DevOps on Microsoft AZURE cloud | Harshit Srivastava | Skillshare
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15 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction to DevOps

    • 2. Azure Boards

    • 3. Azure Artifacts

    • 4. Azure Repos

    • 5. Azure Pipelines

    • 6. Azure Test Plans

    • 7. Azure Tool Integration

    • 8. DevOps Projects- Create an Instance

    • 9. DevOps Projects- Boards, Repos

    • 10. DevOps Projects- Pipeline, Test Plan, Artifact

    • 11. Azure DevTest Labs

    • 12. DevTest Labs- Create an Instance

    • 13. DevTest Labs- Exploring options

    • 14. Application Insights

    • 15. DevOps Organization


About This Class

In this course, we would explore Microsoft AZURE Cloud Platform. Learn all the available DevOps tools and services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform. This course covers wide range of Microsoft Azure services with theoretical lectures and practical demonstration including-

Boards, Artifact, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plans, Tool Integration, DevOps Projects, DevTest Labs, Application Insights and DevOps Organization.


1. Introduction to DevOps: Welcome to this. Learning Siri's off cloud computing with Microsoft as you in the falling sessions, we would be learning a lot where they want to use on services at level on Microsoft as your cloud. We would explore various use cases performed practical, like reading instances for resources excluding various options. Have level on the club on the porter before moving to the practical exercises like a swastika. Explore what is their off and what we can do with as you live off. So they're starting as you would have also is a service or set off services that level on Microsoft as you cloud where you can plan is smarter. Collaborate in a better way. Our video teammates. They would consist off developers, testers. Operational engineers are developing Jr or more. You could ship in a faster manner. You can make use over this repositories we get. Get help on the as your offerings. With the state off modern developer tools and services, you can use a really stools like Jenkins Ajira, a motive to integrate your project in a faster pipeline on the street, a place So what is their hopes? They want to? Those set off software development practices that combines off softer. They're looking on information technology operator operations too short in the system development life cycle. It is vital in the industry. I don't see how only development investing as a separate faces, but today we have automated. The process is in order to increase our all put on really started every time or development time. We could really use the overtime on deliver the factory fixes and updates frequency of our unit when we can align with the business objectives. So they have consistent three basic components. It consists of development face quality assurance, R Q. A on idea operations. In the development face, we are designated to develop what the object is what we are born to Della actual according takes place in the development face. When a piece off court is written, it will be tested against certain perimeters are standard. I could be termed as quality assurance are testing. Then we can have very set off ICTY operations that could be involved floor development and testing. We would be working on with a team that could be separated in terms of geography, ease of gender is or experience our technical skills are liabilities and more things. So how we can combine in order so that they have a collaborative and more money to work together. We can integrate these things with their off. We have ah, huge range off our tools that are available to us. When it comes to go out, we can use our village stools like gift. We can manage aversion controls we could use. Our country knows, like docker communities. We can also you, chef, we could use our Jenkins a unit or selenium for testing. We could use mirin or any other dues like Gretel for big purpose. We can have ah, monitor with is flown data dog or more things. We could have a release and deploy operate, monitor plan codebuild test. On this I could continuously moving again and again. We can have a delivery pipeline where we could flour and paste and release our applications are more company directly to customers on. We will also confessed off our how how are customers Pretty is output internet with both, we can continuously monitor those things on. Based on those reports are analytics because plan our next two steps So they walked is a combination off all these processes. Most of you would be family with waters there. Waas. There's a difference between different software development of mortars. I live me how waterfall mortar. Then we have it very model. And now with devils, we have a better are integrated solutions. I usually waterfall, takes months off their love find interesting. We have a business with genital requirements. They're just going requirement analysis face that would be generally either by brainstorming analysis or different things. Then we have the development team said to design on British based on the requirement until a business it has not given the requirement. Development Team never starts working until the printing has not completed, and eloquent testing thing could not based on those court. So in this case off we have step by step wise function. When they step one is completed, then only we can move to step two. So it was a slow. It takes time and operations as the last part. With the staging and production with age I. We have the testing on development phase integrated together on a Zion different inside Office lords, but it was not also much faster, as we expect it reduced. The time has come for two. Waterfall on our put is better than waterfall, but with the evolves, we can have integrated everything on the same face. Businesses can raise their requirements every time are any time developing, can think and work upon various segments off. Good. Any day on the testing thing. May test on different set off court based on different times are units so they can perform or badly were probably on the airport is within a day's they walked on. The cloud generally offers five set off tooth off. I still have your board of your report as your plans just plants on as your artifact. We can integrate these five services to better never models on the cloud for the organization with as a world we've been, plan crack on, discuss work across your team. You can have deliver value to your users. Fostering as your goals allow you to check what that I start moving to the community. It is it could be compared Teoh place with our forces or notifications taps. You could have different notification on every screen regarding your team or development faces that they stated for their movie you could check the status on it is good for team. When they work in a collaborative manner, we have a zero repose. It doesn't set off for victory. You have You got unlimited cloud hosted private get people's country. You could have the git repository on the elaborate on it is unlimited, so you can have ah, large number off repositories on your hand. You could collaborate, pull request genital advanced file management on performance operations with it was a dream . Then you have the other pipeline that according digression and court deployment you had that works with any language like fighter and see java ruby See shop darkness or any platform with windows leaning CEMAC and the town you can connect, get aboard any get provider and deploy it continuously to handing. Talk with as you're in a blue dress. I've been blue mix or more. You have, despite playing in orderto earnings, everything in the orderly fashion. Then you have the other day stands where you can design the test suit. Test cases on test plants for case management and exploratory testing. It, which allows you to ship your package, are deliverables with confidence you could perform different set off Hastings based on test plans. Then you have the artifact that is our delivery model. You have the create host on sheer packages. You could easily add artifacts to the court integration and co delivery pipelines. I was working in a team, a collaborative manner. You could make yourself visually studio team services. In order to add a court repository. You could have the bills and the guy model. You can load testing. You could release it to the public. So this is all about I feel there. Waas. We're learning more about different tools. Aziz ripples your high plains on everything in the coming lectures. I'm performing practical recruiting approaches the bill, then keep learning and get moving ahead. 2. Azure Boards: Hi, friend. Welcome back. We're learning a sea of their loft on here in this sector, we're going to learn about as your boats, which is time off to it. So let's start with okay, Give up dual or service. That is a liberal for your team in order to have ah plan, track and discuss your work across the teammates. Imagine it is Ah, bulletin board or a blackboard. Are there any of 30 minutes a beta developer tester operational in junior or any version control person could raise an issue, are faced a speaker on the road to discuss the plan. Practice development are tasting issues. Discuss what you're working upon our different books that make a car on your cases which project on possible solutions because it sort of messages that could be flipped in order to get a more detailed in sight. That would be the borders of levels to every person on the team. You could have remove any person so the board is no longer visible to him. But when your teammates are there, certain issues could be discussed in order to leader project in a family fashion. So here it is, hard looks like many great instance for as your boards you have different options that you have the backlogs. You have the analysis you have the Della Pierre protested stages. Anyone off your demons could add a different items by hitting that your item option the court would be those simple here issues are displayed Their title the change initial beauteous will a greater interface for signing it. Slow response on information from and so on. Such things you could read any of the issue in this describe on the person who has raised is to issue is ah Harding has been displayed on When you take on the board item, it would be ready. Did you could do this. So with a diverse you've got an interface start let you back pass features are books. I have three basic components Here you are types of items. You have the epic of the issue. You other cats. I have the backlog. When there's nothing on the foreground, that does not be done. It sits on the back up. But when a new operation is they started that we work upon, it is released. I don't epic is a super object off issues affect my consist of different issues and similarly, any issue may consist of different ask, saying he should would be stop it a softer are complaining, so crash off us after component. So the issue of a consistent different asked that would be resolved. In order to solve the issue, you could add different tasks on the combine off. Those issues will be addressed as unhappy east and we create or add an issue task or in effect, it means we are creating a work item. So at the earliest phase, you have everything in the backlog. You have a to do list when anything nothing is done. It is assigned to a to do list that we have to work upon when we have it. Started working upon that thing that status during the still doing, Uh, and when it is not being done currently, it is moved back to the to do list. All the back up met up work is certain task or issues completely. The status is converted again, back to done on. When you are really working on that thing, it is reactivated. It is again assigned as doing. The object is the story in the work item data storage area. Every item here will have unidentified assigned to it on these ideas are unique to a particular project that so that you goto a sign or identify those things you contract work with conven boards that live earlier. You have the backlog, so you have the team dashboards and they have the custom reporting tools you could combine . Ah, white range of dragon drop planning is sprint in the factory work with different involvement, having a traceability and perfect home. For all your ideas, you could be start up. You could be a team off giant R R and D Project and assist I all kind of requirements need second organizations on this. Is there a more detailed example? But we here on the left hand side you How are all the services? Here you have the work item boards, backlogs, esperance queries and plants in the boat. A degree on you have the reposed by clients test on an artifact as well. We're going to perform a practical project on this on the later section of this course. But for now you can practice things. You have different areas and you could add new items. You have the active issues. You have their stating issues that you have deployed issues. All that waste here based on the different persons who raised different antiquities to critique. These are here designers. That's you have those dramatic tabby other design down you have the machine learning attack . You have a general that the issues could be categorized. You also have a block back their wealth he could block certain issues are objects This is good for your team Do about having in direct ground because everyone needs to socialize with each other. Harmony, social socialized could be beneficial for your project. So they're different. I'd want is is for this. You have the connected from off idea to release. He could connect your idea to release by tracking all the already ideas are development stages and keep your team align. Find in sinks with each other. All. Courteney, is that our diet leading to work item. It has extra meridian warming. You can build in our scrambles and planning to use to help your team to run the springs, they stand upside planning medics. You have to pay for the inside so you can give me insights into the health and status off a project but powerful analytic still and dashboard widgets. You're gonna start their planning Next step with the springboards. You could have the I DS on the left hand side uniquely identifying an issue. You have the title for the issue. You can assign the task to a particular person any other state off completion, doing our to do list. All right there in the back row. Then you can customize your passport to see you. See, various metrics are guff based on different parameters. You could have the completion time have its completion time duration box number of books that may occur in different phases or time. You have the cost metrics and more so this is all about as your boards are living, to learn more in the common lecture. Still, then keep learning and keep moving 3. Azure Artifacts: I will come back friends and we're learning Microsoft as you on here in this section, we're going to learn about another day off tools that is artifact. So they start without me back. Eso I defected a very powerful tool on Microsoft as it would have off to a degree. I it allows you to create a host on share packages with your team for the development. Operations are interesting operations you have various deliverables are packages that made to be shipped to the customer are whenever whenever it is required. So it manages the dependencies used in the core base on provide you easy tools to and shoulder mutability and performers. For this cos you can have a wide range of components are individuals that would be managed by your team, and it needs to be shipped. Hide effects are important conflict here. It allows you to create and share me win on bm new get package feed from public and private service. For those who don't know what is, maybe maybe it is a powerful protect. My eyes went toe that is based on a project object model. It is used for predictable dependencies and documentation. It simplifies the project with process. It is basically for Java. Then we have NPM having the same purpose for North 30th. It allows you to package are run various commands for Jammeh's Are It Anymore server. Many have the new get tickets Microsoft Company, but the free and open source Package Manager The designed for Microsoft Development platforms with seashells dot net You could use this thing. It is, ah, visually studio extension, and it comes as an extension that could be used through our differences. You can add fully integrated Pakistan's when goes to your countenance integration and counting his delivery pipelines with a single place. And you can create these packages from public and private sources with 13 off any size. Could we start up? It will take time on the irony here. Ah, Haifa Looks like a zero dash words on the give off Asuka degree You have off different tools that we will hear of wars reposed by plans. Test plans an artifact when it clicked. Artifact options. You have the option to connect to the feet? Yeah, the recycled. You have minutes artifact aversion software packages being displayed on the screen when you have it started with this. And so here we have different versions. Different companies depicting it. Use our sources. The source could be NPM nor package manager and me went for Java. Ah, a new get for Microsoft Technologies. It has a last poster and description as well. You could manage these things readily from here, so her it has a more functionality. There are advantages. He could share the cold efficiently across our different teams. You could manage all the Pakis types easily on the count on you could add packages to any pipeline For Andy the process. You have a pipeline for testing, developing and other operational freezes. You could manage those things on integrate this thing like the process is being done. It simplifies the complex nobility process with artifacts. The process is generally tedious, are hard when it comes to offline, off regular lamented rises with artifact that you have everything on the screen on that you can monitor our view things. It gives it simple and organized. Two. Can Syria, called effortlessly by storing, May win and PMR Newgate packages together, and there's no need to store the vinyl is you only stole the packages and binaries I'm get just simply need to be having using social package. You can predict your package as well. Keep every public source back to use for the NPM and you get in the same food on on Lee. You can delete it on no one family legal time. It is covered in the S L. A service. Lee will act like men by Microsoft as you. So it is an enterprise grade as your SLE and strong as any. You can integrate a different package handling with the CIA and see the pipeline as well. You could add those things. It is very small features as well. You got the package fields that you could use here with the package feet. It allows you to group packages into feeds which our country nous for packages, keeping a consumer and publisher packages easily. Then you have the universal package where you can store any file or set of files for all the artifact that you use as a part of your development and deployment. People create and consume universal package A liar, a visual studio team service in cli all the as you see allies. Well, you could call this function in certain commands and will be on your hands. You can consider using them to still diplomat in post like installers. Large datasets are buying Orefice that in your during a development or a virgin container for your pipeline articles. Then it got abuse. You could have abuse. Teoh Artifact Animal, Use your subset off. You get a champion package versions with your customers as well. The views are used to share package version that has invested, medicated or deployed. But you also used to hold back packages that I was still under development and not ready for public consumption. You could take those things on Manus. Suspect it is has on your hand. Then you have the office stream sources that could be used, which enables you to single feed toe Mr Board packages you produce and the packages you consume from remote treats. It has worked public foods such as on P. M. D. S not come. I did it on authenticated feeds like as you devil feeds in your organization that you could combine both kind of feeds together are based on different scenarios to produce the output , whatever you like. I went to have I never this office team sores are you? Your user can connect with your feet on. Install a package from the remote theory on your feet Will be will save a copy off that. So will they start a replica. Then you have the upstream sort of the idea. It was displayed as it happens to shows the source on the location of the file that completely water on the source type. You have the public source within the studio Dream service feed we STS feed are more. You could have those things you could add up with themselves that it could believe you could move up. You can check permissions, hard views and three days. Then it comes to the symbols on. When you come testing on different deployment, you can have a very it's kind of symbols and use. Different symbols are custom symbols that could be used on it would be stored as a separate entity and a symbol server that you were compiled executable. Especially different. Executed was from native language like C prefers. You need a symbols that can be containing different debugging information. Artifacts make simple support and publishing quick and simple. You could add symbols you could have different symbols that you can have a explaining part and such back. And for that, so this is a lot out as everyday artifacts. We're going to learn more in the coming later still, then keep learning and get going. 4. Azure Repos: Hi there. Welcome back, friends. We're learning as your develops on here in this lecture, going to learn about as reports which is our live off service or do low level on the club. So Lester, as they reported a set of words and control tools that you can use to manage your coat when you are writing a good or a piece of software, have a different war, isn't based on a different requirements. Say you have a first words and words into. Wasn't three version for it would be I either release are in production. You could have these things. You may be having a way people developer for testers simultaneously working on those different versions. So you need to manage those ah, abortion cramp. Having a version control on on the count. You can realize it without the repose with was in control. You could have a sec off your local git repositories in that you can use for this purpose. It consist off. Forget a Similar services include three on unlimited private git repositories. You can have unlimited number off get repository that you can use for free. It is generally used a version control system it is very common and very popular. There are connected. Forget you can also use those tools as well. You can use a guitar or you could use codecommit or court pipeline off AWS as well. You could integrate those things. How it is not required. Get it Are distributed version control where you can have a local copy off your cold. It is a complete version, not very politically as well. It considered a fully functional local local able through trees and hard make it easy to work on flying are remotely you committed work locally on. Then you have to synchronize your copy of the repository to the server and only available to other users are developer for testers working on those versions simultaneously. They could find those things. They would have a pull request. They could come a change. Yes, have their own versions and they can copy the repository. I profoundly respect of operations. So how good? Waas. Just have a general idea. Say you have ah, return a 10 piece off food. 10 different programs are having them in the course of a single folder. So on your local computer or the local PC, you have a working directly with how all the fires, all the programs taken together. You're gonna move this to a staging area by writing the command, Get add on the get control. It could be commercial inability or anything that could be added as an extension. Not lugging very set off software like noticed. Really? Holic it plugging preinstalled, I give You could use an honor being secret. Use on with the list of us all. You have to get extension preinstalled. So when? How? Local working directory. You could run the get at command at the start of Creole fires to the staging area on. When you write the get coming, it will be created as a repository. I've never do use for minutes. Developers are festers. There were a commodity that you can use with get but certainly general or common collapse that you would be using. Whenever you're using it, I get config get in its initial audition. A few on you could kill indifference part. You could add a file or folder. You could commit a genius. You could take the stick yourself you'll get You could fit a remote connection. You could have a check out for the brand. Same whether this branch like this tower. Now you could select a brown. You could make a push. Request are full request. You could modular two different branches. He would have a different operation. It would have a reset. You have love, you can manage. The loggers will water the various operation that has been performed on the get on with generous. All the history off Commander has been executed. So here's the scenario. Hard appears on the screen when you move to the assumed As for a walk dashboard you have with the services that off to seven over here the boards, a repository, biplanes, test plants and artifacts and the reapers option you have various options have level. You have to find option commit, pushes the branches tax and pull request. You could create a file afloat. Filed, modify fight. It could coming changes you could entered, pushes and request. You could add multiple branches to the existing notes. You could have dads. You could make pull request as well. So here, when we click on any of the option, it will appear on this. Great. So this is the option showing a full request from a person to active, completed and abundant branches that the student has ensured in the matter. Off minutes you could add new people request on the top right corner. You could have this thing. We're going to perform this thing in a practical sessions. Don't glory assist Skated over. Your heart appears so here you can have things like that. The reported trees creepily request created by me. It will be displaying you the request that are being assigned to you assigned to your team as well. It was worth it working on those things. So if you have a working experience on either of gate or get help, it will be It will not be very difficult for you. It will be just a king. And you are. You are nothing more than that. With reports you have always wanted this as well. You have our support for any get playing you can last time. One of these claims have been supported by Microsoft Review are if it is not supported right now, I supported in the future, so we assure you considerably connected with a push forward on a huge repository from any idea Peter or get plan. You have the Web hoax and the reintegration as well. You could integrate different times off extensions. Validation marketplace all with your own Using Web books. Arrest FBI's You have the same in the core search. You could quickly find what you're looking for on the coda were said that understand classes as well is very bad, so you could kick off your next a bit from my reporting. People request you can collaborate with the better court with him teammates so very beneficial on its pizza. Pure process, interestingly, that perform out more effective court reviews With traded suspicions, you could add trance you could hide. Messages are definitely that would be sent to a person who is in charge on you, the particular section where improvement needs to be done. Use Fox to promote collaboration with inner source. One feels you produce. Use those things. Then you have automation off Beijing, according to the country's disintegration and country was delivery coordinated trigger, the greatest artist and the plumbers off happily completed Pull request on my plants order tools. You have the complete integration of these things you have, including state. You have the really states that the production estate. All these things get assigned the pipeline on. You could automate these things on with, I will tell you then you have the code auto complete. You have the protection for your court quality and branch policies. You could protect your code quality. I different policies as well. You could have. Ah, we're policy. You could have said I am identity and access management Rose. You got assigned different. I use a different sort. Tester could not right or modify the cold writer. Well, if you do not assign in per patient, you could test aware section off cold. Similarly, a developer is responsible for writing called. He went on with tasting. Any other person spoke so you could have those kind off used are Policy is being implemented based on those are signed and you can protect your coat quality as having the grounds follow these. So this is a vodka. Give off reports living to learn more in the coming lecture. Still then keep learning and people 5. Azure Pipelines: Hi. Welcome back, friends. We're learning as you on their walks on her in this lecture we're going to learn about as your pipelines, Lester, With this as a problem with the tool that is a level under their Wall Street agree, or Microsoft Azure Cloud here you could create country nous will test on the guy on any platform as well as a cloud. You have to write a gold on the gate or any I d on. You could integrate this thing with pipeline. It will be simple on efficient way in order to be scale up our automated, continuous integration and deployment on the cab. My plan is a fully featured CIA and Siri service are continuous integration and Canton delivery service. It could be incorporated with your preferred get provider. As we have a zero repose, I could read greater with any get provider on can reply toe vigorous cloud service as fossil on other cloud as well. You could also integrate our as your pipeline for the blue s. I blew mixed Michael tell you eyes were known You could start with your court, ban Italy on and get help or and depressed server. You love anything on as your report You just simply need to provide your court, create a full request our repository on When you have added you provide authentication asi report you could clear using the resource I d callously without using resource I d Will you get how far that thing you have to provide your authentication? Then you can automate the real tasting and development off your goto a zoo DCP Our AWS hair is of you how you can use your day off dashboard for creating a biplane on the usually off shore. You have these options. First of all, we have the pipeline option here with problems you have with options as well. The Bills releases library and department books. There were four options. We need it for 10. You gotta see this thing on their screen. You have a certain project on for the project. You could create different jobs like here were critically. Next job, you could have different stages. I prepared the op initialize shop, get sort of a command line. No. Two on the cli motors running a Here it is running the yarn code for Have you are using the Jackson five it is fitting the packages using note package management tools and PM you could add the summary of lost the logs off the thing. You could have the test. You have the Why am I got here? You have the windows job, Minister of my job on things running simultaneously, They would check the pipeline on integrate those things the performer, second operations in the program and practical stations. Then we have to understand what is continous integration on candlemas delivery. For those who don't know our this country, this integration it is used to automate our test on bid for the project you are writing a gold are certain faced scenarios need to be automated, like Unisys need to be automated before and right out. Any of the platform that could be done on the building off their project has to be are committed as well in order to increase the efficiency of the use of time over time, consumed by manual Interesting those things you could write a simple script. Earlier tested scripts that physical to go the country s integration have to catch box or issues at the early stage of the development cycle when they are easier and faster to fix rather than to find us thing after the development fees. When you find the blocks are any other issues are fourth or any things like that at the earlier fees, and they are easier to read. Act 10 Fix. I don't that are known as an artifact are produced from C I system and immigration systems on our defects. Are there deliverable models there used to continuous delivery released by clients to drive automatic deployments? So then, for different things are being argument in here with the country distillery, which is used to automatically deploy and test code in multiple status to have Dr quality. It has stayed that later, after the country's disintegration there in called for it together in order to efficiently with the continuous Integration service, provide articulable artifacts enduring in perfecter and obligations. The ultimate release pipin concealed These artifacts to release are different versions on fixes for target. Otherwise, our target us offer to us it as well. I wanted years. Oh, are the different alternatives You have any language or platform support? You could build, test and deploy anything in Node.js Pitre job obviously Ruby CCH plus last darknet on right on IRS offs. Our multiple languages are also supported as well. You have the pH we support. I still support on more language. It will run the barrel process on the limits. Mac and Windows you could write. Write any script in any language on it, would be deployed on any involvement. Limits. Michael Windows. You have the container support off our kubernetes. You could easily build and push images to contain a wrist. It's like Dr Up as you continue rest. Redeploy containers to individual host our communities. It is extensible, so you can explode and implement a wide range off community with based deployment on us, along with hundreds off extensions that could be found on the cloud. It is deplorable to any town. So you could deploy using country Mr Lavery, often softer to any cloud with a limbless I'm under services Go the clock that farm Microsoft has your IBM blow make salesforce terrible anywhere where it is supported. It could visualize or giving up. Do any number off are different. STDs best in class for open source. It has a support for open source, so you could ensure the fast country loves integration. and delivery pipeline. For every consult your project, you could get a 10 free pilot job with Unlimited with a billet minutes for elephants will forget as well. You have the address for flu and features. You can take 100 off easy with training on multi face to build support for Why am l based integration with these gates reporting tools? Animal Now the logs and other features as well here support. You could have a powerful workflow with our native container support. You have the country that's about you could implement a doctor on moving virtualized manner in the efficient doctor. You could use the docker images, and if you don't want to use doctor, you could simply omit that step. Then he could integrate all on any device and platform. You could have Lin X Windows Mac Cajun's ready to be used for managing different hardware's of what your machines I found hosted the agents. You could yet complete a C I A and see the pipe and support for every measure. Print farming tools. You have the flexible diploma for communities. Also less comforting urine functions are lambda function on AWS with several s environment as Well, a good if life or any other C I system from external like Jenkins or other tools as well. Currently it is. Arm microcontroller is offering the same. You have 10 open source projects still for free that you can use 10 Palin jobs with unlimited minutes per month. Or you could use Ah, Microsoft hosted. You see, I am Siri where one pilot, 1800 minutes eyes three point months on 13 pilot off with a similar I limited off minutes apartment for self four states. Ian, sitting with your free account you could actually these things if you are a student or learning this thing for the bigger level you could use these things are if you're and last time leper, you already know how you can use those things. You could move ahead with pay as you go. Option very would be costed 24 water you use as I will be very cheap if you no wonder they love just things. We're going to learn more in the coming elective. Still, don't keep learning and people in the head 6. Azure Test Plans: Hi. Welcome back, friend. We're learning component with Microsoft as you on well, only develops, and here we're going to learn about test plant. So as you taste plan, our allows you to create a test on and sues for 13 for testing purposes are you need to have a various test cases? I don't. You could check your application against the devil. Appointing will perform development operations on you could track are various when we're testing and the sprints are milestones based on this testing plan. So you have the three types off taste management artifact case plan their suit on test cases. So this case is are the basic thing Each individual case, I say we have a formula called a plus because to see for this thing, we can have ah rule like a value off TNB must be between 0 200 So we have different set off imports. Possible imports that could be provided to our system in orderto have the output in different ranges. So we could not check against each input value that by the device, certain test cases. So the test cases could be the bomb revalue the initial values, the values range is safe or wonder value. We have ah zero and 100 as an input zero for a 100 for B. Then we can add another test case, say hundreds you know to 98 98 to anything like that, any value, any random value for and we would have the ranges that could check each kind off category. Off test cases are possible in person. Then test suit is a combination off various test cases that when we have different absolute test cases, we can combine it to have a group cases on Beacon Group it arranging different are separate testing scenarios based on our different plan, Then we can have ah plan as well, which is a combination off multiple tests to Italy, where we can group together different as tools on and individual test cases. This included a static test. Tools are common way stood on the query gray suit, the critical we performed with an astral curry, are any kind of quality on a database or is still then we can have requirement. The suits are based on different requirements off. The users are ecstatic test tubes that remains similar to order application so it will not change. As for the requirement, ask for any given in for so it will have a con standing back over. Everything interesting off is vital for any kind of develop operations on. We need to have the test case in source and plants plan accordingly. Is your best plant help us in this case when we have device to test cases when we could check against I think and have a successful plan. So when are you are learning the twisting thing? You got to learn about the various kind of test cases that you could device. This is our It will appear on the screen plan. It is available as a tool on the project option on from the left entirely accesses. You chose the charts for overall execution. States failed north or on the block in progress on not applicable mysterious. You can test by suit it so the metrics and gloves on the screen on you have the test automation estate off. You got the consideration coverage. You are testing ownership on the execution status. You got the idea phase the developer in testing and ready, you could take the status off different projects on you gonna manage are based on the chart you can. How to kind of wheels on the test and the chart. Chocolate are your toe. Get a better inside of the geographical mode of communication on tested. Have your leg good set para meters ad configurations on rent. Different cases with distinct you could create a pleasantry pipeline artifact are different things right away from here. For the taste plan, you have this under screen. You can capture the recent data off. You could test across our Web and next of applications you got and to increase ability for application, you could capture off this scenario data as you execute the taste court on make discovered and the fact actionable, then your obligations could execute taste across the next up or have obligations you have that wanted off on two and a traceability and quality of your stories and features. Different advantages for using a test case is a test of will. Without using any test case, you could not guarantee whether your application would function properly. Then you have the manual and exploratory testing Jews. You have the plan. When interesting you get said they take the status whether they are going fine or not. If they cross their different actions, you could plan, execute and practice. Cryptic tends to, with actionable effects on and two entries ability to assess the quality throughout the development. Life cycles by testing your let's stop or applications your different things I have done on and then we have the exploratory testing we will explore. Say we have an application for uploading an image on when you upload it anymore. It will work, find, but when you upload a video, it may so shut and enter our buck. So similar thing could be tested are against our different cases. Then you could design and execute a maximum quality for moderns after an elephant and experience possibilities for application testing. So this was a lot of how we can use the case. Plans are on a project. Uh, keep learning and keep moving her traveling your own solution 7. Azure Tool Integration: Hi. Welcome back. Friends were running Microsoft. A zero day works on here. In this lecture, we're going to learn about two indignation. So let's start with this. I seem to integration is are killed where you can use your family. There are two stains on seem seamlessly integrated with us here. You can keep using them off. Does that? You know, you could be using Jenkins high. You could be using reports you could be using. Get you could be using any kind of cool start. You know, based on Microsoft, as you are from any third party, you could get clear guidance and example Architecture off tool integration in Doc's off a zero are You could find it on Google very easily. It could deploy negatively Osiel services and taken one day off money tools are that level on the cloud shell. Go to run with his commands Are that it'll effect from the fields and that could be integrated Better. The Buddhist tools, for example. You could integrate our intelligence. I d. It is an i d for providing. You're cold. You could write code executed for as you're talking are providing a tempers and functionality that you could create deployed theft on as your applications with integrated in a lot more. Then we have the words and control project management for maybe a powerful project management tool that is based on project off the model. It could be used for project build, dependencies and documentation. It simplifies ability process that you could I am even plug in for as your applications are , provide seamless integration with different shoes. Then you have the eclipse, which is another I. D. That is a cloudy. It could be easily integrated for the best in warmer in Central. Then you have the answer. Will that could automate felt provisioning, configuration management and application deployment said. Then you have the Jenkins would agree, is your applications in the cloud and deploy them does here. Then you have to get a form. All this is a level version and create infrastructure on the other. You could use it the tools and languages you are really know. You really mean to learn new thing, a new tool. If it were using existing tools that you all reuse, it really spend less time integrating on more time living. The high quality is often faster it would work with continous integration and delivery tools from the pipelines. Using Jenkins are other delivery solutions. You get the most from infested automation and configuration minutes, right. You can act as resource manager. Our have the infrastructure as a code. He could provision and manage in such introduction from your favorite third party twos. Using pop itself doctor, and they will get a form, you have the clear you could be in clear guidance and example architectures on the solutions for a deal so you can build your own solutions are integrating with a set of tools that are already available in the market by a building our own solution. Til then keep learning and people keep moving ahead. 8. DevOps Projects- Create an Instance: Hello. Welcome back, friend. Here, in this practical exercise, we're going to create an instance for as your table project, it is a tool at level under them off, particularly where you could create all of the work tools, reports, pipeline and everything from you that hit the option. It will read active toe the new page on your window where you can create your instant for this thing. You can have multiple projects simultaneously, but if you don't have, you can create with a new table project right away from here. If you have an existing forget, it would appear on the screen. So here is the option. You have to choose a new application. You can take any platform fight on starting website job Are ruby or your own language or dark net anything. Select any platform, Whatever. If he was like you're particularly developing on I left use. I studied website. We are going to create a static website. There are the steps that we need to follow. We have to create the next option. We have to choose the framework, the windows live up or rebel four containers. We have to choose from this select away before Garentina for now are for windows are about yeah Selected option and hit The next dividend once I started with has been defining after project provide the name off to the project. I have 40 stating website I need to provide any name say new website. You have to choose the as you develop organization. So I don't know what medicine name I do the subscription. Did you have a free trial account? You could have a pay as you go or any other options That subscription. So like the subscription that you want to associate and provide the location read it will be listed. So the U. S Central brothers out any region whatever feel like the passing? That could be different. I standard Ah premium A basic free or shared. You have different plans here, for free or for anything. If you are working for demonstration, you could do go without free are based on the requirement on the court. The CPU uses the memory that you require. You can choose an implant he had done. When it does have been completed, then your project will be started on you Good. Proceed with how I think repositories creating their pipelines, having a test lab and everything off the doctor. The services of creation has been initialized. It is being provisioning and it may take certain time and they appear on the notification print. Once it has been done, the processing has been done. It will be available to you. 9. DevOps Projects- Boards, Repos: snow. Our application has been created. Understand? Level from the notification panel. You can go to the resource. You have the operation. I d. The project has been project them up has been created. You have to go to the resource. Fathers have application here. In this exercise, we're going to learn about Lupus. That is a level to our use that we can perform. Create a repository at the poplin. Ah, here. The CIA and CD pipeline Continuous integration and countryman's delivery has up here on the screen. Currently, we have no researchers on. You have to go to the repository in order to code. We are hit corruption developing on the view screen. Here we have the master note the developer, the breeze and different environments that are being done. You have to provide your name. Our email. I d on the location on just a continue. That will be the resource i d. For this instance, we automatically taken I read act. You do the other developed ID er dashboard On the left hand side, you have various options like boards and repose. Pipelines test plan an artifact that other they What does that are available to you. You could handle all these thing right away from here. You can create a new folder. Iraqi and your new file using core search are different thing here in the repository. So we have to create a new folder. Say, we just need to provide a name for your folder. A rude site for the roof older providing the filing in the fight Dracula want to create because it could not create an empty folder. We have to provide all for the website. We have an index, not esteem a bitch. Let us fight the good for here in next artist email. We're going to write esteem, Alistair. You could simply create any kind of file like by tennis, Crip, Ruby script, see shop, dark net, Java code or anything any kind of program files. Or you can also upload images are media's from here. You gotta do right this thing Simple gold Less exciting as team mate had provided the actual welcome on world just like a simple message on this cream in the heading fun it is to save of you could write anything. It would also perform the copy paste operation here. If you have an existing thing. You could upload entire filing, working to write everything right. You can link this to any other work item. You have to. You could have the preview. You have the fridge option on different things available here. You could create a pull request from the master node into the master note or anything. So here is over. We'll a lot. This project. You could add the project description in the Gaza. It currently does not have any description you could At the description for the project, you could also create the reading Me file or the wiki for this repository. You could also add tags. So this is a website they look on, managed to help. Why are they look for their teams? Simple and concise. Message. Uh, I signed the new website Demo Wiki or anything. They say we're done it really save it. Could not find agreement file here because it has not been created. You could create a dignified. So currently, this a depository. Our project is probably You could add members for your day off. Teams are fighters for developers, investors. You could invite just by pointing their email i d nothing to any as you die. Come. That s what could have a different wizards. You could have boozers out garbage. It's then you can move toe the wiki. It will create the wiki out there. Then you have the boards you could feed. Ah, OPIC issue out there. You have this option to select the column. You have the completed working status. The boards allow you to have the messages on the screen. You have to choose up for release. Options have accepted by real area, part activity date tax. You could add Multiple columns are very soft in there. We could add your own custom column as well. Our multiple thing right away from here. You could add a different work item. A doctor team is performing and will be shown as I stayed us to other teammates so that they can perform their work very well in a synchronised manner. Then you have more options on the board, the backyard. You could manage the things that are in the backlog off the to do list. The doing status on the demonstrators are assigned for each kind of 100 e work items. You could add experience. You could add the work backlogs, you could add equities. Just a simple just need to provide up any item, name, professor, simple description. It will be added all. So here we have a to do list when we have a science or something in the brutalist. After that, we could change the status to doing Harden We could not identically. How are doing status for anything so really appear on the screens to list will be helpful for our developer or tester team What they have to do. Actually, the manager or administrator would simply are things on the to do list. And based on that, they would be requiring this thing. Then we can create a cure query here you could addict screams toe as well. The question is, are supported different farmers. We have this task on the undersigned task. It has not been assigned to any person. You could assign it to any person you could add work item. You could monitor the backlog. You could add the capacity you have to quit. Is there 10. DevOps Projects- Pipeline, Test Plan, Artifact: just next to report that we have the option for pipeline where we could create a new pipeline for our project. Our monitor toe the existing pipeline. You have the option for bills. Who releases library task group on deployment groups. You could select a piping for reals that deliverables everything that you have. You can check the releases. You could import a task group. Whatever harder deployment Brooke here, you could add a deployment group to define the logical group will use. You can monitor the available pools that are there. You could have their taste plan just next to by plane. Very good generator. Taste to first cases on the complete test plan for the tasting purpose for any kind of testing you could at this thing. Facing is a writer. You can have rant and you can load the best first cases you have. The executive is here. You could create a test run using automated. These clips are the options that are there. You have to add the item first. Then you can load of test files. Last operations, The Lord taste. Yeah, currently, we don't have any test, so it is not available. Then we have the artifact option? Very. We can add the the artifacts. You can go to the user hubs we gotta do licensed are defects. I defects. Other delivery was final and off. A piece of component for the software's. It required the work items. Full request of favors. These are lower level. The receipt of my feet, please. You convey love starting here. The garden feature descript. You got different set of tools. You can add that as your artifacts of delivery plants soon. Our cube time tracker, it is very small. Clarkin's are tools that could be added today. Develop project that you're working upon. Are there certain tools? I smaller utilities that could be available. E they are for free, A paid on different purpose. So here is a delivery plan that is, for three. There were discussions. Are that people you used to ask? You can also ask your question regarding any doubt for this tooth. You could add this thing for the project two wanted different things. When visa accessibility our performance off your company thereof operation. You could integrate the slack model. You can add the eyes of level upload Explorer would add a slag integration for different tools. You can find out all these things from there. You got the project home page for easily Studio. You got the release five plan. You got the angel back Yoox. You are the users and groups. Anything you can you want the code or modify everything. Access the pipeline. Ripples are different tools. You got good there. Camera dashboard. You got these things. So our build process is in progress. It is showing on we have committed our first comet surface showing on the screen. Then we can configure our project by going to the project settings having different Our tools are set of rules. You could delete the team project. You could add the members. I think number is a faucet after creating a project. Because if there are no members who will love the predict, you have to add the ideas, provide them certain rose you can add notifications are check the notifications that may occur for your project. You concerned that service hoax? You could I monitor the dashboard? Here you have various options Project configurations regarding gold on the team configuration. The good have connection, the service connections. The agent who's the retention floor tasting on more toxins at every level here. Eso You could have had the retention the days to keep automated test run. You could said for 30 days for 20 days Anything for manual test our basement. You could said the readings impeded for the taste testing to be done, that will be automated. Our process will be unregulated. You can take the backing off the next door. Various options have level here. You have to try everything in order to be profound In a four to give expert eyes Here you will perform the analytics. You could create a release here. Just are to the pipeline. It is being added to the development more so. First we need to create a development trigger in the pipeline. When of development has been done. Then we can perform testing. So the first addict with a development on we have other. The artifact here I know it may appear on the screen a certain time point time Here The release one is there for our project. I'm beginning. I create more releases. Currently, we have created a release regarding the development face. Later on, we can continue for the testing period as well. We had a to do list on the boards that we can monitor on based on the to do list and deliverables. We can integrate Averitt things pretty simply them. When you no longer need this project, you could always are delete. But consider this relating only when used. I really don't need no it animal to so to be safe on in order to keep her projects if you must have a backup plan. 11. Azure DevTest Labs: Hi. Welcome back. Friends are we're learning the most with Microsoft Azure on her in this lecture, we're going to learn about their test laugh. So let's start with this eso Is there bare faced levels of service that enables developers on a team to efficiently manage virtual machines are Red formula service resources that they need for developing testing, creating hackathons on demonstrations you could perform scenarios. It is a provides you a wife, set off tools off playfulness or with its source, since our services on the cloud that you could use a virtual machine over traditions. Country relation does for different purposes that could be serving a developing involvement . You could train your class on the training purpose. You could add their testing, more deals you could organize the hack a thons are provide demonstrations for that. We're not breaking reading for constant approvals on the tools that getting you can quickly provisioned development and testing limits. You could minimize the waste on vest with courthouse and policies. You could set automatic shutdowns to minimize the cost. It had a water windows and Lennox involvement bills has. So there are the four scenarios that could be used for developer. It could be used as a developer machines he could have different. Which machines are different set of tools that are delivered to your developers. Then you could have for vistors. You could have very still is organizing a pipeline are having really set off cloud technologies that could work for your testing involvement? Then it will be used for training and education. Purpose as well. You could train your clients. Are those different waters. Say you have a red have certification exam on forever certification to perform certain operations on the Reddit involvement so you're still a student may be required to have access to abortion machine for a red hat performed very set off. Use our operations there so you have their best in London for training purpose. Similarly, if you organize a hacked accounts for different things, your clients need to have access to various resources compilers at the simplest living or what it wants that you have the entire that for most of Tuesday limit. You could provide this thing with their stops. The hard looks off when you create an instant for the taste. Love the three options hair different Bush and machines that are that would display to you . Ban it, come to your dashboard. I had a subscription ideas, Resources group, a subscription name as well. You have various options you could stop is running off the which of machines people start. It has very raise our windows and the next are very version of wings went to red hat. So say are where this options you have got the option for creating a testament ideas. Well, you could create your own custom. The mess you could disable the auto shutdown. Can I? Never the auto shut the other start. You can view the logs on one of those things. You can say what you're my seen as are reusable inmates in the slab. You have same virtual machine on various versions off that virtual machine could be used on used again by different clients are different powerful persons. At the same time, the other training scenario would left us love for printing purpose. You have a prima. You have a training our students, our teacher. The teacher would provide you the template for the first level. Or does that would be used every providing the custom image, the policies, how you could use that thing, it would be billing policies. It would be rules or conventions as well. Other restraining our extra roll on roll to their machines are their account. Having access to various cloud tools are services that are available that could be used in order to perform certain tasks. Flight to function has, even if this last could be used for setting of the policies, he would have the policies. Really, thank you was your machines. I think you are to start auto shutdown. They started comin started to use a virtual machine. Sizes. There are different kinds off the permission. Machines are testing which machines you have. Different algorithms and formulas he could use images and artifacts are deliverables model for acting. It is very, said, one teaches. You have the self service control cost control. You can control the cost of based on your own resources. You could provide the cloud environment with without a worry left policies and three scores could be set up on. It could not exceed a certain level. To minimize the post, you could have a closer and say you can set up the cost should not go off $1000 so you could have the control over the cost and a lot of the requirements. Then you have the option to create a quick custom can place. You can set up your virtual machines with her developer tools of the latest millions of 53 clicks on Ricochet reusable templates across the team. You can work with your own country knows integration and delivery models to create and one rhetorician from your it was using, plugging, arrested FBI's visual studio team service extinction. And now it simplifies your cost management by setting up the lab policies it but automatically shut down and start a bunch of machines. You could set up caps on the lab, such as number of virtual machine that could be used for love so that it will not cost you very much and stay in their budget. Then you could use the lab cost trying to estimate its spending in the future, you could calculate based on past performance, I didn't have the quick set up in warming to use custom images to reproduce the environment . You have installation off the latest bits are twos, so the artifact you are the formulas for different configurations. Then we have the integrate that are existing solutions that could be integrated off. Jenkins Docker Pope. It usually studio. Get a chef on numerous other tools. You can use a rest every. I stipulation that development or testing environments that's they found your dues on. You could quickly deploy Reserve pipeline with team services you could at the command line , tools around with their compiling as well. You could tailor your scenarios. You could have the centrally managed development environment for their team as well, I capabilities. So you could have to choose from the list off for different butcher machine basis. Configured out proof authorized by the team. All central ivy. You could keep it in a very few commands. Given our pre created first images, you can have the custom UMTS with latest with or self. There's whatever you feel like you could have your own delivery, but for your audience, it could be used in very scenarios. You could. It would be simple, like reading a virtual machine that could are you could create your on a pre created, which machines he could set Auto shirt 1000 different. She does. As with the director of the lab is, ah, lighter in these today is worth for complex. For farmers are hosting different kind of technical ignorance. It could be used or whether just have a better standing over this that could be incorporated in any scenario that you could be using. So we're going to learn more of becoming richer still, then keep learning and people in the head. 12. DevTest Labs- Create an Instance: I will come back, friend Off here. In this practical exercise, we're integrating the strength for database lab, which is a level under there they've obviously degree on as your cow. So let's start with this deception to create innocents for lovin warming, you can have a multiple loving, warm, unstable appear on the stream. If you want to create a new, you could create a day after slap option here. Then you have to provide certain details. You have to provide the name for your love. You have to choose a subscription plan that you want to associate with this. You have to choose the resource group you can create. A new research group was an existing resource group. Resource Group was a combination of resources that you want to arrange in a similar manner . Then you have the location. You have to choose any locations in South India. You have to set the auto shutdown. Never a lot off, You said you could say the shutdown for allow, so it will say we are money automatically. You can say the public environments. You could say the tax Or did they create option the creator allowed, even have the automation options are being enables or get a preview for this thing. The Della Printers are being in process on once it has been deployed and will appear in the notification tunnels so you could want it at this thing. It may take a few moments to initialize. Meanwhile, you can plan your next two steps. 13. DevTest Labs- Exploring options: Now it is being deployed on the test lab Instances you can hit the resource option to go to the results. Were you go to manage these things? You got the option for input output on the templates you could settle theft, love and the separate in warming. You want to access those things, you have the cli off better meters. The polish l dark net on different quitting shows. You can go to the resource by clicking this option. I just love demo Microsoft doored in their past lab. It is showing the operational details the operation I d the time stamp the research society for each instance you could use the gold relation i d to associate this thing with other applications so he can test lab demo to access our instance for love that could be used for training purpose for testing for the weapon on any kind off things where you have a large number off audience of clients. Users are willing to access of certain resources like virtual machines, compute resources a day, stories of resources. We would have these things s so there's a connection that are here. It would refresh it. The connection mirror. Was Dido the Internet off connection? I got a service. I go to claim you can always a refresh off once your application on a deal may take certain time it would weight off, do your other works on the ramp again. And you could access the resources from all these wars and option from the national quota grant a certain time you can reload the rain. It would appear to you once it has been deployed. Sectors have live earlier. They showing the details for the best lab. You have to hit a test lab demo option. So here it is. You can have your own virtual machine. You could have the claim. Mobile virtual machines. Currently, we don't have initializing thing, so it is not appearing here. You could get it started with those you love. Read the company documentation. With some scenarios, you could create a virtual machines in a matter off clicks. Using a zero a zero resource manager. My people missions could be set up. You could tailor the last four years scenario you could got the internal support for this lab and you can access everything. Data data. Desko laughs. Um, you could add using the plus symbol on the Gulf Garner and you could, either or different things like formulas are the secrets, the poor Soludo and things like that. You have the person later, different things. So they just had that large of machine. The last option the altitudes, the bees from the given and woman. You could use the service fabric Lap Lester, the this talk in the Santos sent us. The Islamics are operating system. You can choose the windows or you can say the red hat, anything you have to provide the basic setting and everyone setting for this virtual machine. For this, about your network, you have to use a standard plan or any planned the three tier or things like that after we have created it will be available to you. Then you could at the person that in order to you have to request make a request for that thing. Once they are available here, you could manage. I accept the watching machine. I generally do. I no longer need this thing. You could believe this are just really to provide accurate on him for this lab. Instance 14. Application Insights: Hi. Welcome back, friend. Here. In this practical exercise, we're going to create a distance for obligation in sight, which is a dual have level. Another develops, particularly on as you. So let's start this. You can create an instance or resource for this application in sight. If you have an existing applications running there, it will be available on the screen. Otherwise, it could hit the clear new application. You have to just provide the name for this application destroyed in the name you have to choose a than application type like esprit darknet were obligation. Got any other off options? The name must be unique, so keep yourself carefully. You can use any resource group, the existing or any resource group. Whatever you feel like. Attitude. A subscription plan. You have to choose a location. Well, that's gonna create recreated Let's use our Northern Europe hate to create written when their options has been selected. Providing it would take certain time to initialize offences that none it will be appearing on the notification and so that you could access the resource statically from here, you could also go to the all resources are definitely moving to the resource group. Where is the source has been created. So it has been deployed. You could hit the go to resource option to access this, um, obligation. You have different options on the left hand side here, it shows out the fears request somebody's funnest time in the draft and the metrics. If we learn different, I pre ranges and notification will appear on the screen. You could investigate. You can have the application map here. You could perform a small detection. You have live monitoring his streams. And the obligation map currently does not have any data for this application. Because if we are not created any thing like him because said the life metrics extreme. By moving this option, you are currently offline. So this is a demo of showing up on the screen. You have the filler devoted to have the workbooks. We are the servers you have. The brothers got the server failure reports that several log analytics you can configure different things of properties. It would also access. This are using the command and utility using the pretensions. You have the instrument key right here. You have the application. Dashwood off in here on the top left corner. The application that's called relieved to you. That's for that is have level. Good travel. Your own view. Are your own options from the provided options you could remove anything you could add. Anything you could create. A new dashboard. Yeah, that s somewhere. Is first time the brother his first time. Everything here in the nude create new dashboard on. Choose any often that you want to add, like clock marked down anything you were disbanded toe over different area, you gotta say, is room in certain applicants certain regions or do martyred? And with that, you could change the orientation size. You could have the activity. Somebody, the CPU person pays for virtual machines as a reporter. LeGarrette link to the source groups, All resources. Yeah, you could add those things here. You could say that time for Mitt for 24 hours or two lovers, whatever you feel Life until the location se three Ilinka on the issue You could add anything that like any time you have the i r m, you can add a marketplace ling that the Michael please off those with this planet to different thing 90 this customers. So it's usually showing currently do with it. We can I do with it? You could share this thing. You could have this. You could create a clone. You delete it. Create multiple dashboards for your azure portal as well to drive the insight off for different applications that are being there off. Whatever feels your requirement, could I add the title gallery? You could add more options. You could also search in different categories. Difference over says that this have level you could estimize based on a requirement. So working on the surging name all project, you would need a certain set off news letter frequency using into the frequency using tools . Could we added up as a shortcut on the screen? Say, there's a health or technology, but it is not a very obvious thing. You can believe this off once you no longer need this time, or you could add multiple that score to you. Okay, dollar between the existing dashboard or your customized Asheville 15. DevOps Organization: Welcome back here. In this practical exercise we're going to learn about as they were, they were organization. Just hit this option to create an instance where a magician life have created a project under the name of your dignity for a repository pipeline and everything Could we have level as a name of organization and they re accessible from here. So it is showing the new website Demo that as ah there will project. It's been created as an automation. It is showing active status. It is located in the central U S region. And here are the details for this thing. We can add the consideration here week of the resource group name here. We got our remote a billing. We could set different properties. I don addition, Name. I'd users their story called us. Check everything from here. What is running? What is there you could add? Oh, your pipeline. What are running there? We could add the cloud based Lord testing. We can get the coat. Other pasting what you use a month based on the limit, any kind of limit. We can set the period of free for the subscription capacity. Then we have the subscription idea. Here we have more settings and we can have a monitor organization here. We could disconnect, too. Active directory as directed Bakri or connected to as Iraqi bad teeth when it is required. So you you got off certain options here. You could have cleared this organization. Just stay focused. Your as you know, there are project. It is just an option. The one of the things of any of my Stephen projects are running out there. They will appear in the annotations on. You could manage each one of them by moving to the properties from their own things.