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Designing with Sketch: Beginner to Pro in less than 2 hours!

teacher avatar Bruno Sáez López, UX/UI Designer and Front-end developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The projects

    • 3. Installing Sketch and the fonts

    • 4. The Sketch interface

    • 5. Creating your first artboard

    • 6. Working with layouts and rulers

    • 7. Adding colors to your design

    • 8. Replicating the logo

    • 9. Our first button and typography tips

    • 10. Your first symbol

    • 11. Nested symbols

    • 12. Final touches on the left side

    • 13. Finishing our first project

    • 14. What have we learned so far

    • 15. Starting our second project

    • 16. Adding colors to your design (again)

    • 17. Creating nested symbols

    • 18. Our CTA

    • 19. Starting our navigation bar

    • 20. Layer styles

    • 21. Text styles and finishing our navigation

    • 22. Finishing the first sceen

    • 23. Starting the second screen

    • 24. Make and icon an finish the second screen

    • 25. Breaking up our third and final sccreen

    • 26. Creating our first elements

    • 27. Finishing our third screen

    • 28. What have we learned?

    • 29. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to use Sketch like a Pro while you make two simple design projects. So at the very end of the course you will have a deep knowledge of the tool and two great designs to start building your design portfolio. We will be replicating two Dribble designs, you will learn how to use symbols, typography, web and mobile layouts and a selection of plugins to speed up your workflow. So let’s get started to boost your portfolio while you learn the leading UX/UI design tool. For this course you don’t need to have any previous knowledge in Sketch or Design. So, let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bruno Sáez López

UX/UI Designer and Front-end developer


Hey, I'm Bruno!

UX/UI Designer with more than 20 years of experience currently working in a big data company making complex products simple.

Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD are my favourite tools.

I love going to the mountains and record music.

If you like my classes follow me to be updated when new content arrives!





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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is Rana being designer for the past 20 years, I have to sign from newspapers to magazines, toe our catalogues no goes typography, even on off course websites and applications. These super fast course I want to So you how to be sending escapes, which is for me the leading software for prototyping and making designed right now. This this course is great for absolute beginners in the tool and in design as well, because a So we walked through the application. I will give you some tips about layout, greets typography, colores and how could choose their right images for the product and as well I give you some tips, introduce ability. Yeah, help improve your the signs. So they are he's here to use for for all of us. For the user. The great thing about the scores, I think it's that being just one hour or so you would have like to finish is the science. So you can use your portfolio even if you don't have any previous experience that you will have a great insight about the application you could consider proactive and as well you would have to fool food science so, yeah, you can start writing way. You're the same career with these. No, no, you would get in the store, so I encourage you to join. This course is good is going to be short, but it's going to be super useful for your career. Or for you're giving your first steps into the dishonorable. So, yeah, join me and let's let's designed together. 2. The projects: Hey, thank you for doing to the course and let's get a stop to it. I want to show you what we will be creating, and I want to show you as well this platform. Maybe. You know what? Maybe you don't, but it's called Dribble. Dribble is a community. Were detainers a blow there? Most, ah, well crafted on super talented designs. I use it every day for getting expiration and see the trends that are going on on their design wall. So for these exercises, we're going to make you in these scores. I select the A couple of the signs from some favorite designers out there, So I choose this one. This is the log in page we will be designing because it has a lot off interesting things to make. Like forms like Checkbook says, call to action buttons like ghost buttons, everything and as well I will. I will give you some tips were to find free illustrations so you can boost your decides the second. This thing we're going to make is this one. It is a message in application for Iris, and so we will may, making in like a mobile designed here full off little details that will make us improve our techniques in a sketch on as well a Cindy signed. You don't have to worry about their phones or the assets or everything. I will show you, Ah, where to get icons and where to get the phones and everything so you don't have to worry. So these are the to the signs were going to make. I have to like them. I really do. So yeah, let's get started. 3. Installing Sketch and the fonts: So first in first, what we need is to download a sketch. If you don't have it, you just come try it for free for 30 days. So it's enough timeto get the feeling off the tool. And if you like it and then you are going to work as freelance or start to make your first works in the design field, I really recommend you buy the tool. You can try it for free. You just press it here, then they don't load, will start. I already have it. Don't load. He don't hold it here. So yeah, it's super receded. Yes. Press DoubleClick and then you move the sketch application to the application folded. So next thing it's Ah, don't Loading the sketch beginner to pro assets that you can find in this Kill Sara pates down there and you will see these two folders with ah different assets you may need for making your design. So we go here in the log in page, you will see that we will have the original design. Then you will have the sketch file with the Yeah, you know, with Sam. Orations would make during the class and the important thing here. It's the front on two illustrations. I don't load it here so you can choose whatever you like. The important thing first, Once you have don't low that in style sketch, it's to install the fund. So let's go for it. You just double click on later fund, and then you just select all the phones and, yeah, you can just give it open with a phone book, which is the phone catalogue from the computer, and then do the espresso style for. 4. The Sketch interface: Now we are going just to fire up a sketch and we're going to Yes, go ahead and create a new document. You can double click there and it will open, as you can see here, let's see a little bit the interface. Uh, if you have to use any of previews design so four, it's pretty similar somehow. So we have, like, insert insert menu here, and you can choose between a lot off, uh, different shapes here. You can guess. Uh, yeah, Like designing with birth vectors. Like any other design software. You can as well. Like you said, Ben Seal, I must have meat. I never use this. Never. You have the text, which is pretty obvious. What is this image it simply important image arbor is for creating are are birds everything that it's the sign in the sketch should be on our bar. We will be later on with it. Slice it for cutting things hot spot issues for making any masons between our boards and yeah, we have. You can add that some library, but we will talk about it later. The important things that this I just really use thes circuits, for instance, that you want to enter a wreath. Anger Do you express the are or for I know about the O or for the text that tea and vector V R bore? A. So I am continually using, you know, like Oh, for mobile are for Rick Tango and be for Vector. You know, if you get used to it, it's you will speed up your workflow a lot teeth T four text and so on. So and super important. One are a for our board. Here is interesting than when When we are creating on arbor, you can see here that you have like pres. It's so you can go here toe apple devices and three devices Responsive Web and have some presets with somebody mentions with hard and with and everything. Paper say says, That's them. You can put your customs here. I was designing something for wearers. What is So I make these custom percent 5. Creating your first artboard: um So for now, we are going just to go for responsive Web. Seeing sour first design is for web. So let's less select their stop If the Yeah, we have our first arbor here. It's important as well to know that you can click on these empty spaces here and goto customized Tuller so you can arrange on insert things, whatever you want. Like you will hear and pick the mosque. Um, yeah, I'm going to do this here. Going to insert the mosque here? Yeah, to the left. And we can insert whatever we want in this in these toolbar. All right, I have mine customized with the things I I use more like. So layouts agree grillers make read and everything, but you can do it. Whatever you feel like. I said yes, that you put here the things you use most. Okay, so let's get started. There is thes we can go here on Goto image. So this is what we're going to do. We just import this. You can see we're going to his importance. As you can see, this is too big for the arbor and goes all the way here. But it's super nice because it has a lot off resolution. So I'm pretty sure if we divide these by two, which is the size off, the off the image, it's going to be like, Yeah, it is the same is the same with So it's perfect is 1440 and this is the X. And the thing is the ax or the ax where it sits, if we put here like 100 is going to be dis plates, like 100 pictures to the right. And if we increase these to the 100 in there, why access is going to get down? Um, 100 pictures. So it's nice. Whatever. You put some design or some reference, you just stick it to Ciro zero. So it will see just in there in this corner, okay, as well we can see here that our our board is bigger, even if if it was like a kind off precept. So what we're going to do here is yes, adjusted toe. Our reference emits, we can see here is this with and has 900 height. And now if we sell it here, it's clicking here in the name off the arbor, we can see that it has the same suspects like the the sign we're going to make. So as we as we see now, we have, like a page one and and we have, like, our first arbor here we can call it to be It's like looking And we can guess rename our our autumn or as well log in page, which is the difference between pages and on our board. I mean, you can have multiple pages and moody multiple our port. We're going in fact, to duplicate or clone These are Were you just press option in Just move it. You hold young, you hold down your option key and then with these selected, you just move it around so you can clone your our boat. These works for everything you can guess. Hold down the option key and then clone any update. Ok? Ah, the main different between pages and logging and our port is that pages contain many airports. So if I create another page is going to be empty again so you can move between pages and inside one page you have multiple our boards. This is interesting because maybe you are designing for a client and you are designing a full webpage. But it has mobile person as well because you want to. So how? How it's the responsible upside made. So maybe you have flag. Ah, here you will have fly web. Then you will have, like maybe tablet and you will have another page here which is called Mobile. All right. And then you will have different our board here, for instance, you will be making like apple devices. If you are designing for Apple, you can just make these are Boers perfectly fine for for IOS forms. OK, Tom, it is almost is the same on nobody bless. Yes, you know. So we're going to the lettuce. Delete this because we don't need it anymore. We're going to do this as well. You can just select your our board and then priests press backspace or delete bottom. Okay, on a very important thing here is that we can take the background color we cannot see here , but we're going to move this. And if we select here the arbor, we can change the color here, so yeah, you can change it or whatever call away we like. Okay, but for now we will leave it white since our design is white with white background. Okay, 6. Working with layouts and rulers: I know they're super important thing when we are designing its ah layout, we put this. We have this icon here. It's so high it lion. Everything in design is based on layouts or somebody called called Call it greed as well. It depends on who you're talking to, but here, great issues for more like a great star. But they used more. They were lie out. Okay, so let's go with layout then. Here you have these view mu bottom here that it It has some some bottoms as well as here because I customize them toe, have it more attend like it's easier for me to this ongoing here. So greed or so layout. But the important thing off these button and menu, it's that you have layout settings here, okay? In like settings you can configure. They look at the layout here. So for these particular design we're trying, we have seen we didn't do it. We have to figure out what the designer was trying to do. So I always start what's in more or less than the Greek we have here. Like we have some bottoms here. The marketing here is not the same Martinez here. So we're going to try to figure out what's going on here. So this was 1440 and we're going to center. Theis. Okay. And as we can see these columns, Why? I'm going to shut down the roads. They're putting a load off noise here, so as we can see, this is kind off going on there. Dude, this is cool, But, um but here we have something that it's not working. Okay, So we could just leave it at the US it is. Or we can guess, Play with calling with here to try toe go here. But, um, I have been working before with this. Great. And I realized that that the sign there wasn't putting some marking here he was or he was going all the way. So we can just remove the gutter here and then increase a little bit. Yeah, these things, this gutter with Okay, so it's not perfect. So we're going to go to the calling with because what we want here, it's two. Guest. Um, get these Messer right on the right part. Here. We can see the designer make the decision off. Not going so far with the column, so they make it a little bit shorter. So they just put the sign, like 20 pixels on the left and 20 pieces on the right. Shorter for the sake of it. Okay. I usually like to play as well with arose because it gives me a sense. Were to point things recently, and it helps you to create rhythm. Usually there is attendance off putting multiples off. Eight. This is these gums for so you will be hearing about eight pixel grief. Like materially sign. Talk about it. Materially. Sign is the sign system off Google or humanly sign off. IOS uses the same like a big source. Create. So it's important that you work on eight pixel multiples or as well, You can go with eight pixels or with 16 pixels. It's up to you. Okay, but yeah, keep it consistent. Sometimes I like to work with them pixel, um, 10 picks. So greet as well. So it's up to you. You can choose between eight or 10 or multiples off. Eight. Let's say 16. But for the sake, off you learn the things. Well, we're going to war with a pixel with Okay. Whoa. something. When role here, let's send their this. Okay, sometimes it's tricky. This layup settings okay again. Well, the upset, maybe cereal. So we'll have it here. Okay, Just put this and this and this and where would wear go to go? Uh, so we have our layout here. We can switch it Sweet own. Switch off so we can see your are sitting Things here are almost here. There is another important thing as well. You can go to view, then you go to campus and then you can go to so rulers so you can guest, uh, you know, create rules. You can use it, You can create them Just clicking here in the part whenever you want in this case. And if you want to raise them, do you just go here and just explodes and disappears? In this case, we're going just to create this. So it's perfectly aligned with our design. So yeah, it takes a little bit. Yeah, it was a little bit off. Another tip. You can go with whom for making forming from out and everything, but I find it faster to just pressed. Common common Plus in Kama Kama miners in common miners for, you know, go bigger or smaller. So, yeah, on as well. You can just use the thesis command like control l for sewing on. Yeah, So total the layout and a swell there Rather the rulers yuk unjust. Activating with control are you see in this case, we are going just toe live, Live then activated I'm going to hide their layout 7. Adding colors to your design: all OK, so we're going to start by picking up Koehler's Carlos Hard. The main important thing when you are designing Kohler San typography, I could say later on will come the style but color sand typography. It's usually what defines they moved in the style off your descent. So what I usually do for study with the colors it's I created a rectangle. Remember, you can go here and inserts a rectangle or you can guess pressed art and then Eric tangle up years. OK, so what I usually askew see by before the re tangle appears in great what I usually do, it's Ah, go here, press on this cooler here and then you have, like, a lot off different options like this is flat colors. This is radiant. You have radio Grady INTs crazy, Grady INTs Angola ingredients. And you can choose as well between images of patterns or whatever. I don't usually use too much this one. Well, sometimes they do, but But what? I usually use his flat colors. Okay, so what I usually do when I am replicating any sign or trying toe call over to pick the color or so off another design it's Ah, Just make this color and then go here and yeah, we have it here. And what I usually do is press this plus sign off new process. So we just just click it and we have it here already. Okay, so this is great. So and we want to do this with all the colors we have in our page. So we're going to go for these phones here, or Well, let's just start with this with this. Blue is one. So yeah, we have it. And I think the logo is really be darker. So we're going to go here as well. Yeah, it's a little bit darker, so I usually like to order my calls between primary, which is this one. And then this kind off subtle variations we will find here. So let's color. We're going to biggest this line here and add it to our document, and we will may. We will make the same with these cooler here. Let's pick this blue here. Yeah, Perfect. So now we're going. We are started to create our polit. So it's great because later on, you don't have to war. Which scholar was these? Which color was that? So You just speak this and you just go for it. So we're going to pick this one, and this is pretty pretty similar to this one or two. This one. So let's see what? Our operations here. This is darker. This is a little bit. Yeah. Okay, let's let's keep them. Let's get them. Let's keep all of them. And we have as well these Ah, cooler here. But like, it's clicked, but we will add it. But I think we won't use it because I want to. So you something later. Okay, so we have our color parlor created, and that's great, because now we can just select our colors. Okay. I think I missed one of them, which is this one. So let's go for the darker part. No good part. It's these one. John was just going to What? It? Yeah, it's it's lighter than they. So yeah. So I think we have everything we need. Or maybe ongoing. Just let me check these words. This little let's at it and see Going to remove this? Yeah, Perfect. Because we have this with this lighter and this one cooked. Perfect. So we have our color palette here already, So let's go to the next step 8. Replicating the logo: So now let's start designing properly. We just learn how to create our our boards. Um, how to create our first layout on our fares rolling out and and then we're going to start created this elements and and these elements here, So let's start for the logo. As we can see, thesis typeface is different than this. This is Helvetica. So I think you have it installed already in your in your Mac because it's Ah, yeah, it's ah, system formed. Okay, So what we are going to do is press t or you can guess, go to insert text. But it's you remember that. So we are going just to Presti. And then let's go for a slick note. Okay, so now we're goingto go here and said like Helvetica, we can go say that, but can you and then go to a boat with I think is this foot and you can start toe bump these up and see that? Yeah, we're kind of there. You can see that. Here. You can put another call, or so it's kind off. Um, making some contracts. Here's for for the sake of knowing what we're doing. Yeah, we're almost there were almost almost almost there. And we can see this is this front is the same. But this the front off this form, it has like negative Kerr. It's what here they call like character is the space between letters. You can just reviews it here. Okay for logos and especially with a diabetic A is nice toe. Just keep the track a little bit in the negative space so you can go far there or everything and would be all right because Bettie guys, the phone week with hearts, A lot off space between letters. So yeah, we have this color and now we're going to apply their call or we have before so we can see that we have this quality. So we're good to go something important because something when we are designing or replicating things, we can just move these and every time it's moving. So one thing you can do is go toe thes layer the image and you can go here and that are click with their right bottom and you can just look layer, you can press these and now, even if I try to move it, it want as well. You can guest high layer. So sometimes it's It's nice, toe. See what you are doing instead, off having the background layer and you design and everything. Okay, so for the sake, off knowing what we're doing, we're going to press again the soul heart layer And then we're going to press our cities. Our rectangle weaken Go here as well. The tango. Yes, breast are. And we can We can create a rectangle here. Okay, I'm going to activate our like layout with control elf. That's the mother too much. But I want you to so that these feet between our grades are or if frontal great. So it's it's own on there. Eight pixel rate. So we're going to make it a square, like 48 pictures by four years. Big cells, we are going toe change the radios because you see this house? The original bottle has this border, so we want to make it same. So we're going just to put this here and we're going to increase their radios. You can just see the radios here. Yeah, we have it. It's three. Okay. And now what? We're what? We're going to do it. Just speak the color. Or we could just pick, kiss the eyedropper again and then select the color. But we already already have it in the our palette. So it's great. So this will make us are designed, consistent as well. Okay, um, later on way, I will tell you about the stallion plug ins, but there is a black and I use a lot. It's called Qualify. It's super useful because sometimes you need icons and you can goto what basis or whatever . But you have to go to the page set for the icon. Don't load it imported into a sketch, and it's kind of tiring. And they're super NYSE people out there making free, um, black jeans that you can download, and one of them is signified. What it qualified us. It's ah, it has large, huge amount off icon sets so you can find here whatever you want for our logo. Well, they have, like, this kind off thing here, like comment and share. Ah, Icahn. But I will make another one because yeah, it's let's sets for a rocket because you are going to be like a rocket designer. Would you? And this course. So I like this rocket. Not so. Yeah. Let's go toe at it and close. Okay, so we have our rocket here, something that he qualified us. And it's important to know this. It's ah, here. You can create folders. Folders are groups, so you can group things. You know, it's like you can go toe arrange and then group. It's as you can see, it's comin g usually do everything with comment. It's a speech. Your war flow a lot. So if I want to group this thing, I just press command G. As you can see, I have a group now. Okay, so I'm going to call this icon no local, okay? And as we can see, we have these, like, in the group, so you can respond here, the group, the group, and see what's going on. And we have, like, a few books that we don't need it. So because they say it's, ah, transparent. Ah, uh, transparent, uh, Rick Tango. So we're just going to get rid of it. And this icon, uh, it seems, is within a group as well, but I don't worry it. So instead of pressing comin g, what we can do is press common sift g and this folder is going toe. Go away. The group is going to be dissolved and I don't want this inside here neither. So we can go as well. Toe arrange on group and the folder with disappear or we compress. Ah, common sift j So we have our local here. Oh, I love our local so we can select the color Here are white color This is nice to have it as well. In the color part is I know it seems too stupid, but sometimes it's super useful. We will see what later on and what we can do. It's ah select our yeah, our icon on our background cooler and align it. We have this kind of these symbols here that they are used for vertical and horizontal alignment. So imagine we have this kind off here and we don't want to do it by the I we just press a lying to the center. This is for the vertical and this is for your resettle center. So Okay, we have far lower here. One important thing when you are working with the sketch is tried to be us organized. It's possible you can you can move things out off the folders off the groups. And so I really like toe have my things separated. Um, organ separated, bought, organized. So what I usually do, It's, ah, these two, like, group it with comedy and say like I couldn't And a slick note is going to be there. Text. Okay. And well, and log in. Let's call it background. Well, no, it's It's all right. Let's let's say likes it is the longer we know where we're talking about. So we go here and press the right button under this layer and express height layer, and then we go here and hide out, lie out okay and hired our rulers. We can see these starting to good. Our logo. It's already here. All right. 9. Our first button and typography tips: So next part I will be in to do It's Ah yes, You can press when you have Hahaha, you have hidden layers something you can press here in the eye and yes, bring it back. So we're going to hide daily out for now. Later on, we'll come back to the lighthouse. So what? We're going to do it. Just continue with this. So nexus Whipper esti And then we're going toe replicate this part as well. We'll come back. All right, So we had a previous scholars as well, so Yeah, I think this was a color. So it's kind off its lighter. So this is one is the good one. And this front is a lot of black. So we're going to go for battle, and then we click outside and then we Yeah, we go for the black and we just Yeah, well, maybe it's little Haiti, actually. Yeah, thanks. Like most black and as we can see here Now, um, we have this miners character, but in this case, we don't have it. We don't want it. Like with minors. We want it like like the true Fontes again for the sake off knowing where we are. We can just go here and and see what's going on. Okay? We almost have it. Maybe it's 5 50 pixels. Yeah, I think so. I usually try to avoid, like, we're numbers, like 17 or 29. Or maybe maybe you have to use it. It's all right, but it's it's usefully. Ah, good number toe having like multiples off to, you know, like like 16 Like 18 like 2020. Tool at 24. 26 28. So, one, when you are when you go toe small as more type sizes. Yes, you can go for for 15 or 12 for 13. He doesn't matter. But once you have, you have reached the 16. 16 point. It's good if you will start to scale in multiples off to OK, Yes, just a little bit. And yeah, we see here that previously signed orginally signed house like miners. C 0.9. So, yeah, it's like that and just put our previous color. I think this was the one. It's a little bluish. Yeah, these one. Okay, so we have it there. Okay, let's go toe these interest in part, it's how to make buttons in sad does and everything. So it's going to be super fun. So let's create our first bottom. So breasts are and create their rectangle before our board, their radios was three for the icon, if you remember. So we're going to do the same. I want to bring the layout. Um, because even though did he sign? Um, it doesn't fit toe our layout perfectly, but I want our designed to be perfect. So we're going to bring the layout, and I'm going to put this in another color so we can see what's going on here. So, yeah, if we wanted perfect, we can guess. Suggest it here. Okay. Between this and this role, we have hard border radios already, so it's perfect. I'm going just to switch that that out. So we see what we have here. We can see here as well that we have some subtle shadows, a little beat up stir spot, mostly dumpsters. So we're going to try to replicate that. So, for the beginning, we are going to go here or just, uh, selected white cooler and less activate this shadows. Wow. We have this horrible saddle. So what we're going to do but what we can see, it's it's it's almost It's almost there because we have some Sadow here, as we do here. And we have sado here, but in some bigger saddle downstairs. So it's getting there what we're going to do its select cooler. And I think one of the colors we choose before is going to be septal for our descends. We can see that we almost have it here. Okay, you see, But we have lost since is the calories of SEPTA. We have lost here the the upper saddle a little bit. So what we're going to do, It's yes, spawned a little bit the blower and maybe guest, you know, decrease the e movement. Remember that e movement was there Vertical on X is there or is sometimes. So if we move thes then big cell is going to move 10 pieces to the right. And if we move Theis like big, so sound won t pits for increasing. Ah, all the numbers you have here if if you press uh, one off them upon down, you move it from one pixel to one picture. But if you press CIF bottom, it's going to increase or decrease by 10 picks is okay. So when you need to move things farther or or make things bigger because you can do as well this with the size. So if I press, you know, if I pressed one by one, it's going to increase one pixel body. Think if I do the same but with this shift key pressed is going toe Go 10 up or 10 down. All right, Just a little tip. So OK, we're going to use again our great black and quantify. And we are going to look for the Google logo. Yes. Put Google. Okay, We have it here. It's fantastic. I love this. This the guy who make this and again If we see here we have, like, a group again. So we are going to press Yes, arrange group. And then we have this terrible view books in We're going to just delete it and we have our icon here, so yes, this I'm going to Yes, rename it to Will do. We were like, Oh, so we know what we have here. OK, we have, like a bottle, but on background. Okay, well, we have all tight till there, so Now we have this and now we have Will I, combatant. So we're going to select both with the safety If you press something and then use Brezigar safety and another thing, it would select both off them. And then you can group it. You can go to arrange group, okay? And we are going to call it secondary bottom. Okay. Oh, but we can see our Google logo. It's too big. So where we're going to do is yes. Bring it here and try to make it the same size. Yeah, No worries. Sump pump. It's broken. I don't know what's going on. It's getting broke once. The gun is kind of weirdly mate. So we're going to use the scale of things so it doesn't break our our local. Yeah, it's there. So it's OK, so we're going to use again there, lying to the mule thing to the vertical, and then we're going guess to press t again and go to this test. Oops. Okay. This is too big. So what we can do is again press sift and go slow was low was low going there. So we have it there. But in this case, we don't have any space, any character space here. Well, a little bit. Yeah, it's a little bit. Yeah, yeah, just that. It's nice to use the truck, this character or call tracking another you know, are so in other design programs. Because sometimes if you put your typography like this, you can do it bought. It's harder to read, and for some poor possesses nice. What usually is It's good to keep sometimes your typography tight. And this is the case. And if even if it doesn't matter too much now, I said yes. When you are making a bottom that you always align your text at the center, these makes ah, alignment off the off the text. Okay, you can see the different spot it's there thesis important when creating symbols who will talk about it later about symbols. But imagine we have, like, this big textbooks here, and then you ally into the left or you're lying to the media or to the right. You can just testify, but in this case, it doesn't do anything. So I brother said, Yes, you are right into a center. We have these two little things here, and this is very important Because we have this on the right, which is which is the selected one right now, Which means it's on aria text. So I can I can Right here. Okay. And we'll make like, um it has, like, a fixed weeks. All right. Okay, so on. And we have these older burst in here we can activate here. And what makes this flock it gets it. Just make the area, um, just toe the to the text. It's like a stress to the test. While we are writing. As we can see, we can go as far as we want. And their and their text well will be that this text area will be increasing itself. But the thing it's if that's an it doesn't have a fixed with. So this is nice and time for bottles because you don't usually in buttons, you don't want to lines. But if you are making paragraphs or everything, you will need to activate this part here. Okay. The aria text. This is the outer. And this is the fix with okay, as you can see. So for the sake of these, I will just go with this and I can see even if it's pretty similar. This is kind of lighter than we have, law. So maybe this is kind. Yeah. This is the bold person. So we're using here the heavy. And here the both is interesting. And as we can see, this is a lying toe. Probably the middle here. Yeah, we're getting there and we have our icon. I can see that this is kind of harder than our Sadow. So we're going to come back here to our survival and choosen harder cooler in this part here is interesting. It's for the for the opacity of the color. Okay, so we can see here we are getting more or less where we want it. Yeah, I like this on. Yeah, I'm going to us to remove this and put these toe zero on the horizontal axis. And I'm going just to make these two and again play again a little bit with capacity off their color. So, yeah, I think we have it. So what we need is to put this text here inside is, uh, that's going to college text. Okay, so we have the Google icon, the text at the bottom background, okay. And our local. We have it here. We can just collapse it. So we're going to take our button and you put it in over. 10. Your first symbol: Now we're going to create our first symbol. Symbols in a sketch are the most powerful feet. Er what they allow its like. For instance, if we create this element here as a symbol, then we can cope it here. And it allows, ah to change the name and and the label off these element on the placeholder here. And if we made some changes in the mayor symbol in the master symbol, it will change as well in the symbols that you have copied or replied, or you get an idea. Right? So let's go for it. Let's go to create our first symbol. So I will start just replicating this test here, and this will be our label. I think it fits, actually, while the color seems a little bit doctor. So we're going to go for Dr Moment here? Yeah, almost like this. So this this Texas email address, the form size is good. So let me just on this here. We can see here that it doesn't have the character restricting, but I'm going to just leave it like this. Now we're going to, um, make Eric tango like we have done before. Remember, toe adjusted to our big celebrate. So it was with 104 100 on the within 48. 40 height. We are going to apply some border here. We can't cope it. Yes, from here and our place placeholder cooler is going to be. Guess what we can see. There is kind off sap toe inner saddle here we can we can see it here. So we're going to work with it. So we have here inner Sadow, and then we are going just to some off our colors here, and let's see how it works. Yeah, it's almost It's almost the same. We're going to play as well. Some border radios, they speak the same. We peak before, so we have free. And now we're going to apply three as well. So well, we have for our almost out our placeholder here. And now we're going to copy desk Destexhe because this is here and put bars work on it. And now we are going to change the color. This It's regular. Yeah, we're going there. Yeah, we can tell that we are just doing it right. So we are going just to, um see if there we have some alive something here. We can press old key. Okay, Chunky. So we can see it's 24 which is good. Uh, we can see us. Well, that here we have once is a little bit off. So yeah, I would make it. What we're going to do now, it's just select. With the safety off these three elements, you can see the label, the, um the import field and the placeholder text. So now we're going to go here and create our symbol, and we're going to rename it light input slash fixed. We will see later why we put this last year. So if we double click now here on the thing we have created, we can see that we have now the symbol here. Um, so we're going to change this, like label. We're going to put it on top. Then we're going to be the placeholder. Why I do that? Because when I copied days, remember the express option. Select the item you want to copy and just bring it down. When we do this, Let's let me Yes. Ah, Hide this layer here. Okay. When we do this now, we have what is cold in symbols, overwrites As you can see, we have label as we call it before, and we have the placeholder and you can see in this place holder in this label where the previous name it hot, like in this case email address. But in our case is going to be, um I don't remember possible. Okay, so now we're going just to hide this. And here, we're going to Yes. Put wise words. We are going to copy this text and magically you see that appears here. Okay, this this is great, because, um, I went to enter here. Email address, actually. Good. So we came back. Um, since we ever write this, we have this. It's, um we it maintains that the text, it's this is school. Because if I take something here in Marion, I'm tired of this black thing, and I just put it this cold Lord and I get tired of these, and I prefer Okay, I want some kinky. They're supermarche stuff. If we come back here, they both have changed. Not only the master symbol we created, but as well the copy we've made. So let's go. Let's back to the original estate for the sake. Off off our design. So you have created your first symbol 11. Nested symbols: Now we're going to go for the SEC books here. It's good of you. If you can see, it's almost the same as these one. It has the same the same properties. So what? We are going to do it? Yes. Go to the symbol and Kobe. These style we have here. So for that we select the the input field Impress common. See, So we can copy it or go toe edit. Copy. And then what we can do is select this rectangle we drove before. And then goto edit based basis style or you can't do it. That's well with common option B. But you can come here to paste and face the style Pop on. We have it beautifully here. Um, it doesn't copy their border radios. I don't know why I thought we were going just to correct it. Well, yes. Put it toe to and we're going toe. Copy this Texas style from from here from the placeholder, it doesn't matter, is yes. No. To start right in again. So yeah, we can see is the same size. So we're just going to apply? Yes, our color for the text. There's one. Cool. And where we are going to do here. It's just the same thing we made here. We don't have it in another place, but I want you to show you something. So it's it's it's a nice feature or working with symbols. Let me Yes, Ally, in this stuff to the middle. All right, let me Yes, for this So we can see where we are. So, yeah, I need to make this a little bit bigger, so it seats in our you know are deciding, OK, don't let me s put this back and what we're going to do, it's, um make another symbol. So yes, create a symbol. So we're going to call it again, like input its last. And we are going to call these check box, and I'm going to put another this last year, and I'm going to put it like active. Okay, So if we create this symbol and now we double click the symbol we create it, you can see that we have our input check box on our text. So we're going just to remain rename here. It's called placeholder. Well, I'm going to really in these two text. Andi, these will be our it's that walks. Okay, so there is a nice thing with this because we're going to create our first nest. That symbol. Imagine we want to create another. I know there symbol with this Checked like we could probably good half like it. Something like these and probably let's that's at some chick here. So we're going toe. I conformed. I can try, and then we're going to I check. Um I like these one. I think. Well, let me its search for more. Yeah, this is cool. So I'm going to add it. And as we spoke before, you just got it and based it and delete all that stuff that we don't need any more like to be books. And I'm group all these things and group this thing so we only have the check. So imagine you want this check here and we just make a little bit dying here. And let's rename this like, instead off active legs. Let's call it, like checked. Okay. If we come back here to our website, what we can do now, it's You can see here that we have now inputs that box checked so you can change the symbol on the fly. You see, it's super cool feature as well. You can do another thing instead of making two symbols, like active or checked. This is good for decent systems. When when you need keep when you need toe, keep track off all your different estates. Okay, but you could as well have done this. Imagine we make It's a symbol off these as well, Like thesis. And, um, let's call it a tone input. Um, checkbooks active. Okay, we copy this text, and we have now this album, all right? And what we're going to do, it's ah, religious sayings. The name toe checked where we're going to do it. Put this into these new symbol. Okay? And now you're going to see what happens if I select He's one there. This is we have before. Since this is not a symbol, this yester Nikon here. We only have one option. It's changed the text for whatever we want. Okay, But what happens if I change the symbol for this the after one? Because we change these to be a symbol. Actually, this is not a Nikon anymore. This is a symbol off a Nikon. This is our icon. And this is the symbol of the cycle. What happens now? We can change these for our other icon. You know, like atom, you puts it most check. So you have two ways of doing this. You know, you can duplicate this assed these and change the icon. Or you can just convert this to a symbol. We could remove this, actually, and then we have, like, the two estates. Or imagine we have another state which is kind off disabled. Okay, which is normal in Web design to have disabled states. So imagine we just go for something like this. This could be a disabled estate. So we come back here, we can change from active to check to disable. Okay is not cool. I think so. Let me see. But let's see it better here. What's going on? So we have our three estates now, and we can change it all over the place. And if we I want to change the desk weaken, just go here, and it will saints everywhere we have it. So let me guess. Duplicate here to see our three estates. Okay. That's a cool future off symbols on. This is good It's called nested symbols. Okay, this would this three? Could be, unless that symbols off off this one. So just another couple feet there. 12. Final touches on the left side: So now we're going just to go for making another button and what we are going to do, it's Ah, I'm going to convert this actually to a symbol since we now know how to make a symbol, and I just call it, um Well, secondary bottom. No, on. Just call it bottom flash. Secondary. Okay. And what we're going to do, it's ah, made the other symbol the other bottom we had, like, if I don't remember, But this was blue and the saddles were blue as well. So I'm going to use this saddle on this way. Think here, we can just press our core and let's see if we are going. We're doing good. Yeah, but we need here like an arrow. So let's come back here. Um, let's rename this to primary button. This thing is going to be our primary, okay? And let's sad. That's that south here. Um, yeah. Oh, are are always hold its search for narrow this in school. So let me just add it. I don't know what happened here. Well, it's or was this weird behaviour with plugging, but it's all right. I love it anyway, So let's and group this. Delete this on? Yeah, cycle onus on group it. And as you can see, it has borders instead of fierce. So I'm just going toe press here outlines. So we make it like a victor. He said off a couple of Victor's together. So we're going just toe put it there were going to put this to 16. Remember the movie palace off eight? And we saw before that It's not wide white, it's kind off. It has some capacity, So usually us play here too. You're, like, in and we have for primary bottom. So what we can do here is yes. Press this button here and you say you're crazy. Well, no, not really. Because the fact press here in the symbol I can override the single with this another one. And now we have the same button you see on. We're going to say, change the test for looking, and we have it in the center. So it's great. And yes, uh, the finalists that for this part it's ah, pick some test again. So I'm going Just goto one off to this. Copy this text, so I don't have to write it again. And then this is not bald, its regular. So we are going to put it here and quote your class for And I don't like this color because this is a link and for links, if your primary your primary calories, this kind of blue I should go with the blue instead of this kind off part whole thing that it seems like you have already clicked on it. So and we didn't so and we are designing, like, website for from a scratch, right, So it's not Click. So we're going to put it with that color and sign up. We're going to put it here, but I can tell that this is a little bigger. I think maybe it's a big store to a couple, maybe 16. Yeah. So we are going to keep up with this, and then we're going to just hold down the option key and then bring this here, So Okay, so we are going just to put it there. And yet let's take the Cole or actually should be something around their perfect. So now we have this alliance, and lately and last thing we're going to do, it's ah, this these lines we have here there is a line tool, but I don't usually. I don't usually use it because sometimes it it makes weird things. It doesn't get straight. So I prefer, actually to be to make, like, a rectangle off the proportion. So we are bottoms and everything was 400 with. So we're going to stay for these rectangle with 400 with, and we're going to apply the cooler here. Maybes these one? Yeah, this one will make it. It's a little bit darker, so let's put this in bringing our oh, are lay out so we can just sit things on the layer. Okay, so let's put that thing there and let's put our bottom well, Should be okay on, then its ceiling. Well, here on this would be our in with these. It's a lion, actually. And these should be along with the bottom. These bottoms should be aligned to. So we're going Just the line all too right in this button on this input should be a line as well. We need two more lines here. And so what we're going to do is just copy this line and just make it super sorter. So remember, you can decrease by one that's clicking. Or if you persist, you will decrease the line land in 10. So Well, then we'll make it here and think we'll make it here. We asked copy, just right. And I'm just going to copy this text here to So there is a total property with test We can go here is transformation. So here you have it. You can just go and best upper case. So we have it, and it's ah, superfast here. I think the character set up, it's ah, previews. So we just do that. And I guess we are having Yeah, perfect. And now we only need to change our color too much. Cool. Yeah, This one. So we have put it there. Okay, um, let's bring our layup together again. Yeah, this is Syrian in the layout, and this would be in the center, so it's good. So we have our first part completed. So great. You have come all this way. You see, we almost have it. We only need the's right part here, So let's go for it. 13. Finishing our first project: now we're going to do The second part of this landing page is they see one, actually. So let's sell layers in what we have here. It's a Texan icon. Another text. Well, this would be like it that I throw something and that's a mini bottom here. But since we have done like, super complex bottom here, this is going to be, like, easy to do. OK, so what we are going to do, it's ah, start for the text and then we go with the illustration. Okay, so for these, we are going to go ps this text so we don't have to make another one since we already have their topography. So yeah, let's just put this next slick note academy. Then we are going to put like both because it's this bull phone and we can see it's a little bit bigger. So 18 I think it's the size here, and we are going to use the color we just before these one. Okay, they're pretty similar. So yes, Yes. For the sake of this ongoing just to put it there, the character, I can see it. Zero actually. So we go toe icon. If I to search for a book. Yeah, we have it here. Cool. Well, to find it at the first. So we have it here on the size is perfect. So we Yes, going to a group it, then remove the abuse books, then just I'm group will stuff again. Then, as you can see, it separated. So we're going to unify this and we have our Well, something happened here. I'm just going to group it and call it a book because there's something strange. Would it? So, yeah, we have our I cannot, um this text, I think it's Samos. He asked these ones. Maybe a little bit of smaller pot. We would see. So we just refuted this again. Yeah, definitely speaker. So what we're going to do, it's make these shorter and we're going to bring our day out here, and we're going to align these to the right. So we have, like, feeling about what's going on here. So I I can tell that Yeah, now it's better. And maybe it's Ah, 13 actually. Let's see. Actually, yeah, sure is 13. Okay. It doesn't really moderate is yes. For the sake off. Making it exactly the same so we keep on putting the test here. Okay, We can see. Let me remove this. Let me see that, Uh, my default, Um, it's gets puts on lying height here in this park call line and what we're going to do its increase it because, as you can see, this is too tight. So we can either go here and start doing this, or you can press online and you can just move your mouse to the right and to the left, like in photo show or some other. And as we can see as well, the character trucking or the Carter Space is it's almost positive fight. I would say something like this. Interesting. Interesting. Anyway, we're going just to leave it on cereal again. We're going to go thes text select again. The call always choose Before it was this one, I guess. Yeah, it took a song. You're going to put this text? It doesn't matter if it's, uh, lower case, as we saw before we contend it here. We can tell us whether this is bold. So we go for both. Um, it's a little bit big. Ah, they re analysts smaller. Maybe that's 1.1 pixel. Sure. So, yeah, it fits perfect. One important thing for this is instead off. We have, like, an area here for the text because we wanted it to be, like, in kind off in a box toe. Follow the lady out and no toe overwrite a run made the techs run over it. And now what we want just to be fit to this text. Okay. And now we're going just to create a box here for the border. We're going to to the same color we chose before, and just a little bit of poorly radios. Not too much here. The designer chose, like, two or something similar. And what we're going to do is try to erupted toe are great. So in this case, I would go here and for this test in the media. So we almost have it. We only left put this illustration and salmon square on the background. So let's go to the finish. This design for these last part, Uh, we need yes to drawer rectangle. Um, you can see here, and we are going to make some super hard do okay. And we have lost the things we have before. So first we're going toe hide the layer, the background. So we have our design, not the original design on these wrist angle. We're going to move it here back. Okay, but now we can't read here. What's going on? So we have two options or we take the call or to the previous one, or Well, if this for being too close to the arena One, we're just going to pick this kind off. Soft blue is gray, and we are going to set for illustrations, okay? And we go here too. Um, I have put some Well, you have it on assets, but I will give you some tips. Were where to get, uh, nice illustrations for free. OK, but it's, ah, the illustrations. What to put here out on the assets. So we just goto image goto assets. And then we have, like, two illustrations here the hiker or the growing woman. Let's go with the hiker. So now you can see it's an SPD illustration, which is cool because it has its ah, transparent background and as well you can edit the colors. So I want to change these great thing that it's behind to feed our color here something like this. So well, we have our log in page 14. What have we learned so far: what we have learned so far. It's ah, how to create kind off a local, how to set up text in a sketch, how to make bottoms input, how to make your first symbols, how toe create overrides and how to create method symbols that you can say it's later. And we have, uh, learned as well how to create your first layout composition. We have learned some circuits to and how toe ally in things and put it on the great. 15. Starting our second project: Welcome back. We are now going toe started Sending out sick on a society is the immensity in up. So I have this arm or already here. These have worries. There's a simple iPhone Express it. You contest here, so you go toe iPhone X and I house as well made the layout so you can see it here. The Lady of settings for these particular phone, it's ah, and for this particle are designed its 375 which is the same week as the phone. I have toast to go with 12 columns because it fits for for the overall design, the offset the zero because we go all the week here. So it's OK better with I desk toes, Symone. But you can t toes 28 it doesn't mind. Really Meyer too much. And I haven't put any rows here. Yes, for the sake. Oh, make things cleaner and everything, so you can just copy this configuration and just press. Okay. All right, so what we're going to do if you remember, it's this. Replicate these design. We are not going to make all of this because he could take a lot of time, but It's nice if we're going to make this three first. The screens could be nicely for the end of the course. What do you do? It's to replicate all of them. It seems out of war, but the very end. It won't be since if you are working with symbols us you were here. Creating these all those screens is not going to take too much time. So I encourage you to do it. So let's go for it. And we're going to a start for important these these limits So we can so we can see what's going on. Sometimes when you import an image inside a knob, or as we have here, you cannot see everything. But what you can do is, yes, drug outside the our board. And you will have it like you can see clearly because it's not inside the our war anymore. If I put it here, you will see that, um, we cannot see it anymore. Okay, so for the sake, we just drag it out of the airport. And as we can see, our mobile phone is super tiny compared with the arena image use. It is because when a sporting for dribble or any of the platforms, what people usually do, It's just increase by two. The sports or what we can do, It's Ah, enter here. We could just drop this down toe, um, to half of it. And that's where we're going to do it. Gets allows to make, like, simple operations here, like plus or miners Or divide or multiply. So we just divided by two. And we can see now, right? Bring put it out. We can see that now fits perfect. So what we are going to do? It's again. Press right. Click here on your lay on in your layer and just look the layer So we don't mess around with a movie it on everything. So we cannot sell it it anymore. But we can just Hi. This layer or Justin located on? Yeah, As you can see here. Okay. Huh? 16. Adding colors to your design (again): So let's get started again. And for this part, we just want to pick the colors that with the before. So later on, we don't have to think about what colors do we have to choose if we already have all the colors that we're going to need from the very beginning? So let's just draw earth angle again and desk picked your eyedropper, this one with me? Yes, added to the document. I can see here that this is supposed to be like the state. You are online or not. So at school, we have, like a septal gray here. Let's go for this dark miss of it. I like to order them. We have another cooler here. Let's Holly, we have this green as well for the bottom. So I'm gonna pick it as well. On which we have more colors here. Yeah, we have thes bar, lower bar. We added to and then we have this blue with this the the blue for selected items. It seems so let's add it and let's just orders them a little bit. Okay, I think this this it's the same STs so we already have it. So we have more ready all our colors here 17. Creating nested symbols: So now let's go with the headline. Uh, we're going to use here. We could use Latell, but these typography it's called Circular, but you have to pay for it. It's a nice if, if you pay for typography is use, it's it's amassed. Actually, I encourage you to do it. But for thes practice, listen, there is a free phone call. Inter. It's ah, super nice phoned, and that's the fun we're going to use. It's pretty similar to fickle are. So we are going. Just use this. So let's put in books the alignment off. This must be on the left. So when we put it here, well, I made a mistake before when I told you that in layout settings, it didn't matter. They got it with. So let's go with seven. Yeah, because you can see that here we can see that it's touching, so we should be there. We will correct this because the alienation here it's not so perfect that you can see because the line gets here to the column. But this text doesn't do it. It's overflows. This doesn't do it anymore, so we're going to try to correct that. All right, So we're going toe pick our color, this bluish dark blue. Let's go for the size it's would be around her. As I told you, like even if it's not perfect, I like to keep my, ah front when I go up from 16 big cells and bigger. What I like to do is to keep them like multiples of two. So always like 18 30 32 34. So yes, for the shake off, remembering and okay, let's yes, remove this disturbing. Let's go with the name on there off the profile here it's a B, this lighter gray color and then just bumped this town not so much, and this would be like, regular or medium. Have plant my dots. Here we will see hopes. Okay, so it's almost the same is not the same front, but it's kind of similar. As you can see, we have a butter we have like a user, and then we have, like these statues thing the time when the message was sent and the actual text that was sent, and this is kind off replying here. So we are going to create a symbol for it for this part and we are going to create another symbol for these scenes. As you can see, this is involved because he's supposedly not bread. And this it's supposed to be ready. Yeah, let's do come, Bert. And created Ah, symbol that we can use for as well over right this and make this symbol work too. So we only have to create the symbol. So we have our name. Let's put our time this time. Let me just go here. Let's put our time in this case 20 minutes. I don't know. 20 mean You go. All right. We want these to be a lying to the right. In case here that we can we can tell his shorter. So when we right here, like for our ago, It seats on the right instead of the left. So keep your alignments where they need to be. And okay, this Texas pretty similar to the man main headline Main title. So Okay, so we have far text. And if we saw in the previous exercise this Texas overriding the are born because it seemed out. Oh, So what we need to do is the express here? Yes, toe or weaken. Just right down here. This is two weeks. So we're going to squeeze, sit down. See what? Yeah. 16. Actually, I would rather sex. It's 17 but I told you that I like to keep my forms. Impair numbers just when they are upper or 16 on upper. If if they are a smaller, I don't mind to go for for 15 or 13 or or whatever, but always that are over 16. I go with pairs. We can see as well that the line is a little bit too tight, so we'll sit a little bit and I'll character. It's all right. It's all right. Since it's a little bit, let's see how it's looking. Okay, okay. It's looking good. So far. So now we're goingto make these, uh, these avatar here. We can just bump it to 40 which is, I think, the size it has in the design and we're going to use Ah, a nice feature. The skin test is called data and we can use the US diskettes data, and we can use us. Well, put some random photo here. Nice. And but we can guess the search for faces. So it's nice. It's a nice feature when you are mocking up. You're the signs, so you don't have to to search for 44 emitters off people who yes, can go here. Okay, It's a nice feature, and that's where we are going to make these bottom here. Will this kind of status bottom here? As you can see here, it's It's more overuse that it's a circle with a super big border here. So we're going to try to replicate Theise, you know, circle. It's then pixels and now we're going to other border. But you can see if we are the border here. It's it's ah, picking out in the outside in the inside, actually. So what we want to do its pull it on the outside? Yes, yes. So you can see it. Let's put it there And let's pick for our field color there. Yeah, the actual color off the border. So now with this, we can just go play. Yeah, we have it. It's four pixels the border out. Okay, so we are just going to move it here. And saints are border toe wife and we are going to ally in all these in the middle. Well, the designer here make like, decided to put it a little bit up. Okay, so we see as well. This line repeats itself like it's part of the the Symbol. So let me just as we spoke before, make a rectangle off 302 feet, too. 25 pixels and choose. The color we have here for the Lions is this one, and it's important it has won one pizza height. So it seems like a lion you could use as well with the L key toe droid line and and use the same thing. But I don't know. Sometimes I find it a little bit. You know, I can do these kind off a staff. It's a stuff toe, absurd it to start to put like the symbols here. And it seems almost it's like a straight but it decent. So, for me, it's quite complicated. You cannot bend this, and if you try to bend, it is going toe get fire. So I recommend you to use square site. I do it all the time. So now we have all our elements. I think so. Let me hide this. Okay, we have it for me. This text it's a little bit to be a little bit tighter. So it's Yeah, it's not so one Not so tight, but it's, Ah, something like thes e Think it's better Let me sick on the actor size wise to type. Yeah, it's not so fat. It's important. That, too, so mean and some out and go to the ABS 12 size, go to 100% so you can see what's going on in your descent. So well, we have our first almost ready symbol here. So that's where they were going to do. I'm going to just bring this to, uh, to the same to be the same size here. So in case something some letter come here, you can breathe and can go away from the box from the deck books. Anyway, I'm just going to pick this and let me take this beyond here to this should be lying here Toe. I was complaining before anything was online and that was in the same. It's him. You can tell that it always typography always has, like this little space between letters on the left so they sometimes don't really align on the left. But it's all right. You have to count with that. So no worries. So now we have our symbol and we're going to Well, we don't have our symbol. But now we are going to create our symbol. So we just go to create symbol and we are going to call car. Okay, now we have our first symbol. Everything is gone. It's under here. And if we double click here, it goes to the symbol page, and we have all the parts apart it So we're going toe put here lifetime. Remember, this is important because eyes the label. Ah, these thes order mothers. When when you are, like, overriding your symbol. So it's important your name things. This is the name. And this is the time. And this is the message. And this is the status look. And this is the okay, So we're going to do something. We're going to create these symbol as well, Like the way we did in the other descent for making overwrites over these and change the call or because I want to. So So we are calling these, like at home slash? Um Well, no, I don't Yes, the status class. Its own. Okay, so we have it here Let's replicate these. And let's put this green to like, let's say it's writing or something. Okay, so we have to. Exactly the same are bore size and the same symbol, but yes, we made some changes here. Okay, so we come back here to our page and what we can do now, it's as you can see, tens the status, which is a super cool feature. And what, um, it'll I waas as well, these symbol. Well, we can just start to duplicate this symbol. Okay, so we just can't do OK, Okay. So it's cool, because we can just change. The star does. You can override things, select in both. You see, here they change. If I select all of them. And I just said it one over, right, it will make it on all of them. So let me just check these for DS. And another cool feature is that you can change the image here. And as you can see, you can select the image you want from your computer. But you have these kind off thing. And as you can see, it's override with data so we can to some of the face. It's cool. isn't it? So if you we select both of them to symbols, we can go toe faces again and too random for us. Well, will appear there. Okay, So let's so our layer, it's almost on play on the place The designer did? No, not too much. That's just that this with time of spacing, this 19 and going just to live it on 20 this is 20 s well, and this one or this is Hardaway. So let's say 20 OK? But these one for now, I'm just going to related because the next thing we want to do, it's create this bottom. 18. Our CTA: for this button is pretty simple. We just create a noble It's 70. Yeah, it's 70 Perfect. So we choose the fear color, which is the one we chose before, and we're going toe goto our love plugging and we're going to So it's four. Plus, uh, this is kind of rounded. Actually, we we could do it. But what to do with when it's already done so and I think is exactly the same. Yeah, it is so great. We just in group eight delete our view box. I grew up this icon again and just go with white. I'm going to add white us our a son over switch hearing the colors, as you can see here that he says Subtitles Subtitles upto Sadow Green Saddle There. So we're going to replicate it. We go to saddles here we choose the colors sallow green or this is too rough, as you can see, but it doesn't matter. We're going to just fix it. So, um, we're going to just go with you can tell us well, that it's coming a little bit here, So we're going just to adjust. Uh, we're not desperate. Yeah, we wanted to be super blower to keep their spread down. A. So we can see it's still a little toe is to too intense. So we're going to draw the opacity here off the It's coming there. And maybe we need some more blue here. Yeah, something like that. So to 10 let's say here for the Alfa, it's going to be a little bit 60. Yeah, SAPTA. Let's make it like to be accepted, OK? So we can do as well. These are said it symbol, because we are going to re use it in other on over screen. So it's a night practice, so just but tone flash on. But I put this is button, which last up because maybe we have later on some more bottoms and we want to put like but on the flats. Another thing. Okay, it's just for the sake off off being organized. So that spring our this is off the great because this is an important thing. What happens with the design If I put here Theis like perk exactly allying with with the line, it's going to seem that it's a little bit inside off the other box. You need rounded shapes. How toe kind off, overshoot a little bit. Okay, like 23 pixels, depending on on the design and disguise. It isn't in this case that the Senate went father, and it's cool because senses are kind off. Our main call to action button is going toe give it room and to give it its proper space. How we doing so far that that's check views and hide the layer again? Well, I think we are going. We are going great. 19. Starting our navigation bar: So I just downloaded these icons from set here in the 25 plug in. I just want here ago, two unicorns and then sell for these icons. I didn't mean global shirts because I want them to be consistent. Okay, So these one, um, it doesn't doesn't belong actually to the set, so I'm just going to believe it, and I'm gets going to use these four icons, even if, though if they are not the same, I think it's better if you use always the same kind off a style off icons instead of mixing that I'm just tune group the whole icons, as we have done many times. And did it baby boxes and yes, go and put the icons here. Actually, I'm going to direct them all of them here so we can just call them scale them, or at the same time, Okay, They should work Well, actually, it's not working. As you can see, that I comes sometimes are kind of hard to manipulate because they break somehow. If I try yes, to scale them, as you can see they are starting to make were things so a deep it's ah always toe a nice. Proceed er toe, go here and scale them, you know, like try just toe scale them and they will try to maintain the aspect. As you can see now they are not broken. The are making things. They are growing apart, but they're fine. So making with this it should be fine. Yeah, we have almost the same size here, so we are going just to go with the search with the house. Uh, with the in books, it's not similar part. It will do the job. And this is quite similar to now we're going to create this avatar here. It's 20 to 22 we're going to do the same Goto data s skates data and choose faces. So we'll put some random nice face here. So it's okay. So now we're going just to Easter, Those texts. So I'm just going cope Tokyo pd's because Well, no, not this one. I'm going to copy this because of the size. So it's easier later on to go here intended. So I think this or Holly alignment again. So for the essence is in the middle along with the with the icon. I just go with the middle and this a little bit darker and as well. It's a little bit bigger. So maybe it's meeting. Or maybe both symbol. Yeah, it's simple, actually. So let's just put here search and see how it goes here. Yeah, Cool. It's much is cool. Let's sign this here. Okay. So we can have We can do and repeat all these things here. Deposits payment in boats wherever but imagine Lay their own. I want to change all that thing. All these items in all the, you know, the our boats. So what I would suggest is through this thing. So we're going. We have something here. As we can see, we have, like, a background white background with their gray with a gray line on there. So I'm just going to go into my previous symbol, copy this line and bring it here. Maybe I didn't pick this color before. No, I didn't. So I'm going just to go with it, because this is great. Not bluish, Sean. That's going to want it. It's kind off pretty similar to this one, but it's great. And we're going toe just suggested to the full with of this. So for effect remember one big self, and we are going to put this on white because it's the background color off so far off our menu here. So I have group it, and now I have it on the block. And what we're going to do is as well I'm going just to lift this and create these bar here , too. So we're going to create a rectangle and then put some board the radios into it. Course it's too. It's It's all right. I'm going to move it a little bit. So we can just picked this color if I don't recall. But is this one okay? Perfect. So we have it there, and we have power. Yeah, we have a bar around here, so I'm going to change the color off these two thes blue color 20. Layer styles: And for this particular occasion I'm going to show you how to create layer styles. Layer styles will allow will allow us later toe sayings the color on the fly of the symbol . Maybe it's a little bit hard toe understand now, but we will Ah see later. What? Why? It's important to put some layer style here without colors. Okay, so what we are going to do, It's ah superfast exercise. We're going to put our colors here. So what we're going to do? It's created layer styles for the colors. Maybe now it doesn't. Doesn't have too much too much sense. But we will learn now why it's important to put your colors in layer styles. Okay, so we're going toe pick our first color here, which is this one and then create a new layer stuff. We're going to name it cold or dark Grey. Welding is dark blue, actually. Now we're going to changes to this color and we are going toe create a new layer and we are going to name it cool or, um dark. What? This is me, the blue This is going to be paying. This is going to be green. I know it can seem like a lot off work, but as you can see, it doesn't take too much time. And later on we received why this is school and magic Blue is going to be the light gray and this is going to be the dark gray. And that was the wife. So we have already off all our for colors with layer within the layer stars, as you can see all off, all off our icons, they don't have a layer styles. They can't have the same color but you don't half a year start, but we can apply for your style in this case, the dark blue one. As you can see before we when we were right in the the you hear the name off the layer side we put colored bash, then the name off the color. This is for grouping. As you can see here you have flight color and then it groups into a sub menu. So So it's easier when you haven't a lot off layer styles. So what we can do now? It's just select all the items we want toe take to our symbol. In this case, we're going to select this line. This background white uh, this, uh, first Icahn the first text on the this bar here, and we are going to create our meaning, okay? 21. Text styles and finishing our navigation: let's go to edit our menu and tried to figure out how to make the best of it. Here we have seen before that we can nest symbols. So these exactly where we're going to do here. So we have, like, an icon we are going to make on a symbol from the cycle. So I'm going to just name it like icon shirts. Okay, Now I have this icon here and I want to duplicate it four times. Well, three times, actually, a four. I don't remember. I was being go the icons here because we are going to make and symbols for for that okay, as well. So yeah, let's put this here. Let's put the house here in the middle and let's duplicate this again. Put this on the middle, there, off the off the Arab or and this is going to be called in books. Thesis is going to be cool or what is in a I don't remember payments and the post. It's all right. This is going to recall payments, and this one is going to be called posits Cool. So we have our four symbols now here. And as you can see, you can override our symbol. Okay, you can interchange it here. Let's leave it inserts. And that's aligned this again. OK, it's alliance. So it's cool and what we are going to do here as well. It's toe create another symbol. Well, we we could create another symbol with this part. But, um, maybe it's not so needed here now. Maybe no, but what we can do, it's create. Let's see if we don't we have, like, in a style. Yeah, you see, here is blue, as we can see here we have these already with their symbol with our different symbols there , and we have to search this text. But what happens when this text is pressed in the in, the in the science, it changes to Lou and it sends us off weight. It goes to the big boulder. So we're going to create the same way we have created like, um like, let's say we have here, like this layer style. We're going to create what it's called Texas styles. Okay, so we can create Texas stars as well, and we are going to create a new text start core. This is going to be called stop. We can call it Yes, menu, many of default because this is the default estate. And let's change these two blue and bold because it's the court is, well, not born. Semi ball is to be. And this is going to be the newest style active, because is it is how it changed when? When it's active. All right, so now you can just change from, as you can see. Well, what's going on here? I'm going. Let me adjust this just to 12. Because it's if you can see is dancing and it shouldn't be dancing. Okay, now it's not dancing, but this is then seen. So let me just justice 12 on update Texas style. So if I change it now, it doesn't change. Okay, sometimes would you have your line different can can happen. These things so uses have eating in your mind that if you have lower lying high different from one test one other, these can go up on down, depending on on the on the values. All right, so what we're going to do here is yes, to replicate this. Ah, well, our lately I was here. It's kind off gone. So we're just going to put some. I have this as well. We have our water, and I thought don't remember, But it was like, Okay, five icons. So we're going to Yes, replicate this. We're going to go for this. Okay, so now we can chase these two. Our This was the in books. This was the payments on these wars. The deposit. So we're just going to say sayings that checks here, Uh, close payments. All right. And this is the in books on these having hunted me rent. Plus, it's weird, but anyway, let's go to rent bus by now. It doesn't really matter too much. So let's group this thing here. Well, we should rename it like I am one. I attempt to as we speak. I Tim three. This is important because later on, when you are, uh, changing tour over right in the items if you need to. All right, um, far. And as you can tell, this kid's organizes the lay years from bottom toe up to stop. So you need to fix this in the line. It and and in this case, it's, uh let's call it label. So? So it's this year to recognize later when you are over right in the symbol this over, let's send it because he has put the label first. Okay, we have it. So we have our menu here and we have our icons. So now we can replicate these into other decides what is school about, dear, What is school about we put before this in tow layer style is that now we can change the color off this. So it's super easy toe change. The court, like, expressed the same way. It's nice that we put this into a Texas style because now we can override the Texas style as well. So we can just go and put this and we can do everything the same thing with any item off there on the menu, as you can see. So it's super fast when you are making a lot off screens and everything, and later on, if you want to make some changes, you just go to your symbol. Andi, make their proper changes. You want to do so. It's a super cool feature that I love about the sketch likeness that symbols and overrides and layer styles, and Texas does so this is a super good practice for you. 22. Finishing the first sceen: and as we have seen before this layer style here it's different from their one from the top , which is there on Reddit. And this could be the real it ones. Okay, so what we're going to do is go to our symbol here and let's create a couple off Texas styles for this. So let's create a new estar. So this would be like, let's call next. And this is unreal. It okay? And if I don't remember about the other taste was yes, regular. Well, medium, I guess. Yeah, kind of medium. And the caller was lighter, like something like this. So what we are going to create? It's a new layer style in these cases. Read it. You can name it as you want this. Yes. This is just an example for these. Particular for these particle are tutorial. Right? As we're seeing here, all the text have changed now, but these two were unread it. So what we're going to do is yes. Change the stakes. 200 it and we have it. So we have made with guess one symbol all our messages. Let me guest remove. I love this layer on Hide it so We have almost any sign here, and we don't need any more these two symbols here because they are related and the statues so you can just select on this known and what it's gone. Okay, that census face again so we can go here is gets data faces. We have final or on only for over here. So yes, for the sake open replicating. Exactly, exactly the same design lets out some. I come here a so you can see it's let's say it is. It's kind of it's weird. They they are using to kind off different search symbols. But where we are going to do its and another feature you can have here, it's You can insert symbols. So we have our icons and we have our search icon and we can just Brit here. Okay, so that's yes, go here. He'd still right. So yeah, now let's hide our lawyer, and that's high as well. Our our war. It's cool. We have it 23. Starting the second screen: So now we're going to start the second part of the Victoria off these descent. So what? We're going to do its press option key, then select the arbor, then press option key and then just move it. So we're going to duplicate this, are born. You can do it as well. Like selecting Diablo are person command E. So we will duplicate it because you're gonna see it puts copy another feature. What we're going to do is yes, delete everything, said Thies. Button on the menu Whoops. I see here have left the about our and what we're going to do. It's make it be civil again and we are going just toe unlock the in the background. So let me just okay, let me I love the this so we can move around and on Go for another screen is going to be very see a screen because we already already have most of the components. So let's go on press. Look, Layer and I have deleted these, but it doesn't matter. You can just select both with sift key and then press common, See for coping. Then you see, let the outboard and then you press common V or you come here and press and it based And what it does is when you select the arbor and pace it. Who is going to do? It's going to respect the place it had before. So it's in the same. It's in the same place and as well, the icon. Okay, what? We are going to do its copy. This text, which seems pretty similar to this one. In fact, we are not going to copy. We're going to write it just to use our text layers we created before. Remember that we have this in out or so it's going toe or go all over the place. And remember that Ford as we just have to drop this or we can just go here. Well, it's actually the same. Actually, we need to even come here, make these books shorter. So we aligning toe to the center on dsi. Seems pretty good. Almost. So we're going to tease probably this, uh 18 with a little bit off. Yeah, it's kind of there, but on the line. Hi. Fits will be higher. So that would be I couldn't usually go for these things. We have this on 16 thinks it's all right, and so I will just leave it on 16 24. Make and icon an finish the second screen: we're going to set for Michael here, like a message. But I see Well, this is actually pretty similar to this one. Let's have a look anyway. I think that's pretty similar. These one. So let's just of it. Select this are poor. And guess press safe to make a beer. Well, we can see it's a little bit. Here is its look, But we can yes, go here. Well, we're kind of distorting these this icon, but it doesn't really matter just for so in how it can be done. Let's start to replicate thesis miles here. Uh, this could be Well, let's send group on really terribly books on group, our seen icon. A couple of times, we are just going to remove this in order to see the colors. And the color is probably well, this is to heart, and this is too soft. We need a couple of colors here, So we're going to what? It again? Here we are going to what? This sub toe sado Here. It's kind of similar to this one. So that's going to remove it and use these one here. Um, yeah, we have a color, as you can see, Okay, This is a This is a trick. If you can beat any any shape you have created here and you just have to double click here and then some points appear and what we wanted, and you can select the points and move them around and everything. In this case, what we want is, yes, make it a little bit shorter and as well we can see that these board their radios here, it's it's ah, a little bit bigger than than ours are icon. It's to a straight. So what we want is to select the help, all the points here. So for that, we double click and we select all of them and go here to radios and you can see it's a starting to move. Well, there is one point it's not selected, and this one, I don't want it selectively because it was making, like, too much radios there. But something around two, it's cool. And for this we are going toe a just one. So, yeah, let's let's yeah, let's just leave it like that. And this this point, let's make it a little bit more angular, and then okay, yes. Pressed, ask um is key to toe exit this mold, we can flip it vertically. So now we have our eye come more or less. Yeah. And what we are going to you is use the victor. We could do this. Making a circle? Well, actually, uh, let's do that. No, no, I prefer to do it like a better. So there is this Victor tool is if you have ever used for the shop or illustrator, I'm sure you will be familiar with it. So you just press, sift and drive. So you're going to have this. And now we have this perfect and we pressed s key. And now we can give this round feeling putting this This is the end of the you can see. I went to change the color so you see it better as you can see Now the end is like a square . If we press here, is going to make it circular and this is kind off. Ah, coming out off the streams compared to this is the same shape. But the only difference. It's that here it makes like the border as well in this part. But for the sake of being consistent with this less. Yes. Do it that way. And let's increase this. I think this this is pretty similar in a stroke to this. Okay, so we have flowers. My here. Yeah, I think it's kind of balance. All this, so yeah, let's move. Won't be self nice too much. So it's fine. That's just leave it like that. And we are going to pick our color for this. And now we're going toe. Make this shape here like the shadow of the icon again, we can go here and insert vector, or we can just press V. And what we're going to do is yes. Go over here. You don't have to make it perfect. Just come here and make you even a square. So we have this because later on, we will put it on the back so nobody's going to notice what he what we did here. Uh, now we Yes. We need to do these kind of rounded part here. So for these the best the best way of doing it. Do you? Yes. Put this the point here. You will need to put it here. You just put it here just when they're when the straight line on the court, Start the same us here and what we're going to do. Oh, sorry. So, yeah, we come here and we start drag drugging, okay? With the safety so he doesn't go, you know, over, Over here. Over here, we press if key it will go or vertical perfectly. Or vertical and horizontal. So and now we want just in a straight line that comes here, Okay, but we can see this is kind of weird. So what we are going to do is threaten its fix it a little bit. So for that, what we needed to change this point. These are the basic cursed are. So this is kind of weird right now because this point house move. But what we want this Yes. Hide it here. And what we want here is just put it horizontally. So, yeah, this is kind of working now, and we have to retract this point here, and maybe we have toe increase this and yeah, I tried to make it similar in the court, So this these lines would be kind of the same us here, But then I have to retract its a little bit more. Yeah, this is better. You only have to practice a little bit. This seems kind of weird now, but if we Yes, remove the boarder son at some field like this, I think is going toward well, So what we want is this layer. Come on, top off this and we go to arrange bring forward. So we bring forward. Sorry. Bring to front. Yeah, now we have it. Ok, but since our previous descent is not exactly the same as the other, it's making were things and going to separated one from another so we can see it. Okay, so we have two options here when it's moved here. I think it's this year. If we go with the assumption is just move this here. Cool. And now we're going to edit our background. Victor. So it comes Yes, from here. So we're we're going to just increase this recently a bit here on this. Just hide behind. Okay, So we have our we have our icon status and eyes tool to make eye comes to so you can give it a try. So now we have it perfect. And now we can remove our well not removed, but hide our layer. So we have our descent. So we have far sick on screen made 25. Breaking up our third and final sccreen: Let's go for our third and last screen off these Victoria. So as we did before, we just can duplicate this artwork and and we are going toe Theis again so you can guest breast common and then drag around the items you want to delete. We're going to so again, our our layer, and we are going to unlock it so we can with around and see what we are going to create next. Now it's a jester so we can look it again. Perfect. What we have here, it's Ah, it's an new, different screen. There are some things ah that we can recycle for some symbols, for instance, this part and the lines and the time that set up here is different from here. We can see it's kind of a smaller and it's a little bit bolder, and but it's okay. We can as well make some arrangements with this 26. Creating our first elements: Well, let's let's set for a Nikon here, since we have produced Ah, the unify icons, a unicorn's here it goes on, group it on. Then you did the yearbooks group again. We have our icon. What we're going to do. It's go to symbols and include these one a symbol to So we're yet we are going to create this and we are going to call these settings good. And we're going to apply, as with before the blue color as, um as Styler Year that your style So And we now can go to symbols, the comment icon, and we have it here on settings. Okay, so we are just going to put it there. They're sometimes we can copy as well so we can come back here and Kobe this this is thighs and this elements. So I'm pretty sure some off them well, save us some time. So let's see what where they fit. That's sick. This one, we can see. It's a little bit bigger than this, and this is probably 12 and the cooler as well it's different. Is this one, I guess. Yeah, it's not regular is like medium, so we have this part covert. We cannot swell. Come here on. Try with this. It's a little beer so you can hear. And yes, increases size cool on DiScala recently to be darker so they could be it. And now what we're going to do is yes. Like this shorter. Okay, we're going to go there. Still, it's not physical anymore. And here we have it, too. And these? We have a there. So it's cool. Cool. So we Yes, group it. We have We had, like, a preview. Samatar, maybe here in Simoes took command. Okay, because we way included here. We don't have the elegant. So we are going to create this asana What are Okay? So now we can't included that documented. We have the Avatar Seymour here obviously a base more, But since in the other screen it was a little bit bigger. It's well, actually, is the same size. It's cool. So we can just adjust it to his column here. So it's good we have some test. We're going to be replicating here. So we have our first paragraph here, and I'm going to show you. Ah, nice thing that, um, this the sticks tool have in a sketch. I'm just going toe. Create another part. Where? Off copy from from this one. So we don't take too much time. This this night Figure called paragraph here. Well, first we're going to at the s tower. Our lay all lie lie height so it goes the same. I stay a model, and as we can see, um, their text. It's a stocking in another line. So we can just, uh, kick give to in droves Or if you can see, it's not even if I give fun. Yes. Press and control. Leave a space. This is different. The alignment is different. We could do these guest making another books, text, text area like this. Just putting this here and then based in this part here. Okay, So some things we could do that or what you can do as well. It's Ah, copy this text and we are going to put it where we have it before. Here, on with what you can do. It's increased the power, and what it does is between paragraphs. It puts this space this amount off a space. Okay, so this is perfect for what? We want it. Um let me Yes. Check. Change these So we have it here on. We are going just to create this shape. As you can see, it has a square square angles here. What? Here is rounded. So we are where we are going to replicate with sketches? Yes, that So we create a rectangle here we choose our cooler. Yeah, let's get going. With a little bit to change, to see the color in action, this is too. Actually, we don't have thescore, so let's just bring it. And I two r softer than this Cool. And now we're going to try to replicate these angle this rounded angle here, this around it, Um, and the feet air here is that if we go here and change along the all the angles, what, we're going to have his ongoing just two tentacle or for a moment if we increase here the radius corner, it's going to be made on the four corners. So what we need to do, it's ah, go for what kind off safe do we want here And later on, I was I will tell you how to do it. So this could be Let's say it's 21 perfect So now we copy this value, it's 21. And what we going to do it? Dress it? These 20? Why? Because we're going to apply one board radios for its corner. Um, it's kept. Identifies the the values starting in this corner that go into this corner, they're going to do this one on. Finally this one. So we're going toe. Apply here like zero because we want these one on Syria. These on cereal? This on 21 on this in Syria. So do you express, um zero, then another zero Semi colon zero. Well, this is 21 actually. And zero. And we have it. We have our shape. OK, thesis. Ah, way of doing it. I know there way. It's Ah. If you have all on zero what you can do as well, it's go here, double click, then select this point and then apply it 21 great years. OK, so what? It will do its do the same thing that we did manually here. So you use whatever 50 vest and it's easier for you. Um, yeah. So let's come back, apply our grace style and we are going just to bring this to the front. So when we pulled out are coming to the front. Fantastic. So we're going to go to arrange bring to front. And now we're going to apply o r food here. So let's see where I was sitting here with this kind off off the great A little bit. So we are going just to put in our layout. Let's copious much as we can. Okay? So basically, we have these element. I'm not going to make it like a symbol right now. I'm just gonna group it so you select will sift key, all the all the items you want toe to use in your group on guess common. And that only press comin, G. Okay, um, I'm going to copy Destexhe because he's in the same name. So this is going to be like something around that and okay. And we're going to change the core. It's it's stairs. Then put it right here. I'm going to align it here because for me, it's more natural to line things instead off leave, leaving them floating. We have gone a long way here. Almost. We are on the house all the way. So let's go for the wrist 27. Finishing our third screen: Now what? We can do it. A So we have seen before gate and rotate and everything, but yes, For the sake of remembering, I will start making it again. And in this case, as you can see, all the all the all the corners. Is that one This bottle, right, it's it's round it. So we're going to do it, uh, again, Like like 2121 0 and 21 has the opposite that we did before. We have a cooler here. So now we can see we have our our shape perfectly. And we are going to duplicate this and wear going just to, uh, say 21 to off them. Uh, yes. For the sake of seeing what we're doing, we're going just to a play on the Cold War. Yes, for the moment. And here, I'm going to do the same thing so we can see where we are. Okay, so this is a little bit higher, but a couple of big self. Yeah, we're there. And this it's a couple of weeks. Sells more. Yeah, Good. We then contest bring our layout here, so yeah, we can see we are going. This is good, because here we have, like, this space here, but it's it's good with it. These squares on this part off their layer We are going to go PD's text here. And I ran into the left because if if this text is increased people, you go in the direction it has to go. So now we are going just to move these out because I want to go with this text here. I'm pretty sure they are the same, but just in wet. So let's take it. And yes, cut it because we don't need these anymore. We sell at this text cool. And what we are going to do it. Duplicate this again, since this is different than the because it has an icon is more like an attachment. So we're going to call it of course, details TDF. Later on, we will come to this to the cyclone and we're going just too. So our layout and we're going just to increase and here decrease to the to our to our great . So this goes over here to this is fine course. So now we can bring this. I'm going to select the text in order to cut it when you have some travel because some element is behind you can just Ah, that it Select it, Cut it. I'm faced it. So now we have it here and now we're going to apply a cooler. We got 40. Start this symbol. We want it in front of this. We can go here and press forward. Or we can go to our range and bring to front. Or imagine is in the in the back. You you can do yes. Can't common X. So you cut the symbol and then you based it and is going to be on top. Okay, well, in this case, we don't need this symbol. We just needs toe need to copy. These are water. So we are going to cope it Put it right there in just a sweetie before we go to skates on Data and Goto faces and change the face. Okay, well, so we almost half our screen we are doing just to search for a nice icon. But I got it. That's meant fine. Who? I like this fight, actually. Oh, let's put this here free. Cool. You cycle. I really like it. So just on group it, but I'm going to do is change the wife. So it's nice we are going to align this to the left. So they are because it's a little bit off and we are going just to Yeah, that's very brief. Yeah, so we have it. And we need just two arrows here to have it finished, so we will serve for it. - This will make it perfect. So this to excel with. So we're going to make it one pixel and try to adjust it to our design. And we are going to make one thing. It's called outlines what it makes. It converts the borders, the victors, you have we borders to fail. And we're going to apply a later start in this case, Dark blue. And we see here we have another one. In this case, we're going to copy and paste groups are and bring it here. We're going, Yes. Two. We are going to flip it and we're going to rece ice it. Oh, but I I think wrong. It doesn't matter. So it's kind of there. We are going to apply a border here. It's going to be just one pick. So So it's better saw its Ah, we pressed appliance again. So we have our I come here and we are going just to you decrease a little bit the icon and then, yeah, to make it like that. 28. What have we learned?: Well, you made it till yen. Andi, This is what we have learned. So far, we have seen working with our boards and rulers, creating pages, making motivate and layouts for where the mobile callers on the common sorts is making that the symbols override for symbols. Remember, always to put there lay years in the order. You want them to appear in the in. The sidebar. We created us with an icon and we learned how to insert icons from the outside with these super nice playing called E Qualify. We learned as well how to create layer styles and Texas styles. How the world with text. Remember those two steps? Um, when you are putting text sizes and as well we have seen the types of bottles like our main city a our primary, but on our secondary bottles our ghost bottom on how to insert a random photos with the data proving his gets has as well as using circuits, remember or the circus we use. You're in the course, and I think we have learned a lot of things. What That's something definitely will be up to you. So see you now for our goodbye time 29. Congratulations!: come back to places you made it to you here. I hope you learned a lot off staff, and these scores have made you want to continue with design field or working with a sketch . I encourage you to finish your designs and make changes or propose another designs. You may want to go, and I would love to see them. So thank you very much. And if you have any suggestions for other coursers or way to improve my these home course or yeah, And he said, You said you might have to just let me know. I would be glad to have you know more about you. So thanks again, and that's for Woodson.