Designing with Procreate- Get creative with layer masks | Kim Miller | Skillshare

Designing with Procreate- Get creative with layer masks

Kim Miller,

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6 Videos (43m)
    • Welcome to Designing with Procreate-Layer masks

    • Layer Mask Basics + working with text

    • Using Shapes

    • Image Composite

    • Watercolor effects

    • Create a mockup

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About This Class

In this class you will learn the basics of using layer masks and learn creative ways to use layer masks in your work. We will create several projects using type, hand lettering, create a watercolor effect, use shapes and create a mockup all within the Procreate app! 

I hope to see you there!





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Kim Miller


I'm Kim, a Graphic Designer from Michigan and also the owner of Merrie Moore Designs. I create patterns, brushes, textures, wall art and most recently, tutorials! I started using the iPad and Procreate app about a year ago, which is where I create most of my work. This is perfect if you travel often. My background is in photography, which is where I get much of my inspiration. I am also experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and hand lettering. In my spare time I crochet an...

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