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Designing with Procreate - Create a Custom Stamp

teacher avatar Kim Miller,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome to Class!

    • 3. Ideas and Inspiration

    • 4. Adding custom text with AnyFont

    • 5. Upload our Artwork & Final Project

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how I used the iPad Pro and the Procreate app to create a custom stamp. This is a physical stamp that I had made and shipped to my home.

This class is perfect for crafters, hand letterers, illustrators, greeting card designers and anyone who would like to create a custom stamp!

We will be using the Procreate app and Graphic app. I will also show you how to add custom fonts to your iPad!

Let's get creative!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kim Miller



I'm Kim, a Graphic Designer from Michigan and also the owner of Merrie Moore Designs. I create patterns, brushes, textures, wall art and most recently, tutorials! I started using the iPad and Procreate app about a year ago, which is where I create most of my work. This is perfect if you travel often. My background is in photography, which is where I get much of my inspiration. I am also experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and hand lettering. In my spare time I crochet and hang out with my husband and two dogs.

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1. Introduction: 2. Welcome to Class!: Hi there. In this class, I'm gonna show you how to use the iPad and appropriate at to make your customs stamp. I made this here for my other beside of my business, and that is crashing. But I needed something to stay up on my tags so that I didn't have to keep printing. And it's just a lot easier and cheaper for me to create a stamp than it is to keep printing over and over again. So anyway, I made this here and you can see the stamp here. I made this all on the iPad. Inappropriate app. So, um, it's really easy to do. It's really fun. So if you don't know what something for your business, it doesn't have to be like that. It could be a regular like, illustrated stamp If you wanted to dio maybe a flower or Ah, it doesn't. It doesn't really matter. It can be anything. You can see that this one is pretty small, and it is kind of detailed. Um, but this, by the way, this handmade by 1954 is my, um, personal font that I created. So I'll show you how to important these into your iPad and using another app called any Funt. So we'll go through that as well, and it's really simple. But anyway, this is what we're gonna be making. And while something similar you'll get this is a two by two inch. By the way, there's some of them are really huge. I really like rubber stamp statin it. That's what I used to order this where I ordered this from on. I really like the way it turned out. So anyway, we'll go ahead and get started. I'm gonna get my iPad ready and I will catch up with you in the next class. 3. Ideas and Inspiration: All right. Welcome back. First off, we need to decide what we want to designer stamp for eyes. This for our mailing address. Do we want to put this on our envelopes? Do want it for, like, I have shown you for this. Is it something that we're making for a tag or for a business? We want to sell something. We want our logo. Oh, our phone number. We email address or website on it. Um, is this for fun? Is this for scrapbooking? Is for greeting cards. It could be for a ton of different things. So first, decide how you want to use. Um, your stamp, Uh, mine. I created it two inches by two inches. The reason I did that was because of my tag. The tags that I use are I believe they're like, three by our to almost three inches by four. So I wanted I didn't want it to be too big, and normally it's placed a little bit lower here. So my next stamp that I'm gonna be creating is actually going to be on the back, and it's gonna have my name with my website on it. So, again, that's something else to think about what size you want. Um, next up is to think about what? Your design. What you want your designed to be. I went ahead, and I could have put together a few different, different ways of doing your artwork. Once you think of what you're gonna use it for, whether be scrapbooking or card making, if it's just gonna be your mailing address, it could be like I said anything. We're gonna go ahead and kind of do some mock ups or some doodles of what we want to dio. And that's what I've done here. I just kind of put together some different ideas that you can use if you want to come to use these as inspiration. That is totally fine. Uh, this 1st 1 again. Like I said, I wanted to put my name in my website on the back of my tag. So right moving on. The next idea I had was a wreath. Uh, and that is how I did the tag that I showed you. I was with a wreath, and then I just added the text. I'm gonna go into the text later on and how to import that into appropriate. But you can always use your own hand lettering, which I think is great if you are not into hand learning and you don't like doing it? Oh, I'm gonna show you later on how we can bring in a handwritten font into procreate. All right, so this is just one idea. Here is the wreath. If you are not familiar with how to do the wreath brushes and things like that, if you go to my website, there is a short tutorial on how to create these and the settings for those feel for you to check that out. Uh, and then next up is an address. So, um, this here is just a sample of an address that you could have done on a stamp again if you wanted to put this within, Ah, circular shape like this may be a wreath. You can add that you can add all sorts of different doodles to this. So but that's one idea. I would probably do more of a rectangular shape with this one. Um, you can leave it in a square canvas, but when you go to choose your stamp, you can choose a more of a rectangular shaped stamp and have it put in that instead of a circle. So okay, next up is an illustration. So this is more for those of you who dio scrapbooking or greeting card designs or just any kind of, uh, stamping that were you color. So if you want to stamp this and then kind of color it in, you can see hopefully you can see this. It's where you could stamp this out and then you'd be able to go ahead and come in with your markers or whatever you're using t to color this in. So and that's perfect. Another idea again is just words, words or sayings. Quotes. Um, this is huge. I see these everywhere on, and they can get quite expensive to these stamps. I paid a total of less than $20 to have this made and also shipped so but in the long run, essentially saving me a ton of money because I'm saving ink, I'm saving a lot of time. And then the ink pads there just a simple you know, basic ink pad you can get some on, though, you know, lesser end there is great. And then you can get some. They're a little more expensive, but from what I'm doing just is like, perfect for me. I would recommend not using something like a watercolor brush. I don't think that that's gonna work out very well. Eso you're gonna have a lot of grays and, uh oops. I don't want to do that so you'll have a lot more graze. It's not black and white, and that is what they need. When you upload your photo, you have to have a black wife vote our file. So trying to stay away from these more transparent brushes anything like this were you have you could see, like the rugged edges here. If you are not sure if you can actually see it, you might build to see it better on the tag. But in my fund that I created, it does have some transparent places within the letters. And it was they did really good at pulling those out. So if you do have something like this, I think it would work, OK, obviously did here. But if you have water, color and things like that, I I'm not sure how that would actually work out, so I'd hate for you to upload it and it not work out. So Okay, uh, so go ahead and come up with some ideas. Um, you know, decide first of all, decide what you want to use this for, so you're going to use it more of an artistic within greeting cards or scrapbooking or any kind of artwork that you do or you do for yourself personally or you sell. Um, go ahead and decide. Come up with some drawings and what you want to dio uh, and then kind of save them here. If you're doing them on paper, obviously you're gonna have to scan that in or recreate it here on the iPad because we're gonna be using files right from the iPad, toe upload, toe upload into rubber stamps dot Net on. By the way, this is the company that I used to have this printed, and I highly recommend them came very quickly, and I'm I'm totally thrilled with how they cut this out. It looks great. So, anyway, go ahead. And if you want to check that website out, come up with some ideas and I will see you in the next video. We're gonna go through. How? Toe? Um, use the app here. I'll show you. This one is called any fun. You may already have this or you are familiar with it, but I'm gonna show you how to bring in funds from another site. Or maybe even your own fund that you've created that you can use in your own work here on the iPad. So go ahead and think about what you want to do, and I'll see you in the next video. 4. Adding custom text with AnyFont: Okay, so we're back. Um, and we want to go ahead and check out any fund. I'm gonna let you know that it is a dollar 99 to purchase. If you don't want to purchase it, you can always use photo shop illustrator or another app to use for your funds. There is an app called assembly. If you watch my first video, you'll see how I use this to create some of my text. And then there's also the graphic. Um, ap. We're actually gonna be using this one here today, but you can use this as well. And this is just funds that were already installed in your iPad. But you can use those. Aziz. Well, so But first, I wanted to show you this because I know ah, lot of people are creating their own funds. And, uh, some of you who are not into hand lettering may want to use somebody else's fund that they've purchased or something that they've created themselves. So, um, I'm gonna show you how to do this. Once you install it, go ahead and open it up. And here you're going to see that I have some stuff installed already on most of these air . My own funds there's too two or three that are not mine. And I'm gonna show you how to do both. What? I create my own funds. I go ahead and just send it to Dropbox. So if I come into Dropbox, I'll find my font. You want to go ahead and it'll upload the open tight files or the true type so you can do either or I just always go ahead and do the open types of the O. T. F and then come up here to the menu here. That's export. You open it in, so click open and and then import with any fund. So it's going to it's already in here. So, um, it's right here. So once you have it, you're gonna tap this hurt. It's going to ask you if you want to allow, so click. Yes, it's gonna bring you into your settings. So this is just the way this app is designed, you're gonna sing signed by and it's gonna be not signed. So go ahead and install it anyway and then enter your pass code and then go ahead and click next and just go through this and then click install until you're done and then click down at the top. You can go back into any funds, and now I see it's here. If you want to click on it, you can always do a preview here, and it will show you what the front looks like. If you want put in your own preview text, you can go ahead and delete this and just kind of put in some stuff here. Click OK, and you can see how the fund looks before you use it. Okay, Uh, so that's how to bring in your own funds. So if you have you have the files already. If there's something that you want to either purchase or you want to find for free to use in your work, you can go to the website. It's called Find bundles, not dot net. You can get to it here. What? I would recommend looking through this because you have a menu at the top where you have to create loops. Were you create like your account and things like that. But if you're going to download, um, funds go right to the website and we're gonna come back into safari close out of some of these. Okay, so here we are. I'm gonna come back to the home page already going to the free funds. I'm just gonna go into these for right now. You can go ahead and search through these later on. Um, but I want to point out that some of these free are just a light. So meeting that they are probably more for just personal use. You cannot use these in commercial works, and they're probably just part of the fun. So, like, this one here includes the upper case and lower case, so there's no numbers, punctuation or any of the extras that are in the full version. So before you, um, do this first of all, make sure that decide what you're going to do with it if you're gonna be selling this. Um, you know, you're using this in work that you're gonna be selling. Make sure that you can use this for commercial use. If not, I recommend not using it at all or buying the full commercial version. So anyway, I want to point that out because a lot of people do ask about, like, licenses and things like that. So just checking out really quick. And it's really simple in here, because it's right. All right, here for you, um, telling you what you can and cannot do with the funt. So once you find the one you want, like, I'm gonna choose this one here, Olivia, script on, I'm gonna check the license. And it says here that it's with the pre premium license, and it allows a commercial and personal use. So once you, uh, sometimes you have to either like them on Facebook or you have to sign up. Um, if you want to do that, you can. If not, um, I'm gonna choose not to, but I'm gonna try this one here and see, uh, if I can get that right here, I'm gonna go ahead and use this one and this one also a premium license. And it allows cursed commercial and personal use. So I have to do is click download free now and again. If it says open and anything else but any fun, just click more and shoes import with any fund so you can see that it came in here. So when I click this, then we want to tap this to install it. So you want click, allow click install and then enter your password again your pass code, and then go through the same thing we did before. So that's it. That's all you have to do and then come back into any fund and you're all set. So this shouldn't work on all of your, like, Microsoft word. If you have that on here for this class, we're gonna be using the cult graphic, Uh, and to make sure that it's installed, you want to make sure that you close out first of anything, so just close all your aps that are open and then reopen it. So you make sure that that, um, that that fund is actually loaded into the apse. So Okay, first of all, now that we have our any funt ready, you found your father and you're ready to type out your tax and that you're gonna bring into pro great. We're gonna go into an app called graphic. So click on that and I'm gonna create a new canvas. Just click the plus for this. Just go ahead and choose blink and then open it up. All right? so it automatically opens up to a default size and what we can do is click here. So click on the gear and we're going to change the dimensions. You can see it says canvas here and then you're wet in your height. I'm gonna go ahead and just type in a 12 by 12. It's probably way bigger than what I need, but I'd rather designed this a lot bigger than what I need then. Too small. So I remember my final, um, stamp is gonna be two inches by two inches and my words here to 12 inches, and they're going to be in the end of 300 dp I. But again, I just want to make sure that I have I don't have any kind of picks elation going on in my final piece. So Okay, so now you have your canvas and it's square. Um, you don't have to have it square it doesn't not matter. I'm just making sure that whatever text I add fits into a square, uh, go heavy here and click your text and it's gonna tell you to double double tap to edit, and it's gonna bring you here so uh, right here is where your fund is. And I don't remember the name of the family just put in, but I know that one of them was hot deals. So Lillie Mae was one. I'm gonna use Lillie Mae, and I'm just gonna type out, uh, my name. And then here is where you can adjust your, um, your font size. What makes you have it selected? Otherwise it's not gonna do anything. So you can see here. Now you can see that it only goes upto 1 44 144 points. There's a way to change this to make this bigger. And I'm gonna show you that right now. If you go ahead and just make sure that selected come up to lumps. Where we going? Here. Here. Okay. It's going to go to hear this year. Goto path and then text are convert text outlines. That's gonna convert everything to a separate. It's separate shape. So you can see now my are is completely separate from everything else, and it's no longer edita belisa tech, so we can no longer select it and change anything with it having to do with the text. So make sure you have the text. We want it before you converted to outlines. But I can go ahead and change the size. No. So I'm gonna come into first. I make sure I have everything selected, and I come up to my ruler here, and I'm gonna make sure that this is locked. And this is the aspect ratio. If it's not locked and I got ahead in resize this, you can see I'm not keeping the proportions equal. It's kind of crazy looking. Um, so you want to make sure that that is locked? If it's not, you're gonna notice it right away. So now I can go ahead and resize this and it's going to stay, and that's what we want. So you can resize it to fit the canvas slips and just center it the best you can. Ah, here. So once you're happy with your text go, this is the weirdest way of exporting I I've never had it seen an app that was so uh, just odd when it exports. But anyway, so what we're gonna do is click the back button and I mean the one that says back, not your redo. Undo button so click this makes you had save. Now come up and click the export button. Save the photos. Select the document you want to share and then click share. Now, this is very important here. You want to make sure that your resolution is at 300 you can go no higher than 300. And right now we're showing that we have a background in this. In this document, we do not want a background. I want to make sure it is untracked. And once you're good there, you can go ahead and click. Save, and that's it. We're gonna come back to procreate and we'll just open up. Our artwork are canvas. Come up to insert, insert flat image, pull your photo in. By the way, I just want to make sure that you are aware of this, that when you do this, you're gonna see a bunch of well, depending on how many you have. But when you import a P and G a transparent file, it's gonna look black unless you have, um, white tax or colored text. But it's totally black because we used a black text and we have a transparent background. 20 transparent background is gonna come in at black. We're gonna show is black here. So just to let you know, don't get nervous about that one. Okay, so we have our artwork here, and if you're going to resize it, you can go ahead, make sure you have magnetic on. Do you want to make sure we keep these proportions together and nice and neat? So if you want, you can come in and add, uh, different doodles. If you want to do anything like that, there is a, um I did a bunch of doodles for another class. If you've taken that, you know when may have this, you can use this if you want. I'll go ahead and just pull out one of these groups. It's copy this some to copy it here. I'll come back to my working canvas over here and I'll go ahead and pace it in. So I just put it here. I can copy this and then rotate it and move it over. So okay, Perfect. So now we can always put in. If we wanted an email address, we could do that and then move this up. So this would be a great um, maybe you wanna make your own business cards or your own letterhead. You could do a ton of stuff with with this. So anyway, All right, uh, that's how we dio the artwork and the fund with any fund. Again, this fund are this APP is a dollar 99 you do have the option to buy more funds if you like . So if you come in to find bundles that not you can come in here and take a look at, uh, you know, the new new funds, you have the free funds, of course. And then again, at the top, you have this menu. If you do make purchases, it'll show him here. You got your account. They have bundles free. There's a bunch of different stuff in here. So I recommend checking it out and then also going into, um, the actual website, which I definitely recommend getting the funds from the website and not within the app, because when I tried to go in the app to download files from here, it just was not working eyes easily. I was having trouble with it, so I went ahead and went to the website and downloaded the free ones from here, and it worked perfectly so but it definitely check this. So I think I like it. Okay, so in the next video, I'm gonna take you into, uh, rubber stamps dot net. And once you have your file set up when we're ready to go, I'm gonna show you how to save this. And we're gonna take it into, um, the website and get it ready for shipping. So I will see you in the next video by 5. Upload our Artwork & Final Project: Okay. Welcome back. We're gonna go ahead and we're gonna finish up our stamp. Once you have everything nice and neat and it looks good to you, we're gonna go ahead and export this. Um, Now, what I do is I usually take the background color out, and I just export it, um, as a PNG file. So it'll accept J pegs and, uh, PNG files. I just to be on the safe side, just in case. I somehow I had a little spot somewhere in here. I just make sure that I take the background color out, and then when I bring it into my Mac or into, you know, wherever I'm exporting it to weaken, do it right from the iPad. But if you want to use your your Mac book or a computer just makes you check out your file Really good before you uploaded. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to export or share my artwork. I'm a shared is a PNG file. Saved a drop box. Okay, so we'll go ahead and name this here, and I'm gonna put it in, put it where you remember where it's at, and we'll let this upload. Okay, so now we can go ahead and we can go into the website, and that is just rubber stamps dot net. All right, so here we are, and it looks overwhelming at first, but all you have to do is just go into the 1st 1 here. Custom rubber stamps, and we just want to go to customer. Would stamps? All right, so here, this is where you can get out. There's a total. There is a ton of sizes here. So to make it simple on myself, I went ahead and I like I said, I knew I needed to buy two, which is there's three by three and two by 2.5. What's helpful is just looking here, you know? You know, if you need a square, you know that you can see a square here if you need a rectangular shape. Obviously you're looking for a rectangular shape. Um, so, anyways, here's a two by two rubber stamp. Um, but we're going to do is go ahead, find your size that you need, and I recommend coming to the site first before you decide on your stamp and seeing if they have the size that you want or you need. It's easier to, uh, work that way. Uh, and honestly, I did that first. I came in here and check this out. First I knew that they had a two by two. I measured my tags that I used and realize that it to buy two would be perfect. Um, and it was nice and simple. So anyway, go ahead and customize an order. And then here, where it says choose file. Go ahead and read through this, though, to because you want to make sure that you are uploading according to their specifications. Um, so it's his black or white image only we knew we knew that already. Um, their file types that are supported are all here, and it says to use a t least 300 DP I. So if you click on the file requirements, you'll get a good idea of what they are looking for. So check that out. Read through it. Your images got upload up here. Once we go ahead and choose file. So we know we haven't no Dropbox or I do, at least, you know, find it here. That's right. Okay. We'll wait for this to process, and we'll see how it looks. All right, so here is an image of what it's gonna look like. So and that's perfectly fine to me. Um, so it's actual size of the areas to buy two. So it's looking really good. Um, who's Let's come back here So and if you want to check it out, if you want the next largest stamp, it will take you to the next stamp. So if you need to rotate here, you can click this and it'll rotate your image for you just in case. Maybe you exported the wrong way and didn't realize it. You can fix some certain things in here, so OK, so if you remember, I was talking about inverting. This is where you have the option of inverting your color. So because I imported a P and G, obviously my background was transparent, but you can see now that everything is inverted, which means that if I was to get this stamp, everything that's black is what what would carry or hold the ink and that anything else would be what it would not. So it would just be in the inversion of the inverted look of my regular original artwork. So I don't want that. I want my stamp to look like this. So I want the raised area to be the artwork that I created. Okay, Uh, that really That's it. I have not. I didn't go ahead and adjust any of my images. I didn't do anything here if you want to invert it. So maybe you worked on a black background and you worked in white. You can invert that and have it done that way. But other than that, that's it. We're gonna go ahead, and you don't need to scale it. Um, you want to make sure that you fill the entire stamp with the image because I don't give you You can make it, uh, the left right top or bottom. We just want to fill the image. You can add custom text here, so get if you don't want to add any text in your artwork, you can add it here. I did not have not used this at all, so I'm not exactly sure how it works. You can also get a handle here with your stamp. I chose not to. Obviously. Then there's ink pads that you can also purchase if you need them. So again, there's another preview of your stamp. Once you're happy with it, go ahead and at its the cart and you go ahead and just set up what some see here. You're gonna set up your account and go ahead and put your information in for your total. Like I said, I believe it was just under $20 with shipping and possibly tax that I got this. So, uh, you can always check out different websites to you don't have to use this one. Um, I just happen to find this one. And it had the size that I wanted. It looked, you know, pretty pretty good. I also did some research on this one and found that was pretty good reviews. Um, I was really happy with the stamp that I got here. So again, you can feel free to check out other websites. I'm sure they're pretty much basically the same and how you upload and things like that. So it shouldn't be an issue, but that is really it. That's I have to do once you obviously pay for it, you just wait for it to come back and then check it out. I think I'll have fun with it. Okay, So for the class project, I realize that you may or may not even have this cut out or printed or anything like that. But I'm hoping that this gives you a little bit of inspiration if you ever need a stamp. Um, but anyway, if you do get it cut out and you have a shipped and you haven't made, go ahead and send either a photo of your stamp or maybe a greeting card or whatever you made with your newly created stamp. If you are not ready to have it made yet, but you want to go ahead and upload a photo of what you're planning and having done, obviously, if there's any kind of personal information involved, like address and all that kind of stuff, don't upload that, Um, but anyway, so before we go, I want to give you guys a little bit more inspiration of what you can do with your stamp. This here, These are all brushes that I created for the procreate app. If you are a frequent user and you're going to my website quite often you probably have this brush here. Um, but this is just the rose on this would be a really good stamp to because it's very simple . So, um, but then you can do the mandalas here like this, uh, to stamp snowflakes, frames, starburst little banners and things like that. Again, we went through the flower on and then the wreath, so others so much you can dio, um, with this but for the project again. Like I said, if you're not going to print it or have it cut or made don't worry about, um, obviously putting up us an actual project that you use. Go ahead and just upload a photo of what you plan on doing in the future. So I hope you enjoyed the class. It was fun doing this one. And I'll see you in the next class. Thanks. Bye.