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Design your CAD Model in Fusion 360 Autodesk

teacher avatar Lars Thimsen

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Walk Around

    • 3. Chapter 1

    • 4. Chapter 2

    • 5. Episode 3

    • 6. Episode 4

    • 7. Epidsode 5

    • 8. Episode 6

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About This Class

In this course you will be given the basic tools to work with CAD. I show you the tricks of the professionals and a fast and clean work, with which you can realize your projects fast. The first thing you will learn is the working methods and the structure of CAD programs. Also how to create bodies and finish them cleanly. As soon as the theory part is over, you can prove in the 9 tasks how much knowledge you have taken with you. For each task there is a detailed video solution. Here I simply explain to you again what to pay attention to and how you can save time while working!

In addition there is a small extra in the course what it is about find it out!

Have fun and good design ! 

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Lars Thimsen


Hello, I'm Lars.

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1. Intro: we'll show you. How will you shake again? I will show you what this first heart come from this picture. So this finish model in C 80. So it's all about creating different bodies. Different parts help us. A sample that looking at girls like this year and help make it creation a little bit like the ice. So right on how to fit all those things together to take a a complete model. Yeah, I was told I would don't talk much about theory. I made a life learning by doing. It's always shows on team. You will do it up for May and you will learn like why you're doing it. So I will explain a lot of around. See how what's the difference between different times so we can do it? If you want joy, cholera, enjoy it, you will learn Sieroty was showing the tricks on the pros. I have brought six years full time and see if the that's coming with Carson showing it. So you'll that by 2. Walk Around: course Fusion 3 16 where I will show you helps sign on. First of all, let's building a walk around and the Sufis on which tools may have what we can dio Where is Yeah, so principle and we start on the left. There we have space model. So in the middle, do most of our working. It's all about make us cash to create a body and two great different bodies and combined them. Yeah, this is so, uh, part for every little bird. Most so all they also have something that's called patch Cash is used for us things with very sim surfaces or us in warnings. Andi, she Natalie, this is where she metal and rendering we will use Rendering is all about toe. If you have done a model, you can put it. The rendering on you can give it a surface structure on the surface structure will be very detailed, and you can make a creature sent it to somebody to show him. Hey, look, This is how it will look like animation is all about to see how the different parts are combined and work together and simulation. Yeah, this assimilation I workspace is there for to see where the problems on, if their strength in the body and whether to less Mexoryl and we're a snuff metro. Yeah, this is all this about on. So, you know, and your guests off course your manufacturer experience manufacturer experience is to show all the C and C commission mobile you have producing parent and how it will run in the which way. So we looked through the most of our working model. So let's start. He'll take a look at which tells her so personally have sketch on. We always stop this sketch. We create a body so it's much easier toe make different Lang's or a different diameter off and in the after. So I will show a little bit college work. So the first of all, we have to take this, create a sketch and well will choose. Yeah, very wanted on the X ply on the set while said, X access. We'll take this one on on this sketch, we can see we have the middle point off the system and have different tools on that side and right hand side here, on here in the AAPA manuals have lives rectangle circles arcs, holy gongs. And yeah, so let's maybe it through a little example. Tingle, Linus, Make it drawing for me this long. Um, again, Mr. Like this triangle? Yeah. So I would do it. But us now. But you don't have to worry about this and like that section, Sure how it will work and how you have to do and what's very important. All of all of it. So we see him sketch we can Uh huh. For all something in two D and everything we have thrown into the you cannot smell maker simple. Like bliss here, there a little bit after and so always stops catched. And now we in the surface. We were therefore on here you have about creating, creating Tex true, the body. You can see it always on the pictures. This is you do? It's true in a body from a sketch in three D. So go from two D and three. Looks like this here going on or sketch here on say, Yeah. Okay, let's lift this thing 20 millimeter. So we've done a lot of our sketch as three D model. Yeah. So this is about you created you can that revolve something or out the access we will lose . This amuses later so you can see how it really works. We have sweet paints. Very, very cool. Is it that you have made row line about? Are all this line is making type and it's very easy to ruin it pro pipes in this. So you have loved being ripping Weps levels everything you cannot everything you need. So this is creating us in. Let's go to modify modifiers all about make a pill of big attempt for mega shell raw skating compliance. I'm saying that you know somebody maybe take a look at the shell So we take this woman say beat official can see toe make all the wall sickness one millimeter on So you have a wall formally made on everything All the rest you will take out So you hear It's so it's very easy to make something that we shall that so we have construction. Construction is there for to make a plane. Sometimes it's not possible toe may a whole, very want because you don't have a dessert basis so you have to do a plane and on the plane can you can dio hole and make the hole there where you want us. So all so we have inspect inspectors, make a match. You're able. Let's see how long it is we can use it and see. Yeah, OK, positions this year length was this year. Okay, this is how easy this you're thinking. That's what you want. Now we have. Yeah, they help us win. Lose on It takes us again. In a way. You take a little in here. You're going to see here for a moment before, so yeah. So we also have you insert some saying and said there something maids Yeah, you can do is stay arms on state. Looks like you have your branding on liberal. Yeah. So also, we have here in to make some use things. You have the connection Toast. Revie printer. Yeah. So it's very easy to combine some senators three d printing. You don't have to export it. Maybe Kuhr off from for all. You have to print it. Yeah. So this whole surprise here the Yeah, right up. You have very can choose. Looks from you will not show that back here for back ride. What are from chronic? Are you want to go here. Here in the top. Right top front, Right? Yes. Um, no. No way. Get orbit. It's the who's thing. The things you'll meet, what was worth. So can that make everything together? I will show you However, you will stop on its See you the next one. 3. Chapter 1: no pro tickets to drove a slap in C A d n. Well, first they look at which Barkley happier have told parks, but lump is in and what comes out and at the bottom parking and some arms between Yeah, we'll start with a button para. So let's up our TOC 80 end get started. Okay, Here. So the principle used to this catch on the aesthetics? Um well, Chrissy on the keyboard. So we gas the circle here, so let's see how people do it. I think 100 millimeters on. So let's take a look back again here and you can see the bottom prefers path to make the circle. It has expanded off. Then take the second part on it, so we make it step by step. So again, first pot is we did the national, So stop sketch again. So every time you do is catch you say create sketch and go in this catch and trade that what you want to trade Yeah, so sketchy at creative is also back down here. So if you're doing us do a galloping on it, you come back and can solution. After we got this, we can expend so nothing is. You can also hold the pain of the waste on state sketch and go to a circle. Take a center. I am either circle. You can see it's the short kind of seat on. You can also take this woman like it here and now. You can push deep on the rate off circle. I could see how big it is, and you can put your number in the polls change. Okay, now down this way. Say stuff. Sketch. Uh, we have the first thing of all up. So with this come to three. You say create up here. So now we have here. This is for the disk dinner. So you can also go down the gang here again and say OK, damaging the their roles Bill tomorrow. Yeah. Okay, let's get this five. I like it. I like it. So now we had Teoh do this party where the arm it's attached to. Yeah, so we have to put on our circle. We make it to nobody on First of all, we will make a sketch talk up it on, uh, at together. So let's go back se sketch. And now you choose the sir. Face off circle. You could see you surface off or circle. Well, everything be drawn out is on the surface of our circle. So first of all, we should see how we want to do it. So we want to send out the holes, the whole thing on What has to be? Yeah, I have four. Yes, we're going step and take a rectangle to port rectangle here on 1st 4 Patrol. My maybe what we're saying 25 to So with why Should is here. No, we have to see this. This here is in the middle. So the easiest way is first of all, be this so there and say this is good. Uh, no, you can take a bit, boy. The boy from here. There. Okay. So this bold work where? Yep. Right. This doesn't work because we have 20 year on. He will only set the midpoint if the line will be on the point. So we have something another way. Be pushed e again, maybe for you. Uh, go. Oh, I don't know. Birds. It goes cash. It's a sketch dimension here. This is my shot up d you can take. That's what and go from this part of this, but drink it up on the help of 12 y 56.25 really? In the middle. So this is exactly what you want. The heart of this. You also can't say Take a look. All this year, you can see this is a diameter $5. Here. Our solar concluding here, Uh, say you should be dying. Five. Give it to Mel Association so certain. You see that comes on. We're going there with it. This makes much you see changing every car so you can see it. Little my security. We'll stop this sketch again. If you have all those here on, you have to see how they want to do it. So we push again, create, okay. I don't like how it works. Maybe chances. So you're, uh Yeah, those gas. Yeah, that looks much better. So you all soul if you go back in here, where do this go to? And they took the operation down here to join it. You cut it. I already could do with your body. Have we have to join us? So who's just won by now? Because thes tools are I will change this year to near body and say, OK, I don't make a I could choose this into this isn't shows. You see this body, this body? No, stashed again. Why don't you joining? Okay, so but both Okay, but let's take a picture back again. So you see, down here we have the home work attached. Alarm. Maybe we make a little different. Decide. Let's farm. Yeah. What? You need a whole? We're gonna catch the arm. That's important. And you'll generally on go back in this 80 so we will find skirts. Okay, so now we do a little sketch first. Awful. We're modify the singer. I don't like these corners. Looks smoother topping wrong. So we go modify minded Jews. Two corners. We know it's 15. So we take a regular upset. Five on Say okay. And you you see your father The rounding up. So now we can do is etch on here. Sumer, Look. And now you can see and ethical my mouth in the middle. I get a little plump. That's often for this. What we needed. So we chose the middle part. Maybe seven home. That's it. But it's not sketch. Now you say you want to trade again. Can I? Suppose you have the key Broke. It's often shot part love letter with you there the only senior do you take, uh, here, Choose an object on put it throat. So now it automatically you have a home. So so in your town. So let's make it look very nice. No, it's a five for so you made this looks far. You also can do. Oh, this is one of my favorites. If you set one off water'll a circle like this, you can also take the Vermont. You come in here. She's Cornell's really sit together. No. You what? Look, this like it's here and see. Ok, so So you see, combined in certain cases, wrong. It looks on the other thing. It's very grateful. Pretty perfect. So material better together buying so no. So both I would so in our picture of the whole single slide down himself. So we're going to say what we want. Okay, So we corrected by up here and now we can correct by you here, and you can see it. You call. That has changed. But you all I see very much here. So Now we go here in the rendering it in the rhetoric. You see, you're very my slides. My model. Yeah, it's very look like you this false the first part of all that must do it together. So we will say it and say so. It's not, You see also the next part. 4. Chapter 2: the next part of the whole some of this park. We will look at these two arms here, so they're very similar. So we only want to go on what time can use it to times. This will issues later on. No one will stop throwing. So, first of all, we take a rectangle of this mega lo holding year two whole Some radiance here. You're here, and this should also you are. Okay, so let's stop. Okay, Megan, you and model here. So if you go here up here and say file your sign, you will open new to sign it, subject to take the drug. So, first of all, we will make a sketchy can go here, take a little bit in the middle Soon they have been off also from the A little bit bigger. Uh, we will stars. Yeah. Was into a rectangle. This should be Let's say yeah. Like finding here. Yeah, that's nice. So now we can make slum whole. The two holes will rectangle all at once. And how I was sure. OK, so first of all, left dark with the holes on the left, from the right side. Close girls. So we start here. Here. Uh, maybe the same one here. So So let's Look what? Some night we came this small toe this line away sensing little you're here on the time sores burn middle from twenties? No. So we also can look, They see. I mean, you go in the middle part off. Yeah, the whole take the radio all to life and the CEO automatically. We get 20 diameter circle, and later we can make it public Roberts object. But I'm not sure that this nos So you, uh push. See, you can delete lines. See here you will delete on the every line single because they separated from the why I want to go up here. Sketch on, say true. Yeah, sure, because t you can see here. Yeah. Next black. Nobody's here. So the same year pushed t again to take circle altogether. We make it on another way, s so let's still below. Yes, I think this is the first moment. So we take the rectangle again on saying spoke on sick. Okay, 148. There's a difference between Hornell, the whole describing spray boy. So we have later spending 57 So you can say again way we do it like we did it. Therefore for all its both and say OK, it's a 10. This let's on say yes. You have to I you okay? Okay. It's like minus. That's so if you take out of 12 for five, it's 6.25 Yeah, that's not the middle of it, because that's 20. Here. So you takes. Took a friend from the swag in you get 7.5 between us. Three point 75 Yeah. Okay, So the next one? Yeah. Okay. This looks fine. And this was we did in the last video was the f to make the round edges. You would do of another way. Now, So we go on sketch and say, Yeah, good. Like, this year take this year. And now we can say OK, which radios should have? Let's say yeah. Uh, say this year on this issue, he's here. Listen, just you're all OK? I say So. You see, now we can see all of sketch here. No, it's a great you only post on are Okay. That's what were there too. That's much too much. Here, let's go again. No. So you see all sketches. One part you can create it and have the whole sketch home later. So let's well, fire. It's better, Paterson. So now we can say this. This one. So you see, you have to be nice move. Actually, so it looks very good. Like here. So negative sinner. My one tree optic. So let's go again and see what you can do. We got curious again here. Yeah, Yeah. No. Yes. After so you can get out. Okay, that's to read. You don't need better. Oh, okay. What's it? Yeah. So do you like this on now? You can go back. Look at our options. No. Okay, so now we go save it on. Say, that's our Okay. So this false, the second part of all of us. 5. Episode 3: the next episode of what we do all that this ever self. We will make the tough part of it. So has this part here. Metal. What matter? Like the bottle park here with the whole And that's solar's different ways How to do it. I will show you what you see, Square. So the way I think this Assisi's way So let's hop over to see 80 and take a look or I'll do it. First of all, you can take a sketch from this time it takes sketch tree in the white on the x axis. Look here for help here or India. You take a rectangle you make a like for you. Okay, let's take a line. I think the rule lack Yeah, 100. So for you Hunkered, go. Yeah, let's look big enough to look up later. Now we pay early. Uh, yeah, art. Three point arc. And we take the up part Took here the 50 out on 100 and the whole point of a rectangle. Now we have put it like we wanted to hear, so this doesn't look too nice. So go on. Do you take our greatness? Okay. Some may be Read the license again. Just trying to get Okay, First of all, be taken. I had three point art connecting these supplies together. Uh, work. Maybe this year will overcome. Take, be here. So one on people don't appear into court. Also sick off by so intake Wilson book Here. You can see we have Here are some signals on rounding about around and this circle for over one year. List lips all summer Bill, that's from these lines out. Don't on. We also don't do this one. This one so may to be solutions more natural. This yoli. So we also have this one off with a So maybe it's four, maybe 10. I said also from line. What? And that was he stops catch. And we have this gets you. So that's a look. So we say create and say, Uh yeah, what happened? We wanted. And shoes always gash and say you want you want all the same a row? Yeah, you and you will see what happens. It will rotate it around X on. Get Bobby, you say OK, we have to do so the next you have to use body five. I think it's a shell. See too much. Okay, so All right, let's say modify you Go on, show shoes off apart inside one Peter people work. So some. So the next time you hey, are again it takes us Oh, yeah. So the first part. Oh, I'm not so much since so Oh, yeah. So next thing we have to sketch who look this part. So you see, it's got a little That's biggest alarms. So So that's sick. Uh, C five, that spot. So since So So Yeah. Okay. I'm certain it's Oh, symbols. So if you take those I don't know and see the stash. Exactly. Bill off body. So now if you want to exclude you, explain it for you. So it's just us. Oh, you can see. Okay, don't And sitting Joy. One son on also. No. - Come on. Next thing. That's how long to go. It's very long. It's five. That's No, it's Yeah, I was sure. Why? So Because we got to make the whole is pressing. So go back to you and say money going. Here we go. Yeah, and your Oh, so what? Yes. Oh, you but certain rest. Yeah, I guess. Now that's also, you don't see. Don't your activated again points. It's okay. Okay. Now let's see what this is. No, this is so you say. Go back, Prince. What's so so the only thing missing. Parts. So this is that. 6. Episode 4: start again from Europe. So on the somebody's will take a look at how we will do screws Support panel sketch. It's like every time. So, rectangle look at all part of it Doing your take another rectangle Be fun, but it's one Don't the work. So let's make it. Why So Oh, sketch Here, Here. Let's say stuff. Now we go on. Take. I was going to say Oh, essence. Thanks. Okay, first, next thing we have to do No, no or Right, Right. Take all surface. My concealed say five model. I see. Okay, another concern. Uh, wrong. It's so no, you go here. Over here. So posing Goto lightens. Yes, that's so scratching. So So that's that's it. - So this is all about schools? You see out incidents also? Yeah. So the next step 7. Epidsode 5: support, But we will take a look at all. Not with so merciful. Yeah, We started my love to start with a sketch. Let's start not to be now, let's say but so the next thing you know But the metric is later bigger, many of you. It's only ever since. So, you see, I push only tea and I come with a moat. So some very savory. So the next thing we also need to see fill it again. You don't think Oh, yeah, because of six, um, diameter on your six. And it's always a conflict. Be around a little. Take a look, Uh, first, a small fine and safe. So next thing we do, we're gonna say Great. Yeah. So first t choose to profile people here on state of excess. Thanks. Thanks. You don't. Okay, so you'll see what happened here. Books next African. Yeah, You make a Germany calls like wings. Done. That's right, Mom. So see, helping this. So next step. We have to Well, since cash bottom side of it on your it won't be a rectangle small since easier. So you're well? No, thank you. This one. You can see it automatic year. Yeah, I have this strange here. That's that's it. So the next one we can take from you say it's old five. Same on the old side. On the trip, you take a circle. I made this circle the circle. Let's make a certain fire. Do you? So you're so But so that's it. School. It's so yeah. Doesn't look like so we go. So already on the next. So you see, we have a monster. You, for example, other things. So first you need to do that. Lost episode on steel? Yes. Let's help you take a variance on it. Uh, okay. Oh, I don't want to color. Let's move. Polished this so sing. But so this holes already. So I'm in. Excellent. So we're going along. 8. Episode 6: the C A P tutorial. 12. That scruples. 60 a lot episode take Look at all. So here we have it. So we want to sample it like this. We have thrown all the parts, so let's start. First of all, we make a new design again, but we have safe from first hold your completes. And so we have to sake that we can put over six points in this. So we start with the 1st 1 was the bottom. You make, uh, right thing on it. And it's a insurance into current. Take a few seconds for hosting is supposed to Physical peoples have to sit there, assists a little. The next thing is a lot they got into. So know that already you can't not like this like that. First of all of you have, like, this year. Yes. OK, No. So if you're in, say point point, you go in and take this point here. This point. You go on that point. All right? Very good. Maybe it's that on. All right, you first. This year. Here we go again on points. This guy. Okay, you know, So your second sighs So that's a look like so, So far, so good. - Oh , maybe. Oh, that's that's over. Over. So six slimes. Yeah, so and now. - All right, so No, - no , no, it's Yeah. No. - So no se no. So maybe on it. All that selected? Both. Absolutely. But oh, - second . - Yeah , - no .