Designing Fun & Productive Layouts for our New 2020 TN Journal | PART I | Daisy I Productivity Coach | Skillshare

Designing Fun & Productive Layouts for our New 2020 TN Journal | PART I

Daisy I Productivity Coach, Productive Planning Co.

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7 Lessons (19m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction Designing Journal Pages PART I

    • 2. Getting Started Creating a Plan

    • 3. Designing our First Page Cover

    • 4. Custom Reflections Page

    • 5. Year at a Glance two page spread

    • 6. Setting up a goals 2020 two page spread

    • 7. Index and Key Spreads


About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The first half of the last on our “Crafting a Travelers Journal” series of October.

In this class, I will share my process for drafting and designing my custom planner layouts, using the inserts we created last week for our  “Travelers Journals - Notebooks” 

The intention of the class is to have fun but also create personalized layouts that allow us to plan a productive life while staying creative and having fun. 

Remember that planning is essential for productivity, but it is also important to love your planner and page layouts in order to create a habit of using it daily. 

So, today our focus will be to design pretty and functional layouts to begin our year with clarity and productive pages to help us along the way. 

As always, I made sure to keep this class is easy to follow. So it has been divided into two portions Part I and Part II (to be published October 24th) to allow an easy flow. 

Below are the materials I will be using. Feel free to alternate them with your favorites.


  • Mechanic pencils for drafting.
  • Black fine tip .5 Sharpie Pen.
  • Black .8 tip Sharpie Pen
  • Mildliner Zebra highlighters in pastel tones.
  • A 12” ruler and a smaller version (optional)

I hope you enjoy this project and come back next Thursday as we continue with part II of this portion, where we will create the complete spread for our monthly set up.


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels. PLUS, you can see how I have been using a similar journal to stay productive and have fun while at it. 

Follow at @productiveplanning or find out more about at


1. Introduction Designing Journal Pages PART I: welcome in this class. We're going to be focusing on designing the layouts that we are going to be using in the new inserts recreated last week. And this is part of the series of creating our Travelers Journal, and today we are focused again. It's just to create a delay out several you're going to be using so we can start planning on their new journal. So just go ahead and find out the materials that you're gonna be needing A did include a list of my favorite materials to use when I'm designing my laid out, just in case you need some ideas. But this class is fairly simple. It's relaxed. There's no creation right now, other than designing the layout, so make sure that you enjoy it. The class is all about creating the layouts that worked for what we need, so make sure that you have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your new journal before we get started. I do want to invite you, as always, to follows in social media at predicted planning, and they're more about us, a predictive planning coach that that's decided 2. Getting Started Creating a Plan : All right. So before we get started, you do want to have an idea on what is it that you want to include in your insert in what insert are you gonna be working on in today's class? I am going to keep it simple, fun and just kind of share with you my process off decorating and setting up my inserts to begin the year with a ready to go set up. In this case, I have a list of the things that I know that I want to include in this insert in. Since my way of creating my inserts allows me to move pages around and add them as that more as I need them, I don't have to worry about whether I miss something or not. I just want to make sure that I do have the basics at least to get started in the new year . Now I have a list of the things that I want and I know I want a cover. I know I want a page for reflection on 2019 I want to have a year overview for 2020 goals for 2020 and an index and keep age Those are my main page, the ones that I usually do first and then one a. Once I am done with those. I get started with my monthly planning. So I divide the class in a easy to follow class. I am going to separate it. So the first sessions of the class will include the cover, the reflection in the year, the goals in the index because those are spirits that are fairly easy to make. Since I already have an idea on what is it that I want on those? And then the next session will include the monthly blending, So let's go ahead and start with the cover. 3. Designing our First Page Cover: I am going to use one of the inserts that I that we've created in the last class. If you haven't taken a look at those, I do invite you to stop over there so you can have the inserts ready to follow along this glass a little bit easier. I do want to make sure that I hold my pages in place and I am going to focus right now on the cover. I know what I want so I can go ahead and get started with that. Now, the purpose of the glass is again to have fun with our inserts, to have to creatively out that inspire us and, um, make us feel happy every time we open. Our planner, however, do make sure that you create layouts that are functional for you that inspire you that that allow you to stay productive and focused on the need, the goals for the new year. So in my case, I want to go with the moon theme. So the cover will be fairly simple. I'm just gonna have a moon and then on the other ones for the reference they in the year overview. Maybe the gold on the index. I will use the same theme throughout those sprints. I do recommend you going on designing the that draft with pencil or maybe using or maybe tracing the images that it's if that makes you feel more comfortable. I don't really mind them looking very handmade, so I just go ahead and freehand my designs. After I have my draft done, I will go over with a dark marker. He's a Designs are a great option when you want to have the ability to add custom details and custom designs and drawings to your planners, but you don't want to spend way too long doing that. So search online you were going to find a wide variety of options that will allow you to get creative but are the same time keeping it short and simple. The good thing about doing this with Hansel again is that if you don't like it, how it's looking, you can go ahead and erase it instead of doing it with a marker. All right, so I'm happy with this, and I can go ahead now and go over it with a dark mark. - Okay , alright. Some happy with this design and Maybe later on, I'll add some of colors and maybe some shadow to the lettering. But again, I'm trying to keep it simple and short. So I am done with the cover for now, and I am ready to start with the reflection of 2019 spread. Let's go ahead and get start with that. 4. Custom Reflections Page: All right. So I am ready to get started with my reflection spread for 2019. And I like to add to spread always to my planners in specifically at the beginning of the year because I want to get in the habit of being grateful and reflecting off how my year was told to give things that happened in reflecting on just every situation that we went through. How we over past those and everything that happened in the previous year, what I learned from it and the things that I can apply to this new year. So, in my case, I'd like to use just one page like I mentioned before to speed up the process. Already have an idea on What is it that I want? Um it will help you to kind of go around and check on maybe Pinterest and instagram and get my ideas on. Stillman spreads that you like, Um, obviously go with your style. Like I said, I'm going to keep on going through the spreads using the moon theme for decoration. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do right here and again. Having an idea of What is it that you want, we'll help you to get it to speed up the process. So for my reflection of 2019 I am going to use, um, just some decorations in the top of the page because I do want to have enough space for me to write down my reflection of 2019 right? So now that I have my draft ready, I can go ahead and go over with my dark marker, - right ? And I am happy now with my decoration for the Reflection page. I could continue to add more things to the borders, but at the moment, I think that will be just enough. So I can have plenty of space to maybe at some images and write down some reflections. And then, if I continue to have, if I still have more space, I can go ahead and at border just to kind of give it a finished look. So now I'm ready with my reflection 2019 page, and I am ready to get started with the year overview for 2020 5. Year at a Glance two page spread : all right, So now we're ready to start his friend for the year overview of 2020 and I decided on going with a view on using the both sides off the spreads. That way I will have enough space to jot down whatever it's happening. On the particular months. I did win with a simple design. I did added some of the string lights and here or string design here. It's really not lights, but kind of resembles to that. And I wrote I created a draft and I wrote this year, and I started with January February just like that all the way to December, and I just divided both sides with six squares on each side. That will give me the entire year, and I will have just one area for me to jot down whatever it is that it's happening that year. Most likely I will be using this bread to maybe add. For example, in my case, I have Children, so I know that a t. Beginning of the school year, their physicals are done. So I know that by July I have to schedule those. So I will write that down schedule physicals for the boys and things like that. Birthdates and things that I know for sure have to happen during the year. And then as I go and other things come up, I can come movie here and add them up. So now I'm ready to go over the draft with the dark marker. So now my space is already and I can go ahead and write the names for the titles for the months. Right? So now maybe one more thing. So if I'm happy with everything now, I can just go ahead and erase the pencil so we don't have that in the way. Right? So now my spread is ready, and I am ready for to add a details for 2020. When I start using the planner Now, the next support that I am going to work on is the goals for 2020. That should be fairly easy. So let's go ahead and start with that 6. Setting up a goals 2020 two page spread: all right. So, again, I already know what I want to have my spread for 2020 goals. And I think I am going to use both pages again because there's really nothing that I can adhere anyway, since this is right behind my year overview, Um, if I just used decide for worthy goals, then I don't have anything to add here. Unless I want to add pictures. Perhaps, But then that will might still, maybe for the same spread. So I'm just gonna use I'm just going to decorate the borders for my planning off the goals of 2020. So again, it helps to have an idea on what you want. I am going to go with the same designed that I did appear this time. I'm going to do it on the top. So I already have my draft done, and I can go over the draft with the dark marker. Okay, right. So I'm happy with my spread, and I am ready to erase the pencil, like, do want to add a title here, So let's go ahead and add goals 2020. All right, so now I'm gonna go ahead and raise the pencil All right, So now I am ready to move on to the next spread, and that will be the index and the key spreads. Let's go ahead and start with that. 7. Index and Key Spreads : All right. So I did a quick draft off the index and key area that I want to include. I added to the core. I added the index title for this area and some lines just gonna have a guide own, uh, the lines that I'm gonna add. I might not make thes dark. I think I'm just gonna go with every other line with a gray highlighter and then undecided . I added key. I have this some decoration, and then I have to separate areas. One for codes, um, simple codes. And then the next area will be for color codes. And then I just added a moon to kind of keep the theme consistent. So now I'm ready. Now that I have my draft, I'm ready to go over it with the dark marker. Yeah. Now, as I mentioned before, I am going to add have the color symbols, code symbols in here and personal culler coats down here. But I'm still purposely leaving some more space in case I come up with other areas that I want to track and use colors for those specific areas. Like I mentioned before, I am gonna use just a rate up a great highlighter to do the lines instead of just doing lines, and that would allow me to have just as I need. So instead of doing all of the lines I'm just going to do, I want every other line. That's right. So now I am happy with how it's turning out and going to you. Raise the pencil marks. And I think as of right now, I'm just gonna leave it as it is and then continue to add details as I you start using it. All right, so now I am happy with how it's turning. I know I will continue to add more details as I start using it, but I am happy how it's turning out right now. I am going to live in at this for this portion of the class. However, there is a second part to this class where I am going to be creating the actual monthly layouts, and I did separated that in a separate session because that one will definitely take a little bit more time. So if you are interested on following along on that portion of the class I doing about you to find Part two of this serious. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you're feeling inspired and have started decorating your 2020 planner.