Designing Characters from a Storytelling Approach

Leo M., Story Artist at Walt Disney Studios

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9 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Greetings

    • 2. "Line-work" Approach

    • 3. Inspiration from Life

    • 4. Research Exploration

    • 5. Conclusions

    • 6. Thumbnailing Your Ideas

    • 7. "Line-work" Approach: Rough Pass

    • 8. "Line-work" Approach: Final Pass

    • 9. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Design a dialogue vignette between two characters


Design a specific situation (vignette-style) using inspiration from a variety of sources, such as your daily life and surroundings where two characters with very opposite personalities are having some sort of dialogue. They could be having an argument. They could be gossiping. They could be having a date where they are confiding to each other how much they are in love. They could be at IKEA buying furniture, or even at Walmart, etc. It is up to the student to come up with different ways to illustrate the situation between these two unusual and interesting characters. This assignment will teach you how to research, explore, and execute a character in a specific situation with the storytelling process in mind. You'll learn how to emulate different techniques using Photoshop and create an appealing character design that will support the story you are trying to tell.


Upload includes:

  •   Research/Reference          
  •   Page of Thumbnails (3-10)
  •   Final “Line-work” Approach Design (Digital)