Designing on the Go with the iPad Pro - Create a Holiday Photo Card | Samantha Wilson | Skillshare

Designing on the Go with the iPad Pro - Create a Holiday Photo Card

Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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7 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Choosing Photo Paper vs. Card Stock

    • Choosing your Card Size

    • Photo Card Layout Ideas

    • Setting Up your Photo Card

    • Class Project - Create your own Photo Card

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About This Class

Ready to continue learning to Design on the Go with the iPad Pro? Welcome to our mini class - Create a Holiday Photo Card!

In this class, I will you show you how to create a Holiday Photo Card just in time for the holidays. We will go over choosing the different photo card styles, the 3 different sizes and talk about layout options. Then I'll walk you through how to set up your card in Graphic so its perfect! 

This class is also packed with some extra goodies: a resource guide with places to get your cards printed & card templates to make your setup super easy!

Looking for how to make a Holiday Greeting Card? Check out my Create a Holiday Card Class here!

We will be using the app Graphic which is a full featured graphic design and illustration app. If you are not familiar with this program, I teach a class series (links below) Graphic 101-104 that will walk you through this awesome app!

Hey Hey: New mini classes coming soon!! Stay tuned!!


Suggested Prerequisite Classes:

Graphic 101

Graphic 102

Graphic 103

Graphic 104

Necessary Hardware & Software:

iPad Pro (or any iPad!)
Apple Pencil (optional) 
Graphic App

So what are you waiting for? Click the enroll link and I look forward to seeing everyone in class!





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Samantha Wilson

Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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Samantha Wilson is a Hand Letterer, Calligrapher & Illustrator living in East Texas with her Hubby, Daughter & 3 Pups. The sole designer behind Oh So Illustrating, Samantha spends her days adding doodles and lettering on everything using ink, graphite, paint and digitally with a stylus! She aims to spread love, happiness and humor through her designs worldwide!

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