Designing and Mocking up a Wrapped Vehicle | Justin Ache | Skillshare

Designing and Mocking up a Wrapped Vehicle

Justin Ache, Graphic Designer to the Stars!...err...people

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11 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Photography

    • Measuring

    • Scaling the Image

    • Setting Up

    • Making the Mask

    • Dark Vehicles

    • Placing Your Objects

    • Print Notes

    • Second Side

    • Closing


About This Class

Vehicle wraps are the best way to get thousands of eyes on a product or brand every single day. Better than billboards, better than flyers; the rolling brand ambassador is the best way to get someone to notice your product or design skills.

High-end sports cars. Video game promotional events. Regional roofing contractors. Weird group, but what do they have in common? Vehicle wraps. Every day, local printers and sign shops install graphics on all sorts of vehicles. Your local mom and pop plumbing supply will wrap their delivery pickup, and the CEO of the law firm (you know, the one with all the billboards?) will roll up in a brand new BMW with his logo and face plastered all over it. They're everywhere, and they aren't going away anytime soon.

So maybe today, maybe tomorrow, your boss or client will ask you to design an create a wrap for a vehicle. If you want it to look good, it's best to mock it up on the vehicle first. Play around with logo and text positioning, balance.

This course will teach you how to photograph your vehicle, create a photorealistic template in Photoshop, and setup your print files for yourself or another vendor. You'll be able to use this technique on any vehicle!





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Justin Ache

Graphic Designer to the Stars!...err...people

I'm a production graphic designer located in Jacksonville, FL. I spend my days making the things people don't think much about, yard signs, bathroom signs, grand opening banners; stuff that doesn't always come to mind when you think design, but that need to get done regardless. I'm great at my job and enjoy the varied jobs that come in.

After hours, I tend to design for myself, or learn new ways to make art. I enjoy taking Skillshare classes and expanding my repertoire of skills and ex...

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