Design modular game assets with Inkscape!

István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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15 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Modular game asset design with Inkscape - an introduction

    • 2. What is real modular design?

    • 3. When to use modular design? Is it for me?

    • 4. Steps of the modular game asset design process

    • 5. Planning and designing the spaceship moduls

    • 6. Create more moduls and guns for the spaceships

    • 7. Finishing the spaceships and assemble some variations

    • 8. Start to create a set of modular cartoon faces!

    • 9. Create the mouth and eyebrow moduls

    • 10. Finish the cartoon head game assets by adding some hairstyles

    • 11. Create the blueprint and the first goblin head

    • 12. Design 2 more goblin heads

    • 13. Add three bodies to the heads

    • 14. Creating goblin arms and goblin legs

    • 15. Create a set of fantasy weapons for our goblin minions!

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About This Class

How to create your own game assets the most effective way? 
How to design unique looking game art for the fragment of time and cost?

Is that even possible?
Yes it is! 

By applying the principles of modular design and making your game asset creation faster, cheaper and much more efficient!


What is that?
Modular design is a method, where you build up your game assets from pre-designed moduls.

During this course you will learn:

  • the principles of modular designs in game art

  • to create a fleet of spaceships from simple geometrical forms

  • to create cartoon character heads good for any mobile game

  • to design a modular goblin army with fantasy weapons

  • and of course a lot of Inkscape tricks to make your work more efficient!


My name is István Szép, I am a graphic designer and design teacher for more than a decade. Join me in this course and learn to create fast, cheap and effective modular game assets in Inkscape! Inkscape is a free , easy to use vector design program, that will make you be able to create your own video game assets.

Attention! This course is about modular  game art design, not about programming! Sadly, you will not learn here to code procedural worlds or script random spaceships. But you can learn to design your assets for that!


This course is closely related to my other course about Tileset design - tiles are modular after all!
If you want to learn more, make sure to watch that course too!