alky. If you're using the windows, I forgot. What's the for amount? Computer? The You can go get it, of course. And now let's put it into a book. So and again that's duplicated. Holding our key. Let's make it bigger. Many times I used to may. I mean, I'm just using my keyboard arrows up or down, and that's it, you know, Freak symbol. Think of it as a simple ships, and I know you can create a lot of things if you think that way. So and you see another one, another example, and near me of this box here I get this design from freebie that come. I've been posted a link so you can see it's E. See if we can think of it as a shapes again. So first, we're going to do this one yet their lips tool. We're going to do the ox one that the the handle. All right, So our circle of low and we're going to duplicate it somewhere, like different. Or you're alky again to duplicate and then senate both and then select the other one minus friend that the unite And they have it here. You know, it's ah, after you how you drink it. But the idea is there. So I remove it here. And I have that on the weekend. Of course, if you spend a lot of time, you can create a, uh happy off that, madam, you show you how I think off this design. First, let's needed bargain. Here, let me show you how we can create these acts in simple shapes. You know, it's select the around in Yangon. And if you're using A and the Administrator CC, you can do this. Any shapes, the corners can edit that And this, get the 100 year like tango right there and let's see and even in tow, make it bigger. Oh, no. Yes, Yes Idea. Under one under par Foreign drew a another. Okay. Okay. So, man directing in on the end? Yes, a small one. And like there, you know, it's easy, right? You think you think my shapes, we can design anything's everything that we can think off. It's known as, uh, it's let no begin and just want to make it bigger on the side right there. And, uh, yeah, I think that's it. You know, you're gonna get the idea, and you can make it bigger as well, Toe. Make it the equal. Right? So, you know, making things in tow shapes make our life easier on the sea. Another one, I mean, just rotor. And later we'll talk about that. And this one and, uh, here, this one, we have the not budge the she will write our boats will, uh, we can create the handles in same point. She when you're seeing the Arctic Circle. So I'm going toe, make the bottom one little bit. I smaller. So this, uh, feature is available using the on the administrators. Easy gain in the unit tangled one for the body and in center it. But you get the idea nature, we will create this. But I mean finished in the first part of this, all right? And you see, you know, you get the idea, and that's how we will be the great things in simple shapes. So this one, even if really complicated, we can create it in simple shapes. So first we do the base, get the around other tangle little and draw one, and let's put it here. So let's get here again. And it's make this, uh, Perseid Meteors shorter, all right? And it's up to you how you do this, but the south I get it. I would duplicate that faced the buck and extension of Collier. And right there, you feed the, uh, a created that Assad shadow. But now you can see it looks up something who'll never beast. And now on to stop the roof. We can train that as well. I'm thinking off it as ah, um, circle problem. We're going toe that it you have and go toe but and divide objects below. Now we can move it, and here we can complicate it. As many as we went toe happy that so he's got terrific. We start in transform and select transform. And here began now, but the several copies Fine the review and in the move section and several pixels say this one looks good. 67 Big cells and like Okay, right now you can see it's just one shape. But if he expanded goto object, expand appearance. And now it's a several pieces nous and group that so we can see it in here. And Nancy now is in just a few steps. We can degrade that in that roof. All right, so I was, like, several. And that mutation of border click OK, And there, you know, it's easy to recreate things if you think off it as shapes. So they say it's spin issues. One. I'm going toe cynical ontology on then Controller Control saying control, be the basin duck And then this, uh, getting a transform reflect badly on that transform and reflect the horizontal. Take the preview and click. OK, so it's moving down. I mean, rocket down, holding my shift key in there. No, we have one. We're goingto select all this control G control, seeing control B or F to pace in front. Now we have that. You see control C control f Again, It's a rotated again holding a shifty and right there we have the shifts. Well, you see, it's simple, you know, making great things in simple shapes. Even they are so complicated, we can put it into simple shapes and great that you know, there's always some steps that we can follow. And I think visualizing things in simple shapes is, ah, it's a good way for, ah, newbie or new designers. So that's it for this video and see you in the next lesson. 3. Badge 1: Hello and welcome again. My name's just Santistevan. In this first project, we are going to recreate these Beitzel issues, but design you think simple ships. So let's start now. Goto file new and you're less silicon document from file Web sites. It's 9 60 by 560 RGB, and we're done with that. So this our new canvas, I'm going toe put it here. So we have a same and document size. All right, so let's zoom in control Z and the handle. Just press your space bar. Okay? So first thing we're going to do is to look at our design making created in simple shapes. All right, so, of course we're going the, uh, the base. This one. Get the student three on the canvas and wonder shifty and I All right, So let's get corner. And the color is 005 c six A. You can copy mine. Thank you. Click. OK. All right. And then it's, um let's make it bigger on a little bit on your shift key again. Don't constrain a year. Perfect shape right there and next. Less yet the another circle. So control C and control F toe base in front, happy and face in front. So how your shift and alky to get there right there and extension the color Something NATO . All right. And that's our background for our base. Now this Nadia pizza, I can see the beats Al Assad Syria that that into half. So that's what we're going to do. It's Ah, get the Carter Red. The color is 981818 and click. Ok, all right. And absolutely corner yellow. He's after 986 30 Click. OK, and it's our pizza. Not yet. Slice. So first we're going to door. It's toe, of course. Cut it in tow several pieces. Like what we have in our reference. I mean, save a uh I'm complicated, but it here on the side if for Ah, you know, in case I need another one for that. Ah, we can Great. Thea, I guess we mess up. So I guess controversy and under LF and then drag it to the side Control F control Seem s copy, of course. And control F is to pace in front. Right? Remember that. And then we will cut in tow several pieces basically to do with that he's ah, get me rectangle tune. So we're going under a direct Daniel long rectangle And by what, uh, about two pictures in with Let's change the corner so we can see Get the move to and the see if we can center it right there. Controlled by toe, go the outline and controlled by again You won't go back. Don't know my view. Then it's duplicated control C and control f toe base in front. Now get the hundreds underside and drag it something like this said it the other one ontology and then control C and control f again the duplicate that. And that's how your shift key was drugging some things like this. Okay. And then select well, that is selected on your shifty. We're going toe. Unite all of these lines. Make that in the finder tool. It's no united, and we're going to guard it. Cynic, all of these minus in front. And now we have got so maybe you begin. Ah, this for it neither. No. Yes, Yes. Do it now. The U That isn't the line you can see in our reference and we're going toe. Make it. It's more their skated down on your shift key. And then some were like this. Next click near those work in the field in quarter. It stinks. So something white My dish So we can see that. And this and a stroke. Well, we can We can see it because it's actually on the outside. So that's ah, body for it in the front. This one, they select this one, and, uh, first let's check together and you can see year actually dissent in the back. Now it's in the front. It's control. Close bracket to put it in the front. All right, And now we're going toe. Expand these, Gil, It's no, not and click. OK, and now we can minus front again. And this What will happen if you don't and see if you don't do the compound path so we have to I'm bummed path first our ships south feeling the group so we can not object compound paths and make the red one. And then this Now black one object compound paths and make all right. Right now we can see it, but that we can But 1/4 there If he went toe so this selected And this change the corner so we can see it. Something that this no, let's select it is. Now I compound bath, which is Okay, So let's select both and minus friend and my daughter, and you can see it's actually see through So we can see it by doing that. Like this extension together. And this but our designer Let's put it at the back and see. We can see the green rectangle at the back. It means we punched out the length and now we're a pizza. Okay, so rightly and then click on group. And now we can remove some parts of it. The other part? Let's put it here on the side. And this our pizza. Spot it on our sir. Good. Right there, Sport it some something. Grosso, begin C Now, Reverends, let's like these two circles so we can move it. All right? You don't accidentally move our circle if we said like our pizza. Okay, so now let's take our thanks in san issues. And yes, I made up his name. I'm not sure there's Ah, it's a parlor naming pencil issues. I'm not really sure. The fund a specific Elrod color. I'm not sure if you have these on your computer, but plus I think if you don't have just let me know it's a free fun e think. Okay. With the, uh, 28 points off our thanks. Now, let's, uh, group this pizza so we can syndicate one item only changed recorder the seam when I was your guilt and then next, it's different right there. And we have some think we're going on right now. Right? So the next thing is the, uh, Nia another text premium visa using the title. So first we're going toe create a circle so controlled by toe outlying view That's a hide NuTec so we can see the center off our circle so bleak and drunker But it's in shifty and right there And select me pizza It seems it's not centered. All right, And now let's go back again. Control. Why the normal view? No nets type. Get the type two or type on a path. So, being click here on this circle, let's skill down the points point size The front is open sense. So this type premium pizza control a too cynical that in this make it center and then snit Zama tracking here 100 Maybe 200. And let's see that. Yes. Oh, get the lyrics. Election told in on this arrow The cursor pregnancy is quite hard door position it nicely. You have a steady hand and do it, You know, uh, carefully, it will mess up If you don't like what I'm stopping right now. Make your center. But the it's at some points in here, then close nearer this and another tracking points 300 making 300 and the stern on the expense and issues All right. Doesn't know center, but I think it would do right. So next thing is the a startled and click and draw in the canvas on your shift key to make it perfect Star exchanged the cooler to the red and it's a drug it up here All right, we're honest and all you need is the, uh those a holes in the pizza. It's a group that no, he's ah, individual shapes and pieces. So pretty easy on when in the circle, sir. Control. And it's total. I mean, snow here on your shift key and not so big and not really small indignant. And while their shift Lee Inkley pizza and witness one toe punch out and below that again, several times in the Spencer. Something close to the edge and on Chief again and Preakness minus front. Do it again. Get the more story. Select that. And right now in their circle and its story somewhere here, put it on the edge and pick the pizza on his friend and we're almost done here. All right, so this will be the final hole in our pizza. Hey there, Schiff and minus front. All right. And that's our pizza issues. Much really easy to do in just simple steps. So I hope you enjoy this letter on. And let's do more of this of you practice more and do a lot of these badges. And you can watch this video again if you miss something. So that's it for this video. See you next time. 4. Badge 2 part 1: Hello and welcome back for our second budge, we're going to recreate this barbecue budge design in simple shapes. In this tutorial, I would not go fast because I want you to father along with me. So when you're ready, open your adobe street or and let's get started. If you look at the design in overall, it looks kinda complicated. But like I said, we'll do it in pieces from simple part toe complicated. One again. Think off one design like it composed of triangle, strict angle and cynical. In that way, we can easily create this design. Okay, so next make a noon document Goto file, click New. And here we can put a name and saying barbecue and cannot find these web sizes 9 60 by 5 60 This clips won in here. My pixels, of course. Like the RGB scaring the seven. It'll in the sour canvas click. OK, so this our canvas this where we're going. Toe design. I mean, select this. So we have a reference Did I get here and make it at any time be here. Okay, Right there. So what we're going to do first? See store? Look at Look at the design and let's see what we can create here. The simple one needs what they see. Yeah, half Syria girl And this one also a rounded rectangle. So basically it composed up Sigma shapes. Right? So first, let's get the and it's stolen this door one here on your shift key to make a note of thanks here ago. And then we're going door. Oh, if you don't have the I smart guys Smart gates, You can go to to love you or control you to fill in the smart guys. So you would know where the center off the, uh, circle. Okay, so is it getting colder instead and then hasn't get near line segmental You think the smart guides we know over the centuries right there and then goto object, Goto path and divine expel. Oh, now we can remove the bottom part. Can they? Didn't that if you want? Yeah, right. So it's removed that and then I mean, do it again. Another line This for the bottom part off our this irregular deke over got the object bus and divine damn six mil. We make this, uh, Antarctica recorder. So this get the U. N Dr. Recorder right there. You can send it. Any colliery want here? Yes, for Ah, demo here. Okay, Next year, Going toe. Create this handle. But this one. So it's actually easy. Get the around under tangle, total and raw. Something like different. They want a really big 100 time, maybe something that miss. And you can edit the size reconnaissance. If you want using the their extraction toe, this one would do. And we're going toe. No, begin this Harding are alky right there. Then it's me smaller because we're going toe. But it on that flower or in the old one, it's changing the governor so we can see it. And it's ah, over here. All right. This one, it seems OK, so select both most off the rectangles and in the But I find that if you don't have that, you can go to view I'm in the window. That's finder, all right. Or you can use me shape, builder, tool to remove that. Holding our alky domains in that. All right, so that's what I'm going to do. Wandera. Aleke the miners. No, sir. Parts Now we can make this side a little bit fat. I think this one wouldn't do for me. You know, you get the idea. All right, so in this, the hand in, it's really great. Different things. If you think ofit, USAA, sink one sheep begin trade anything here, Flat in flat designed. Of course, the three D ones different. So it's ah, at the sides of this handle. Maybe somewhere here tonight, most and minus friend. We can cut that out. No. Wigan 40th year. All right. It seems okay to me. So it's less ago. It's our attention that Senate toe back or forward. If you Wendell the third, the shortcut keys. It's now in the back for our half circle. Okay, It's up to you if you want toe ended that. But you get the idea off it. And then those small circles nothing at the end of story on your shift key again to make a perfect circle, right? This one is changing the gardener toe Derek. Good luck. And thats i d stoke attention of orderto gray? Yes, at some points here, missy, at two points. Okay. Seems ok. So it's drug here, you know, with the help opening a stroke, you can create this or you can If you want. You can duplicate it, make the other one bigger. But he stroke, I think. Will do. Yes, sir. Positioning it so we can put the techs in the middle knowing it's ah find. Since we duplicated control F and control control seeing control if we can selling the other one the layer section aesthetic the one in the book And this Move it down using your keyboard arrows down. Then we'll make it darker. The stroke order. We did that. So begin. Play that an illusion off. Ah, drop shadow in year. So right. You can see the, uh, Derek one. Let's group ontology and my goingto duplicated control C and control f again Toe pace in front. Now drag it to the right side holding your shift key. So it's ah, line to the other one. All right. It looks fine to me. No, it's ah, Andi Tex barbecue. Maybe you and cynically fund the phone that I use is junk. Five. Roman is a free front. That's right up. It's make it bigger holding your shift key while dragging up so it scales up right there in the strength to go on this shadow that so you can see our takes becomes bigger because cap is as well the size off the other one the text because of the sating sofa eyedropper tool. So you have to remember that you have to end it again if you in case something happens. 5. Badge 2 part 2: all right, we have done the easy part off the of this much. So it's doing this for no, I will not bring up for it by car. Well, something like that. And a readiness to get NEA around and dangle told again, make neither the sides the corners. I mean the little rounder, if you want. You can admit that using the that extension told her something like This is fine. I guess so. Let's throw another one on the inside, using the around into the jungle towards right right there. And it's changed the go order read and see it. Select most. Take another one here, the 1st 1 so we can send right? Not that one. They sell control Z or in that one. Right now it's centered. So that's minus front that now we have this one. See, it's really easy right by using simple shapes. Weaken great something, and I mean saying his perspective. We start, I make the right side smaller right there. Okay, that's a good has changed the color and dropping that. Now let's know D A handles here. Let's make it a little smaller. Seems feeling big for our design. Okay, Now it's getting the time that all again, it's, uh and they start here going to the right side to the left side. I mean, and you think the most told are a selection during you think the Cuban battles down our left side? Really handy tone. Now the handles another rounded rectangle tool. Now we'll put it here. All right? Seems OK now this cynical and that's united. So it became when I'm Jake here one element, um, make it like this in vertical, I think A little holding your shift key. All right? Yes, I went for there. Now you can design your like, uh, like a shadow fit my dividing it using the line segment, or we have done it before. So that's saying let's do it again. Using a line segment Goto object and not a bus click on the Divine Objects below Now is a tow separate parts. It's Cappellini under caller here and Doug Irwin And right there, this Senate, both that's group it Control G and duplicated control C and control F. So we have a two part here how we can, uh, now begin for the on the back off her first element right there holding your control, Chief in the close of back door, mate in the muck and the other one here. It's a position. It nicely. All right. Despondent, sport. Nothing. Them back. And now it's about anything. The position of it. So, I mean, fast forward. Okay, so I think I'm going toe duplicate this part. So it looks okay. Now, let's get the inflect all and somewhere in the center make sure it's in the center right there in this ref like window. Let me preview and we can see nater how it looks on your screen, the Gap e and and there you have a, uh, nice thing going on here. The next one is Nia. I on a Rayvon on every bond design. So do it. It's, um it's from of this guy. First we can go toe view and Greek India knowing the guy's mind games. Okay, control semi colon. And now it's all done. We can get the right angle doing it's, uh, throw one here and get the color. Yes, the color yellow. You know which one gold One. If you prefer that one And next they are going door on detects Yes, sir. It's good. And I mean, Filic a year. Nice frontier. It's Nevis, and we're going toe. Position it summer. No, let's make it smaller than first. Forget here. Still being is made smaller. Still holding your shift key Changing the going on the right and right there in to make it in the center. And we will at the, uh with and some anger point here to make our insane, uh, looks reborn. No, you get the medics, and I condone, like that one and all. Your shift key And Presti, Right, Arrows on the other side. Pressing the lefty if, uh, arrows on your keyboard. You all right? Now select both Goto effect. And yet the warp tool Arc Segni Art And you can see it doesn't know what the fuel you would Senate Both right, So it's no Nia Raben. First select the Ark. And this hour are it's making lef bend This one 23% seems so gay. So now in the Senate, the thanks. This repeat nothing in about the work like and selecting the 33. But we can edit it. Maybe there are 26 Let's see to make it in the fender. All right. So you can enter the work in the appearance panel if you think you need to. And if then just click. Ok? All right. That's Ah, that's it. That's I would saying right when we have to do it. Yes, but this ribbon and we're done. So yes, remember that. You know, we've keep it simple. Don't over complicated things if click appearance explained Appearance If you guessed that are if you send this design toe other designer, if they don't have that fund, you can explained that being a snitch. Okay, So the city from this video and I hope you learned something and I just remember that it's okay. If you commit me mistake on your design, you can create it again. Just some make it simple. And that's all few in the next video 6. Badge 3: Hello and welcome again. My name is the stone is Debon. And in this video we're going toe design Another budge this lecture, budge and going toe Create it from start and I'm going toe Show you how I created this. So that's great in your document. We start from the start. Of course. So you can name me. Make sure so the pro Fine, The sizes It's nice. 60 by 5 50 You know that as well. Cooler boat, RGB screen and click. Ok, so this our canvas. And first, let's create a background here Macron corner and get their dangle total and destro discovery. So begin caller this one just selling a great cooler something like this and up in your layers spanning We're going to love it so we can, uh, accidentally move it right? Saw this. Get this design and that's drag it to our no canvas right there. Let's group it. I mean group it so it would be just one item. All right. In first, of course. Always start from the back. So get the right angle tone. Although you can use a around after thanking told that time and show you how to make it, uh, founder on the corners. So it's a just the other something. Make this one the calories f nine if fix their own name. All right. Oh, d nine. I mean, okay, so and getting the lips total, I see the rounded one on the bottom osa half circle. So that's what we're going to do on your shift key and out start from the center and right there and it seems OK, so what missing? What are we missing right now? Is the around in corners of the rectangle. Right? So it's, uh it's known that first nets and just sniff. Okay, so that's united in the Pathfinder. And now this, uh, it's about time for a store. See our descent closely. You can see there some some space here and this. May this corner rounder. Select that point Another one. Here, hold your shift key and then start pulling it inside. Right there. Okay. Same. So gay. So this may be our bees. Next to get the right Dungan Drover in the bathroom off our budge and get the car there. God is orange misses the thanks. Code f 15 Fun 50 to 8 and eccentric, both using your, uh, she's been there tool under al key on your keyboard and click that toe. Remove those excess part. All right, there. Still a separate one. And then next we're going to know what he's like. A mortar here, water flow or something to get the tang told through a summer here under eyes Space bar, if you want. Oh, you want Don't move that shape. Listen, obligated. And it's the color for a six F 73 And now Noto effect distort and transform and click six. And And here asked the preview so we can see what we're doing. Like the smooth and let me relative All right, so But you can use me Absolute, But I think absolutes matter one. So I just need size if off the legs for the Regis I think 11 would be fine. Oh, are maybe 12. Okay, yes. Click. OK, now let's Ah, adjust it the right side on pressing your right arrows, Keeper. No, it's expanded to me. The real object like that. Okay, now select boasts off this one. Destroy men. Get the ship builder toll and we're going toe. Remove this excess part again on your alky. Okay, so you see me were, uh, going somewhere. And basically, it's really simple. You know, if you're gonna expect buck in gazing that you mess something up, select both again, like the shipbuilder total older, Lucky again. And then click that All right. Now, this new D both here. So it's pretty simple. You think a simple shapes here. What I see here is the triangle bending to the left side or pointing on the left side. So again, the triangle I'm in the startle. You can remove the other points by pressing down arrow on your keyboard, right? So let's do it again on your shift key right there. But there's so many points, so I guess we need the other one. So next they let that get the polygon dhowley and click and drugging or canvas when your shift key and you see there's less points in there. Next get indeed their vaccination tool. Click this going there and drug right side, and it's ah, the with again on your shift key while driving to the right side. And then on the top point, you can drag it to the right side to the left side didn't mean. And now let's get the anchor point total. So we can headed the sides and showed the uncle points decide and make it something like this right there and then on the side. Click and run. So show the younger younger points. Then, using the very selection tool, I click that. And then on this, I pull it up. All right, there. So this one So it's a matter off anything, you know, it's they if you want to make it really cool or something that I really like and both you can spend a lot of time doing this, but you can use anything here but the help of mental in their ex election tour in great a lot of things right now with the tangle tool and just drove one here, there, using a keyboard. Arrows left and right have been down. No. Yes. Like that. Those Celek and using the keyboard arrows again. All right, so I think that's OK. So next I get the and I'm told again, you know, the, uh but, um, part of the boat. I just throw something here and then by distance. And I didn't really click in Does this corner. So this one, this corner not like that point and drug inside I saw this one maken drug and the next using the index that I can talk like this corner the right corner I'm using the Cuban are all right And let's zoom in a little bit so we can see clearly that point Get the belly tank or point a little net thing that All right, so we have a, uh, simple both here that that's how you Katie using theme by ships. No, we can united to make it one. I'm Jay. It's get this order first. Now let's put it here on our budge It's looks, uh, being you can scale it down. No orange it. And so I need to book It seems really, really far. Just about word. Now we need toe. Bring in front first you think the front floored. You can send a gear still in the front of the airwaves, so let's send it buck right there. Okay, now, what were amazing? Knees The son, of course, in the some takes. So it's really simple to do it strange going, or that to yellow and the governor is F B B 03 b click. OK, and then we've seen this Make it. It'll be bigger right there. It seems OK, so the nexus, the techs Sonus, get the type goal and they make sure control A to cycle the decks. The front is next. Ah, slum boiled in self refund Make it a little bigger. It's a drug it here simply Justyna short the quarters the same sour background. Next, That's Sinus me bigger right there. As you can see, we're almost done with this bunch and we created it in simple ways. You know, once you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you can do a lot of things Simple things toe make even complicated. But I guess in try toe designed things like like in thesis, you know, in that way it will help you design in a bigger picture. Let's put it here and on Chief Ryan, the scaling up Get the corner this one and meaning they star. So press your up arrow, You're Gibbard Toe and other points. Now this change to other And really I was done Pretty simple design. What we're missing is the space, the background here something like this one and in great that Manya duplicating this background or you can make it bigger. Mata Here. I created one. You, sir happy and pacing back control be. You know, I'm going toe scale. Scale it up. It would be right there. And we're done. You know, Simple. Not that easy. Much with the instruction. So I hope you practice again. Do the steps that we did here on the effects that we used So that stone for this video. And I hope you learned something and keep designing. And if you're not sure look and go back to the video again and watch it again. All right, that's all. See you next time. 7. Badge 4 part 1: Hello and welcome back to our necks budget design. In this video, we're going to design a mountain. Budge for Explorer. I saw this design in a website called Freebie. I will put a link on the description and just click this free download so you can see it. And also, you can examine this, um, in victor file and your own, because it's really important that you can see how the vector by, uh, mid. So here I'm going toe share with you. What I saw in this missing when I am thinking off our ship so they start. So, actually, what I see here is just ah, surgical off course. One big city again. And the other one needs Theo a, um, a triangle. This made something big. Get the, uh All right, that's this What I see here. I mean, I look at this much, this weather we visualize. Okay? I keep on repeating that because it's really important that you visualize things in think my shapes and I duplicate that and this made smother made dragging inside. See, that's what I see. Of course, I probably have anemia and yes. Ah, simple takes on the bottom off key off the Rangan. So this is the idea off. What I see here in this bunch is how you simplify things in simple shapes. Okay, so, of course, there's some element in here, But when we start in India, I should be something simple. All right? And as you can see, those those Ah, highlight. Because there's a source light here on this on the left side. It's, uh let me think this so you can see it and send some colder right there. This is the source light. So you can see here on the reflection or the not near inflation, but the highlight in the mounting. Okay, so always remember that when you're designing also, consider the source light off a design so you won't have a problem when you're start designing it. Okay, so I guess it's ready. Begin. I start designing these. So making um, and it's stool. Get that and start drawing new canvas. Name this swap that color in tow. His talk. Nine points will be fine for no, and it stinks to collar something. Look And let's see, maybe let's teach the colder even a bit darker. So Lernout toe, see the colder and I don't try to use eyedropper tool. If you're starting, try toe. Select the red color by looking at it. Okay, So save our circle, duplicating that control, See in control F and skated up. Make it bigger. Holding your shift and control key. I mean, then the shift. And this one needs a change. The border. Tow it later. Just drag the e Uh, the Pecota Darren left side. Okay, Okay. He thinks good. And next nets, um, through the mountains here to get the star the public unduly and hunger Schiff clustering a perfect triangle. And and it's that there stop the caller. Don't make it a feeling. And I mean, just sitting discovered her So we have the even border on our insane. Here, you don't have toe breast the bulky and shifty. I mean, just get here to down there inside, and they encourage the small, their circle, something like that. And your Frito do it on your own. How you are. Hey, did your design. And this He did say about some of the points here because we're going toe, add some points. So our triangle. So it seems we have six points there. Get the at anchor point with, and it's Ah, some in controls e on your keyboard. I'm going toe quick. One here, here, in here, here in the year. So that's a no no for that's knee big off the, uh, other mountains. This one. This moved up here, here to die down and just one be up here when do the same thing on the other side. So get the dunk or point a little. Another four points click and then drug using the direct selection tool there, once the pig. Okay, so that's how you simplify thinks. Don't have toe equal doing trying less here. Yes, Using the at anchor point tool, you can add other mountains. Okay, so next will feel the bottom part. So it's easy how Teoh do it. Yes, duplicated this cereal again and swept the corner. And next, that's ah changing the water so we can see it clearly. All right, It's actually at the about off our mountain, and what we're going to do is still going toe, divide the circle and cut it out. Get the rectangle and yes, position it here, right there. Attention to go there. So you can see it. Get the selection tool and hold your shift. Key and fee. All right. On your shift keys to take the Serie Gail and their tangle. And then in the Pathfinder, like the minus front. And right there it's actually at the front, and we need toe. Put it at the back. At first, I should You don't have to do that. This eyedropper that. Then you have that already. Let's see if you want to make it at the ball. Easy toe. Do that. Now we can add the rulers here so we know the the end off that. So we're going toe put our techs having type here on venture and throwing a dead set on the banks on that on the letters of that goingto select me, uh, foreign tough next slab blood. It's a free front. I'm a poor ailing there in that description on the think 8. Badge 4 part 2: and body kind there. Make them for in science item bigger. It changed the governor, the white. Okay. And then this Osama effect here. Motto, effect, work. And if so many years. But we need one here I lower. Let's not get this, you know? And we need a negative year. Negative net. More than 10 against would be fine. Negative six. But someone looks that the effects Not really good in the name. Um, let's see. Maybe negative 8% would be OK. Yes, Quick. Okay, there when you're done. And there's another thing here that we can do so but some more effect there. I need to expand that first and then we can and more bend my going toe, distort and transform and take free Mr. And here in the corners, you conduct down as you can see on the review, cilic that corner and make your that the most corners are aligned and click OK in here. You can see that it means Ben to go there. And now let's expand it again so we can edit it every point of it. Let's make it smaller. Something, something like that. And next I think we didn't know at the year can and any did here with type 2015. It may be talked out of 15. 16. Yes, and the fund is great. Biceps all this corner and hold your shift key while dragging. And this change to gold or the white using the keyboard arrows up and down of his yearning it. And next we're going toe at the cynical. We're going to type here, So let's do it. Find the center of the smaller, smaller one smaller cities. Conor. It controlled. Why toe? See the outline here on the center look and drug holding your shift and alky All right. Once done, you can go back toe prestige a controlled controlled by again to view no amount of you and then get the type total and its type over here on a cynic. Thea fun the foreign If no, feed them right. And it's this morning down the fun size right there. And it's like adobe and I'll be in a straight or control A to select headaches and get the that X election daughter and let's make it center. And now find the line I not and this position like that all right In this change, The font of later seems matter with later. Foreign styling Bold Changed the phone caller toe white. No, we can end it. This statics I said some tracking. Let's see, 50 things are we need more 75. And in case you need to, uh, put it down or just make it bigger so it will go on the inch off that small surgery right there. Okay. Seems OK. So next you're going door and some stars hold your shift key while drugging that making that I start starship simply yellow corner and put it over here on duplicated control. See in control f and then moving it using my keyboard are all right and sell a call. We're going toe. Make it smaller right there. Okay. Next door. Put the highlights highlights on the my mountain. So remember that the source light from the left side. So and it's some of it price. Okay, So when you're ready putting at our reflection or the highlights get the mental and business start drawing it, just follow along the side of the mountain. I fast forward about it so you wouldn't get bored watching me doing this Okay, so when you're done, you can edit it using the their ex election toe or deal. It's, um, corner some points if you need to. So that's how you ended summer highlights on the mountain. So the same thing on the other side. Okay, so it seems that the other highlights on the side is wrong. So let's delete that neither, Uh, uh, lights there, the reflection or other call it highlights. So that's what it on the other side summer here. Underside. All right, when you're done with that, I think it's documents. Our historian and I hope you do more off this and trying toe simplify things that as much responsible. So everything will look easy. And you can recreate everything. Any design, that one. So, yeah, see you next time 9. Conclusion : Hello and welcome to the last video off discourse. My name is the stone is Debon. There are a few things I want you to remember before you finish scores, things might help you develop your A visual decisions gives. The 1st 1 is always cloaked, a design in simple shapes, like a cape on saying shapes like Square Circle, Triangle and Tongan. Doing this really helps, especially when you try to recreate a design for a study and next simplify your designs. If you are in your designer in, you want to design a big and complicated stuff. It might be difficult for you to accomplish that, so keep it simple until you gain some experience. You need to start summer, so learning the right step is really important. Don't rush it and enjoy the moment of doing the design. Here's an example designed from freebie it composed of simple shapes. Yet we get the whole idea that this orchids cannot er, so this is what you should do when you're saying keep it simple and stupid. And lastly, if you really want to design a big frustration when you visualize it into shapes, you may want to break it down into several parts or chunks. By doing that, it helps you focus on one part, and also the job is easier. Compare doing the whole picture without a plan, always working parts. And that's all for this video. I hope you learned something in scores and good luck and have fun designing. See you all next time.