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Designing Spa Quality Cosmetics At Home

Sima Chowdhury, Chemist gone holistic

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    • 1. Making Bath Salt

    • 2. Body Scrub

    • 3. Homemade Bath Fizzies

    • 4. Cocoa Bath Fizzies

    • 5. Lip Balm

    • 6. Baby Bum Spray

    • 7. Massage Oil

    • 8. Baby Powder

    • 9. Air Freshener


About This Class

Good quality cosmetics can be easily created from many easy to find ingredients. By making these yourself you control the essential oils, fragrances and other characteristics. From the video instruction you will learn how to make different products for bath, body and babies. Because my degree is in Chemistry I have incorporated some finer details and explanations.



1. Making Bath Salt: Hi, I'm Seema, from lotions and potions. Virtual workshops. Today we're going to be making some Bassel. I know Bassel is pretty basic, but it's always a good habit to have a notebook with you. So you can write down exactly what you did in case you make something wonderful and you need to reproduce it all mass for people. Or, you know, if you want to try something new and mess with the formulation, it's nice to know where you started. So I've got my little notebook blank pages. And so I'm just gonna write down what we do today. So the first thing we're going to need is organic sea salt. So I have some here. And then, um, the next thing we're going to use, of course, is Epsom salts. Uh, show you it here. It's a much finer grain on dendritic salt. This is also another type of salt. What? This is for us for a cent. Fixative. So you're sent in your bath salts Stays a lot longer, and we have baking soda. Baking soda is great to absorb the center as well, and it just feels good in your bath. It's use the skin And if you want, you can add pedals like these air rose petals that you can add. I do recommend crushing them up before you put them in Bassel just because they will get caught in, uh, the jets of Jet Tub with that bus. And of course, we've got our equipment or mortar and pestle for crushing the flowers and are measuring devices. So the logbook is a science thing. I have a chemistry degree, and this is just a habit of mine. So first of all, we're going to write down what we're doing, which is bath sold and the date and our measurements. So the first thing we're going to do is take our empty container, and, uh, our salt and our half measures have cup measuring the reason we use organic sea salt because it doesn't contain iodine on this used to be the case, but now what we're finding more and more is that sea salt is containing iodine, so make sure you read your packages. Make sure it doesn't contain iodine because I dine stings on any open open wounds or sores or dry skin that split it really dusting to make sure that It's actually an organic sea salt without the iodine that your purchasing next. What we're going to do is measure out our Epson salts. Oh, we should write that down. Assault, half cup, sea salt and then our ups insults half a cup. It doesn't have to be exact. It's not that big of a deal. No adverse chemical reactions will be happening with the dry salt. So no, no need to worry. So that's about our half a cup in there. Okay, so now we have This is like the basis of our Bassel, mostly Ah, lot of commercial vassals. That's all they'll have in it. What I do like to recommend is that we do put in some 100 exult the new mix all you won't use as much, but what this is. It's a refined sodium chloride, so it's a It's a refined regular salt with a little bit of a little extra chemical in it. To make it able to absorb sense a lot better, we're gonna put about 30 mils into our little cup here, six so that should observe are sent quite well, and then we have our baking soda and we'll do the same for it. We'll put another 30 grams in 30 mils six. So just catch up in our book. Write down what we did on 30 rounds. 30 grams. Didn't dendritic salt on your your lab book needs to only be eligible to you so that if anything happens, you know what you put in. You know what you did. So if anybody complains, you have your book to back you up. Probably not a big thing in your home kitchen lab. But as I said, old habits die hard. And so next what we're going to do is we're going to put our powers, the rose and our mortar and pestle. So we're just going to a little bit into the Crucible here. There, you can see they're all in there nicely. That's not too much. You can measure it out if you want. You really don't have Teoh and then we crush thing is a pretty good good texture to have a pretty good grind. If you're worried about it, send it through, put it through a sifter and it'll catch all the bigger pieces, and then you can crush it again. So we're just going to add it to our salt and baking soda mixture on. And the reason why I chose this container is you can just snap the lid back on and then take it. So, yeah, this is just looks fantastic because you've got the different textures. You have your your very coarse grains, and you have your really fine grains as well. And because you have the dendritic in there like it als Mel like Rose for a really long time. If you like, you can add essential oils. They last a good long time to what I do recommend for anything. Any product you make is to store in a cool, dark place. So if you have this in your bathroom, store it in the cupboard. Either that, or put it into a little box or a bag or someplace dark, because that will also help retain the scent. Especially if you don't use the dendritic salt. It can be difficult to find. It's not something widely available in the grocery store, so if you choose not to use it, then please put it into a dark container. Uh, thank you very much for joining us for our Bassel demonstration. Our next demonstration will be bathrooms or bath disease just to get it across the border. Whatever. Thank you 2. Body Scrub: Welcome back. Today we're going to demonstrate how to make a sea salt scrub. You confined these commercially available and sometimes they're around $40 like they're pretty expensive. But this is something you can make it home by yourself. The assault that I've chosen T uses a pickling salt. So this is the pickling salt here. The reason you choose pickling salt because it's a finer grade and it doesn't contain iodine. You can get a fine grade of sea salt as well, but I just happen to have pickling salt on hand. And then what we're going to add to that is we're going to add some blistering to make it all nice and smooth, really silky and soft on your hands afterwards, or your body. And we're gonna add some police or bait as well. It's a little bit of animal sapphire. If you're going to use it in the bathtub, then it helps remove the bathtub ring, and we have our vegetable oil. Were you sunflower oil in this case? And then after that, we're gonna ads are essential oils. The black pepper oil is a bit special. We add this because it's a really good antioxidant. And because it's a good antioxidant, it'll keep your a salt scrub from going rancid. And if not black pepper oil, then use vitamin E, vitamin E lotion or something like that. But in me capsules work as well. Just break them open and use those. So, of course, as always, we're just gonna write everything down in our books like we always do mine away while I'm working. So what we do is we take our empty container and we're going to measure out 1/4 cup. We're just gonna make a little batch. Stick that in there. We're gonna grab the sunflower oil. Now, for those of you that don't like to use wet ingredients in dry measure containers, you can use a what measure, if you like. So we're gonna do for our sunflower oil on. And this May quarter cup of soap Quarter cup of oil is what we're going for it. There we go. So as you can see, that looks like a lot. It'll it'll absorb a little bit. The finer the great assault, the more the oil will absorb. Then we're going to add a little bit of glycerin, just a teaspoon other side. Blistering gives it a nice, soft, silky feel on your skin. It's really quite nice, and blistering is available at most drugstores. Cap it and I still grab. Our police are great, just a teaspoon. And as I said before, we add the black pepper oil to keep it from going rancid. Just a couple drops. You don't need lots you'll. As I said, the alternative. You could get a vitamin E capsule and breaking open this well, so then last we have our lavender lavender is actually to be the scent that we want to use . So we're just gonna take our measuring spoon. Just makes it for purists. Know what to do, You know, measuring smoother for measuring, not mixing. It happens to be on hand, and it has all the ingredients that we used already. So saves a dish one last spring to wash, and, as always, you can adjust percent. If you wanted to add a little bit of die, you can for color and that kind of thing. Um, you can also, instead of pickling Salt Lake. As I said before you, can I Dead sea so Himalayan salt, any kind of final grade salt that you like? Yeah, that's pretty much that's how easy it is to me 3. Homemade Bath Fizzies: Welcome back in our last episode, what we did was we learned how to make bath bombs or bust disease with kids. If you don't want to purchase a kit and you just want to make it on your own, here's what to do. So first of all, it's gonna move mold away. And, of course, because we're making it from scratch, we don't have our trusty kit. We're just gonna write down what we did. So we're going to take our baking soda, which is this. Remove the book. We are going to measure out, uh, three force of a cup into our bowl, so we're just gonna measure that out. Perfect proportions are necessary. Just you can see it's just baking powder or baking soda in there. Then we're going to take our citric acid. We're going to do 1/4 cup of citric acid. Does it mention the previous episode? This is just a regular asset. Base reaction. Baking soda is our base, and citric acid is arrested. So then we just dump that in there, Then we're going to You can see this pretty dry, but we're also we're gonna add some salt to it as Well, we did. The other one is a little salt pack tablespoon, uh, Epson salts. So we measured out our salt into our are dry mix blend. Next, you're gonna put some sunflower oil again. As I mentioned in the other episode that you have, Teoh, make sure that you use the bath bombs right away. Otherwise, your oil go rancid on you because they do have to wait in a, um out outside to dry out in the air to dry. So that is power. So we just do the seminary mix. You can see it's not sticking together very well, so we'll have to add some water into it, so we'll grab our spray bottle way. So again, what you want to see is you want to take this powder and you want to squish it, and it should hold into like a ball. It's really important to mix this really as well as you can. Ah, lot of people. What they do is they throw it into a blender, uh, or a, um, like a food processor just to mix it as best as they can. So, yeah, this is still on the dry side. I'd say so I would probably add a little bit more, as in the other episode where you can add botanicals if you want. You don't have to. You can add color into small. You can add colors and all that most, most people. The reason for doing these shows is to cut out the additives. But, you know, sometimes they're nice. You can add, like for yellows. You can have the tumeric powder, or you could have a nice cinnamon or spirulina. That's a nice green, all sorts of ideas. This is a little bit better here. We have you like just the salt and are dry mixture with a bit of water. When we squish it, we get a nicer ball forming. So, yeah, around this stage is where I like to add the essential oil. This time we're gonna do lavender under a few drops just in there, mixed again. Make sure it's all nicely blended. Smells really good. Very nice. You can add other essential oils as well. Lavender is just my my personal choice. You can mix them to. You can add lavender and a lot of experimenter, whatever you like, and now we have enough confidence to stick this inner mold again. So put it in here. Press a little bit more now the kick gave us a little bit more. This recipe will think only. Give us about two two bombs. And again, it's really, really important to Presas. Hard as you can. A lot of people they have drill presses and they just crank down on it because the harder you press, the easier it'll come out of the mold without breaking. Then that's what you want is not to break. I just had a little bit more, you hear, just like you can see, it's it's pretty good again. You can flatten it with a knife or with your hands or whatever, but it's gonna dissolve in bath water, but said his presentation is important then, Yeah, it's worth it to go over it with a knife. Gates in our moment of truth, we'll see if they come out and they do so. Here they are. They did come out really beautiful as the other ones did. They are very delicate still, so they need to dry for overnight at least four hours minimum, Um, and then you can bake them in the oven as well, but I'd recommend just letting them air dry. Well, thank you for joining me for this episode on how to make your own bath bombs outside of the kit. Next episode will be learning how to make a different type of bath bomb. It's more like its combination of F fizzy bath oil type products. So we hope to see you then. Thank you very much. 4. Cocoa Bath Fizzies: so welcome back. This is another version of a tough it's called a tub truffle because it's made out of cocoa butter. It's an additive that we like to put in there to make your skin all nice and soft and smooth, as well as the citric acid and the baking soda. We've got it here. So this is the cocoa butter that I'm talking about that goes into this. This is what makes it so wonderful, and we have our baking soda again and our citric acid again. This is something new. We have our corn starch. It's toe help bind the cocoa butter because we have extra oil and then we have a police or bait. One place orbit 20 is what this is. This helps reduce like bathtub rings. It's ah, it's an impulsive fire, and we have spearmint essential oil because the cocoa butter will smell like chocolate anyway. Is nice, adds like a little bit of mint to it. Way have molds, and if you'll notice that these molds are smaller and you want them to be this way, you want them only to be like candy molds. The reason for this is because if they're not. You'll get tub sludge. What'll happen is the bath bomb won't dissolve properly. And all the good stuff is hasn't dissolved in the water properly and is just this big, heavy sludge at the bottom. So yeah, this is why I've chosen the candy molds and, of course, our measuring cups and spoons. So I assume that you're good with your books. Now you'll write everything down. You don't need to write it down with you. So we're going to do is going to take about 1/4 cup of our cocoa butter and we have to melt it down. So that's why we got the pot in the heat here melted down. So now we have our cocoa butter melted in our little pot. Here. The reason you can do it in the microwave. Just don't tell me about it. I really dislike melting things in a microwave. Well, I hate reheating things in a microwave. Two. That's again. A little bit of the chemist and me. What happens in a microwave is the molecules they move, they rotate, whereas in when you're thermally heating like this, they just wiggle back and forth. So that's why I mean, it's just technicality does affect the overall Michler structure if you don't care heated in the microwave. Um, the proper way to do it, though, is to have a double boiler underneath. Here is my water. I don't know if you can. You can see all the steam coming up so you heat the water and heat the panel on top and melted slowly. Cocoa butter is just like chocolate low and slow. Is this how you want to do it? So next What we want to do is measure out our other ingredients. We're gonna grab our quarter cup. He's gonna measure out of quarter, captain, put in our citric acid in there. Mix that up a little bit. E until that for you or 1/3 cup. Sorry, not 1/4 cup of third cup of our baking soda. Put that in so you can see it's getting a little bit dry. Just want to make sure again. Stir stir Stir by a couple of ah chunks, make sure it's properly incorporated. If it's not, then uh, yeah, you won't get the right reaction. There won't. Please, Just get tub sledge. Okay. And so next, What remains to you is put in our corn starch Pretty in one tablespoon. Doing this just happens to be a teaspoon corn starch. It's no we're gonna do is we're to take it off the heat and we're gonna put it down here and we're going to do now is take our police service 20 year most fire. You don't have to put this in. It is totally optional. I'd like to put a little bit in and I'm only gonna put a teaspoon in police Serve. It isn't necessary, but you can. You can put it in its to reduce bathtub rings is what it's for. It's an emulsifier Teoh coach. The cocoa butter, especially if you have hard water in a soft water situation is not that bad. You won't get the soap scum, but in hard water conditions you will back will incorporate it in two years And the reason we took it off the heat is for our next step is to put the essential oil and essential oils . They're very sensitive, so you don't really want to heat them too much. This products pretty cool. I can like, lift touch the container and I'm OK so We're just like I said, because you can smell the cocoa. It's nice to have less me that goes with it. So the experiment is a nice one. So just a couple drops. That should be lots, actually. So then we'll start up again. So as you can see, there's no more white, so that's good. It's all incorporated properly and you don't wanna walk away. You want to actually put into the mold right away is just like exactly the same as the other bath bomb. So we're good here, Should it smell is you have to make this one you can use regular peppermint from the grocery store is well, you could have to buy essential oils. It works just it's mostly fantastic. If you like mint chocolate. I suppose there are other flavor oils and other things you can use. So now we're going Teoh, step over here and we're gonna put them in tor mold. Check the bottom. Make sure it's, uh, not gonna burn your counter if I can put my hand under it. It's not for my count, okay? And so then you probably don't need to this one, Probably one. And you just take it just like the other one. The other bath bombs that we did earlier and press them in. We did the campaign on Indiegogo if you were one of the donors. This is the people who contributed to her campaign. This is one of your perks. Okay, Impressive. Same thing pressed him in firmly. It's not as big of a deal here as it was for the other ones. For this one, we're going to stick them in the freezer so they papo, cocoa butter will shrink and they'll come out quite nicely. It is important to have clean mould so you could reuse your moles, but make sure they're clean. Otherwise you'll things will stick and break and did not look is nice. So reasons are beautiful, though when they come out, they have this great great sheen on them. Thing is a complete mold. We still have a little bit. Have a little bit left. So we did pretty good on. And I will just toss us into your just movie where it belongs in there we have it. So what happens to these guys is that they will go into the freezer for its nice overnight but as long as you can until they pop out of the molds. Okay, so now that we're finished, we're going Teoh, walk towards the freezer and for them in there. Well, thank you for joining us and making my favorite product the tub truffle. Hope you enjoyed it and you'll join us for a next episode. Thank you. 5. Lip Balm: Welcome back. I am this show. What we're going to discuss or make is a lip balm for your vegan friends for vegans. For those who don't know, they don't use bees, wax and their products. So in this one, we're going to use Cadillacs instead. Not a blend of a full version of Analects. So what we're going to put in for oils is we're going to use castor oil. We're going to use coconut oil, and then we're going to use a bit of mango butter, shea butter and mango butter. And as I mentioned the candle wax and our cocoa butter, I have a small piece of cocoa butter because you don't need a lot. This is probably all we're gonna need with all the other butters gonna put that in there to melt. And then we're going Teoh, it's a mango butter out. This is what it looks like, maybe, but is kind of rare. So most a lot of people haven't seen it. Mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter actually have like this similar chemical structure. So we're quite similar in their function, which is moisturizing, and with the shea butter you want to be careful if you're at all your your lip balm comes out grainy, re melted, and it shouldn't be grainy anymore. Some people just avoid the Shea butter altogether because of the graininess it's you don't really want. Toe. Leave it out. It's a really good moisturizer, for sure, but again, it's not very convenient if it's greeny, So now we're going to add our wax. This is all one teaspoon of everything. You can relax. If you're good scientists, you'll be writing all this down in your notebook. I neglected to bring out, and now our coconut oil let go there. It's all melted together quite nicely. On last is our castor oil about in this world. Castor oil is isn't quite in oil. It's 1/2 oil health alcohol mixture, which is why it goes into your lips so nicely. And why for spending you know, more than two bucks on the lip balm that it should have castor oil in it. You cannot other things you can put glycerin in, or a whole bunch of other different you can see that's all melted together nicely, and now would be the time to put in your your essential oil or flavor oil or anything like that if you wanted it or color if you want. Um, I am a pretty low maintenance kind of person, and it tastes like chocolate anyway, cause the cocoa butter. So I'm just gonna leave it and pour it right into our containers. So we're going to do is we're just going to for it, and it's cool enough. We can What? The bottom. You can see all the condensate, so, yeah, make sure you wipe the bottom of it. And, of course, don't let it cool too quickly. Otherwise, have ah, wax on the bottom. See if we can do it this way. It's to pour it in. Okay, it looks like we didn't have enough for the stick. But, I mean, this is better in a pot Anyway. It's softer than the ones with the bees wax. So here you go. Look at that so you can see this was starting to harden. You can see the color changing, and this one will take probably a couple more minutes, and it'll be hard as well. Yeah, I know. And it's it's a great um, it's a great product, especially if people are vegan, and they don't use animal products of any animal products. Then, um, yeah, I'm making for them for sure. It's really simple and easy. Well, thank you for joining us for this demonstration, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it, and we'll see you next time. 6. Baby Bum Spray: Welcome back. Thank you for joining us. We are going to make a baby bump spray. What this is is a product that parents can use after you change a dirty diaper. Rather than using the diaper wipes that are commercially available, you can use something simple like this to clean up. So what this contains is are delivered gel juices works as well. It's probably better in this case, but the gel is just fine. If that's what you have on hand and your rosewater and then we have our little drug, we're gonna put everything in so you don't have to use rosewater. I I'd like to use it cause it smells nice. If you are going to use a different type of water, I would strongly recommend that it's distilled just so to make sure there's no there's no nasties in it like that. And then generally with water products, we always say, Make sure you have some sort of preservative, but the Talavera Jill or juice has preservative already in it. It's got potassium sore bait and citric acid, it as preservative. This will come out a bit thick, which is why the juice might be better in this case. But, you know, I know it's pretty sad gel, but, uh, that's what it says on the bottle. If you want more anti fungal properties to it, you can add tea tree oil teacher Essential oil eyes nice and here is well or lavender. Lavender is a really good antibacterial. You have a lot of options. Yeah, so take it, Shake it up. If you do use an essential oil, you might want to add a little bit of Polly sorbet 20 so it blends with it. Otherwise the oil will sit on top. Do you think makes a really good body spray as well with the Allah vera juice? It's very moisturizing on your skin and good for your skin as well. And that's it. Thank you for joining us for making of, ah, playing. It's a body spray. And like you said, I usually use this for babies after diaper changes. Smells really nice on. We hope to see you next time. Thanks 7. Massage Oil: welcome back in this episode. What we're going to do is we're gonna make an edible massage oil, which is great for babies because they're always putting their hands in their mouth. So what we have is we have our apricot oil. We have sunflower oil, we have grapeseed oil, and we have two types of vitamin E. I'll be talking about our bottles and are essential oils, lavender and, of course, but pepper. So I've talked a lot about vitamin E. Anytime you haven't oil, you need a antioxidant. And so I just wanted to show you the difference and vitamin E's. So these two, they're they're quite pronounced in the difference. You can see very clearly that there different, even though they both say vitamin E. Um, you can tell by the color which one is is a stronger antioxidant. The darker the color, the stronger the antioxidant. This one. You have to be careful. It's such a powerful antioxidant that if when you break it open, it will burn your fingers. You'll you'll feel it start to oxidize tissue. This one not so much. If you break it open, spill it on yourself. It's not that big of a deal, but this one, you will feel it also to you'll feel it on your hands and you'll feel it in your pocket book or in your wallet Because, uh, this one, the darker one, is about, say, $40 for the bottle. This one, the lighter one is about $11 for the bottle. So it really depends on what kind of how much you're using, how much you're making. And, um, how much you're going to spend a swell most the time I just used black pepper oil, all the oils. When I buy them, I put black pepper oil in it to help it Nagle Rancid, Prevent density. So, yeah, um, so think about that when you're when you're blending. Another thing you can do to preserve your oils are dark bottles, dark bottles in a cool place because you can't see we're going to mix it in the lighter color, the clear bottle. But ideally, you want to be storing any oils in these and so if you know if you see a dark bottle, it's a good quality oil that needs protecting. So we'll just move these guys out of the way and we'll just get right to it. So with our oil we're going to use, we're gonna fill half the bottle with sunflower oil more carefully. Then a nice mixture is to add 1/4 of the bottle in apricot oil. Apricot all you can find it. Ah, health food store again, a grocery store or something like that. Grapeseed oil and sunflower oil are available anywhere they're very easy to find. So we're just gonna top it up with grapeseed oil. If you're making this for a massage therapist, what they have been telling me is that the grapeseed oil stains the sheets. If that's the case, then use less grapeseed oil and more sunflower oil. So next you have your choice. You can either break open these capsules and put the vitamin E in, or what we're going to do is we're just gonna add a couple drops of the black pepper oil into it. You don't need a lot to drop should be more than sufficient, and then your essential oil for babies it or for massage, even lavenders. Great. It's very relaxing. It's a very safe, relaxing scent. So when we go, she will do for so then we just cap it. Shake it up, then you're done. That's it. That's how to make a really high quality massage oil, Actually. Yeah. So thank you for joining us for this little episode. And please remember to treat your oils. Otherwise, you've just wasted a whole bunch of product. If they don't have the proper preservative and we hope to see you next time. Thank you. 8. Baby Powder: Welcome back today. What we're going to demonstrate is making of a simple baby powder. So what will is going to start with? Is there a root powder and then we have corn starch and then we have Kaelin clay or white China clay, and then we're going to sent it with some lavender. So I know everybody's keeping good notes in their lab notebook, so I don't need to. So we're just gonna take 1/4 cup of the era root powder. Let's put that in there. They don't have the right measure. We like about 30 grams, so probably half of this. So about that, that's probably good. Doesn't need to be accurate. Way want in to be. If you know that someone or a child is allergic to corn, you can substitute the cornstarch with equal parts of killing clay. So we have the killing here, and same thing. We just want half of this. You want to make too much, and so the clays is the absorb busy absorbent, so it'll take away the moisture, and then the other ingredients make it very, very silky. You can add other things in there like orris root powder it's a cent. Fix it in. The only problem with it is a lot of people have allergic reactions to it, so be careful with it. If you do, you choose to use or a strip odor. And so then we are going to put a few drops of lavender in there. No, no, not too much. You can mix it with your hands, too, or you can, um, lips throw it into a blender. Blunders are not a blender about a food processor, something to make sure it's a very well mixed so that it matters powder. It's gonna be shaking anyway, So now we're going. Teoh, fill our little bottle. This is pretty messy. As you can imagine, It's worse in a powder bottle, but we can. It's definitely nicer with the wider mouth, some of the powder bottles or just epic epic to get them in. That's probably good. So now there's nice and tighten. There you can see we put a bit too much powder you can shake out. We'll bring this here, shake it off back into your bowl, and then you put your lid back on and you're done because that's how simple it is to make baby powder and error power. All of this stuff is available in the grocery store. The clay you might have to go to a health food store to find. But the of course air powder and core search are widely available. Well, thank you for joining us for this latest episode. We hope you enjoyed it, and we hope we'll see you again. Thanks. 9. Air Freshener: as promised. Here's a short demonstration on how you can make a body spray or a room spraying Miss Facial Mist. If you like to wake up to that in the morning, we're going to do is gonna take this spray bottle you can get at different sub suppliers or even the dollar store. The dollar store has them as well. Usually there's holding kids, and it's got the actual spray on it so you can spray and you can use just regular rosewater . That's what I'm going to use wherever you purchase it. There's lots of stores that carry it. A lot of the ethnics food stores have rosewater. The reason why we chose Rosewater is because then you don't have to add any sort of extra essential oils or anything. You can use pure water, but I use distilled water that way, doesn't have any of the dissolved minerals, and, uh, you make it from that. You can add essential oils afterwards, and then a little bit of alcohol. Alcohol? Yes, it is drawing, but it also helps get it into the air and help it stay in the air. Otherwise, the water, especially if you live in a human climate in Alberta not so bad, but in human climates it won't stay in the air just to show you how easy it ISS. I'm gonna do a brand new bottle. What I usually do is like a 3 to 1, so you can estimate more carefully. I do a lot of workshops life. So I got I'm pretty good at this. So so you can see that that's about it was a little bit more than 3/4. But there's no real hard fast rules. If it didn't work out this time that next time use a little bit more alcohol for less way, just cap it, shake it straight to you.