Designing Mobile Apps: How to Transition from Traditional Web Design | Kara Hodecker | Skillshare

Designing Mobile Apps: How to Transition from Traditional Web Design

Kara Hodecker, Product Design Leader

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About This Class

Who is this class for? Web and graphic designers, UX designers, developers, and really anyone else who wants to get started designing great experiences for mobile!


About the class

Designing a native mobile app for iOS, Android or another platform is a different beast compared to traditional web design. While many of the same design principles apply, there are major differences and considerations unique to mobile. 

In this class you'll learn what makes an effective mobile app and tips for designing a great user experience. 

We'll cover the constraints you'll need to consider for mobile design, how to pick and choose the right features for your app, and best practices: when to use standard behaviors/interactions and when to explore unique ones. We'll also learn strategies to optimize for different screen sizes, from mobile phones to larger tablets. 

What you'll make

Your project will be to create and design a mobile app that is based on an existing desktop app, web app, or website. By starting with existing content, we'll explore how to pare down what's most important to have in your app, and what you can do without. We'll start with designing a few key screens for a mobile phone, but you can choose to extend your app to a tablet version if you'd like!


You'll need Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, or other capable design software to produce high fidelity designs. This is not an introductory course, so you'll need at least a basic understanding of your preferred design software. 





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Kara Hodecker

Product Design Leader

I'm Product Design Manager at Evernote in the San Francisco bay area. I'm a visual designer at heart, but found my sweet spot in mobile and product design. I specialize in iOS design, web design, as well as UI/UX. 

I've been with Evernote for over 4 years now. Previously, I was lucky to be a part of some super talented design teams at Yahoo!, Odopod, AKQA and Hunt & Gather. 

When I'm not pushing pixels, I'm likely cross-fitting, running, snowbo...

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