Detox Your Thoughts & Feelings Using Colour As A Tool | Angela Dacey | Skillshare

Detox Your Thoughts & Feelings Using Colour As A Tool

Angela Dacey, Live Life Colourfully

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    • Detox Your Thoughts & Feelings - Using Colour!


About This Class

With each of us experiencing approx. 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of those thoughts being negative, we are walking under a dark cloud every day.

However, behind every dark cloud lies a rainbow waiting to appear.

Imagine if we could shift our negative thoughts to the positive using the colours of the rainbow? Angela did and she can help you start NOW!

Join Angela Dacey, author, personal development teacher and colour therapist as she explains in this simple 22 MINUTE VIDEO how to...

  • Combat fear with RED Passion
  • Overcome expectations with ORANGE Joy
  • Conquer judgment with YELLOW Courage
  • Release guilt with GREEN Balance
  • Stop excuses and own BLUE Truth
  • Reverse blame to find INDIGO Inner peace
  • Surrender denial and embrace VIOLET Belief

    Change your awareness! Change your thoughts! Start Living Life Colourfully … NOW!098fb179





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Angela Dacey

Live Life Colourfully

Angela Dacey's mission is to help you "Live Life Colourfully". As an expert in Personal Development and Colour Therapy, Angela guides, directs and supports you in healing one colour at a time.

After 25 years of working on her own personal development and over 20 years as an alternative health/spiritual entrepreneur, she takes great pride in providing online courses, personal sessions, online group coaching, corporate personality & colour training, international intensive retreats and ...

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