Design your Digital Bullet Journal (BuJo) or iPad Planner for your iPad | Ari Alvarez | Skillshare

Design your Digital Bullet Journal (BuJo) or iPad Planner for your iPad

Ari Alvarez, Industrial Designer and Artist

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11 Videos (56m)
    • intro

    • Importing your class documents

    • BuJo or Planner

    • Creating the layout for your journal

    • What we need from Keynote

    • Creating your BuJo

    • Drawing some titles

    • Exporting the BuJo to the iPad

    • Make Digital Stickers


    • Final thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to my class

Have you seen amazing bullet journals (Aka. BuJo) or planners and want to try them for yourself? or Have you try it but don’t manage to get your BuJo or Planner with you? Getting started with bullet journal can feel overwhelming, specially if you think you lack of skills or time to do it. Don’t worry, with this class you can unveil your creative self while you apply it to a system that can help you to organize your present and plan for the future.

Forget, for now, about what you see online, this system is intended to help you, to work for you.

The first thing we need to answer is - why in an iPad?

Well, of course you can just use pen and paper, but if you are willing to read this intro, chances are that you have tried journaling or a planner and fail.

There’s lots of reasons why physical planners o notebooks don't work for you any more:

-Forgot your BuJo (Happened to me)

-Don’t want to mess it up  (I´ve been there)

-Beautiful planners with blank pages that you never used

-You don’t want to buy a physical notebook because you are going zero waste.

Whatever reason you have, you can give a chance creating the same system that works, customizable, to manage the present and plan for the future and if you want also beautiful but in your iPad.

We will cover easy techniques for creating digital stickers as well as quick drawings with simple apps.

I´m an Industrial Designer but I love everithing that has to be with drawing or creating. Mi mind is always full of information and ideas. Has ever happened to you that you can´t sleep because your brain doesn´t shut up? Well that used to happen to me a lot, until I found the Bullet Journal System. I combined it with a digital format and my life changed so much that I wanted to share this with all of you.

Hope you enjoy the class






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Ari Alvarez

Industrial Designer and Artist

Hi, I'm Ari I'm an Industrial Designer an Artist and a hand letterer by choice too.   I live in Mexico.

My passions are any kind of drawing; plan my life and live more in the present, more mindful.

I like to conbine art with mindfulness and organization. if you want to now how keep in touch.

I discovered the concept of "Mindfulness" many years ago but I couldn´t practice at the time. However, it is something that I have searched for a long t...

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