Designing for Inclusivity: A Primer on Gender-Neutral Product Design | Emily Tuteur | Skillshare

Designing for Inclusivity: A Primer on Gender-Neutral Product Design

Emily Tuteur, Director of Product Design, littleBits

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8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why design gender-neutral products?

    • 3. Brainstorming Your Concept

    • 4. Approaching Color

    • 5. Communicating Within Your Product

    • 6. Marketing Your Product

    • 7. Closing

    • 8. What's Next?


About This Class

The heartbeat of all great design is empathy—and understanding the process of gender-neutral product design is a crucial skill for all designers!

At a time when technology connects us more than ever, prioritizing inclusivity in your product design approach is crucial. You want your products to be accessible, usable, and inspirational to all users. This is the core of great design.

This 25-minute class is a helpful introduction to key ideas, frameworks, and best practices for creating physical products that are gender inclusive.

Lessons are taught by Emily Tuteur, Director of Product Design at littleBits, a company creating gender-neutral products to spur kids to embrace STEM, technology, and invention. Using examples from littleBits's own products and processes, you'll explore:

  • Why gender-neutral product design is so important
  • Tactics for brainstorming a gender-neutral product concept
  • Best practices for approaching color & communication
  • Key considerations for marketing & product launch

This class is perfect for digital and product designers; parents and teachers who are helping K-12 kids make decisions about gender-neutral technology use; and everyone curious about the powerful intersection of design, technology, and inclusivity.

It's time to create products that can empower everyone. Let's begin!





Images: littleBits x Skillshare





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Emily Tuteur

Director of Product Design, littleBits

Emily Tuteur is an industrial designer and the Director of Product Design at littleBits, the award-winning platform of electronic blocks that empowers everyone to create inventions, large and small. As a founding member of littleBits, Emilyhas been involved in the design and creation of 13 kits, most recently leading the team that designed the Droid Inventor Kit, The Toy Association's 2018 Creative Toy of the Year. Prior to littleBits, Emily worked with the internationally reno...

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