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Design your website with Muse

Nicolas Forgue, Welcome awesome students !

Design your website with Muse

Nicolas Forgue, Welcome awesome students !

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15 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Plan mode and dashboard

    • 3. Understand and use master

    • 4. Insert a picture in a frame

    • 5. Gradient tool

    • 6. Text tool

    • 7. Effect edit

    • 8. Insert a menu

    • 9. Insert form contact

    • 10. Insert slideshow

    • 11. How to make the text responsive

    • 12. Design a main page part 1

    • 13. Design a main page part 2

    • 14. How to make your page responsive

    • 15. How to publish your website

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About This Class

Adobe Muse is a graphical software to create responsive websites without having to code. Indeed the first aspect of Adobe Muse is the design of the pages. This is a great alternative for programming sites intuitively. You can create showcases but also more complex sites on Adobe Muse.

In this course, I will teach you all the basics of Adobe Muse, in order that you will be able to hold all the design keys that will then allow you to create your own site. The course is approached in a logical way starting with the basic tools to know, the functioning of the workspace, the modes of conception ... To then train on the creation of page, and thus to understand how to make its responsive page.

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Nicolas Forgue

Welcome awesome students !


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1. Introduction: Hello everybody and worker on Adam Using Waker our Lisa on adult news at the Mews is a software by by your job and disease. We can create a website for website wizard who have toe so it's very, very greet. I'll tell that you if you don't want to hurt but you want to create a website, you can use a dove news and Adam use eats beef for really really software design software when you can design your website, this is is the main page from abuse at the beginning. Where you want to stuffed is this and so this is my dog around toe and you have created new here and you get stuff to work with These in this tutorial were green to see first how to use a different tour on the news and I will introduce me Listen and after we were were we we create a veg and I will explain to you how toe have bej residency because it's already in the arrest or so off I don't use it is to have a response see Website and Aziz. It's only with last profession off donors. So when you create new here you have new site and you can see me toe have freed y off exploits. So generality will keep freed wise cause it's already and the rest. And you can add a number off Coghlan's pinch toe Absolutely design your page and you are just So why here? If you at coolants, you will be able to create getter also and after you have a concept 16 So I don't know if you are Are she X wide here? You don't have these around food wise. You can change me white and eight and after eating degrades Manchin and the resolution and at the end of the language and you click on OK and after here he's I want that girl off the muse. So what skin we have So here. But we're five a deep bench object view window and head and Zambrotta unseen things that on the right we have the tools of conception and here we are unplanned. So I'm glad you are is a different pitch cheese, uh, close to train. Your website here was Oh, and you will have designed you should go on design. It's really be you will be on your veg cynic so here I can see you said that you have just went veg, huh? It is selected If I go on Jeez, I I can design my bench here and thats down. We have previewing from each So we work Or is it time for many time, plan and design God sees when you're ah design but you're are on the left Different tours off conception, relaxation to text Break down the tool it sit era and on the right You have odor King. Of course they should. How's the Koran is really euros character Spacey atsic window. You can change your about here if your world and you can search different possibility with window But you will find thes again Generally on So right here Lexie's and we are going to be a where toe stopped with under news 2. Plan mode and dashboard: So here we are. I were made dashboard, We are playing and now you can create your diferent veggies cause tea tree in your first menu And here you can makes you can add Virginia, rely de off your website crouching different pitches So here absolutely knew We have maturity homepage and after we can develop sees so here above we can see that we have master a master And just after we are going to see how to use it to understand what he's muster But first here Yeah, I want to create my different veggies on my plane birth So here you can see that you are a cruise Keep when septa page and I just Sentamu have looked up Receive et to right Click on my rectum girl here and you can create new child clip page some magic ticket bedroom and veg And you can eat it with your right click Yeah And also Mr Liu Master Oh my a Mr I want to add you Patch five jumper I want to Kratt familiar I would like for us the future and I create my veggies on Farsley So I teak under Prus and set the page. So we have Oh, ive it is for trouble Book, for example. Jim, they destination first after another page click to insert Bench are right teak and new New chai page tweedy At this lever, you can t p get fetch five number And here change the name who is a destination? Advice exists after a new patch puce. But but And the page who's protect? And why not? Why not to add here a gallery Galerie vegetal Tito inset and better exists here will be in my seats main pages and after issue goes you can create at child page You want to create a child Petch row here I want to crack the fear on name of country destination I have the possibility to go toe Go on the cruise T 27 child bej our right teach and a new child plane pitch. So if you say that Rooster, I bet it is seen edge basis. So I go here, Bruce and I will have a change page for a number friends. But this and on French. I would like you know the bench. So she I will have Spain here. I can add dejected here I can. It's a theory. It's it There are and we can see under the world here said we are main major. We have our destination with our child Page. Yeah, and I will be a very to continually find fault advice and phrase on the proofs. Advice on he I can take food course accommodation. Who's insurance? It sit there. And if you want to rename some singer just to double click here and you can rename your page so earns air left here we can have a result inside. Made this play you can change Practical is this it sees as your convenience. And here you can you want to have a general view you can exercise And when you have many pages Jeez, a photo. See every bitches so size and Lexie's. So here, for example, my website that sees our destination advice and re perverted contact nine year in hysterical I cease veggies here. Ah, so now here is you get her So grow on right, kid, and can go vegetable. Betty, she won't. And you were absent. Every hedge your bets And you are so right, kid. And when your charm if you want you again singing Toe X script pitch from the new crime jumper Oh, to encourage bench and now in the next wrapping to see is a rest. 3. Understand and use master: So now let's see what he's her working was young shot muster page. So muse alos you to crab master pages here that are applied to reserve Mr Page. Um so concretely, how it work Here you have Master I a master. And if you want, for example, to have some seeing a different commune in months on different pages you can edit your master here and every veggies that will have must a Mr we find again every elements. So a master, for example, RC space on these pages with a master we'll contend, or the shell will amount that are displayed in this masterpiece. So I go here and make sure you so first I'm green toe flu Terrible to develop bej that cease let green and after have green to create and are just as an example for right Hunger toured here and I add a cooler exists Let's see when Sansom change No, Mr a friend's number Lexus. And here I am Mr for example came tree at Derek Hunger Tour exist just to show and he grew okay here I have Mr A No I came back to yours My to make they need to come back to my plane tour. Lexie's come back to my plane tour. I increase the says. And what came was see? No, I was with a master. And as all my pitches on a master, we can see that we do. We find I will find again our disease different shell element. And I will find these in our my Mr a pitches. Now what genetic? I'm green toe Cragin. You Mr. So here you, Mr bej our jazz it Bruce and it's be rested. And now I go to a jeet My Bemis there green too. Correct, correct hunger. You know, green, he's and thanks, she's and the here except And after I come back to my men and no, I am might be muster. So its mean I mean what I can, for example, go advice. Right, teach. And here you are, master, and you can see the restaurant and advice would be We is being arrested are so you can see exists and toe bush. Poor and tear. Yeah, and push, pull exists and push poor Lexus. And what can we see? Are veggies with master A with Mr A will content are this element muster a was a raid by Tom Girl into you read hunger and are the pages will be master will contain to share elements his rectum your green with my still And it is useful like your spoor in our in the sense where, for example, you can create At the main the main menu is main Beat your friends over and you re Gaber toe finds ease in our your pages cars We want to fix this And after we came creates revolt for their own Isdell's Mr My Staring era. And you can also see Lee no master. So he I my bench and Jim going masters and no misters. And here it will be wise if you don't want toe Mr. So just visit for my stairs to understand how it is useful. 4. Insert a picture in a frame: now in this tutorial, let's see how to integrate at a picture in a shake. Arming the friend. And we have here a Tunggal tour and rectal girls too. So I create rectangular frame to and here is going to be my break down there Lexus I think on this if you want want egret inside and the chairs you're Please first one's identity And here you have she here Esparza cooler. But here you are feeling So you please for expand Upshur and Web gin. We see we can see that here we are at you Make it at image and we can take on this. And after you can go on your big jurist and choose and teachers and I would like to integrate is east landscape So keep are Is this basis Yes, yes, landscape, I think. And this double click and my image is inserted in the frame So after we are fitting So which in that size here is orange in that size. But if, for example, you make sky to find it like these are sky toe sheet. So, Jenny, are you It's useful to you scale to feel Lexus and still you have to stay. I always will tell you that, Katie, but he has is not use. So I can siddique sky to feel and sometimes the printing off your friend your ears a blush to choose as the right detour is right sighs toe the labor to have a big part of your picture Turns of phrase and you have here position and you against center. Uh, Francis, you can choose a police. Yeah. So, friends and first guy to feed. If I said center, I will be nice. Is that we can see that if Simon scalp toe feel I don't see our my future. I have a smart path. Get so like this. Ah, in the same way you can make to same or any prim tour you can create perfect sector exist. No, I sent there and I just same time here at image she had imagined here you can produce some scenes from, for example. So, doctor, that sees. Okay. And here is I'm original size So scared house kind. Two feet just like these. So scale to feel and sent down. But here in just decorate with Cokie Katie toe are is a doctor in the center. So I will brush to makes guy to feed Send them. But we have just a Pratt nexus. And after If you choose to change the size, your picture really change at the same time. And this here I want to change the size of a friend and I just time uh, is a teacher will be extend as a sin. So this is how to inset picture on the front. 5. Gradient tool: so no, let's see how to color and to crap to grand young tour on the shape. So as an example for trapped my re tongo too as a receiver. If you're wrong Toe corner These whisperer, It's impair Weser, You go here you are feeling and you can choose different Cora. So is there and the Stever who is that you have prettified color and I can see the existing group. But you can also go on the right and you are switch, switch cheese and coolers so you can refined every month. Here you get finds he's on the right. Are so so here. And you have a sense of possibility to and Seth struck. So it means that I grew up on struck and I can see eat Lex and Wason. I see it first, my rectangular. And here I can make black struck. So now you can see that they have this drug. But you can also teach here and you can change. I didn't struck two sent down here. I'm outside that it's not very good to have this outside. It's better inside like these are. You can change a senior, so you want to see, I lean on the Arabs, align outside outside of this line and inside I will be inside. So I prefer to stay insane. And you can also change the weight. So you Frank some fern. I know. Yeah, in the proportion that away. But you can still eat disease. And after you can change I want to said just this truck At this fever I'd run struck and I proved just the weight at least even Andijan Teen Richards on the right. So if you want to exist, are struck way sittings Ascend teacher again I stopped You are Menzies So Cc's I can create a structure like sees I go on five and a key code red and okay. No, If you want to use gradual tour I created a Derrick Hunger tour and I go on field and here you are so razor or Australia, uh, square. It will be irritated front We will see at that time you are feed. And so either gradient sorted our graduate So you need to click on a gradual and you can change are already ways. I forgot to say that when you're on so you can change the opacity so great for a range and growing shell, and you can change the opacity if you want. That's the sleeper. Change your city and see if you run tow incentive. Graduate. You've got regimen. Tour here and you can change selectors. So capacity for us to first when and drinks women dread and she and can change so I can't see. Need friends on Keogh frescoed up in single cooler, right Lexie's and again create regimens. I can change your capacity to have less opacity ins, right? And yes, opacity in the left sees maybe. And there Susan focal point here is 50. Their sound. So it will needs that it will leader. If you c 80% you will be at this lever runs right by 80% aren't you? See, 20% with the left are sober Macy's and maximum is such in percent off 87 so stay are 50% and you can changes. So the direction for with Volterra, Brett Seacat and this size she's he's so many possibility with fragile tool tow headed. It is a career. Are your ship? Is you who is graduating? And it's simple to understand you're just civic capacity coral first to sick on the focal print and the direction on at the end, fixed and against change and Sinead size automatic. If you want to have something so he seems to her to add cooler on your NTT. Call Oprah struck Bruce or credulous. 6. Text tool: So now in just a dry let's see how toe itself our text in adult so hard to insert text. I am suppressive et simper you use takes tour and the end east toe Create a friend for your dicks So you keep left you keep your finger on the left league And here we can see a friend three of your friends for your text and to see how you want to incenses. And after you can see that drives smart they're here and you can did your fixed Here, for example, takes your tape here and Maxi's. But you can also in fact, this friend this friend that you have you can associate Syria. Each here is selection tool, you see need your friend here and you can change your sources cooler off your friend, for example, New Lexus. So it is a text friend and at the same time, you can change any digital. Now it to edit your test. You go on, takes tour and you can see eat your text legs this exist or is a text and you're off earth . The pyramid Turks. We Dietrich text on this lever on this and for example, you can improve and change. Teoh went front. Here we are on yellow birds can go friends up there. Uh impact crab season bird exists And I can change the size that your text and you can increase auntie trees the size of your optics. So I'm actually takes here and can change size when it's too big like this, my friend was to show it will be under Francis Can't stay on 60. You can edit a cooler here if I want to. Existing rise and brew asleep twice can see her so read thes And after on a variety can send their you brunch You can cento you can eat 10 each and underwrite it sector So many possibility toe end it your text in your friend You can change her So this the difference between every year We later just size And here you can changes sorts of number of sent form exists you get I mean dead here Oh left margin right machine And after more That green toe shows this but yes You get so crowded right marching here and left matching here. Jen, move at your convenience text Uh, nexus But you can also as a possibility. So, Kristin that their example? Hi. Cream toe creates a rectangle tour here and here. Where is a major and I insect bridge Hell exists. You know, these friends I can sand are maybe some seeing your That's you resist and scared to fear position stay a center And here after our so your cares and proceeded to going to take store in tow. I've text here Silver, Lexus, Steve, Eric, and create a friend Text I can change your size. I turned 60 and two Okay Place from for example He odds after you can changes size of uric toggle If it's to be in comparison off your text and I Gent moves this and in certain, my friend in this. So this is how to use a text tour? 7. Effect edit: so you can also create different kingdoms. Feet on a shake on french fries Jumper I can see my rectangle tour and he's I can hear who is my red color exist And here we have a window and you are here He fits. So I see exists if it and I have this so you can find again hits on the right resists TOBA and you can instead to shadow for example, You want Aziz evil Her shadow ends of coolers of shadow If I want with this for so red that disease we have a shadow in red At CES you can change the opacity always Ah, just in love ways up maximum per 70% And the, um bus city and you can change pain girl, and so Brewer will be exists Sutera can change your suit and year I want to move in turns young girl and you can change the dice stance She want toe disease, for example for Lexie's And you can create feet on Europe and it going to come back. Ah, so here it's for shadow But we ever saw Giver de ver tee's exists and don't make me very raises questions and we can obtain. He's given a different system in the same way we can change. Brewer. If I want regencies a gorilla, it's inside. I were entity and we're ever so grew beaver I D C I Go group and you can see for cooler black flags on birth and Press City and we can see we have Z's are Arone. I were wrecked on girl and I can't have these Lexus services for low towards the skin off grow I can change the careerists price to make my red career on grew And that grow? Yes, eats every time Lease black stain Lexie's No man can change the color on going toe dream exists Grow and find what's read up Our it's OK have ready so you can make sees red Also your who knows that your world exist. She and you can change capacity and you can change group. We cease to exist off our feet and we can sensing if we create in a video store exist means the same way she he started a green card. I run my green color and with the heat for selection Step shadow. If I want, I can inset beaver like this. And I can insert if I want that sees disease. So he sees for window effect his fate, the possibilities that you have and you can find peace again with effect like this. 8. Insert a menu: So now let's see how it went. Set a woman. You I were main pitch. So here it will be my maid pitch and you're on to unset Manu, you need at all for us to come back to our plane and you need first to our our disease Page are is a page that you won't Cratchit. First you play to be ableto in central. I explained if, for example, for you starting at and you add just, huh when you wanted when you would like toa central menu You want abs a posse BTU will have just off in city. So you need first to create our patch. Cost a tree your menu at receiver and after you can go your bench, for example. And in central, if you want to incentive, you can go. Ah, I don't. First you go on window window and after you are so possibility toe, Go on Sicily, Gregory and the new windows is going toe on the right. No, sir, it's not. It is with jet labor. That's it. Sits rejected. Very entities that stever and you have a new window. Appelt. Well, he's boot down composition from the new panel slight show and social. So we are green toe. Go on, then you here and we keep There is a possibility to incentive original Tell you in a tragic car. So here I'm going to show is French calendar year and I want one, says he's just under just be, oh my her main image. So I take on a reason that you can see this. He can appear and I can't Corsi's obviously. And here we can see it are what a generous e We can see that that you have the name off the bench, that I have a plane. So our destination advice can be per boat and project, and I can find these forget. So it's nose is. If you didn't have first disease cracked you. You will have insecticides this week. Just so it wasn proceed. So you have Ziese and you can eat it after your money. Here, reserve this presser. You can kick on this and you have a shirt. You can make money. You Kirk. Even vegetation change direction, always on terror. Threats occur that still exists, and birds on that come back and then says Beanie, from sighs of relief from spicy and sure if he can live there part of this journey. It's itchy, so you can easy it did. You're then you at your convenience after I come back and I'm green toe insanity so you can see that you can eat. It's the size with the different and print. So I did exist, exists and Betsy's. And here we d my mainly bet it is in great cooler, great Paros a baseball zero. And I want to chase. If I want changes, I clean first just on bath here we can see the signature and your feet. So here is my great cooler and you can change. I would like the blue corner I seek blue and we can seize that that you have our season. I have just my own Pedj staying great so I can r soc exist. And here I see need my blue exist And after we can say that is the size of the death. He's so smart. So you can directly on the decks like this Are you please on this we can see that you go and after you can go index Yeah, and you can increase the size and increasing the size you will see that are so different that will be increased in the center. Every sing really share exist increasing increasing to you to have some seeing your present she and maybe 25 was good And section two okay. And it's okay. I have my menu with on this donation advice Can we? Perverts and cold I call out disease in blue and I edited disease after I change the size us my text and my review is now great. So this is how to inset with your first You go on indoor your check that Sure, yes, that you as your widgets evil read And after you see the moon unio which yet? 9. Insert form contact: So now if you're on toe ad from contact, let go on a window. And after we jet library and I were with January, we can insert contact from and it is very useful toe Aziz when it done and here in which it library We have contact from here and did they are super. If you see league first simper, you will have for simper from contents that you can after easily it it you know details contact if you have the possibility, or so toe insert directly to tell contact and Bugsy's So you're burn your rent check you bury you go on farms and you have detailed context Seen Burkle Detecting in Sands is in your indeed they'll contact vacancies that were then make company Iraq Address City State Postcard Country message. Now let's see again I go are simple contact and I in san sees on my don't you? And here again we see we're sees soap yourself to end it. I wear reject so we can t consist And you have firm names that we can it eat. He may he made here will be so he may to your So you may you're made twin set after stinging it's reserve. Stay on current hedge beds. You can go on your own veg off directly on another, and you can add different field or chance it different here in the same borough your name in a stage. But you can add, for example, for mobile phone number and zis is included here. You can add website and sees is so included here. You can also create catched caps. Sure, Catcher Lexie's who reason Met verification If you want and you can eat it. Your capture. So oh, here on those said we jet I come back and we have eso. He has done that feet you can add also system hell t birds it sit era now I come back But here you can also eat it. You're from directly, uh, for euros, for example. And yeah, I can click on a town in and young men and I, uh, stroke and see And so you can He said to make these in blue, for example, like these, and are sent friend will be at the same time. You can go a text and you can see leaked and down then inside, For example, for It's in great And you can shoes, boys and everything will be in wise in the same movement. So you can t did your from like this with color at your convenience Here, have name I can these text I tour I can see leases and also can change by owns this red can and every sing review You know red let's seize way Ever saw the paucity deep change of friends So it means that he I have such a kid See it the friend and I can change the size if I want Lexie's And the legs is where you want to change its size Here I can change sighs like these all exist So this is if you want to increased Is the size off your from that You can change one by one If we friend Yeah, I have served meat and into some way again it is and you can Or so it did Soup meat if you what you can share too said season crew and the friend You sure are in red like this so you can edit are your from contact Lexie's 10. Insert slideshow: So now let's show you how toe Addis Light show a news so slept. Shoot he's on which at the periphery and on widget delivery You, uh and they're firm around us. Light shoe here just and the nets and just both So sure. And you are blunting best the phrase jumper in samba Zeke, you will have something with already Sweet picture and we'll be to you Toe edit disease Bet Ready to show you How is this world on green toe? I don't removes these and I'm going to. So you shut show Is black disease, huh? I did it. And let's insert Slasher in blamed Aziz Lever exact Here is a sexual and you can integrate different picture picture with after a tighter And when a person will be on your website just seeked Next are previews and it would be able to change. It is a teacher here on the right. You can It did exist and you are different Possibility, right? A new era, a new dembele. But eizember transition speed He run to have some senior again change to speed up the transition and toe play resumed after, uh, you can are so changed diferent and all you hear is NATO's, uh, radioed. We can change resists? Uh huh. We can free from them better a out exists. Uh huh. After we air our off guarantee fair on birth And here we are Well, well reviews And next bread you can interchange and to exist and took rat first Last, first last you can add issue around here you can just reviews next Quinta you can also the winter and Egyptian Geno suited Kepcher Bay. You cannot so delete them that if you want So I'm going to keep under keep caption and can make first and last. Okay? And after See you are here at Imagine it eats Wiz is that you can endure match unzips, lecturer. So I cheek here I am my news of sources and for example, I want sees and I integrate this after I can go on is this print and I can change the debts And here with here, you know I don't threats number and, uh, nothing. They're just ready day tweeze sitting toe We can also add I don't know. There was at an age and here and we can see that we have to know he sees our two major we can see is a them back Offner for at this evils a colonel and I cant change. He has a tighter make a month exist and I can continue if I wrote she's like this that you argued different met at image Ah, so I don't I can manage. If I want toe disease, it will be Are I see like my text tour restaurant. Okay. And I'm going to work last niche resist less image and no secure, sir at an age. And he has a dirt tell and we can change the tighter with and learn And it's OK And here now is my friend who is mites electro And we can change if I want to praise yours exist exists so 1st 2nd self course And if I will find somebody to come back Trust I seek first and again come back trust and last I can't go list Lexie's And after you can also deities directly. So it means that I alone you exists here, but you can fax number change That's this lever changed I alone that this lever the tighter and you can feel in our crew for example, And you can change your taste in wise and you can age it at your convenience like you won't inside. And what can we see if I grew in my sick on picture? It's the same. I have 10 here from then here on, uh, brew back Coro and West school of frozen debts and or so you can change every entity can't Contar here made my previews here and so next here and in the same way I can It is this and I can change I want this in blue or so she's reviews can set sees in brew Oh, so and selected blue A sect in blue Here I root beer Now I go indexed I see the exist and I can change Weisberg's jumper And I am wise in cities for rent it and that change it takes when for een wise so exists So you can indeed And you can place these different possibility where you won't That's troubles. So, for example, I could match anymore here. I could see Nique anymore. Center means in my friend and here, dressed under tow. Right? You know this great views just decide. Next just decided so and her last she, uh and first crazies. So this is how to incent statue and with it 11. How to make the text responsive: So now in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to work your text response. So in the second jumper, let's take type tour, and that's scratching for a guarantee. Sliver exist, and Zucchero off my friend to show are in red and I'm going to type inside in wise exist and I can make a thanks restaurant. I see the need center. I mean, center world and I increased the size increase the size around two center can also change here And to make, for example, toe undressed percent deceiver and going to stay on 90 Uh, and my frame Lexus. So here it takes first conceived in my friend and you need to go here and you have format text on drum break point. So you need to see it. This and toe exists in first. No, I'm going to show you under Purcell. How disease. So you have fine fire and previews Prevue bash in process. So you kick here and let's see how it is. Restaurants Chief, So perceptive as are these things that we have to do is our friend right? Leak and resize. We have stretched Broza rights, so it's good. It's going and now I like these in superstars. He sees how well my website and what can we see? It's like this. So in the four screen, it seems it seems a little good but narrow. If, for example, I wanted Toe Richards was this size off my bursa? No. Here it's it's okay. And as this lever, for example, I can see that Aziz evil I'm going to ever problem like these. Any response, see, is about So I need toe place for preaching prints a little different toe. Not times this program. I was on birth Axis lever and I can try to incentive breaking print. So I'm going to come back here and you have, uh, click tow rope edge to expand and matching master reprint. So right Goring to move. I were pitch exist, and I think that bronzes fever. I'm going to create the first working print. Find something here, and you have Bruce create new reprints. So I see leaked Bruce and at this brick print, acidic my text and I'm green too rigid seat toe. Some seeing response said And in professor there. So I reduce from some parenti 18 and I see liter so the friend and I can reduce a little size of friend and we're green toe. Continue. We know they're breaking, so I take against these can see that they ever bridge imprints yet. And when I arrived at the Stever, I have a program so green to cracked another breaching Trent Franks R He's did you and create new breaking friends again. Crazies. So you have first of wreaking print here sees? No, my routine Rick Print here, single reprint and I'm Krotine but sound Rick print. And here, in the same way I seek takes response. E and I reduced The size, for example, can reduce at 65 and I can ridge it to size of the friend. So exists and we can continue, like, sees left. So no, here it's toe. It's a great team print, but we're going to go again with teach for lows, a Pashto. It's Ben and continue. Continue. Continue here I ever program somebody to correct from the beverage imprinted turkey for will be at Sea Stever, Bruce Cruz and after I teach again on the second rigid So tell our first original text actually consists Reggie's size of decks on I can't Rich 22 and after a liter size course friend. Just Lexie's. And OK, now let's see how it is in the versa so far. Preview page in Brazil. And this is so to understand, at the same time, how to create your excite response e with this principle for toe. Never get on the preserve and to have the text changing. So here he's like the title. Broza, you have a big a big screaming my place. So it's like this. And if I want to reduce, I can sing. I can see that TT's response See across the river various rich print I continue, Continue, continue. And here, for example, you can see like here difference. It is a repressed like this and we can continue. We can't go into you. And here again, reprint my friends here Vera reprint again And she, um I'm also okay. Oh, here. No. Maybe I can add less brick plant again because at this lever, it's not every neef relief after we have to understand that here is very, very smart. So after it will be for our move by off, for example, for for the blood spurts, notes for computer. But I mean, be able to continue If I what? So I think you're gins, ease, and I reduced And I can't Bangles there. Big print, obviously very cruce. And I see like my text. All right, great juice size exists. Okay, for friends. So okay. And I can't add last brick friends. That's bring friends yet this lever, Bruce and text our city and I reduced the size. He's a frame at the same time exists and really tell Alexis. Okay. And now what can we see? What corrected mean? Eat feral when print from here and here. One toe suite for 553 Brent And here can see on our yes is I want to move ours a green print. My last book printing right. Going to stay like this. And if you click directly here, you can see your different reprints. We were still exists. We were exists after here. Exist like this exist on Lexus. And let's see last time, fight a preview Bad patch in Broza? No, he sees in my heart and my brothers out. That's a beginning. So takes restaurant Eve. And if I rigid side of the page, we can see that it is response. You price points here she's he's these and we can see that the change every time in here Now the last curse. It's too smart. Zebras heiress to smile I won't have this on a computer, but from here and here it is pretending your kid and my sixties fully residency like these . So this is how it to crash Your text was conceived. You need tohave cc for us dramatics and corroborate friends. And after step by step, you had a few are many Break prince at your convenience and you change the size at every reprint and after you can have something response See when you want to see these on Brazil . 12. Design a main page part 1: So now let's start to design our main page for our website. So from the beginning, let's come back to our plan for the project. So here I'm Oh, man green to create first my different pages obs me. So I click on Bruce and I would choose this mission. Yeah, after, see? Gone and are we make advice. And after I cannot in a page. Ah, but but to me, for example and Cruz contact exist. This will be my five Apaches constituent. My winner and I can assume return exists if I want to start my main page on green toe Go. But for example, here I would like to master and angry toe make no master to design my main page And I go on design And let's that we is a design off our page. So first I'm green toe developed the patch maybe more and exists exist So first went I'm green to create I can make rectangle to and green to create smart either Here, z stever, you know, smarter like these. Okay, and I'm going to choose a corrupt And I seen in group clear group like disease care like this. So is he sees. Okay for after I'm green to insert the text major. So I go a text to and I'm green toe inset the text here, Deceiver, Lexie's. And maybe I can make some scene is your If, for example, I civic director type tool And I can crab my leader in tight tool that disease And after I can't go here Well, first I select my friend I see in no exist and after inset my decks side and forever on makes ease in Why schoolwork So high schooler above you have here sees in the perimeters it takes You see it twice and you can change this size here I would like to existing birds Here you are Bird exists and I would like to center So I sent their travel blood and I hadrt Izzie's to is a friend crazies After I'm going to insert main it sure here So I grew in my rectangle to and I in set great hunger exist for example for I go on Shida and I see you can at image so feel at image and I grew up and use restore us and I can seek this Banksy's and after here at 15. I chose scared to feel exist and center. And here is my main teacher. So he sees. Okay. Frosty's I can integrate, for example, small Tex here and text type tour. And at this lever learns the sky can exist and to take Wait, come for example, we will come in disease in wise and after exist I can re juice and I can increase the size off we come Lexus front E five here. So I went Come here. Can't move return and I'm going to stay on this case. Ladies. Ah, after What can I do? Are here on travel of look for example, I could make in feel a gradual tool a graduate to grow on gradient and grow to our route To know to arrange grew to wise And to have something exists are maybe to he could be good toe first color dark blue and sagan cooler here blue They have ruined toe make a smart effect disease Our 1,000,000 can choose wise and to make the changes So care friends at ces lever for itself after I'm going to inception The news So I grew on my we jet library re Bray We generally bury you can going window and rejected Probably if you don't have this in your and I run my new redzone time and I see exist Oneself has the sleeper and after here is secure sir and I cant 80 my new So first I said Thies just and exist with the size for a jumper and I change color So I click here on this friend and she was my Keilar brew crew as a leaked sees framer So And she is Groupe Cora Lexus. And after I can shoes are Let's try here I'm liter too long at ease after what can I do? I can increase the size off a destination and the order text. So I teach here and I David, uh the size of the text please sighs and I can make on 22 can be great So here is my new trouble broke Welcome. And after I'm going to integrate, I I'm going to increase first my bench like this green to integrate Peter content So, for example, I can go Tunggal Tool and I'm going to create sheer braked hunger I can go Shia is is the media and I like this. My first I told Gary here I can change gin. They burn foreign drip, Biggs. And here's the same maybe firm, great peaks 100 Big set. And I can make this end into right So think Cookie and indeed best. And I can create the same friend Unzip right. And I incenses exists the same way I'm green to create sweetie Parent seems like these, so I d even up my edge again. It's this lever and I'm going toe past my friend so past again for another girl and we can see that used give us guns guys to place this So here it's OK, I'm going to try like this was a small space. Well, maybe yes lie 55 beats and 55 XL above others. Indeed. First, it's the same friend at thes fever he had soaking. And again, this Sarah first here 15 five and fast here at thes liver exists instead off Zimmerman, where you have Jonesy's. I Jen improves this and integrate picture and fixed so he can go on right down girl and she first week, her image and self image here and for example, er I can try I wasted as East ways without sees Arazi speak chair and scared to feel center scale to feel I'm going to go on scale to feel and center original size. No. So, as I keep scared to feet like sits sheer another jail. So fear grease at NH and I'm going to see it because he's and and see end eight eat. Sorry if you at image. And this time I came in. Saved disease, for example, is a Doctor Lizzy's. And on the right, I'm green toe for my wrecked Unger res uh, with a career also here fear with why not a great jump tour and not their gradient tools. So I go, Sheila Gradient and here I can change res Arrange doc arrange true clear Arrange Bugsy's and I have 60 feet away not anti here, you know, for your point of 50% and I Sediq Lexus, he I can make the same can make the same so I can go on my color and I can take sees simple color and I choose things to do the same. Russia here I know it was impossible toe gradient or so it's not red going to do this manual re so here. And Greg Jones. I was weak this to, uh, 20 here. Engines sent for Celeste rate hunger. So Sheena, the heat feel graduate And and again I do is the same state please back arranged to, you know, Bugsy's And now we are It's okay with this and I'm green toe add fusing sings and for example, it takes here proves a Buddha So I go my take store type tour and I create a smart Bricktown girl tool here I'm going to develop disease return That sees, for example I cento and this lever and we stakes I'll go here and I take food. Food I cooler with my wife's school and I improves the size I'd run, I didn't center and I improved the size I can make a bird or so on And when fees So I waas here are 77 okay? And no, I'm going toe cookie past here and here. So it did creepy And Idit best that disease and at green driving section is the same can try this'll exists and 81st in there at CES So I have food, food, food So it was just amazing compete past. But now I go on my text tool here, I'll delete food, and I can make, uh, allegation. Well, here it's not. Okay, so I need to reduce backroom with issues on 16. Are Who? Sure? Maybe it will be a little strange. So we are going to change and to see just but 10 like this for 10. And this time with 10 exist. And I can give you a look. 77 or so And here not food I can make. Oh, not true Are more that Europe can be great. And here I need toe decrease a return size on 70 exit. You hear the friend has moved and here, so so I can come back. Exists here. Lexie's after we can see that you are here. I forgot to go. She and to make scale to feel and center Nazis and Francis picture Soto seen scared to fear and center cases. So this is the end off our first part and we're agreeing to continue is second 13. Design a main page part 2: So now let's continue. We are world sick, old proud off. Well, main page for our world group. So here I am green too at the bottom on their fruit or 10 and natural So I can find button on the jet library. So and under you have first you have buttons here I ki Kansi's and you are state Bhutto and I pull Z's under Craxi's. And for us is that I'm going to do is tow, develop litters the size on my better. Maybe he came Lexie's And after I can develop or so the size inside from the text disease and ces I cento and I can take my text tour. I go here and I did it Moran him so to integrate, read more, read the disease I can stay in I can stay in wise Or maybe I can change So maybe I can I'm going to change so a staying wise here But I'm going to make the color off my Bhutan in blue. So first I go and feel and my tr blue exist I come back on with mama Is my text to a seed exists rhythm are and I increased size We're going to stay on 25 like this. And after going toe, Aziz toe resize return my takes, friends say, and to send their Isis after I can take these. And after If I want to in San sees above on my to order Arrange friend I can just get this So I see it, my friend here I touch on aft on your keeper part of the world and you see the exists and you can do kick yet exist. So I have with more here, so and I can't stand these have the steeper and the same seeing again Jim Pickett disease out on my keeper. And are you right? Crazies? So it's OK. Foresees? No. What can we do? Weekend, for example? Um inset with their receiving friend here Now, just as an example. So we are going to cross air guitar to reduce around pitch And here let's see toe inset our banner. So far, the Saigon takes tool And as at the beginning with travel tool I'm green toe incenses are so I see that I have a small problem. He has developed this size, so I'm green toe go on disease Strange. I don't have the same size is my Tourette hunger. Here is Victor. It sees crazies after I can, for example, integrate. Why not? So Sha de Ferran, teen of social I can add a So from the take contact are simple called So you never example We are agree just to integrate before there are simple contact and insanity, said this Stever crazies here I can edit if I want. And so after I can't go here and to add zest for exam parents left and I can. I do so, for example, if you're not so and 20 grand's ease on the right brighten up. Here you are Google map action. You can see Picton address and that Keen and zoom her liver. If you want to have some seem different. Yeah, can make the address. He's is the aggressor fight of system girl. But you can so change at your convenience. So she's is exists here, can reduce military file on Zizek change, so size finished too right exist and at the end, and can create just here tied to text. And so I go done and here and a sliver exists in blue. I take my role here First city tool. I'm Manzi's seen with a group like Isis. Okay, And Esther. I can insert text here and I can't make all right. Let's see, he's a zoom. Are rights. He's every reserved right. Some burn and I said, exists. Uh, see elite likewise career. And after I go on, I did center and I can increase. So sighs. I can create this size and Lexus I can change percent toe too busy Smer in the center, for example. Etsy's Okay, Can Ridge. It's just a litter, my friend. And I can't stay Isis after to finish that I go on my bottom and I come back Can t so friend exist? And here it's okay to Kratt Main page. We set up news with Travel block Welcome our minute, Geron's section at CES and, for example, I don't hear a year with more. And normally you need toe a pairing here to present better your food. But tell that you're so I come back to my brain and I would like to answer, for example, food advice. I can set food I can set a day and I can set met True exist food, hotel, not sure after I can't come back. Design Cruz That and so our anger and Widmer on my first Witmer your chickens Our trick on the redeemer here and you are parents. If you want that, it probably things works. You have to go here at it. Pharynx for birth. Your guns across cell here and you see week Here you are discovered and you can see eat. We are in advice and food you see exists. Advice, food. It's the same way here you have read more and add a few Italians. I can't see the, uh, put a so remember here I don't advice food, but at general, so makes a state brutal on the brew outside and like seas are inside also, or dead advice with their and here are so outside is a blue advice protect. And here is the same way at Sperling's advises time, nature and the center advice and Metro. And after it's OK from my page and I come back to reduce and tease Lexus. So this is how to crack the main pain with muse and after we'll see how towards these responses 14. How to make your page responsive: So now we have a design our page and we need toe Aziz response e so frustrating that I'm going to do eat for every friend to seal eat so right response sees So I keep, for example, here traveled drug once a friend right cheek resized And I want the stretch Troopers are wise It's OK after I welcome here right cleat And we size and responsive Wise is good here cement picture I want toe disease resized stress to board your way every time that you have some things that you want to tell you fully on your brother t stretch to preserve right for nearly amount here that you can have inside of there any amount you need to Siri to resize responsive my money I want toe cease in which size stretch for so yeah I goes it, I go There are no thes resize being race Conceal a response See why in eight here are so response See in widened eight here response See within eight to same sinkings, right resize my response See weighed in aid resize response See quite in a in thes frame We size response see within Okay, I don't Here we don't need those it firm. It is in response ive normally the same for Google that recite and response eu wide. Uh, at least here our rent reserved, right and precise stretch. It's good. And if I go on food, you have resized and I'm going to stay in response Eve. So But they're so natural. So and read tomorrow resize response. See for So it is a floating and d d. So it's so uh, now I'm night disease. I'm going toe use a breaking point. I don't 1st 5 preview Pedj in Broza to show you that it's not again restaurants here. Well, my brother, he's very my versa is very big on my computer, So we are going to see So let's see how it is. Here it is. Stretch Brazil for travel blood for my union so we can see that I told her the problem. Every leaf, Trevor, blood. It's too much center on the left and right. Uh, and we can see Z's, for example, is not good as a fever, and it is like this If I Richards my Brazil, I know we can see that it's exist like this exists on cheese. She's change and, for example, at this brick here. And we can see that I have a problem with a friend. Read tomorrow we're ignoring is not good instead of Stever. And for so that here is not too much Sentelle. So I'm going to work. You eat there. Are these so the aim east to add a brick print. So you are here on this sliver click toe alot patched with Spain and we need to use this and to a great friends to for have your excited response. So first I'm going to expend my website 10 right, for example, I'm going to crack to break print at this lever and proofs creates new break point. So here is my new a brick print and I'm green toe transformation. My websites if you teach here you come back toe you or DeVry friends. And here that disease. He sees my reprint here and I'm going to come back and see are there to change critter. So what? I'm green toe here And if I go on three great print exist and I have corrected the foot brake print here and we can see that automatic e this waas in are free zone for Aziz friend Waas residency within eight And naturally I didn't add two changes cause this waas good like this Here on the right, I'm green toe Teague's of veg drinks 10 again. I'm going to crapped on their reprint Some Burnitz, Deceiver And who's and I have no doubt Brick print at Ces. Now I'm going toe work on my break Pride cause what can Missy? I waas here and it was good food with Murray. Well, no, I'm going toe Well sees brick part here. I can see that sees a change really there. So I'm green toe transparent Wiedmer going to move for example Stever. Oh, before I waas here exist? No, I'm raises. I can so change if I want to return size and red But it's not It's not a Blash to do this can just change. I don't hear redeemer to go And yet this lever and read murder here Perso Aziz a lever Sheer to merge. Going to stay like this. Okay. Here my manure A need to increase the return size off my menu. So I keep the actually on text and I increase size of the decks off my menu. Because tonight Roy's us Brazil will be will be the year. So I need toe are so well craze the size of Zimmerman. You Lexie's. I'm on 75. Ok, here you have worker, my kin. Eso changing litter. Welcome. So I can increased size off the frame off wet. Come and welcome. I can add end to seek phrase on 1st 16 because this size are so 65 And here are right to reserve. No, it's stretch ok and school ices. Now I go on another brick print my last here at this fever thes are has moved again. So at the same way going toe change Welcome, for example. And on these brick prints Croshere will be at and see Maybe normally 70 access here. I changed. Read murder toe places. Maybe I see Stever Kenya. You have also the possibility for change Also different friends. So it means that if I want, I can take rectal girl and I can change so size here. I can change straight down your here also. And I can do the same for these And these fables disease and that can do the same for thestreet hunger and he's rectal here. So if I and after I can place remark and places here, food again state exists and realer crazies C sleeper and greed more here can place this exist fragment and that can change the size off off my friend. And after I'm green. So for the menu to change against the size. So here text and I'm going to go on 75 maybe 40 exists. Okay, so now I'm OK with this. And now I want to create a breaking print on deservedly so let's see first how it is if I go on file a preview page in Brazil and here, for example, will be in my sure was there like these. And now fire a dudes. I know we can see that is going to change. He sees. I see. So Okay, it sees here. I had a bridge in print. We can seize the defense like this and fried Samper's away. Tomorrow we can see that here was not very good and c c Very. So why not to add another there, Right? Right. No, it's see. Yet, for example, problem exists. Leave her. So maybe he's attacking Greek print our It'll be tomorrow. Be for yes . Maybe again. Change. And that debris print and Deceiver and friends own burn. She can move redeemer here. I can move with more. So in here I can move. Read more. Yeah. I have a problem with what comes. So are so I can't reduce this size with 15. 60. Where is this Great? Okay. And now I can do the same. Working so left, for example for can go and Dick and I know DeVry print But this time when for example I waas exit beginning I'm a 26. So I'm disobeys so I can change and breaking print maybe at teeter slow. Sorry. Yes. I can break print and receiver. And here again Change Maybe. No. Bring two stances again exist. Okay, so now green to style. Jeez, again on the raft. And let's create a brick brand Not here, maybe me? Yes, I can try from Rick Rent at this lever and Bruce. So after I was there, I can change the size off. Wake up And I reduced maybe 35. Maybe dressed this I change my a Roman. You see, it's okay, but I am a problem with, um Is this size buff? Please? Too big. Let's see your destination. I'm on 22. So, um, going toe disease 22 after Hey, have food, read murder. I need to ridge. It's the size of this. So food I go on next and it change is the size I can make. No, it's his preaching. Print just 55 and read M o r. So I go here, I see the trimmer and change this size but 25 for example. And I'm green toe Richards exists. I know here can change, exists and that do the same work above, please. But hey, exist can reduce Waas 55 that disease and redeem our redeemer I waas on 25 exist and I can change. Is this size off my breakdown girl? No. Here I waas 272 by 70 for So she here 272 exists. I sent my text. She's and I can't move. Lord here is ok and abour nature that you're can make her. So she it general tried for agents directly at 50. Everything here because Amy is not have a run on Dredd Break prints You need to see leagues , right? Break prince and tow Have note too much here and after Read Mark her read murder text in 25 . Ok, change exist and read more like so here is a gay our own right reserve. I can see that they have a problem here. So I need to do reduced to fetch exists and for the rest It seems OK if I go here is my breaking print Here we see another. Okay, I'm going to make the same rock again. Maybe he's a tech chin. Go on. Uh maybe you know I'm too much here. Green toe come back and our eight eat so either slow, even t after it run Be useful coats It will be not a brother for computer So it's different . But I think in create Yes, Maybe you were and see Stever seems ok at break print but here I need to Regent's again the size of my book Dumb of bej and redeemer can move these for example Here I can't move with more for so at least leave early ends. The read most here at this Li village were so to change but well controlling blood and it's OK. Uh, if I go on the fight preview bench on zebras, - I know here he's my his travel blood. Okay, tease like this. So now if I Regent's and see how teas exists now here you're just a problem with the way come 20 lever that there would have to change was here. But for the rest, it's OK. And here, you can see, is that you can Regency's and share at the sliver, for example, order. So let's see houses work so here and maximal labour's oh, and I want to agencies and slicks years. It's taxis Here I add another breaking friend because I have this change like this. No, they're bridges and cranes there and he's change crazies. So he had No, it's not OK. Why? Because now it's too smart. It's too smart. And, uh, we we have needed to attract another. We print sorry here, for example, it's too small, so we need what again? You know, they're reprint at this lever both, and but now it's very, very smart. So it with for a tablet moved and nuts for a computer. Oh, we left off, but we can see that that disease is enormous. Brazell teas restaurants here. There is no program exist, and he's can change. She's Betsy's. You can decrease. Just awaken that we need to change. And this is how it works. Response. See off news restaurant See teas to you to create diferent reprint shows. Your reprint. Pretty sure reprint. I just sent their regularity toe Go five. Preview your page to see how it works, and with this, you need toe adjust at every brick print you need to a church, your text, your friend and your picture in different Element. First, since to do is to click on every entity to see leagues the right to resize. If it's non responsive, why Responsive Island and stretch to Brazil Right and after toe have done Z's. You can create your different break prints that you want to toe have and after it ease. It can be a long world to find the perfect, perfect seeing and to have your website with a great responsibility 15. How to publish your website: So now if you would like to fish, you were website who is amuse. You have a few proceeds. So the first he's you know, first you have here and eighties publish published on the right are already you can previews these interpose our you can preview your website and after you can go on rubbish you so you can see Z's in your preserved first to have Virginia Ron Jr I act off the website that after here you have privilege. I'm going to come back on design and you're different possibility our business get on east is just too, uh, toe, probably just to have a try on your website on the computer. Just toe was like preview. It's not directly you what's that's not directly published. You have expert as a share Nets. Moses can be useful if you want to have your excited yesterday and frogs on birth if you want toe in Sandy's. But we did this after in Nashville, you have cease pussy deeds and left it the first. It is a simplest way. See if I click around. Yes, If they bust what you need toe, you need toe first. Uh, the dust the Web. Us, uh, to still exist After you have your web first, you need to have created your own main domain, your own named Ben and resist. After with your host money, you will have. Normally you will have that f t B number of silver. It will be your F dependent, bro. Several. You can see lefty pre several address can very based on your US team provider, son Cos number. So on your US in Europe Bergeron Rez A possibility to find for FDP address and you will have to enter sees in thes 20 houses here. Engineer ik India Always er if did pay plant your site Flacco Reserve to I P address are just the name off your website off your dominant and after here, you will have to give your use on then with your resting and the best roads that's you use for your rusty when you were, have fear everything with FTP server who's on them as well. You will be able to go on next, and if everything is your kid, it will be validated and your your website will directly so it is finally on easy way tow fish your side just after two FC 80 Your us. Sure you can directly with news published, you're upset and after you can change control. Easy option. Here it's a lefty paper with different us can be on sftp sf TG and mud. Receive or extending passive generally will stay on extending mercy. Anyway, we have to go next, British and single possibility. So you go seven. So business get released. You need toe. You need to crouch your current with that of a duck weed business catalyst, and it will be a T to include your domain names. Business. Katarina Stimulus is no longer superteam or here because a deacon that's a six creepshow now, and you will have names business. And the aim will be, as you say, to show and to test your excite. And at the end, we get have expressed as a stand in, and you run to expect honesty, and then you can see each your site forever. Write that phrase on birds, make Trevor back, and he has a location off where you want to exist on your computer, for example, I want to exist some or attracted you to see Ashby and they Trevor no angering toe. First l I tracked my new site, That's where and I see eggs fight and okay, I see. And a kick on. Okay. And it is exporting as a scheming and your two different sea on your five year with our two pictures and you will have the content in raise occurred. Okay? 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