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Design with Graphic app using an iPad

teacher avatar Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld, Teaching creativity using iPad

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Using the template

    • 3. Importing assets

    • 4. The front

    • 5. The rear

    • 6. Final results

    • 7. Bonus - Design a folio case for the iPad

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About This Class

In this class i am going to teach you how to design a business card using your iPad. I am using an iPad Pro, but you can use any iPad you have. You will not be needing any computer. In this class you will learn what app to use in order to use vector assets for the design. You will be able to download a template in order to use the right size and bleeding edges in your design project. We will go through the process of uploading all assets I will walk you through the front and rear side design. So if you are interested I will see you in the next video. Don't forget to follow me and check out my other classes. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld

Teaching creativity using iPad


I am a self taught artist and designer. The world of color and shape inspires me as I continue to grow and gain more knowledge and skills.

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1. Intro: how you all and welcome though these class my name is Vicky and I'm instructor on iPad Creativity in this class. I'm going to teach you how to design a business card using your iPod. I'm using the NYPD Pro, but you can use any iPod you have. You will not be needing any computer in this class. You will run What app to use. In order to use vector assets for the design, you will be able to download a template in order to use the right size and drinking, adjust in your legs and project. We will go through the process off, flooding all assets. And finally, I will walk you through the front and rear side design. So if you are interested, I will see you in the next video. Don't forget to follow me and check out my other glasses. 2. Using the template: for this class and for completing your project, we will use an APP called graphic. This APP works with vector objects, but it can also work his image files. So for this project, please have ready vector assets like your longer other visual elements. But you can also convert everything to a PNG images with transparent background. We are going toe work with the template provided the class project section. When you open it, you can see that it has dimensions off 10 by six centimeters and it has a blend off five millimeters from each size, so the actual card will have nine by five centimeters, which is standard size for a business card. The template will always telling its own layer, and we will work on layers above it. 3. Importing assets: I have all my assets and vector format saved on mine Dropbox account. You can save euros on iCloud drive to the important here I said to go to import icon and find their allocation. I need to import few of them. First the start with the art elements for the front part off the card. Then I imported the logo for the rear part and then the iPad installation toe. And finally I am for the background watercolor elements. They're saved in pain. Reforma. In the next video, we will design the front part off the car. 4. The front: Let's open the arrow template. Let's go to the mayor partner will make some new layers above the template there. Now let's rename the layers above the tempted layer will be the background and above the background we will put our elements. Then we will have the iPod illustration and finally is in slogan text. So while I'm on the out elements there, I opened the elements file. I select all of them. I copy all the all the elements and then going toe the template file a paste, all the elements. Now I will do the same for the iPad illustration. So I select the Upper Demonstration Corp it Ramsay's file. And then I'm going to my my original file and place the element. So all these elements are on on different players, and now we can start working. I need to Owen group the art elements so I can move each of them separately, toe the current surface, and now I will start grouping the elements and that belonged to the same illustration. So I need to select the elements goto the layer panel goto this lera they belong to and group the elements. Now it can move them so the scarred surface and positions them the way of one. Just make sure that the snap greed is turned off so you can move them freely. So I just positioned the elements the way I want. Part of the elements will be out of the bleeding area, so they will be cut when printed. If something is selected. Not that I want to just go back Wando and position the elements again. So I just make the video fast forward. So you are not work to see how your deposition, the elements and the opposition, the iPod element and their position, other elements, elements the the way I would like to be. So now let's go to the layer panel and selecting the text layer. I will be using the text toe, and the slogan will be written in Hebrew. It says all Kendrell in Cuba, so I know which front I want to use. I'm going toe the text cools and select the phone. It's a Hebrew fund. I use cable because I live in Israel. So I needed to be written in Cuba and that select this correct size for this God 93 position and hotel text, so it feeds the card. So I'll go to the rotate Oh, while the text is selected and start rotating the way I need toe so depositions a text and then needs small adjustments from the rotation part. So I'm going to the rotate to again and rotated. There are other way slightly. Okay, now it's ready. And now let's go to the layer panel and work on the background layer. So I need to open all this five files off the watercolor backgrounds. Those are other elements are paying you file so I can select file and copy and then goto my file off the card and pasted there. This is a huge image. Sign it too. I needed to be smaller, so just resize the image in that position, it next to the car so I can get it so I can get to it the fast when they need it. I just closed all this file that I don't use anymore. So they don't use the iPad space, and I will open the four files again in the fast way. Now need to reposition those five watercolor elements on the background of the card. So I will show you how to do it in the first way. This is not the final result a builder in the end and reposition them in more correct way. But you can see how I do it and go in and see how it looks like. Off course. This background will be cut where we make the cutting marks for the print job. So it won't be like this. We will not see all this ages and the end of the caste class. It will show how it looks like without the ages in this n The files are not automatically said. So when you go back to your files, you need to save your work. 5. The rear: Let's open in our template file for the rear part off the card, I opened the local file that they imported before I selected copy from this file and go back to my CART file and now I can test it. Does this fire and I position in the way I would like Toa be in the final result. It's right so you can see it exactly in the best way below their logo I want, until the same law is long in texts, or open my previous file off the front side of the card. Now go toe, then next layer and copied from this layer and pasted toe. The we're part off the car player, so I need this text to be white, another black. So chance it's car color and the new toward dated so it will be aligned with the card and now on every positioning below the logo on the left side of the card. So I chose this element two elements Toby White, because I want them to be on the colorful background. So I chose again two elements off the water color background elements and paste it to our rear side off the card file, so I'm making it smaller and their position it next to the car. I want another element for a background color. So I'm going toe the front side file and I'm called a copy. Best another element. It's already in the small side, so it's much easier in that position, both of them the way I want. Of course, I need to move them below the no go in the text. And now I can go through the text layer in the position it so it can be on the background layer. And of course, we can make the text smaller, so it feeds the background and the opposition everything so it can be fixed so it can be fitted exactly the way I want. Now I need to important Facebook icon from my dropbox account. So I'm going there and finding the file and important. Let's open our off rear side file again and open the icon Facebook. I can't file and cooperate. Selected Koppett and paste it toe are file. Okay, so now reposition it where I want it needs to be on the right layer. So I, uh, accidentally pasted toe the background player. So I need to cut it and pasted toe the right layer. Okay, so now I can move it again in our works. So I needed to be on the down part off the card where I will put my Facebook page. And now is the text data part off the card number entering my name in Hebrew? Oh, reusing the same formed as before. It will be positioned on the top park off this side. And I just show you in the quick way how I put all the text data. It's my side name. And now it's my human email address and my Facebook page name. 6. Final results: And now let's see the final results. I walked another 30 minutes on finishing both sides, so I will show you how it looks. In the end, I repetition all the element that we want and also I repositioned the background. This is the rear side off the card. Also call out the text. So it has the same watercolor effect like the other side of the car. And this is the mock up off the card. It's not the rial cards Justin woke up that they made using my iPad two. So I actually have a sculpture class on my channel that will teach you how to use for the shock markups on your iPad. And then you can represent your business cards on those smoke ups and see how that will look like after printing. And this is how the cuts look after printing. They're very thick cards, and they have a matte finish and they look fantastic and they feel fantastic. The colors are great, and those colorful watercolor backgrounds look amazing on this cards. If you like this class, please give it in that's review and also goto my channel and see other classes about iPod creativity. You will find our classes that teach you how to use different maps for sketching, for drawing for using watercolor. Those classes will increase your creativity using the iPad. Please follow me on Instagram and YouTube. You will find there a lot off videos about work in progress and other video still and I'll cereal in the other classes. 7. Bonus - Design a folio case for the iPad : but okay.