Design your 'Best Logo Ever' for a niche Architect firm! | Gary Van Zyl | Skillshare

Design your 'Best Logo Ever' for a niche Architect firm!

Gary Van Zyl, Design Intelligence

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8 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction to Class and Teacher

    • 2. Lesson #1 - What makes a Great Logo?

    • 3. Lesson #2 - A Great Concept

    • 4. Lesson #3 - A Great Design

    • 5. Lesson #4 - Step1 The Brief

    • 6. Lesson #5 - Step2 Design Building Blocks

    • 7. Lesson #6 Step3 Scamp your Ideas

    • 8. Lesson #7 Step4 Design Your Logo

      Logo Design Model.pdf

About This Class


Beginner or intermediate Graphic Designers who are either studying and wish to supplement their education, or who are not studying formally but wish to grow their design skills independently. These people are probably pursuing a career in Graphic Design, but if not, it does not exclude them :)


1) Introduction to the highly experienced Teacher and Class

2) So what is it that makes a Great Logo? Is it Magic or Method? What do 'the Greats' have to say about it?

3) How do you come up with a Great Concept? (Did you know there are different categories of concepts?) - learn all about these to make your concept origination easier!

4) How do you come up with a Great Design? (Did you know there are different ingredients that make a great design! Learn what these are to make sure you add ALL the right design ingredients to your design.

5) How to 'scamp' or sketch your ideas? (This is ALWAYS the best way to start designing almost anything!)

6) Start Designing your Best Logo Ever! Convert your ideas and sketches into reality on the preferred digitl platform of your choice.


To create the first 2 stages of the Logo Design process, showing

1) Your Design Rationale for your Logo and

2) Show your 'scamps' or sketches of your ideas for your logo. 

Stand the chance to Win a movie voucher and one-on-one design consultation with me.

Submit by 15 December 2014 to be entered into the contest





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Gary Van Zyl

Design Intelligence

My name is Gary van Zyl.

I have had 18 consecutive years in agencies working on brands from the smallest enterprises to the largest, ranging from tiny to massive budgets. I have also had the privilege of working side-by-side with multi-award winning Creative Directors, Top Strategists, Marketing Directors and so on.

I am currently working on primarily international brands based in Israel, the UK and the USA with an internationally-based partner.

My exposure to great ...

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