Designing on the Go with the iPad Pro - Removing your Artwork's Background | Samantha Wilson | Skillshare

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Designing on the Go with the iPad Pro - Removing your Artwork's Background

teacher avatar Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. App Intro & Setup

    • 3. Removing your Artwork's Background

    • 4. Importing your Artwork to Graphic

    • 5. Class Project - Remove a Background

    • 6. Thank you!

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About This Class

Ready to continue learning to Design on the Go with the iPad Pro? Then welcome to our first mini class - Removing your artwork's background! 

In this class, I will you show you how to take your hand created artwork (think paintings, sketches, etc.), snap a picture and then remove your artwork's background so you can digitally use it!

We will be using the app Graphic which is a full featured graphic design and illustration app. If you are not familiar with this program, I teach a class series (links below) Graphic 101-104 that will walk you through this awesome app!

Hey Hey: Creating Repeat Patterns will be released next week on November 25th!! Stay tuned!!


Suggested Prerequisite Classes:

Necessary Hardware & Software:

So what are you waiting for? Click the enroll link and I look forward to seeing everyone in class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samantha Wilson

Illustrator & Fiber Artist


Lets be friends on the Inter-webs: check out my social links and like + follow!

Samantha Wilson is a Hand Letterer, Calligrapher & Illustrator living in East Texas with her Hubby, Daughter & 3 Pups. The sole designer behind Oh So Illustrating, Samantha spends her days adding doodles and lettering on everything using ink, graphite, paint and digitally with a stylus! She aims to spread love, happiness and humor through her designs worldwide!

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome back to designing on the go with the iPad Pro Series. This is the first of our many classes, some super excited. This one is removing your artworks, background and the reason I created this class. And I know a lot of you like to work on on paper. You might be a watercolor is to calligrapher. Um, you might just like to doodle on your paper. And then when I showed you in the 103 and one of four classes how to pull your artwork in, no couple of you were like, Well, wait a second. I just pulled it in and the white paper came with it. So how do I remove that? So that's what uh was the idea behind creating this class is I'm going to show you guys how to take your artwork, pull it and on the iPad pro. So basically, you just need to take a snapshot of it. I'm gonna show you how to remove the background, and that way you can pull it into graphic and add it to your shape library, or add it to any of your designs and not have that, you know, white box background said as a side note. If this is your first time tuning in with us, super excited to have you. Ah, we use a program called Graphic, which allows us to do vector designs and illustrations on the iPad Pro. I teach a class, um Siri's called Graphic one A 123 and four, and all four of those classes help walk you through thebe program graphic. And that's the one that we're using for this class. If you're not familiar with it, I have linked it down below. So go ahead and click on those. Check him out and welcome to class. 2. App Intro & Setup: Okay, So to remove the background, we're actually going to use a secondary app. Um, in addition to graphic. So the app we're using is called Photoshopped Mix. You can see it right here. It is a free Dobie photo shop up. So just go ahead and go into your APP store and type in Photoshopped mix, download it and then we can jump into it. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on it. Now, I've already imported the design we're going to be working with but to import. You're just going to go over here to this plus sign and click on it, and you've got a whole bunch of different options on where you can pull from. You can take a snapshot. Use Google photos, Dropbox, Facebook, um, stock light room, C C library and creative crowd or all if you have an account with Adobe and have a subscription and then also on my iPad and or iPad and your recent So I'm gonna go ahead and cancel out of that since I've already imported my design in. So once you've imported it, go ahead and click on it, and it allows you to go ahead and zoom it or, you know, kind of play around with the placement. So if you need a little bit bigger, go ahead and do that. And then you can just click anywhere to, um, reverted back toe overview and ready to edit it. All right, let's go ahead. And in the next video, we're going to jump into the editing process. 3. Removing your Artwork's Background: Okay, so Photoshopped Mix has a lot of really cool features, but we are not going to dive into those today. I might do a Siris on them later on, but for now, I we're just going to be using this tool down here called Cut Out and it's got little scissors above it. So go ahead and click on it and, um, immediately as you'll see, you'll get a toolbar down here, and then you, depending on which one of these you're using, you'll have a toolbar over here too. So I'm just gonna walk you through what each one of thes say. We're not going to use most of them today. Um, so I'm just going to show you the ones that we're gonna need Move the background. So you've got auto smart brush, lasso shape, refined, reset. Reset is to go back. If you click on reset, it's not just a one step back. It actually resets it. So you don't really want to click on that. If you've messed something up, you can just use something else that I'll show you in just a second. This ex brings you back to the beginning again and the check. Mark will save whatever you have. So, um, I'm gonna click on smart here cause that someone we're going to use and as you can see, we've got, add and subtract. So what they have done is they've taken our entire image and they've actually made it translucent. So we're going to start with adding, and we're going to add our image back in, and so they've got some really cool technology already built into this. So, as you see, as I click and start moving around, it's just going to follow the curve already because it's using that smart technology. That's kind of like, Hey, this is a shape and I'm going to follow the line of the shape. So go ahead and work your way through your design. Whatever it is, I like to start with the outside border because I feel like that really makes it so that, you know, hey, I've gotten all the lines done and then I like to zoom in because, like for this one, since I've got letters since I did some lettering on here, I have to make sure all of the letters actually get filled and added back in to and all of these little pieces. So I really have to go over these letters. Well, to make sure that, um, all parts of them have been added back into color and they're not translucent anymore. So just work your way through your entire design. Make sure you go over all parts of it and add it back in, do you to adding, adding, adding, Let's see, I think I've got most of it. Just gonna zoom in a little bit and glance at it. You should be able to see I know minds white, but, um, you might be able to see as you zoom and if any of them look still, um, translucent. And if they do just, you know, go over top of them. So okay, let's go ahead and refine it a little bit more. So the next step is to click on this refine here and you are going to want to actually click invert. The reason being is now we can see the background. And you know, obviously our inner part has become translucent in our design has, and the background has become white. But this will allow us, um I'm going to switch us over to the brush tool. But this will now allow us to go through and really defined the line all the way around and make sure that this is all translucent. And this is solid so that when we go back and inverted again, we have fully removed the background. So for this brush, you actually get a brush and eraser. You get to change the size, which you can. You can click on that and then drag it to go in and out. Um, based on whatever size you need and then hardness. Hardness is, as you can see, it's kind of like a soft right now. And if I click on it and bring it all the way to Max is a really, really solid line that you're using. So depending on your feel, you can just kind of go back and forth. I kind of leave it as a semi soft. That's just my my personal choice, but a really good place to show you, abs. See, So I accidentally just added that back in because I'm on on, um Ah, brush. So go back to Eraser and then I could just go like that and and add it back in. But I'm gonna show you right down here. So, see, since these were really small, the smart tool wasn't able to really distinguishing between. So right here it's actually translucent between the eyelashes, which is not what I want. So I'm gonna go ahead and go back into brush because I'm working on adding the background and separating it between the eyelashes. So I'm gonna go right here, and I'm just going to click, And as you can see it, it turns it kind of pixelated, and I was able to erase that, but I did add some of the eyelash back into the background. So I'm gonna go back in time a click right here with E um, with the eraser and all of the's dark blue spots, I'm going to slowly go through and add them back in so that my eyelashes are a little bit more defined. Do that up here to just a little bit a little bit right there. Okay, So once you have fully gone through and you've really made sure that your whole design is what you want it to be and that everything is, um is good to go. You know, you might need to work all the way around the border just to double check on everything. So once you've done that, go ahead and go back to refine and click invert. And now we're going to click on this check mark down here and now our design is ready to export Soto Export. I'm sure you're familiar with this little icon, The square with e arrow pointing out of it cause we use the same winning graphic. So go ahead and click on it and click save to camera roll or wherever you want to save it. Okay. Says it's complete. So now I'm gonna go ahead and click out, and I am going to go over to my photos and in the wrong section, and there we go right down here. So if I click on it up, as you can see, I missed two spots right here. Um, that, as you can see, I did not get them filled back in, so I would go go ahead and go back to the program and fix those two spots. But for the most part, I was trying to show you the outside portion so it's pretty good. You can see just a tiny bit of white, but from far away you can't, which would allow me to be able to use, um use it in, You know, in my designs in graphic eso I mean, you could go back and forth. It might take a couple of times to really streamline, um, your outer line and really distinguish between it. But as you can see, those eyelashes are nice and and separated, which is exactly what I was going for. So that is how you remove the background. 4. Importing your Artwork to Graphic: So now that I've removed the background, I can actually import that image in too graphic. So as you've seen before, you just go over there, you click. I'm gonna go ahead and it's already locked. Gonna make it smaller. So now, as you see, instead of having lives instead of having a box around my design, it's got a translucent background. So now I would be able to place it on whatever color background picked for. So go ahead and show you guys that couldn't add another wear. Switch the layers on DNA. I'm gonna go ahead and add a background behind it. I won't say ends Pick like a bright color and a yellow So now, as you can see, lips my zoom in its got a nice Chris. You can see the yellow between the the eyelashes And so yes, So now you're able to import your artwork in. You can even save it to the shape library if you wanted to. So, um, let me go down to my my people and I can click right there. Oops. Web. Si. OK, so it's good to have the right thing clicked on. So let me go ahead and go back and click on that one. And yet so now I've added this silhouette in, and yet so that is how you, um, are able to import it in and now, you know, background. 5. Class Project - Remove a Background: Okay, so for your class project, it's very simple. I just want to see a piece of your artwork. Um, that had a background to it, and I want to see it without its background. So the way you can do that is you could, When you put it in graphic, you could change the background color. Eso may be the 1st 1 shows the picture that you took and then add the second image. And it shows your artwork with a different color background in graphic so that we can see that you've removed it. Um, so, yeah, can't wait to see all your projects. 6. Thank you!: Thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you're enjoying the first of many of my miniseries. Um, and I look forward to seeing you guys and my next classes. Thanks. Bye.