Designing for Celebrations: Make a Fabric Flag Banner

Lexie Bykova, Textile and Quilt Artist

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9 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Intro

    • What You'll Need For Your Project

    • Prepare Fusible Letters and Decorative Strips

    • Decorate the top

    • Make A Quilt Sandwich

    • Stitching Flags

    • Binding for the flags

    • Finish the Flag Banner

    • Closing


About This Class


A Birthday party is coming and you don't want to remember this special moment by looking at a photo of your loved ones with a BO-RING paper banner on the wall behind?

Learn to make fun and cute BIRTHDAY BUNTING FLAGS
 - infused with your personality,
 - your spark,
 - your spunk.

  • I'll guide you through this class step-by-step
  • There'll be NO measurements taken
  • No sewing around tricky corners
  • Minimal pinning
  • I'll share with you my tips to make things work out faster so this will be work-like-play!

So you can have something tangible to keep OR give as a gift.

BTW,  this class will be even more fun if you do it together with a friend.

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easy project
Amazing! So clever and yet simple to make. Thank you so much Lexie :-)
This is a very well done video and fun to watch - highly recommended for newbies and experienced sewers alike. In addition to learning exactly how to make a banner, I picked up some tips to help me in my other projects.





Lexie Bykova

Textile and Quilt Artist


I'm Lexie and I'm a quilt artist.

When I grew up, giving a needle to a four-year-old was not a crime. You just had to teach them how to use it safely: back then every decent girl had to know how to sew.  So I learned sewing before I was six. 

And… I enjoyed cutting things up with sharp scissors. As a result, my dolls eventually got large wardrobes, gaping holes on my Mom’s blouses suggested there used to be pretty flower prints in their place, and my Dad ran out of nooks and corners where he could hide our sewing machine. 

By fifteen I got a professional taylor’s certificate. Towards high school graduation my entire wardrobe was literally mine (prom dress included, of course).No wonder I went on to study fashion design. And was completely disillusioned. For I found no freedom for creativity in that. 

Quilts never used to be on my radar as something remarkable, and at one point I had a red-faced friend shout at me for being so disrespectful. So on a dare I made her a quilt.
And that was it.

I found a way for my heart to speak.

Later I learned about different schools and techniques, and I like using them all with only one purpose: to tell a story. Each quilt does that. I share my love for textile art on my website and you're welcome to visit it.

Lexie Bykova