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Design your Digital Bullet Journal (BuJo) or iPad Planner for your iPad

teacher avatar Ari Alvarez, Industrial Designer and Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. Importing your class documents

    • 3. BuJo or Planner

    • 4. Creating the layout for your journal

    • 5. What we need from Keynote

    • 6. Creating your BuJo

    • 7. Drawing some titles

    • 8. Exporting the BuJo to the iPad

    • 9. Make Digital Stickers

    • 10. BONUS LESSON

    • 11. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to my class

Have you seen amazing bullet journals (Aka. BuJo) or planners and want to try them for yourself? or Have you try it but don’t manage to get your BuJo or Planner with you? Getting started with bullet journal can feel overwhelming, specially if you think you lack of skills or time to do it. Don’t worry, with this class you can unveil your creative self while you apply it to a system that can help you to organize your present and plan for the future.

Forget, for now, about what you see online, this system is intended to help you, to work for you.

The first thing we need to answer is - why in an iPad?

Well, of course you can just use pen and paper, but if you are willing to read this intro, chances are that you have tried journaling or a planner and fail.

There’s lots of reasons why physical planners o notebooks don't work for you any more:

-Forgot your BuJo (Happened to me)

-Don’t want to mess it up  (I´ve been there)

-Beautiful planners with blank pages that you never used

-You don’t want to buy a physical notebook because you are going zero waste.

Whatever reason you have, you can give a chance creating the same system that works, customizable, to manage the present and plan for the future and if you want also beautiful but in your iPad.

We will cover easy techniques for creating digital stickers as well as quick drawings with simple apps.

I´m an Industrial Designer but I love everithing that has to be with drawing or creating. Mi mind is always full of information and ideas. Has ever happened to you that you can´t sleep because your brain doesn´t shut up? Well that used to happen to me a lot, until I found the Bullet Journal System. I combined it with a digital format and my life changed so much that I wanted to share this with all of you.

Hope you enjoy the class


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ari Alvarez

Industrial Designer and Artist


Hi, I'm Ari I'm an Industrial Designer an Artist and a hand letterer by choice too.   I live in Mexico.

My passions are any kind of drawing; plan my life and live more in the present, more mindful.

I like to combine art with mindfulness and organization. if you want to now how keep in touch.

I discovered the concept of "Mindfulness" many years ago but I couldn´t practice at the time. However, it is something that I have searched for a long time. I started a Passion Project from mindfulness and drawing named  Happy + Mindful, to do it for my self and to help others to get into it. In that account I do hand lettering in my iPad mostly with messages but also pictures of my iPad Planner from another passion pr... See full profile

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1. intro : Hi, guys. I'm ready and so excited that you're here to learn how to create your own digital will determine slash plant. I'm an industrial designer and artist. My passions are way to me. Drawing painting lettering. So my head is always full of new ideas. I started it. Did you travel journal two years ago when I realized everything important was always with me and my I don't have a bullet journal. Help me get things done. But it wasn't always like that I get for getting my planet so I couldn't keep up with important things. Also, I used to have this fear of messing things up with those beautiful planners. Help there with my handwriting, the hoary. So I started my own detailed version and it waas a life changer. In this class, I'm going to show you how to get started and a serious of exercises that will help you to strengthen your creative muscle and improve your skills. Your final project at the end of this class is create a bullet journal, slash planner that will help you to keep track of the great moment of your life. But also your daily tasks in a beautiful way that will make you want to spend time with it . We're going to talk about the differences between visual and the planner on how both can help you organize your activities. I'm going to walk in through my whole process. I want to share with you one of my favorite caps and how I worked things creatively. This'll class is everything I have learned along the way. I'm going to share all my ah ha moments on all my frustrations that I wish it before. I will help you to create your own product that reflects who you are with your onus time. I can't wait for you to start this class c human experience. 2. Importing your class documents: welcome back in this lesson, you will important First document to the up of your choice. I will give you insights about absolute can use. So this way you will get familiarize into them for journaling. We're going to use enough for TDF the lead. You writing it and I use hyperlinks. I'm going to show you how good notes and no shelf to works. But you can also use pdf expert and note ability for downloaded your class files. You can go to your private tone in the class files selector work in pdf format. You will see another one in keynote Former that is for using later on the left is good notes and on the right is not sure do important the world working Pdf to the Upton You have both good notes and no shells are great APs, but neither of them covers everything. So if you want, you can first watch the video and then decide which of them you want to use. Both APs ghost around $10 or more. So definitely make sure which one suits you better. I use no show too, because it was the first app that I found. But many people prefer good notes. You're going to notice some delay in l chauth that's normal in your world. Book the first page instead. Kober. You can move through the three taps with hyperlinks. Is our links to other pages off the world work so they can take you to lay your page, the notes page and the other page. In the last page, you can see how some text and images have links to social media. Two pages outside the world. You can easily flip through with your fingers, but when the document is bigger is hyperlinks. Help it To organize a journal. You can also click the bottoms highlighted in each app with purple, so you can see oh pages at once. Start a writing with your finger or styles. If you have a night, but with apple pencil right with it, you can sue me for more comfortable writing. Click in the IAP Import from your class Documents. Images in PNG. Former The images with transparent background in being deferment can be used as each test takers, but I would talk about them in a little lesson, play with the images and edit them, rotated or cut them. This is one of the differences between no shelf and good notes for now, when you got a transparent image. In nutshell, a stop being transparent and the background is replaced with black color. On the other hand, signals have fewer pins than no shelf. Also don't have many colors, and the type of for typing with the keynote are limited. As I told you, both have limitations. It's up to you. I help with this little interest you caress high between naps. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions, no. 3. BuJo or Planner: Welcome back. In this lesson, you will learn some differences between bullet journal that it's called a joke and they plan so you can decide which one you will choose to create your final project. Your own digital bullet. This is how Ebola Journal looks like. This is a simple breath with the signifiers showing task events, notes, appointments, ideas, things that are important, how to show a completed task and migrated. Another one to another day also shows the muth trucker for the weak and heavy trucks. But of course, you can also add decorations. This is a simple week for a bullet turn. What is what is the bullet journal system? Well, the creator is writer Carol. He created this system to manage the present and plan for the future. It is flexible. It is not about beauty. Even though you can use a lot of stickers. It is not about beauty and you just need 15 minutes a day. A bullet journal can be so much things. A planner, a meal planner, a daily journal, a sketchbook mill patient. You're not to the list. Not both. A lot of things. First I'm going to show you my first planners. My first voyage, it'll planner. And then the digital will, a journal that I used right now a planet, for example. I can't a show. You this one this I used to carry on are trying to carry out with me, uh, with not much off success. Guess every forgot him all the time. Air beautiful. I love you. I love this planner. So you have the kind of in this case with calendar and some ropes, so you have a pretty fine all days and which you can use. So if I wanted to use on Lee, this is baseball. I will have a bland this space. And if I needed more space here on the Saturday I am not going to have it. And if you can notice is not complete, I never use it a lot because of that. And everybody knows, really why? A a pretty fine, pretty signed planner is not really used. And I have from the's, uh, sign. I have, I think, probably 10 12. Them always the same. So that's why I started to migrate A, um So first I used this app that it's called a note shelf. The first note shock and he here You can really noticed that I tried to recreate my hand thes and it's a lovely calendar and I used to really use it. Us. I need it. So it was perfect for me, actually, here is my truck. It This is from 23 years ago, Teoh two years and, um, thistles. My weekly calendar. So So this is the one that I'm being used almost a year and it's a file. It's basically a pdf but a do friend instead of these that is actually deep. Um, up This is no shelf. So this is D AB. It's on the app. This is a file this pdf and we can I can show you the happenings that I'm using. So here is April and this is my monthly calendar. And this is my weekly calendar and basically everything that I'm trying Teoh to catch up everything my to do least, um, some of my month dress and my Bischel fourth, um, my track cares are here also my move track case, this one. And actually it's pretty good. I can use these us aside wanted I can't come fear and customize it us assign needed. So this basically is what we are going to do. And, uh, it really is just getting what you need. If you want only a bullet journal or just a planner or you can come fury both are even if you needed to do sketches to the electorate, whatever you need it actually, you can't really configuring and customize it, whatever you want, how it works. Create an index. Grady locks 15 minutes a day, Ride your task and moments created. Signifiers Review what you accomplished my great. What you didn't accomplish. But what about this breaths? Well, there are too many examples to talk about. You're at a glance mu trucker Weekly calendar, expensive structure in expectation key. Having truckers, sleep tracker collections, future monthly calendar, meditation, lock and a lot of things. But don't stress. Do a brainstorming off your needs and create a spritz that help you manage those needs. If they don't work for you, change them. That is the beauty of the bullet system and the beauty of for digital bullet journal. Now that you know more about differences, you can choose what you want. In the next lesson, we will plan the layer for your own bullet journal 4. Creating the layout for your journal: we'll come back in this lesson. We will create the layout for your final product. Your personal bullets. I'd prefer combining Buja with a planner. So I'm going to create a monthly buja. Here is where you are going to use your work for this sort of Eliza. I am using an iPad air and a simple touchscreen pain with a peptic. So this is really a and this is a deep you can do most of the set up without in my bathrobe using the night. But pro is just for a bit experience and control mark tools and more professional things. But you can definitely start with this. Remember that I told you in best lessons that I recommend to you doing a race terming for this breath that you need Well, this is the moment you will use that I already have my brains to me. I am using no shelf to because it was the first app that I used. Well, it has some limitations. It works for me. But remember UK is good nose to as well in this brains terming you should decide if you want to do all this. Just waas. The first ideas that you have. So I'm really not using everything. So I'm going to do a monthly calendar because I need that. And it Weekly calendar and the expenses truckers to do list and brain dump. I really used them. In the case of official birth and meditation mantra. Meal planners legal off. We'll see. For now, I'm going to try to include this. The others I'm not going to use. So I'm going to copy these. You could be old them, and then I'm going to erase it. And remember, way have Here are a hyperlinks. So I'm going to go to the AM layout part here. You have delay out, I'm going to paste this, and I'm going to do, like, the screen of the age I need. I'm going to clicking this feature that allows me to dude thes type of plans. Perfect lines. So here. I don't have recover, so I'm going to just remember that I need a cover now. I'm going to copy this now. I'm going to choose how it wants them to. Yeah, betrayed. I'm going to do almost this order. You will see why. So here you can see how I probably conveyed this breaths just thes want. It's going to be decided. And from this order, I put the first week because here, we need to notice that we need more for more, because there five weeks. So we need blows. Four. So we're going to have if the cover could be a to do a some pain Teoh throwing or a quote. So where? When you have 36 nine, 10 11 12 13 13 pages. This is the layout for your whole eternal. Consider also that you need to choose thing for a month, but also how you want to manage these pages. You will see that in the next list. See you there. 5. What we need from Keynote: Welcome back. In this lesson, we will review basic futures from keynote using textures, shapes and shadows to create template. Choose the texture and color combinations that you like. First of all in the barb you clicking the presenter notes feature. This is good for Julie. We're going to need some textures. There are many sides where you can find images for personal use. I'm going to use a plank of wood texture for the background and a mean real leather texture that I created in procreate. Also keep in mind that you need a line notebook and dotted notebook texture. Download the images that you like. I already have separated images I am going to use. You can create your own texture. If you want open a new blank document on Kindle, we're going to change the document size to 26 19 to 24 then at another is light. In the first, a slight dragon dropped the boot texture as background begin. A square from the figures shaped bar grabbed the rounded one. The size of this shape is 26 21 per 17 95 places. As you want. Cutem faced the square in others light and insert the letter texture around the corners off the shapes as you want expanded texture little bit bigger than the round of square selectable, then clicking format. Then click an image and clicking mask with selection. Now cut and paste it in the first. A slight. We need to have just a shape and the texture in a different slide, so the shape of recognized only the texture asked the selection. Speaking in a square. The size of the shape is 23 34 per 16 05 Place it in the middle of the leather shape curtain pasted in the others light and inserted the daughter paper texture. Repeat the last step, masking with selection. Now cut and paste it in the first this light because square again. We're going to create a task for the hyperlinks at the texture or the color that you want, and place it in one of the size off the paper texture. Then at some text at some shadows and the shapes that created cover the pages and the toughs so they can add a little bit of reality for the next media. You're going to start your journal, so prepare your textures and the color combinations you want to use in your Kino document. 6. Creating your BuJo: Welcome back in this lesson. We will finally create your bullet, John. Choose your monthly theme. Textures, colors and shapes should be created. Every picture layout. We're going to use a self worth keynote and excel. Here is everything we're going to use all the covers and the letters theme, the colors, the shapes, all the textures and also the type of of pages in de presenters note right to spread to create the Kober monthly calendar. And so one I have set up my master page, so I copy and pasted to the car. Here I will create a hyper legs so I can copy and paste it in the rest of the pages. That way we can avoid mistakes. Then I started to up and customize my first page with text and the different toughs now into fixed at the link to the others. Lights Monthly calendar is linked to the seconds light weekly calendar is linked to the eighths Life expenses. Structure is linked to the thirties light and so on. Remember that any text any image could be linked to in his light or any website. This way, you organize your journal the best way for your knees. No. Could be all the elements from the first. It's light on the textures, taps, links. This is the most important part. Copy all the hyperlinks and pasted everything to all these lights of the Kino document. This way, every slight is now linked to the others. Now we're going to start the set up off the urinal. We're going to do the calendars, the truckers, every aspect. Do you want to have three Organizing your task and moments for the monthly calendar. Open Excel and the start with days of the month you want to create from the first day to the last is easy and quickly to use. Excel for out in the calendar table copy and pasted in this light of the monthly calendar now in the table. Former alternating broke color should be white for now. In San Fermin in color, Border style changed the color to black and the border with 25 in text format change. The text in size Also plays in numbers of the month to the upper right site. Resize the table to feed this light. If you want a more 100 against tile, change the table back run to none to a transparent background were used in a daughter. Paige also recites the cell sizes two and a square. Select the cells with the name of the base and change the background to the color of your fame. Mine is green and the month name for now. Later, we will create titles in other APS at what you need for these monthly's breath. I like to insert my monthly goals and notes again in Excel. Create expenses, table at the deck state description, amount and balance. Akopian basted in the expenses is light. Give former to the table by changing the border style to black and with lying to fight change. The text type for the truckers is light in Excel again, with the same numbers from 1 to 30. Copy the cells and pasted on keynote. Give former to the table as you see it in the beauty trackers is light is one off the spreads that you want to fit for your needs. Copy and paste the table as you see it on the radio and copy as many as you need. You can have a trucker for reading or fitness. Different types of exercises, social media or wellness Everything you want to track in a month for the total distance light, just create the spaces you need using the school shape without color. I use for a spaces for the weekly calendar our many former that you can use. Start with dividing this light in 80 spaces. Use the lines shape as you see it in the beauty, then at the names of the week with all the days of the month, you should have five s lights. One is life for a week. - We're getting to the end for organizing your days. If you want, go to the monthly calendar and each day should be linked to this light off. The week that belongs to from 1 to 7 is the first week from 8 to 14. Is the second week the last three days of the week or the week Fife. Now you finished a monthly set up free through this life to see your work for the next video, we're going to creating beautiful titles with my favorite free up Uh 7. Drawing some titles: Welcome back in this lesson. We're going to create a title for the German and some do does using my favorite free up Hugh Bright. The free version is perfect for what we need right now. So now I'm going to show you some, uh, tips and tricks that you can do. Also in this I'm going to use the spend is the am pensive victory. It synchronizes with some ups its thesis before the Balkans. So first of all, I'm going to show you a different type and different titles that I need to do. So we're going to create your titles for your journal. I'm going to use even though I have the July A event I don't like and really so I'm going to create a pedal with joy expenses. Truckers, todo bring down official birth meditate and one of more. And in the other side, I'm going to do vacations. Summer's birthday. But also I'm going to adhere These introduce for a weather some blue dress. Okay, way we're going to use thes. After that, it's go a hue faint. It's free this app. I'm going to try these, um, a ranch and you can have here so future to do like some, you can see how it's done. It's really good. This is more like changing the colors so that it's also beautiful, but not as a tooth shape as the other. And this is more like just paint e. I love the first ones so there. I love this up because you can save these image as askew, see it with this background and is a white background, or change it whatever you want. Or you can save it as transparent background. Which is great because we need the transparent background to create digital stickers. So I'm going to do that right now. So this is the option here you can export and you make sure do click as transparent PNG image and then export for us, and that's it. Now I'm going Teoh, come back to my workbook. So I'm going to ask the sport, and, as you can see, is his trust break. If I want to import the other one, last one you notice isn't transport, so this is going to be a part of my cover off July cover that it's it's summertime, so it's great for this moment and everything is creating the same. After that, it's you paint. But here you already had the other layers. The other dudes, as I was saying, It's better for you, Teoh create in this up because it's perfect for saving those images with the are transparent background. So that's great. And I'm going to add another layer. You, too, is charged with here. I think this is July. - No , you can see that we have here all the titles and doo doos on covers that we created that this is Deb, that I love four titles because it's simple, it's easy, and you don't really need to know much about hand littering. Because the app itself, the weight eat, draws. It's really, really a missing. So that's why I love this. There's a little abs and they're so little boys to create these titles. But in this case, I want to show you that this is my favorite up for days tiles and for quickly things. Remember that when you are creating Georgiana, you don't want to spend a lot of time just created it, but using it. So that's why I love this up In the next video, we're going to import some of the titles to the Kino Document and exporting the document to be ready for use 8. Exporting the BuJo to the iPad: Welcome back in this lesson. We're going to have some of the titles to the Kino document. Also, we are going to export the document ready for use before exporting to document a pdf. We need to have some of the titles that we created a huge print. They start adding the cover coat I like to have in the cover. My monthly Fox in the Next is Light after the July title. Next at the Expenses title. If you notice I am editing the mask to cut part of the title this way, I just copy and paste the same image and unmasking the title out I want, in this case the trackers title. This is for creating more titles in the space that I had in Hue bait. Then after the to do title, the brain DM a slight was black. So now I'm adding the brain them to do. Finally, I am adding the visualization and meditation coats. Now we can export the document to pdf format going to the bar five, then export to then clicking. PDF safe. The pdf document Cloud off your choice. I'm using Dropbox now. I'm on my iPad pro scream. I'm going to show you now in good notes, helped important document in the upper left side. Click in the plus. I can't import from the cloud. Your pdf document should be appear in there. Now open your journey. Feels good that right now flip through the journal to see what else you want to ask. Clicking the plus icon inserted in a circle, clicking the library where the titles and doodles are saved, I asked some of them When you insert images with a transparent background, these are called digital stickers. In the next video, we're going to draw some decorations to create more digital stickers. 9. Make Digital Stickers: Welcome back in this. Listen, we're going to create more digital stickers as decoration for job. We're going to use three free maps, sketches, sketchbook and paper. 50 tree. I'm going Teoh, drawing with different apps that are free. The 1st 1 is sketches. It's important that you have the way to have these layers, so you'll see what we're going to do. I'm going to create first the they seem with it and I'm going to suit thes. Don't worry. With these things is going to be almost like cartoon, uh and then going another lady Now with this pen, I'm going to grab some green. I'm going to start with peace lighter green, And I'm not going to worry much about if I'm not feeling correctly. Don't worry. This is going to be like super super. You see, I think I don't You do this and worry. Use your why the other app is going to be schedule Schedule on this is also great because you have here so much features. So can I am going to start Thetis and we've black. You end up that you can we have is a copy Connor way so that it's amazing. Okay, so for this one, I'm not going to create a the base just so again, I'm going to ask you this year. This time I want to wrap it because it's easier to do the filling layer down below. So I'm going to use is one. You'll see the difference with the other works thes greens and going to start with this one . If I need some more, Uh, shade. I'm just go to Dio there like thought and then Gela, wish this you can. You can save it, but you can't save it. Us Trumper. Transparent background. So I'm going to print scream again. The 3rd 1 is paper, and I already shot one here, which I love. It's awesome. This It's like a heart shape. So you can see this. I'm going to show you how to do another one. So for this up you have layers. So we're going to start with the feeling and then I'm going to do the outlines. So here I'm going to stop with the lighter one and the watercolor brush like that. And then the outline in black like that. Why? Because I can do this with my hand I guess it's going to erase Everything are a blend everything. So that's why I do it at last and that's it. And again, Prince Cream. So with this app that's called Magic Eraser and going to open and are automatically opens. What? The last one. So I'm going to take it is because remember already this one. I already did this one so and going to use this and have been to use d own shape. So to do this and of gay and here you downsize a little beach 16. It's perfectly. And with the pencil you do this and everything that is going to be white. Now it's transplants. No, you are going to I save it as PNG transparent back hyper solution, and we're going to start again with the other one. Finally, we're here with decorations so you can start to get those decorations in your journal, and I'm doing those also in good notes. So remember that you can drug through all these lives with your fingers, but also you can usually hyper rings. If you're noticing, I cannot add to the hyperlink. I need to click in this button so I can activate the height burnings. So for the monthly, I already have a some of my stickers. So, for example, here is the birthday sticker. And if I touch that number, it goes to the always here you can try also the A camera roll. And I already have here my stickers. And I just need to drop those stickers. For example, in here I do these on purpose. So I want to add these quote that you are enough so you don't have to spend march things much money and thinks so. This is the way you can add it. And remember, everything here has a transparent background. - So if you notice here, I already add my weather doodles, which I love them that up Hugh paint is a maze. So your journal is ready for use. I hope you enjoy creating your digital bullet journal. Thank you for watching in the next video. I'm going to show you how you can personalize even more Your d total of Jonah 10. BONUS LESSON: Welcome back in these banners. Listen, I will show you how to convert your own handwriting in a front. Go to calligrapher that come and create an account to go to start free, then lunch app flicking. Create a template. So download the pdf file and printed you bring fire from calligrapher. Do you get these two pages? So you just need to right under with your handwriting. Whatever you want, you use have to do exactly what they said and take care of this space. Don't getting to the lines and he sees for the upper case and lower case. Once you finished writing in the template is, can it or take a photo, then a blow. The file to the website in the front panel should appear your handwriting, Then click unbilled Fund and then generate Clicking. The share button on your fund should be in your computer in the iPad. You need to download the any fund up for installing your fun. Every commander to save your funding. Dropbox from their open the front in any fun clap again. Just follow the instructions. The front is well installed in almost any up off the iPad and iPhone But in good notes, Kandorians tell more funds just in no shelf, too in Not Shaft to just click in the text icon and look for your fault. Write something and that's it. Now your handwriting is in Djibouti, Joe. 11. Final thoughts: Welcome back. Now you know how to create your own. Do you tell bullet Journal and use it for keeping your memories, organizing your person and plan for the future. In this class, you learn to create a monthly so you can change every month. What doesn't work for you or continue the things that work. But you can dream more and create a warrior for the whole year for the school or a wedding planner. How about creating a medication journal? You can. Those agreed A stickers notebook for keeping ready old your stickers. You can do anything you want or need. Thank you so much for taking this class. Can't wait to see your digital wallet. Journals come to life. Good luck.