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Design your CAD Model in Fusion 360 Autodesk Part 2

teacher avatar Lars Thimsen

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Start Kurs Englisch

    • 2. Englisch Einstieg

    • 3. Base

    • 4. Arm 1

    • 5. Arm 2

    • 6. Arm 3

    • 7. Grabber

    • 8. Zusammenbau

    • 9. Endpunkte

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About This Class

In this exciting course you will learn how to use one of the best 3D modeling applications when it comes to 3D design, 3D printing and manufacturing, Autodesk Fusion 360.

So what is Fusion 360? Fusion 360 helps students and educators prepare for the future of design. It's the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind, connecting your entire product development process into one cloud-based platform.

During this course you will learn the basics as well as more advanced techniques which will enable you to create anything you can imagine.

Meet Your Teacher

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Lars Thimsen


Hello, I'm Lars.

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1. Start Kurs Englisch: Hi. My name is lost and I will show you how you can model your project and cut. We will using this course fusions for 60 from all the best. So we will show you how we can model your own pro text and how you can combine them and make it a functional physical objects. All of it. This course we will sign it together. Five Exel's robots. So we will grow every piece off the road. You will decide it and we will build it together. And then after this, we will take the model life first full pulls them together and boo make it possible to move it like it will be physical normal Addicted to each other was an parts and everything. Come on and charmy 2. Englisch Einstieg: the joints and for fixing and the sample menu here, you can join to buy together controlling two components ago. So let's try this. First they could create something if you feel you normally create bodies so we have to cover these bodies into components. So we choose the first body and go up here and say new component Okay, for the 1st 1 on let's do it also for a second current. Now we have two bodies. Let me join together for personal. We have to take the first body. But it's all face. Robert Grown means that now I can't move it anymore. And you can see I can move this body here so this will set a massive flat on. We'll stay study, so that's trying to component together. First of all, we can go off on the 1st 1 We will choose a subotic would which will move so you can see is a chronic component is great out. So we will just this one. Here we go down here on on, which was at this point on the results of the ground with body and we'll choose this plant here and I can see perhaps a motion, Richard. That's like what? It together? You can also take a rebel. You return it on the plant. You have this life? Yes, a ventricle on your pencil. You also can truth. An hour are moving. Likeable. So what? We need Richard permit. So we say okay. And everything is like put it on, take a bullet to take it when I can't move it animal. Time to go though. So let's take some the other component on to take a look at some other chimes and make one function model. I have creative in my project. Fear something that's important. Breakfast first. More for like for nearly 1/3 Say Okay, take on some three serves which will meet later on one more proven What now? If you take a look at the bracket, consider itself a much bigger hold on the base to join them together. We have these spaces. First of all, we want these crazy us also tech molded like on the breakfast. So we do it again. Or join Take the first component here At this point on this blind should be welded all the water. Awesome. Let's do this on the other one you go again. Insurance. Take a first face here on the 2nd 1 here and they go together. That's animation. So the next thing is, we want perhaps this bracket turning around the excess off the base here. So we have. The first problem we have here is is that the record is wider than the base to uh, I joined them together. In a perfect way. You can choose between faces so principal we would choose to chase off the record. We want to. I know it's a snap and sent means it's going on the excess between the the so ventricle fault on the form of a four year old ships like you. Perfect. Now we also have to do it for the second component, and that's off base the juice of faces between together on the excess. And now we see the real lineup, and you also see the other bodies off space since the head before would stay up here. But it only would do that because it would take too much powerful the computer to also calculate this year. So if you say OK, I can see they come back here, so no, they are tech world it like you together, but that isn't that what you want it? So let's go back in the joint on we go here in motion on, say, Riverview and you can see the break. It will turn around the access You perfect what you want Say OK, so let's take a bone sticking together and they've got not on it. Um, see how it will look. So let's take this year and insert into current science. We have Colonel Awesome Way will assemble it. We're done will take Yeah, we don't want one. Well, that rotate here and you're considered the world's awesome And say it on the only thing that is missing this well, that's insert this My God! So prove it my foot. And it could CMO that points will stop jumping all the wrong in on windows. It's like control on Mac. It's Come on. If you keep pushing, you can take face and can choose very one. Choose it. So the point so well don't jump around. What can you be on the side of it? So we go here on the face first. Come out, Get in Here I am rituals. Same single. Also, meet up here so you can see that. Go here. And I want grabbed us. You're drunk, coming on the other on the bolt. So that's come on building sites and you can see it's turning body. I think we'll the perfect sale there. And now you can see we have finished model. So you have taken up here. I can move it in every direction. My for you crazy. But now you concede I can go down here in the the component, But that's unrealistic. So we have toe. Yeah, I don't Let's take a look over. Do it now. We can see we created joints and we have the full of joints here. So we go on the showing between the bracket on the base. It's like this one here, right? Click on it and say edit joined limits. You need a maximum having you have minimal. So the maximum should be like minus 100. So you say Okay, I know. I can see. I can't move it for a little than this year. And further on the older fight. Yeah, that's all. First experience risk silence on later on the earth rule cradling robot or will take a lamb from previous course on any made it completely 3. Base: off the project to make a functional role plot. First thing they want to do is stroll face. So therefore we go on to create sketch and choose our plan. Our face on a well, so awesome I want to corrupt on base. So we go appearances. So say 40 millimeters on no can also lead the whole for the access. So we go up here against a $10 million in the middle Say OK on, say, finner sketch. So okay, maybe a little bit too fast, but signatory inside. So a former 40 millimeters for the outside on 10 millimeters fully inside solar fax us is finished sketch no go pee and say it's true So you choose the face you want to extrude Now It's like Am I don't want to extrude the whole because I only want to cancel those sites so we can put the excess later and then the so no, you conceive saying you're 10 members up Say Okay, you see, they have circles all middle. It's like a big doughnut. So the next thing we want is some feats for over, So stay stable. So the girl began here Sketch creates catch on the surface, off a circle elective. You talk again on now you can go virtues line or it can push the Elke on people and drove off here. So now it's on my 50 milliliters from the middle. You know, you can see you have a normal line. It's not that we need here when you're construction line. So remarks line that it's blue highlighter. I'm before 60 on work and you can see now we have construction. Life can also go like thing on it and say normal local function line and you concede in the bacteria in the short talk your sex So the next thing we need a rectangle So rectangles are on the keeper or appear in, say, two point rectangle This one knows five white and call for the long And the next thing you know, we go with constraints. I can't say the middle point. All rectangle should be here on over Tough point off the construction line on. Now we go here, we can see time. Uh, yeah, Cardinals. The rectangle is in the circle, so that's not necessary. So we go up there and say, true on, take these lines out so that will match after we have numbers. Was a Finnish sketch. The next thing we want to exclude about time you ***. So which was the face and saying my and hit the enter key. Perfect. Yeah, let's do a little bit of style. And so we go. It's a temper. What's your girlfriend's? They modify temper on your juice line. You want to temper like the off the line up here, and I wanted to have to distances. So the first systems it's a distance of going down should be like nine millimeters on the upper distance trip in your life. Here, it's something millimeters animal hits very nicely at the edge off our center, and I would say, OK, so we also want three or four or five of them so that on the easy way we go office, they create better super pepper. No, we can select a feature of phase a body, a component, so let's try it. With teachers, it's normally is the phone so we can choose all when you want us here on, select the access riddle eggs. Andi wanted three of them, so we say three or four or five or think, Let's go with six. Now I can see where for? Beautiful pattern was six off these feats on. We're good to go for the next one. Maybe we can do some assignments in it. If you go on, say, on this, fill it or on the people. Mark all the anxious in here. You heard? Very sign. So now if you can pull up the error, you can see it was moved out. It looks like, really, really not nothing. Yeah, I like it like this and say, OK, so coming The first thing it's done, that's our base. So you have to create a new world. Yeah. Um, And you a project I called a cop to on, say, in your folder, your help. You're saying you're fuller the Rolla, and no one conceits the whole Sington. Say this. This our base current safe on. That's its whole base. 4. Arm 1: we need for over a year. First arm off it. So it's Yeah, the robot is made with 123 arms on one hand, a rapper. And now let's take a look at the first arm. So we have our base was for Camilla Reiter Circle. Still the same here. Let's maker sketch a gamma circle for a minute. Also in the sketch extra millimeters they enter. And no, it helps us. You go again on a sketch on On the downside here you would create at the middle a 10 millimeter circle and we'll extruded like, Well, let's see, Yeah, let's say again, sketch. Let me with excluded lied 10 minute meeting the base So say eight million maker. So that flight of the X with problem through role play, they're wrong. Perfect. So now that CIA how we will do the arm off the road so the arms would be on the middle? Sir, face on up here like this. So we will say sketch again and you can see we have a face in the middle off it on this which one choose and we go up here on the lot Sign That said, let's say that happens. Logo from the left side. So now you pushed pee on your keeper. Choose the awful line here. What we're doing now or you cannot say a body. Then you can choose the whole body. But we're doing now We are projecting the body in our current sketch. So we are able toe work with these points here we have here. So first of all, we should take a look and see where the next expo look. Nine for being here we are. So I said to me, I only have hide all, maybe 17 millimeters. So this one answered about It's good. Um, it's a little cassette form to this form. Okay, I was wrong. So if you can see if you push Deana Kieber, you can go early, take a dimension off something. So first thing, we will take the middle part of this one. Uh and yes. No, we're going, say, taking members so that this is something like for starters who let's make a beautiful That's not having Teoh get these two together first. Let's make no sir girl. This circle was buying me girl, that's up to you. You can do it like you want justice? So one of my designs that fire? Um, no. You can take a line and see where line will match with circle. I can see up here, controls your line or can imports the Elke on people on the truth for the same thing I would do so it looks a little bit clump. Little born. Yeah. Oh, line a girl from a lot. Perfect. A little final here trimming the line here. Way on. We go up your modify and save Phillips while the so that's do it with our go here on inside of it. You're perfect. Much nicer. Maybe we should do our condo all the cycles, so yeah, and now you can see you have to travel with the way here. Oh, hurry on. It wants to know how my heart is like and show you that diameters. So you see what happens here. So the next thing we have to do off the parole, the sign it's a sketch under conceding If I say extruded that normally will only one side. This is what I wanted. So we got a piercing on side to side. What? It's neither symmetry on it should only be so something like this. Let's have a little bit big. What? Six weeks? Yeah, looks better. So next thing we have to see what's going on here doesn't look so not so. We mark the area here and go words buried. Market leader. I would have to smush fence so same single backside. See that? Too close again? Don't. Here, Here. No, it's sitting flash on. So this first on local Over on a reward? Yeah, Maybe you leave itself. Let's And so So it's looking nice on. That's the 1st 6 That's the first arm. Maybe you should also the circle three minutes. Let's give it. Do us to check this out. Former or money? Yeah. So you're at the schools, and here it looks like something like all the form is And this is for the first time. So we say safe. And the project was full of the robot and sends arm walk 5. Arm 2: for the next component. We need a second off. So we built there and I'm sorry. Pretty sketch son, too. That's a little bit Club over, says Extra. I'm really the arm should be. Let's see millimeters long. So take a line. You can go here again. L Any people on a long It should only be a fraction lines of market a line again highlighted pushing the X on the keyboard on its or construction like and again we could see our our keyword on next for the excesses. Same thing with the second hole lower It's take a look at it. Perfect on trains again with the art, You know, we take the middle point going up, hitting the outer circle and the same thing we're doing on the other side On a little point here, you can see it's market the middle line here on Would you prefer the same thing you are doing now for the old this boy, I'm going up there. So the next thing we say we say, um, you should create a point. So we say great se point in the middle of here, Uh, a little bit since to go. Come on on nobody pushing Be bottom through Meshal that you mentioned. So like too many CIA on we say now for this line for this time, it should always be the same like this and saying so thinking on the other dimension on. No way by changing those 23 really, we don't see it. So make some framing. Good to go. So let's see the nurse cash. So this is our second arm. Well, it's proved life go again. Was was Philip off here? Or a phony Kieber on remark? Conflict outline office. So let's see, we say. But many Americans go to Let's go. Alright, bring her good morning piece. It was a whole for the axles three months later, so the golf again and saying safe the whole thing again A folder on folded arms and say enter and you see the next year 6. Arm 3: coming arm on that will be out of two pieces. So let's make first piece off the set off so principle they can need a sketch to break going to the front side. Well, sketch here is a circle settled C on your keyboard taken and sent many beautiful excess on the whole. So let's go for this one. So this would be a little bit different. Like the alarm shoot. Rotate around his own axis later. First of all, it's a finger sketch here, Mark was born on. It's true fun calls, but perfect. Well, the next thing that's going up this sketch again and now we will take it from the side on the right side on. So first thing we do, we go here on saying you're going to see a gold. I actuated so you can see the water could be actuated. Don't see the body. Sometimes it's easy. Workplaces from Atlantic construction life, please. All of it. No secret on the body. No, we want to go with a circle in the middle that it's likely reading. Why? Okay, so we're going on to the body circle Middle one and now you can go up against the constraints from the middle office. It should be on the middle of the night on It's perfect and it's a finger sketch. No, it'll flatten. Can the parties and you can say he six. Truth underpin explodes body across it. So now what? It will do it. We'll say, Oh, you want to contact us? But some want So let's say good old like 25 20 meters and say it, sewing it some more. It's a strong body. I was okay, So know this in the middle of barrel, except to go through to remove it. You know, side saving us moves hole in the middle. Next, they were to return to go over there. Hence it for them. My nos good. So? So we had toe have way. Have to rotate it around. Other banks served. Um, to do that, we will now go here and say It's cash on the top of the arm and we will make a hole in the middle. All well, for one So going on here, you can see the middle point market seven C When you work with couples like for and say OK fender sketch market in a Circle six. True. You people are Let's go in like 10 millimeters. I can see that hole in the middle or allergic and match the excellent on a number considered called again. And the location that should be famous. All of posits a arm three are Well, awesome. Now we're making your file on. We will do our three part too. So we'll start again with us. Get on. No, Do it on a little bit away. So Franta and we would create a rectangle. So we had a four point buck. Really? Reader. So the hopper, 4.5 to 4 to five. It should only be like hard. Now we only make 10 meter deep. The whole soul. That's only okay, Um trouble powerful. Only five from the mayor's office. 2.5. We're also finding in years. And now we meet their sick apart Off the top. You will later. See what I mean, what we're doing right now. Um so and what we know will do After all the rectangle here trim all It was a way sambal Nice look here because the fellow makes helps me to join these two together. They look nice. Let's see singing groups. Yeah, but so it was a finger sketch. So now we go up here and say Re Wolf. So we're choosing our profile here. It's already chosen. And I would choose this access here, and you can see a door revolves around it. Who made a road hearing the body out of him. Andi, newly have all finished part two of the arm. I would say OK on later on. We want a grab a rope here. That will work. So to make a grab for people when we have toe make girl. Yeah, I'm let's face here. So we're going on half a little bit left side on us. I say we'll take schedule. Let's up. Go up again and put your p on the keeper Selecting the body. No principle. Growing leg rectangle. Could you die? What I'm telling you and again on his friends were going off in choosing this one. This one I am a stable sitting dollars Perfectly. Yeah, terrible forever growth figure sketch on. Now we won't fix open six truth and then awaken. She was body here on the Walter exports symmetrically on both sides. So pulling it off here So we have a nice here in the middle, Maybe way. Rule. Well, we'll changes. Come back here. Same here. Five women there. Some of the body again Under conceded five minutes. That's so this is, uh, Arm three. Part two. Well, later, the gravel will run in here. Yeah, we could do it. You can take this too well on a little bit. So let's first Cuban Michael's here. Give it simple on later on. Maybe some change from so next thing again is to say, the whole singles arm. Three parts to who will see in the next part. 7. Grabber: last, but not least with forever. So let's do it one times and later important twice so suitable for one to do them you want . Let's select 20 million slaw and certainly in the long Mexico Mall 71 And to give this a cool that's a art form. Talk to us. Okay, Married ships make a We're a horrible but the new makers. So you're you can see Let's fly here you can mark line and go, uh, like the lead on a keyboard. Believe the line, that's easy. Or you could go from So the next thing we take of our can and will sex between this year on knowing nearly go to go said finger, sketch it sketch again explode the whole thing. Bold. So what's different? A nice look. A little sure we were walking again. The the surface Here on we go here on create a rectangle. Yeah, schooling in directing like Syria. So Poland, five to a poor fuck sitting from the outside through here. Okay, fine. But still, it's 10. 10 shoulders. What? Corinne are This should be going on. This is one that's sitting on it. Ah, yeah. So the next thing we are doing. You want all these here? All the whale. So we're going up there and say Great rectangle pattern on. We're marking off one move aboards. So this is what you want to go there, fool. Maybe suitable. A little less Here. We were like, as much as we want to 20. Yeah, that's OK. So because he 25 50 steps was the same. This is between them, however it comes from now what? Because what we're going to do with people too old going you toe extrude away. Well, truth, all of them. Okay, okay. Click on each old Orica. Direct this one and my humor holes. Uh oh. Notebooks must so perfect on that is our river or one off them. So we saved him again. Well, wherever. So this was the last built on in the next video rubble combined along or components. What? I will show you one thing on this. If you go on bodies here and correcting on it, they're gonna change their periods off your body color or a different material has to give . This year it should be like your red. So that's people have a critic pretzel. It will shine through Does your shines through now Or thinking of aluminium So dolphin shining through and we'll look nice So this whole you can change the appearance off your place Perfect on No, we have to save it again on we will see it on the next video built all the things together 8. Zusammenbau: rowboat together So you can you know, we have all off the parts we want toe combine later on a combined the arms we need X which is built 10 millimeters on maybe attending this small. So let's in suppressing Really still have to do is we're going up to Ah, no sketch here. Single on a five year perfect sketch No one here on your foot all for color You know it's true confident. That's cool. This is city. So no, we have to start you design So I'm just one No, we will say this You want to do this here they say it So now we construct And for all these things first quality will start I'm too important or peas so wholesome tickets here in the middle to later on to combine all the easier Any made them was a sample my joints in something The first thing we have we always have to ground or grown, played or base of our basis grounded and I can't move it anymore. So let's go for the next one we will take virus will insert years arm that single living up so we can see something And now I can see if the army is important, I can drag it all our own. So that is not what you want later on. So the first thing we have to do is to mouth the arm to the base. So go up here and say a sample chilling on you wanted between two faces. The first face is like here in the middle and no, we'll take over face, Somebody will see. Probably flash on it on the second born or conceived on base here, shown here you can say like any reach mood wolf. Really? That means it's like wanted together with the rich people. He already had a start. We want to have to rebel you permanent and say OK, so I could direct this year around it and move it like a month passes on one of us jangle eyes. I like it so perfect. So the next thing this we want to import one off his access insert into current asylum on you won't later on breaking the old. So the next thing we want to do is on. You want this one to sit in a year tomorrow, Later on, on the lights on it. So we go again on, say, a sample on Say you won't this position sitting blast on here on on the side It's not allowed to turn So we go emotions and say Richard and you can see on the immigration again that it's now what it together. So the next thing we want IHS our next arm. So when you're on, say insert into current decide on what we already can do is we can turn it around so it makes life easier Later I can put it off angle middle And now we go again on joints We're replicant from in this position here, here with one So yes, well, but that's not what we wanted. We don't want world it again. We want to happen. Revenue Yeah, perfect. Later answer changes that don't go through bodies Now you can see that our axles a little bit small. So let's go back in our excess Here in the file, on going on here in all sketches and say it should be like full freedom because science a enter and say finished sketch on. So no, we're going to build here. You can see here. Is there something wrong with self latest restaurant. So no, it's the latest burden in it. Six. Slide Be honest like so No conceded our home. I contract this one year and move it and also moving off a dollar. So what's going on? Variable of the moment. Some perfect. So let's take another access and mountain up here in the go up again and saying like one of the concert into current design. Uh, we will move record up here. Stay okay on, say so. We want to have the sign matching. No, let's say better. This matches well said no, Colonel. Well, that often on lead skill to the next part There are about one act insert into current. So it's turning offer and see it months ago, aren't you? Cannot there chung choosing this one that form se motion? Well use. Awesome. Okay, so next thing iss have to tools. No, you go short again. Cancer. This one here spinning all around here. That's exactly what they want. You hear more method. Yeah, on now we want to move or rebel on it. So, like your brother should go all in all So let's take the reverend your incident current decide again. That's a little bit. Maybe change later. Let me see. So middle point from this one here. That's not what you want. So first of all, the after really slow so important when you were done Fancy. Believe this one here on go. You're insane. Friendly states continue. Um, so we have toe revert all position here. You see, if you contract, you could record all the way again on and mess up oil your position like this year. I can't hold anything. So you go up there and they reverted. So you have a closer look. And if you're importance clear again, mountains always say insert. No, this time in the right direction. I don't say Okay. I never control your life easier. So join this one on the motion ship. You like a slider? What's taking first full year? No. Is this your in the singles? Awaken on. Not good for the side, you see? Work well. So let's sit over there. I don't think so. Aren't married downside here no longer? Yes. Perfect. That's this what you wanted. So you can see. No, this is sitting in the middle and is Richard And we want to slide. That's a wrong side. It's for science when there is Yes, this is what you should do later on. So Okay, now we're doing the same thing with your loaf lighter and imported against. Go insert, sire. You mean the grabber on? We will turn around here 90 degrees on, like this money to build here. I wanted so perfect. Kind of some blue again on the well, because that's sitting perfect here. So this was the first assembling on the next one. We will set all everything so that it can't go through, like this year through the model on board. 9. Endpunkte: just take a look. Why? It's this moving through models on how you can get away So it doesn't do that anymore Completely off again on the same regard. The position so perfect. Let's take a look at home. You open on, go up here in our fuller joins takes off so much more space on. First of all, we have this one here on this is the X about here, so this can turn like free on a 60 degrees on Let's calm, Please be okay. So there is nothing that can apples. So the next one is a Richard. So that's like molded now isn't moving anything takes the next one? No, we have to look where the endpoints are here so we don't writing on it and say Edit John Minutes on possible. We have to create a minimum. So let's take a look at minus 100 degrees bird. Is that so good? Minus 300. So there's for the vulnerable. Stood are so if you say it nice. 2017 everything is fine. Have you can keep it there. So let's say the maximum of 100. Nothing 40 30. I don't think Look. Yeah, Mary Comtech 75 We're already in the model. Yeah, I think. Look, for what? 6 30 Okay, so no. At this moment, this arm konkle further down followed online. 30. Was it computer longer? So let's go with the next one. This is again a rigid full access. That's fine. On at this hour, they let you have the limits again. Many movement, but again, like 300 off the suffering here under so you can seize for 60 should be any problem. But we have to sing that second part of the hobbles sit on its own. We should be up here, so let's Syrian minor. There. Look, when I one thinks they're fine on a positive, like all the ones that dignity. Yeah. Awesome. Okay, so now we're continues. I'm here. It's a little bit from you. Bet like won't go in there. So? So the next thing that wasa spinning we saw here it was one year, So three sixties and no problem. It's been like as much, I say. So let's take a a closer look at the grabber. You can see you. The grammar is yeah, going on each other so that no one should be to go to drink. So we have to at it here. So the really mom is too open. The our old for fun on the maximum of three life. Okay, Okay. I would say, OK, the same thing we're doing on the older one. Don't limit everything meaningless. Oh, fine. All right. Here we have minus eight and okay, we have to switch with, like, minds eight and minus O'Korn. My eyes opened her. No, the gravel awful separated. Pushed them off older. That's it. Everything fun. So all robotic friends ago. What was it? Awesome. Your position again looking for him. So you we can go here in the Sinai. Say render. We will take a minute. And now we can see or rendering from Horrible also. So I hope you enjoyed the course on Let me know what you want to learn or what I have toe put in my next course.