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Design modular game assets with Inkscape!

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Modular game asset design with Inkscape - an introduction

    • 2. What is real modular design?

    • 3. When to use modular design? Is it for me?

    • 4. Steps of the modular game asset design process

    • 5. Planning and designing the spaceship moduls

    • 6. Create more moduls and guns for the spaceships

    • 7. Finishing the spaceships and assemble some variations

    • 8. Start to create a set of modular cartoon faces!

    • 9. Create the mouth and eyebrow moduls

    • 10. Finish the cartoon head game assets by adding some hairstyles

    • 11. Create the blueprint and the first goblin head

    • 12. Design 2 more goblin heads

    • 13. Add three bodies to the heads

    • 14. Creating goblin arms and goblin legs

    • 15. Create a set of fantasy weapons for our goblin minions!

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About This Class

How to create your own game assets the most effective way? 
How to design unique looking game art for the fragment of time and cost?

Is that even possible?
Yes it is! 

By applying the principles of modular design and making your game asset creation faster, cheaper and much more efficient!


What is that?
Modular design is a method, where you build up your game assets from pre-designed moduls.

During this course you will learn:

  • the principles of modular designs in game art

  • to create a fleet of spaceships from simple geometrical forms

  • to create cartoon character heads good for any mobile game

  • to design a modular goblin army with fantasy weapons

  • and of course a lot of Inkscape tricks to make your work more efficient!


My name is István Szép, I am a graphic designer and design teacher for more than a decade. Join me in this course and learn to create fast, cheap and effective modular game assets in Inkscape! Inkscape is a free , easy to use vector design program, that will make you be able to create your own video game assets.

Attention! This course is about modular  game art design, not about programming! Sadly, you will not learn here to code procedural worlds or script random spaceships. But you can learn to design your assets for that!


This course is closely related to my other course about Tileset design - tiles are modular after all!
If you want to learn more, make sure to watch that course too! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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1. Modular game asset design with Inkscape - an introduction: How many space fighters can you design in another? Me? I can do 194,000. Okay. Don't believe me. He rare if you How is that even possible? By applying the principles of modular design and making your game asset creation faster, cheaper and much more efficient. What is that? Modelo designs a method. Will you build up your game? Assess from pre designed modules. Nothing to spaceships. No problem. You can use the same method to create more use for carton looking embassies. Or have your very own army off goblins. Whole different or fearsome. During the course, you will learn to plan your models and designed their meaning. Scape. We will spend hours on each morning. What? I will show you all the vector towards you will need to use. My name is Estella Save. I'm a graphic designer and design teacher for more than a decade, joining me in this course and learn to create fast, cheap and effective regular game assets. Inning escape 2. What is real modular design?: So what is modular design and what Israel modular design? I think modular design is video game design is when you build up your game assets from pre made parts. Also known smuggles. And why do I say that there is really modular design? Because I think there is unreal. It's a me East one and this is my brother Luigi. Come on. We all know that in the old games they were trying to spare resources and spare some time. And that's why they just created the same asset once in red and once in green. That's clever, but not really modular design. Imagine playing a game where all your enemies are looking the same. Just different color. Wow. Okay, if you think about reptile and sub zero and Scorpio in mortal combat Okay, different moves. I know, But still they were looking like green injure and Blue Ninja. Of course, it is not really interesting. So all these little guys looking the same is not us Interesting. Like having enemies like this. They are looking similar, but they are unique. You can identify them, you can relate to them. And also as a developer you can create them easily with modular design. How you make part up front, you think up front, you plan and you make the parts of front. For example, this is how I build up faces you. So on the previous panel just a few parts which you can assemble any way you want and create any face you want. That's it. And they are all looking different. That is, I think, really moderate, designed because although there are different colors that are also different shapes, expressions and, of course, endless ways to assemble this pre made modules, this is what this course is about. 3. When to use modular design? Is it for me?: Now that you know what is real modular design, you might have the question when to use modular design. Is it for me? Well, it's up to you to decide, because depending on your project, on your schedule on the work and on the money you can push into your development moderate is I may be or may not for you. The pros off using modular design are simple. It's an extremely useful design tool because it's reusable and variable. You can create simple models and assemble them in many, many different ways. It is also very, very efficient. If you plan right, you can build anything much faster and much cheaper. If you would do with uniquely designed element. Okay, then why is this thing? Why not? Everything is modular because, of course, us everything it has its pros and cons. The cones off, middle or design are that it is sometimes limiting. You can see if a tie set is modular. If a background is built for modular elements and off course, you can see if the characters and modular they are not like a uniquely designed and animated character off. And also it needs planning and thinking ahead because you have to build the models, so you need to work ahead. And after that it is much faster toe work and assemble with these models. But you have to create your own models and that it off course not easy. But hey, this is why you are watching this course because I will teach you that. And you will see the modular design is quite good, because I think it is the best middle ground where you can be efficient and work cheap and fast and where you can create almost unique elements. Yes, you see, it is much better toe have modular elements, for example, characters in a fighting game where MP sees or spaceships what we will create or tile sets . It's much better to use modular elements than use identical elements. How boring is a game when all the enemies are looking the same? I tell you, super boring but unique elements are so hard to create. You need a lot off time designing and creating that elements. So if you think you want to create something better, but you don't want to spend so much money and time creating unique design, then think plan and the use modular design. In this course I will show you how I do it in escape 4. Steps of the modular game asset design process: us every design method Designing modular game art has its proven steps. It is not just sitting down in front of escape and poof magically. You create modular design. It not gonna happen. But here are the steps I think you should follow. First of all, you need to have an idea and you need to sketch that idea down. I say it in every course I have sitting in front of the white screen, we'll hold you back. Grab those ideas from your head. How? Have a pencil, have a piece of paper and grow everything. What comes into your mind about the topic? Throw everything creates sketches. Grab that idea and put it in front of you on the paper. If you have that idea, you will know what you want to create. The next ways is planning. Create a blueprint. You have your sketch, you know, more or less what we would like to make. But you have to plan it out. As I said in the previous lectures, modular design is all about creating the elements. The modules. So you have something toe. Build it later on. So you need to Glenn and create your blueprint because we doubt that there is no assembling . There is no design. You have to think up front and create a blueprint that you will use later on in the actual designing process. When you are opening escape and you are creating your individual modules and that is step three, creating your model is creating the little elements which are defined in your sketches and in your blueprints, especially and drove them individually. They care that all the elements are matching are the same style, and all elements have a place in your final design. And if all the elements are done, nothing guesses there just to assemble them. You can do that by hand, as I will show you a lot of times in the coming lectures. Or much better, even you can create a small algorithm and you can assemble the element in your game engine . You can write a small, simple code script, which is assembling your elements even randomly. If you are, do we go the steps, the sketching and figuring out how to do with the creating a blueprint and the plan and then creating the parts the best you can. I promise you assembling them and seeing them born in front of you in your game engine or inning scape will be huge, fun and very, very satisfactory. Because if you plan ahead, if you think ahead, modular design is amazing. 5. Planning and designing the spaceship moduls: in the following lectures Review. Create some space ships. Actually, a whole fleet of them here is my sketch again. It's not a piece of art is just some space fighters Call me Captain Eastern from now on. No, but seriously, this is my sketch and my blueprint. I've you create simple grammatical shapes and build semantical spaceships out of them. These ships will be perfect for a space shooter game or something similar. Very simple mobile game you can create with these shapes. As you see, these are symmetrical. So I will create the left side and then I will duplicated flip it horizontally and create the whole show. So how I built up the ships There is a body. There is a cockpit where the pilot is sitting. There are different connectors connecting these parts connecting the body to the wings. There are weapons, some exhaust and engines here on the bottom of the ships and some extras. Little d cause little additional details just to make things a bit more interesting. So, after having the sketch, I will create a blueprint and create this very, very easy grammatical shapes. As you can see, I'm starting really, really easy. So I start with simple squares, vertical ones and more horizontal ones. And I want to create spaceships. We'd nice, modern color. I mean, you can color them red or blue or whatever For different factions of your game. For me, I want to go with bright and more than looking so vertical square, horizontal square circle, ellipse, horizontal ellipse. I'm just pushing control de on the circle and make it, rotate it and make it horizontal. I create the square, turn it into a bath, select these notes and create this bottom which is adding a note in between the two selected notes on that edge, I can pull this known up and I have this little house shape that could be one body part and I can do the same. I duplicated you. See, I flip it vertically with the V or dead button on the top left. Select these two and with Control plus or path union. I merge them together. So no, I have a hexagon. I wanted to be shorter, so I pulled the nodes up and as well, I duplicated with control D and rotated 90 degrees. So I have hexagon, which is horizontal. I already have eight different body shapes. I know they are simple. I know they are extremely simple, but they will be the base. So I want to create them. I want to make them something more than color. So I go to document properties and change the background color off the whole document through dark. So I see what I'm doing, actually. Okay, let's play a bit and make this space, okay? Not black, because yeah, I don't want black, but dark blue will work, so no, I can see what I do. Select all of them and make them white. I like white color here on space shoes because it reminds me off the hitchhiker guys to the galaxy movie or the different weapons. You know, robots and stuff. So it's science fiction. So after having the bodies, let's create some Corporates. You see, I scaled them according to the body, because I know they will be this big. I can have an ellipse. I can have rectangle. I can have circle again. I just color them blue because I think they're from glass, you know, like and, uh, Thai fighters in Star Wars and I can have some different little shapes, so scare them to each other. I duplicate this hexagon and I drove square over it. The shift control A. I opened the line and distribute window, Select both of them and align them to each other. Now we chief tie, select off both of them. I make that make it thinner a bit like both of them. And then I go to path difference to cut out this path in the middle. And then I color it blue as well. Scale it to the others. Good. What else I have on my sketches? I can have a triangular run where I can have different shapes. So I'm using this tool. Set it to three and create a triangle. Rotated around until it's ah, standing flat on the bottom. Scale it down. Good. And I can have a flat. And I can have a cough triangle as well. The same way. Just path difference. I have a bar in the middle of death. No, I duplicate this shape. The house shape colored blue looks like a cockpit as well. So I have several different bodies and several different copies. Shapes. I arranged them a bit so they're more visible. I spread them out with this button good and so like them. And put them a bit downer. Imagine like I'm making some order in my books with my Lego bricks. So I have all my shapes and let's do some connectors. You see, these are the connectors which will connect the wings to the body. I scaled the square down. So if here is the body, the connector will be like this tiny. I duplicated again and I make a darker part because I want the connector to show joins different parts. So I picked a darker color, a white color for the covering. Like Imagine, like the shield of the ship, the visible part and the dark color in between. Like when you see robots in science fiction and you see joints of the robots. Okay, so that's one connector. I know the shape, and I know I have the size more or less, and it's super easy to make. Following my sketches, I make a thicker one. I make a thinner one again duplicate them. I make an extra peak, and I could have circle or one with a more organic Luke. So It's basically just a square size down to the size of the other connectors, and I will just throw a circle above it and cut out the part. I select both the circle and the square, and I go to path difference or a push control and minus together. That's it. I duplicated with Control D and throw another circle here on the bottom to create a more organic shape. Said that both of them path difference. So when I have a very different little shapes, so again I go back with controversy and I make sure that this circle is a bit bigger and aligned a bit more to the left. And then with control minus, I cut it again and I can create an even more organic look by having a bigger cut. I aligned ah, circle to the edge very much. I make this spinal thinner and with control minus or cut it out. I draw another circle, another square on the top and we control minus. I cut it out again, and I just drew a square and I cut out the bottom again with contra minus apart difference . So is diagonal. That's more interesting. More organic, and now I will create some connectors which are looking like a joint. I duplicate this circle, make it smaller and make it the joint color. This dark gray and I will draw on it. Ah, little white Bonner. So it looks like a joint properly assuming, and I take care that the edges are matching the circle in the square. Good I selected. Duplicated. I can make another version, which is a bit rotated if it's rotated. I want to make it longer and cut off the side so it is still straight so it can still attach through the wing. If you don't understand it now, you will understand it in a second when you see when I'm building the wings. Also, I can be with some other organic connectors from two parts and others looking like a little pump. Let's see, I just drove a square, replicated Make it thinner, the applicator it again, and I will use this as a joint in between. Make it a bit finger again and calorie to the great one. It looks like a connector inside. It's such a simple shape is just three little squares, but it will make your spaceship more interesting because it will make it look that the wings are properly attached And for a fast pace pace shooter game. You don't have to draw more details again. I drove a square, I duplicated, and I cut a line in the middle. Okay, this is too big. Let's make this narrow. Where I want to make that the great part under it is reasonable. Okay, got it. And this looks nice. This looks weird. Like, I don't know, weird alien cube thing. Okay, I size it down. I scale it down to the size of the other connectors, and I group it up and again, I duplicate this connector because I can use it horizontally as well. Now this is us much connectors I created. I spread them out again, so I'm ordering my books again. Align them and separate them a bit from the rest. So now I have bodies. Connectors. I have Khomeni connectors. 11. Okay, that's a lot. That's good. And now let's create the wings. I think those are the most interesting parts of spaceships. You know, spaceship space fighters are looking like fighting jets, but they actually don't need wins in space. You can have any shape if you leave the planet after that. Doesn't matter. I mean are dynamically because there's no air. But I just gonna do retro wings. So I'm duplicating, creating some squares with some veggies. I turned them into path and me to know that it or toe I'm selecting some notes and move the nodes around. That's it. According to my sketch, that's a ring. If you think like a strand, this looks extremely simple. Yes, it does. But wait a bit until you see the spaceships we create. I duplicated. Make it even, Tina. I do public ated again and player it with this shape. Creating modular design is all about having a blueprint. I have my blueprints now only on my sketching paper and I am playful, I creating new wings and new shapes. I rotated the square around and cut off the edge and elongated this ring of it. This will be a long wing, a big one. So I have ordered three. You see, it looks a bit like that I duplicate again the 1st 1 and create some other ones from this, I make it even longer replicated color, different so we see and cut off one edge. This is nice. It has to parole alleges. Now I move. Make a very long one, very narrow one. And let's make some circular ones as well, because why not colored back to white? Cut off more than half of it. Which shift, I said like them control minus or path difference that could be one shape. No one, just there was credible with select them both the shift Contra minus again to make it different. That's another wing. Replicate my semi circle again draw a square and rotated this time to make it even more interesting. Safe shape. It looks like a Ringo for bet. I will show you in a second. I duplicated and flip it over. It looks like that if all this seems very fast for you, it's really just cutting and playing with shapes. Very gil metrical, really playing around be playful. So now I have several different wings. They look nice and I want some horizontal is as well again. I arranged them. I pulled him aside a bit. They are extremely, extremely simple, but I have joins. I have wings and I've you create guns in a minute in the next lesson. But before that, creating guns and the engine and everything. Let's let's just put together a basic shape, a basic spaceship. So you see that what we did so far was averted. Let's hold shift and click on a few elements just randomly. It controlled the duplicated. Put it aside, arrange these elements to each other. I would hear this little joint, the connector, and give you this nice swing. Now, I said, like the joint on the wing contra de to duplicate an age, to flip it horizontally to make it symmetrical. I select my ship with Contra G. I group it up and that's it. It looks very basic yet, but from all these parts, I can make so many ships and you will see it in the coming lessons. 6. Create more moduls and guns for the spaceships: Now we've ever this four different elements. We created some nice ships according to a blueprint. So after having the body and the cope it and little connectors here and the rings, we could create this amazing little ship and we will create many more if you fly around the promise. But now we are moving on to number five on our list and its guns. Guns make space shooters possible. They make games interesting. So we have to create one now, according toe my blueprint compared to the size off the sheep, comfort to the size of the wings. My guns will be small, so I just select few off the shapes. A few of the connectors and co pays them here, and I will use them as the base off my guns. This is also modularity. Keep in mind. And this is why we use vector. Because you can create elements by using what you had before. You don't have to Redrow just adding a muzzle here and some additional barrels here and there we can create different weapons. I'm just obligating some squares direct and goes very theme once, and I'm creating shapes and which I know from guns, so that maybe looks a bit like shotgun than this. One. Looks a bit like a different type of grand, like a Nestle's rifle. So I'm just I was just looking at some pictures of guns, but basically what Douglas Adams said in Hitchhikers, Guys in the galaxy that a gun has two sides one which is a good one and one, which is a bad one, Toby. So I'm just making sure that people know where'd against guns are pointing it. So that's it. I'm using the basic shapes off the connectors and then modifying the shapes. Of course, you can drove these guns yourself out off nothing. Just follow your sketches and drove the guns from basic rectangles. But why not to use the elements, which we already have? Remember, the one of the main part off modular design is used what you have. So I'm just hoping, for example, this whole battle system this too longer rectangles recovering them, putting them between each other, putting them behind each other with page down and adding some extra battles. I didn't think about which one is a plasma gone. Which one is laser guns or, you know, I'm just trying to do some baddest shapes. I saw enough science fiction so I can come up with shapes like this. And I modified the shapes as well. So color wise and shape wise, they are similar to the wings and bodies I created. They are just smaller. I make them a bit bigger because comfort the wings. It seemed too small. And here are some other ideas. Other guns I can make. Let's make a bit more interesting. Bit more complex one. So I'm coping this shape because again, why 22 draw with if I have it already Draw a rectangle. Irritated control miners to cut it out. But you know this already. We need this so many times with the wings. Yeah, plicating it, coloring it and putting it behind the white one. And now I was sleeping them over. If you are drawing, you don't have to cope with this. You don't have to copy you can, but I'm actually just playing with simple shapes. So you should do the same play with simple shapes and create your own guns. This one is looking like the little sketch I just had on the screen. A second ago. It looks really like very narrow, sticky see, like this one looks like an antenna bit, but it works. It can be a Reagan or some type of weapon, so let's make another one a bit more complex. One. Let's give it some more parts and this will be as complex. It looks like a bit a bit like a tiny spaceship itself. I'm just replicating it, scaling down and what I keep in mind, which is the bed end off the gun, That's it. Machine controversy. I turned the square into a path and now I can money fight to change the shape again. No, I did some barrels and some other elements make it white. Other better For extra firepower, I selected scale it. And with Contra G, I turn it into a group. It looks it looks really like a tiny spaceship. But attaching it to my wings will make it very bad. Is it gonna look really science fiction? And now I created these guns What I can do. I have very simple Once you see almost like sticks. I have a bit different one, and I have this really compact, complex ones. I have six different guns, I can create some more and you can create many, many more. The trick in the spaceship lessons is that I only show you a few really just a few things you couldn't do 10 times more. Really, because these are just simple geometrical shape. If you are playful, you can make much, much more. This gun. We'll have several barrels hold together by this little bar, the horizontal one. So I make it wider. It can have more battles than I'm the replicating with control D and pulled the battles apart. I said, like them and with the and key, I send them to the back. I duplicate this and moved here to the side. So that's like a little connector as well to attach it to the ship. This looks much more complex than the 1st 1 from the first gun, for example. So no, I have seven different weapons. Let's spread them out. Arrange my toolbox a bit. No, I have bodies, rings and all these little weapons and connectors, so I can be of some really better ships. But what make spaceship moves? Our engines have you not dro reactors and engine blocks, but I am growing little exhaust pipe where the steam is coming out or whatever is coming out. The spaceship is coming up the little flames or used up hydrogen or yeah, I'm not a physical. I am a designer. So anyway, I am just doing little squares because the simplest one his little gray squares No, I'm urges, deprecate them and merge them together and they move the side off this one. So I duplicate them and we'd selecting them all. Bath union. I measured them. And now I move the two nodes on the edge and it looks already different now. I said, like these two notes and make it a bit more different, too. I make it a bit smaller. I copied this big white square to create these little pipes according to my original blueprint, and make them scaled again like the guns, like the connectors like the wings made them scared to the body because these things are important, but they are small. With this one. I create a square rectangle, and I turned it into a path of shift control, see and at some notes, and move them in tow, create this clo like shape Adopt, placated, Flip it horizontally, Scary it a bit and it looks nice. It looks interesting. This is how it will look on the ship. I can have this one, which is actually two squares made a little triangle and I have one which is a bit of symmetrical. I have a triangle already, so I just abdicated. Flip it with v. So vertical flip calorie to gray and scale it. Have an idea. Let's duplicate this triangle, Deprecate it again and cut it off. It looks a bit like the Adidas logo, but it makes a nice shape. I duplicate this, flip it over and align them evenly. Say I can flip them with this or pushing button age. I lined them with this button and it looks nice. I can imagine that this one is opening like a flower when the ship is going fast or starting. Okay. And I have one more. The last one, which is looking a bit are symmetrical. I will use this shape the wing shape I created earlier, and just scale it curry off course, flip it over with age and create a very simple shape. And that's it. Hold the excels are done, so all the grasses can exit the engine off the spaceships and they look unique. They look different, and only there are only five. You can make much, much more, as I said before. And still they can give a lot off variations because five exhaust give five times more different spaceships. And then here are the bodies, Corporates and everything. Yes, look at this. Looks like a nice little books off space reports. Now Number seven on my list was little Dick details or Deco's to make it interesting. First, I'm creating simple panels. I'm creating square, replicating it, selecting both off them and the control minus or path difference cutting it out. So I have a little frame. I duplicated. Put it aside and I want to cut it over. So the one in the back looks like it's covered so I can have the simple square one. I can have a double square one. What else I can have a little grill like for a ventilation or I don't know. I'm not the spaceship engineer. I just know that little details can make it more interesting. I sell like them and the rage them vertically with these bottom. So the distances between the little bars is the same. I duplicated. Rotate them 90 degrees and I have already too. I have horizontal and vertical grille. I duplicate the grill again and make one bar longer one shorter. Just about some interesting part. Here on the bottom of the wings, I duplicated and play a bit more. I make it also horizontal. Now I can create elements which are connected, and I can create elements which are circular orbit. So that's baby that I make a circle. I duplicated color the duplicate different and scale it and we control minus or path difference. I cut a hole in it looks nice. This could be like I don't know, again, like a circular panel under ship. I do this again and I cut it out as much us. It's creating a moon shape. If I duplicated and put a few of them next to each other, they look like a head off screws, for example, holding the ship together or little holes. Okay. What else? You can do this little circle on this one and a bit more complex shapes again. You can create us much us you want. You can create even complex images. Now I'm just doing a rounded rectangle and the ring here by doing a circle, duplicating, exercising and cutting a hole in food control Miners. I arranged these two elements. Okay, that would be a nice shape, but I want them like this, I said, like both of them on the control. Plus, I merged them together. I know it looks like a thermometer, but it's a nice Dicle for a ship. I make this one a bit thinner, that one a bit smaller. Do you have some nice shapes? And, of course, again, I'm using going to measure my elements how big they should be to match my spaceships, For example, this tickle in this size, it's not really working for me. I want to keep its more. So that's it. Our boxes ready. And in the next lesson, we will check out what we can build from it. 7. Finishing the spaceships and assemble some variations: so the books off the space reports is ready. We have bodies, Dick ALS weapons exalts everything and a lot off awesome looking wings. Well, how many parts do we have? We have eight bodies. We have seven cope. It's we have 11 joins. We have nine little ring shapes, six different weapons, No. Seven weapons and five exhaust. And I don't know how many because I don't even come them. So many little details. So many variations you can make. So let's make some. I'm just holding, shift, creaking and some elements speaking just one from Mitro. Just a basic one I duplicated with Contra de and push it over and let's build a ship. I'm just assembling the elements. I'm putting them together. Here is the body. Here's the ring. I put the little corporate on it. I have to resize it a bit for this one. Here is my joined my part, which is connecting the connector. I'm moving to the top and now I tried toe put here this little weapon. Okay. And now the D call or panel on living and the engine. I arrange it together to the middle. I select again like I did before the wing. The weapon and joint ID obligated Contra de and flip it. I do it this so it's not absolutely symmetrical, and that's it. I select all the parts and his control. G I group them up and that's it. That's our first finished full ship. No, I make the video a bit faster because you don't need me to put elements together. You're not learning from that. You can watch it slower. You can watch it in this time. The point is, just grab the elements we created so far, this very simple element just one each row and combined them. You can combine them my hand like we do now. Or you can have your own code assembling it in your game and that can make it super random to use it. Your games like sprites, are coming randomly. According toa small easy algorithm that you were that each wing is coming with one body. One. Cope it two wings to weapons and some joints. So it's very easy algorithm. You can create and make your own ships. This one is a very horizontal ship. The other one was a bit more vertical as you see, you can create very different looking ships and just these are just the simplest. Once I selected all the ships and group them up, I'm playing with the proportions. Why they are how old they are endless possibilities with even this few elements. So I had my sketch. I had my blueprint on my paper. This is my original ideas for ships. Just a few sketches and then I just listed on my moment to be able to create what I need. Bodies cope, its wings etcetera, etcetera. So this is what I wanted to show you. And I hope you will create your own spaceships Now. I had so much fun, I couldn't stop myself. I was playing with the spaceships and I created a few more. You see, there are so many different ones. There are not just the ones I created Before I wanted to make very different ones. I really like the one looking like a bet. And I really like the very narrow one. But all of them are very, very different and steal the same. And then I was playing a bit more and I was thinking, OK, what if I break my own rules and a touch more rings, more joints and more weapons to one ship. And then it looked so betters than I created some war pain for it. This red line and some, you know, firing the back and some fire in the front weapons firing some plasma. And I'm pretty satisfied. So what I want to say Don't stop playing. Don't stop experimenting with your modular design because you have your sketches. You have your ideas, you have your blueprints. But after that, you have a box full off elements and you create the rules and you can break the rules. Break the symmetry. Break the rules off having only two wings play around and create new ships. Now, here is your task. Send me at least three very different ships you created. That's your assignment. I want to see some spaceships. Okay, Create sound spaceships and practice modular design 8. Start to create a set of modular cartoon faces!: In the coming lectures, you will create a modular head, a modular cartoon character which you could use for MPC or you could use for card game characters. Even I imagine a poker game with very different faces. So what does the face needs, its knees abating. Basic head eyes, I bro's mouth, hair and some accessories. I mean, glasses. Moustache is whatever. So here are my sketches again. This is not a piece of art. You see some weird eyes and eyebrows here. These are the hairs and the glasses. I had some fun with some Harry Potter stuff, and I will might put in some hats. Maybe not. So let's start with the head. I create a square unless you see around it here at the corners. Just grab the little circle around it as much as you want. I am not creating the figure. Now I am creating what? Yes, you guessed it right. It's the blueprint with controlled the I'm doubling kating the shape and using the same kind of elliptic shape for years. Years will not be modular, but you can make them so if you want creators a set off years for your character for? No. I just gonna play like this. The shift control or control? A. I'm opening the A line and distribute window and aligning the years. No, I'm creating some circles. This will be the eyes because I want the character cute and cartoony and not scary. I made the eyes bigger control de to duplicate them. And these are my eyes. Obviously I can make them extra large, but I don't want to. And now with a circle, I create the mouth. I just cut it off, select both off them bath difference. That will be the mouth and I align it to the head in the middle. I am not creating noses now. I also will need some hair, I think, to make the character unique because hairstyles are a good way to make your character looking different. Okay, make agree. Is up. That's it. So simple. What did I forget? Okay, the eyebrows make them lighter, but not the same color as the eyes replicated control de done. So that's my blueprint. Hair head, Isaie bro's animals. I'm not drawing a nose because I'm not gonna believe it that you can for your character. You can create weird, funny noses. So what I need first is the basic head shapes. So I duplicate my head shape. Select all of these and the path union. I merge them together. So now this is one shape I can just color it. I duplicated with control D and color it again. So I have already too. And now three different basic shapes with three different skin tones That's magically scholars a bit. There's a too big of a difference if you hold down the left mouse. When you pick a color, you can mix colors. Okay, so now this is in the middle. So here are three basis. We need to add some eyes. I just duplicate these, put them in their place, and to see the eyes are not going to give them a stroke. But I go to the document properties, and here I set the background color off the whole document. So I see what I am doing. Let's pick a nice one, which is matching everyone with skin, colors and everything, and the white will be visible. Okay, Okay. Not yellow. Come on. Just some basic color. Good. And turn it off. So now I have a background color and I see what I'm doing. I'm selecting the circle and with control, De obviously I'm duplicating it and holding shift and control, I'm resizing it. I recovered it to green complicated again and re color this dark gray It's already nice and I can give it a Grady and Alina are one and with the color picker are set one off the colors bright green and the other one degree gonna have the feeling with chief control f I'm opening the color window We're gonna have the feeling that the light is coming from the top This is very easy trick You see, I'm setting it darker Good. I duplicate the circle again make it white and semi transparent Here with the opacity To make a shine Create a shine again Just toe Give some depth to the eyes And make the illusion that the light is coming from the upper left I group it up applicator it controlled the and put it over the other I with all I select the other one. And ideally, that circle which was the previous I and that's it. No, I have to wise they are bigger there so I play with the sizes. I pushed Control Z. Maybe it's better if it's a bit bigger. Okay, I like this size, so I duplicated. You see, the blueprint is just that. It's conveying my idea. It's happened. Be building a character, but it's not set into stone. I am working on my character and constantly developing. Now let's duplicate these eyes, okay, not just the middle, but the whole lies. And that's my green one da plicating and put it here and ah, let's create a new one. I said, like this Grady and this end of the radiant and make it light and dark brown. Now I said, like this Grady end and you see the radiant has a color here. Now I click on this object, which, if control f again I pulled the color window, the feeling stroke window, and I said, like the Grady int. Now it's easy because I only have a green and the brown, but it's good to know that each Grady and has a unique I D. Number. You can find the Grady in between. Many. It's okay. Browns are also done. Let's duplicate and creates. I'm create some blue wise light one and pick a dark one again. I'm picking the same Grady. And for the other I done where to put it. I keep it leveling with the years. So this is a few version of eyes, very open ones. But I also want to create different ones to have some emotion. Expression. I also want to close the eyes a bit. So I have them. Us a group. You see, I'm talking about this wide open eyes half closed, closed, bending down and bending up. These are needed for emissions. So I have them, us a group, and create a square over them. Both of them select them holding shift. And with Dr Click, I set it a clip. That's it. I reopened the clip and align it to the bottom of the eyes. So I know exactly where the clip is. Cutting my spheres. Yeah, why? It is important for me. So I delete this again, open the clip, the application, my clip and put it aside. And no, I will do the exact same thing with the brown eyes. Align the clip to the bottom off it with Paige back page down. I send it back the eyes and apply the clip saying with this, replicate the blue eyes, send them to the back. That's a line everyone nicely. So send them to the back, aligned them to each other and set the clip. And now if I put them on my faces, you can see that they are this neutral look or tired. Look, they are good for emotions, okay? And what s I need? I need some closed eyes. I want them to be the same size. So I control clean this circle and copy it out. I make them dark gray. Give it a stroke. Turn off the inside and I grab the little circle. Move it around. I make the stroke a bit thicker. Let's see re sizing a bit. This is how it will look with more sizing. Have to be bigger a bit. This is just to make absolutely sure that they are the same size. Now I duplicating this stroke and matching it to the eyes. So it has the same distance. So even if you want to animate this character, it can blink because it's the same. Now I'm duplicating it and I flip it with we or pushing that I can on the top left and flipping it upside down. You see, even just putting this, it looks like a cheap Eonni may character, making it cute and happy. So when I have a good few amount of eyes to close ones and the six open ones, that's the very basics off creating a face and in next lesson, we will move forward. 9. Create the mouth and eyebrow moduls: I have the faces on this great set off eyes. Let's order them a bit and create some eyebrows. Course they have to match the face and the eyes. So the exact same way I gonna create them, as I did in the blueprint. Just throwing a square around the square here, turn off the stroke and turn in the color. And great. Something very dark. Okay, This too dark. Okay, Make it dark brown. It was transparent. Okay, now it is not. Let's make them a bit longer. And that's one eyebrow and duplicate the I. So I don't mess them around. So I have them separate from the faces and from the eyebrows control the adapt, decayed the eyebrow. I can move them around. I can only made them. I can. I can do whatever I want with them. I turned them a bit. Move them a bit closer to each other. I turned them a bit upside to make a neutral happy face because the eyes eyebrows are usually not straight. And already Now you see, I can have this. What's up? I can't just watch up, Luke, so it's already different than the fully open eyes again is deleted. I just wanted to show you how great is this thing with modularity? So I have the neutral eyebrows a bit building upside. I could make this very weird ones, but I skip it. I rather make ah, you need bro and an angry I bro. I create the same thickness and make it much longer. And that's a unit, bro. It's weird, but it makes a character looking like a cave man. If you want to create a character, which is how to say rather strong them clever, then this is perfect With control, the urges duplicated the eyes again and again. I duplicated the eyebrows will be. I flipped them vertically and I have different eyebrows. Now I have evil ones, or angry ones has delayed the ice. Let's just keep the eyebrows again to creep my design. Simple and clean and easy to look at my modules. I select all of the bro's, duplicate them and color them lighter, brown, reddish, and then I deprecate them again and called them yellow to give a blonde field. Maybe not this much yellow. Yes, closer to orange. So now I have sets of eyes, three colors sets off eyebrows, three colors and different shapes. What I gonna create now is mouth. I select the semi circle, replicate my eye down here because I want to match the mouth to the I. And now I will create a lot of different mouth. You see sleeping with the V up and down, up and down. It's like Happy said Happy said, Hey, be said Okay, just kidding. You should have for many of designing. Let's make it a big figure because I want the line being figured and I make it a bit smaller. So it's not 1/2 circle. It's not a perfectly half semi circle. It's a bit bit smaller. Okay, looks cute already. That's mouth number one. I duplicated. Flip it with the V. That's number two A, said one DA placated again. And let's make something different. If you grab these little handled, it's from the outside. Then the whole shape will be visible the whole stroke, not just the one at the radius of the original circle. So this is what I use now, and I turned it into a path and I delete this note from the middle, so I have the whole semi circle, but with the line also the bottom. I feel it in with the eyedropper tool. So I give it a feel was set to transparent. Okay? And now I have this dark grey feeling That's like a scared mouth. Yeah, okay. With the big guys. Definitely. Now again, I flipped it with we and that's a happy one. Big love. And now I gonna make fill it up with white and using the holding The shift on there Color picker tool Also color the stroke to make it You see this one? A smile with a big smile with the teeth in it. And I want to play a bit more of a teeth just to make very weird, cartoony characters so duplicate the eyes grab mouth and they round Ah, little square for myself Color dark gray And this will be my shouting mouth This could be angry. This could be happy. This could be surprised up to You look surprised with these eyes. I arranged them to them to each other Duplicate the eyes and create some funny ones. I grab a simple mouth from here duplicated arranging to the eyes the applicator This little around the square merged them together with Control Plus or PATH union. You see, it's the same. Merge them together and make some buck teeth. It pays down or these but and I put them behind my line. But obviously they are visible on the top. So I drove with the Pento with the basic tool. I drove a random shape and cut it off. It doesn't matter that it's not cut off perfectly because the top of the thief which has cut off, is behind. And I said like them and they was part difference or control minus and cut them off. That's it. I arrange everything through the eyes and now I duplicated. I'm thinking to make one more. No. Two more. Actually, let's just create seem goal line. I just take that. It's has the same thickness us the curve. I make it shorter and I deleted the curve. I don't need that. And now I made this absolute joy face. Yeah, I can use it. So I duplicated with control. D and I have a neutral Focht face. And now I am drawing a face, um, again and not so clever face with a rounded square It's like a face off. A no work like, you know, thes are pointing upstairs. I duplicated again and creates from triangles with the V. I flipped them down, replicate the triangles. Okay, Sized Amobi page down. Put them behind the line, Duplicate page down again. And I have of empire. So how many faces I have? How many just mouth the eyes out here just for helping me to imagine the expressions, But I have several. This one is some more fun. I just create more little rounding around the squares. I duplicate this, reshape it de placate, make this one longer, and I will color it a light blue. And it's green like the character is drooling. If you know Rick and Morty, Rick is always rolling. They're making more viewed. Yeah, it looks like the collector is not really clever with home. I put it up and okay, it's a small, small detail, but I gonna make this stop flat and just pull this node up, deleted and make its flat here. Okay, so it looks like it's coming from. The saliva is coming from the mouth little detail. But having over this little Viet faces helps so much. Oh, I just had one more idea from the saliva. Another around the scratch. I like that so much. It's a simple shape but helps you so much. I turned it, put it behind them off. Turn it pink and I will create a little tongue. Basically, what I am creating here is a lot off emojis to see. The eyes are giving, and I, Breaux's are giving some expressions. But the mouth I have here, at least 10 the mouth are creating the best expressions, and I could create much, much more. And I want to see you create more, have some fun. But now, in this lesson, we stop here and in the next one we were focused on additional details. Creating the hairs, accessories and building the faces. Let's see. 10. Finish the cartoon head game assets by adding some hairstyles: in the previous lectures following the blueprint and the sketch we created shapes what we needed. Head shapes, eyes, eyebrows. And now it's time to create some hair size and the accessories. Okay, no has. This time you can create your own. I really focus rather on a few glasses and some very interesting care size. So let's duplicate the head control D. I'm just going to use this color because they are all the same shape and using the busier tool, the pen tool. Just create some very basic hairstyles. What is the most basic hairstyle before? The busier tool? I've using the circle toe because the most basic hairstyle is bold. So if you are a man, I know what you talk about. That's a very basic house that the circle I made is just a little shine. I will make it semi transparent to make the ad make the head shiny and obligated this little ellipse and have a proper shiny head. Trendy, fashionable works with every head style, definitely, because we have only one shape. Let's create some punk hair on the my hair and ah yeah, some basic modern hairstyles just grabbing the base here told the pentacle. I'm just throwing rough polygon. And now with the No. Two, I'm control clicking this notes to make them curves. This is a very simple modern hairstyle. I like it very much because I have the same hair. Okay, seriously, It is very easy to make is just a wave. I delete this note. I don't need it and I just shape it mawr toe Make it more wavy, more curvy. You know, I delete this note to good. I'm satisfied. It looks nice. Has a nice dynamic movement. What is missing on this side? It looks like it's bold. So I'm adding a little shape and we've page down. I put it behind the head. I duplicate the head, select this little triangle and with path difference. I cut it off and now I select the triangle and the hair. I shaved the hair a bit more. Yeah, I like this better. So I said, like them and I can merge them together. I make it even higher. So control plus or path Union And I merged them together. Now a duplicate the head and create another style. I have the punk hair. I have this removed kind of hair. And I have, ah, proper spiky munger hair. Just creating a mohawk, this punk hair making it thinner here on the bottom. I am creating just 1/2 because it's symmetrical, so I will create 1/2 Dazs plicating, flipping horizontally and then measure two halves together. I used this technique a lot when I want to create something symmetrical. I pulled it here in and out a bit just to play with it. Okay, The obligated control the flip it with age. With this, I can arrange them next to each other. Perfectly good with them on each other, emergent together, re control plus or path union. And there is a little gap. I just deleted that note. Now I can make it Spike, you're here and there, I said, like that, the two nodes on the two ones together and move them together. So I'm selecting with shift and move them together so they keep symmetrical. Also here on the bottom, I make them a bit thinner. Yeah, I arrange it to the head and that's it. My punk hair is done. Let's create some manga hair and some other hairstyles, so I duplicate the shape of the head again and I just have an idea. I duplicated again and I create a hair which is short shaving but not absolutely shaving. So it's got very short bust short, so a duplicate the head make it brown and semi transparent to create this lie brown color and I cut off the bottom. So I drew the square bath difference. I double click to add this note or select the two nodes on the side and on this note with Stop I can and I can move these notes up and down again ended two more notes. Select them. Move them up, you see And it's starting to be this very mentally hat shape. Good. This could be a hairstyle on its own nice symbols. But I duplicated and I will use it also for my punk here. So it's not looks doesn't look totally shaven. I arrange it to the head. It looks very nicely bust. Tough guy look okay with us. I have two more hairstyles and applicator head with the bus here, so select both of them with shift and control D and with the polygon tool I'm creating this crazy looking manga hair. It's transport. And so I make it 100 person and now it control click. I make these curves and I'm pulling these lines to make them curves to, so to make it curvy and not so straight. Okay, looks nice. Looks weird. What else is this M o hare or combed over hair? You know, the one with the fringe. So I duplicate the basic head and I select the head obligated again. Calorie brown moving up for a bit and cut off again. The bottom off it. So I drove a square celeb. Both of them control minus or path difference. And there's the top of the hair. And now, with the basic tour with the polygon tool, I am adding the fringe make to be bigger to make the bowl off the hair a bit bigger and assuming to see where the edges are, meeting with control click. I'm making this edge a curve, pulling these straight lines again into curves. If you so Spiderman three. You know what I'm talking about And make this also Yeah, a bit higher. Shave the hair a bit. So this is like a proper combover, a big fringe select them both with shift and control plus toe. Add them together. A path union. Now I have, Ah, six different hairstyle from bold to monger to combover. And in the sketches I see I also created a member. So I duplicate the basic head. Make the top one darker and not transparent. Okay. And the the simple square which I round down again I create the bond. I turned it into a path, said like the notes on the bottom and scared them together. You're gonna look like a brush, but that's a member and I give another round it square. Make it orange. Whatever color blue something. Let's look yeah, graze quite neutral. Arrange into the middle of the head and that's the reborn. That's baby the ponytail. A bit more. The bun looks very Japanese. If it would be dark black, it would be Japanese very much. Okay, so these are all my different hairstyles. I just select them and move them down there a bit. Okay. Lets the Mohawk I select everyone and move them down or again to keep my design clean, and I duplicate all of them and move them separately to create the new colors. So select all off them, even the semi transparent ones, because they are the same color, just transparent. So holding shift, I'm selecting all the little hairs. I don't need to have the bold one, and I pick the color off the reddish eye, bro. I could delete the boardroom because there's the same higher style. But I have six other ones. Now I duplicate these hairstyles again, holding shift, selecting again all of the hairpieces. And now we will pick the color off the yellow eyebrows, which is blonde. And now I have blond hair. So from the six different hairstyles plus Baldy, I created 20 10 no. 18 different hairstyles plus one. And now I just give some glasses toe. Give even more fun to the character. I duplicate one face shape and eye shape so I can measure it. I use this no less. My base. Arrange them together. Yeah, this will be where my arse pies will be. And now I just will create basic glasses. This how I create glasses for all of my characters. If you wanted to know the secret, that's the secret. Glasses are frames, so I'm creating a rectangle round it down and make sure that is the same. A bit bigger than the eyes and applicator did and the path difference. I cut a hole in it. So that's it. I have a frame. I duplicated it, made it smaller and got a hole in it. Now I just size it. Make it a bit shorter first too wide for me now. I had a bit of around the circle because around the square, because the glass has this glasses have these little arms on the side. I duplicate the whole thing and flip it. Read age. Now I just have to create the bridge between the two. I paces arrange them to the eyes. So I duplicate this and pull it horizontally to the middle so everything is in the same line. But maybe this wants to be higher. Good. So I have the bridge. I have the little arms on the side. I select everything holding shift, the glasses and with control, G control G. I create a group, and now I'm creating shades sunglasses to have a tougher looking character. I'm just creating a very, very rounded square and draw a circle over it, said like them and manage them vertically. And I select both intersection toe cut off the top over the square, and that's it. It's already looking like a lance. I make it dark gray. I could give it a bit off Grady in and another gray sport here to make a Chinese. I group them up de plicating and put them aside. I create the bridge again. This time it will be gold. So it's like a kind of yellow to make it metal Igloo a bit pale yellow. I duplicated to create the arms off the glasses, page down and put them behind the lances duplicate again. Match it on the side page down, put it behind the lands. That's it. Now I select everything and I group up. It's actually not a good idea. I made this lighter because I selected everything and I selected the eyes as well underneath. So that's not a good idea. Machine control G. I break up the group and, uh, with all I select the face and the eyes movie decide and now group up my glasses so their eyes will be not part of my glasses. Okay, so I can make this Harry Potter glasses, which are absolutely landed. We will do the same frame thing, what we did with the first glasses bought now with circles. If you push control and five on the numerical, but you go to the outline view so you can see how big is the eye behind the circle. So I just created the circle duplicated, made the application smaller and pushed control minus or path difference to cut it out. Now create the legs or arms for the glass is the thing, which is fastening it to your years the obligated and flip it and create the bridge in the middle. I want a little nice circle, so I borrow again a mouth that's modularity as well in the making. It's like, said Harry Porter, because he has no hair. OK, so I am making this bridge a bit smaller, bit thicker, good and pick the color holding shift. So not the fear color holding shift. I'm picking the color off the frames and that's it. I select all the part of the glasses. I made this fit holding shift, I said, like this five part in the control G. I matched them into a group, and that's it. Three glasses, three different glasses for my characters. Well, we made so much, so far so much. We used our blueprint here and created three different skin tones. Ah, lot of different eyes. Eyebrows, difference. Meisel. 11 different mouth and three colors off. Six different hairstyles and the glasses. Let's see how assemble a few characters out of these little modules. I made this part going faster because I don't want to rub your time or make this course look longer than it actually is. And you can do the same. So I'm basically holding shift, selecting one head shape one I one smile, one hair and control de duplicating it and putting aside. And then I'm adding that those elements together and create angry faces, happy faces, bold people, people with longer people with short hair, big smiles, different people and that's it. Here I created a different hair color as well, so I'm duplicating the hairs and picking a darker hair. Colors annoy for her colors, and I can make even more characters either. I'm making dumb characters and clever ones, and I'm having a lot of fun. And this is what modular design is all about having all your little details, like in books off Lego bricks and create your very own characters or very own design. I'm just holding, shift, clicking on the details and add them together and build might different characters. I can even delete the eyes here because the punk is good without eyes, is good with just the glasses. And he doesn't need eyebrows, either. This guy looks like then it's Rodman in love, and this is like a peeps. Their bodies to guy read the Japanese hairstyle, so this part was only about assembling the faces. But if you are interested, you can email me any time, and I can show you the long video if you want to bore yourself how I build faces. More important part is that we used our sketch. We thought how we want to be the character. We created the blueprint and, according to blueprint, we created the head shape I bro's eyes and everything, and then we created all other details and using all these little modules, we could build our very own very different characters, actually using these models or modifying them even a bit more. We create hundreds if not thousands, off unique characters. Have fun. Create your own self portrait, create your own characters, show me what you can do. 11. Create the blueprint and the first goblin head: as promised in the introductory video, I will show you how do I create a whole goblin army using only a few elements and combining them in different order? I will have different heads, bodies, a lot of weapons. I really like to draw those. And as you see here again, what did we use to start with? We created sketches. So I really, really want you to create sketches before you do anything. So do I use this little years? Do I dro anything on my character? I don't know. Until I drove some sketches. So you have toe drew some sketches to know what you create after the sketch. Also, I said in the previous videos, you have to create a blueprint for your character. This will be just a basic puppet like goblin. I make it semi transparent. So I see the elements and this little goblin will have a circle or head and the small body . If you so any off my videos about how to create characters, you know that I am really fund off creating cartoon like characters, and I play a lot with proportions. So this character has also a big head, obviously huge ears as goblins do, and a small body. So long arms and some legs. I'm just using very basic shapes. Very basic squares and circles and triangles I'm using too. Create this blueprint now. Just give him some legs with the base. Here, too will be dependable. And with control D I duplicated and put it next to each other. That's it. The army's too long, though, but still it has this measurement. This proportion I want I made the body even smaller. And I will start now with creating the head. This is the blueprint of my character. So I know that every goblin will have legs, arms, heads, bodies, torsos and weapons. So let's start with heads. I will create in this video just the first head after creating the sketches and creating the blueprint, and after that I will create two more heads and bodies and arms and everything. So what, you see each goblin, we'll have all these modules, three body parts and one weapon. So let's start with the head. Okay? Maybe I can give it. Give him a bit more hunch. Yeah, So he's hunched forward. So this is the blueprint. I quite satisfied. It is very similar to my original sketch. Obviously, I've allowed the weapons later, but now I will create this heads first. So I am looking for different head shapes. The 1st 1 will be the circle or one, but in the next video, I will create different head shapes to play with the proportion and the grammatical shapes of possible heads for my goblin army. So I make it back from semi transparent, too, not transparent it all fully open. Que and let's create a nice colorful are gobbling That's blue but greenish it's really up to you. If you like the track like yellowy lime green, then it's up for you, Not shaped ahead the years a bit. I just created the year by click quickly, creating straight lines with the Bantu and I just Control clicked on the nose to make them curvy. Now I duplicated the shape and made it smaller and the different green. Let's make it even more different to create the inside part of the year, and I change it a bit. I delete this note. It's not needed. Nice can bend them a bit more if you want to photo reference for this. I think it's like a near off a cat or fox, or even like a cow, so not like human had, because they're very pointy. I decide where to put the years and how much I can rotate them. If you're holding shift by rotating something, grabbing it by one corner, it will rotate around the other corner. So the years are nice. Now I create a simple triangle shape and color it a bright yellow. This will be the I. I don't color it wide because I want this to be a grumpy, greedy, angry little character. And yellow is quite evil. So it's good. Like goblins are rarely the cute characters in cartoons and and fantasy. They are always henchman off the evil or mean Ian's. So I created the basic shape for the I know and drawing a circle. I duplicate the original shape, so like both of them and I create a creeping mosque. Why is this good? Because if I click inside the clipping mask, I can move this object around. I can recover it, and if I changed orginal shape, I can just remove the clipping mosque and that's it. I can build anything in it. So what do you do now? I removed the clip to cut some mawr elements to the eyes. I duplicated the circle, Make it whiter. Put it in one corner like there is a shine Ah, highlight on this eyeball and give a Grady into the eye You click on the two ends of the Grady int and you make one darker, one lighter and I play a bit with the transparency off this circle I duplicated And that one more tiny circle Good. Now we achieved. I select all of them, create a group, and now I create a clipping mosque. So this whole little group of the three circles is clipped. If I move the background, if I move the element, it's clipped. Now I duplicate the background and I calorie darker green and move it to beat aside like shape it. I keep the top part. I put it down with page down, and this is creating this nice, dark circles like Argo, Glynnis, evil or just. They don't have his morning coffee. It a shape it a bit even more. You see, it's creating this eye socket on the skull, which is giving like a little Maybe it looks like a raccoon, but it's also grieving the shadow around the eye. And the deeper the shadow is, the more evil depressed, the correct Aries. So I don't not do it totally dark. But yeah, and going with the evilness, I give him an evil mouth. Now he will be not happy. So this grumpy character needs a mouth, which is going downwards. I picked the color from the inside of the year because I wanted to be darker, and I just shape it again. I'm using the no tools to do so. I want to show you something. Now if I click inside, so double click inside the clip because it's clipping a mosque on the I. I can move the eyeball. This is what I was talking about earlier because I'm thinking maybe it could copper down there. It's looking too much on the tip of his own nose. Okay, it's better now. So back to the mouth, I want to shape it, be it a bit more evil, and then I will cut it off so the edge on the right will match the edge off the head. Yes, closer to the eyes da. Placate the head and select this duplicated circle and them off and go toe path intersection or push control and us a risk on your keyboard. The little star so control through star on your keyboard and now I'm giving it a little tooth again with the pentacle and calorie pick a color this yellowish white in color from the eyes the control click. I make it less pointing, but still shape it like a backers to make a bit more point. They duplicated and put it next to it. I measure them together by selective them and pushing control plus or path union, and we page down. I put them behind the mouth, tiny, tiny detail. But they will be, like, there coming out of the mouth. Okay, I will keep him board. Uh, maybe they have hair, but I'm not gonna go with hairstyles now. That's in the another video about heads. But now I will keep involved. But give him some sports on the head. So it's just little circles. I duplicate them and rotate them to more or less follow the shape of the head. They I likely really little craters on the surface of the moon, and now I duplicate the whole big circle. Make it a lighter blue, and this will be semi transport ingredient. Almost transfer, almost invisible. I put it behind, and this will be I change the color to Lighter, but and this will be the shine over the head. So put this higher, make it a bit more transparent, the whole thing, and put the ears in front off it. So I select the two parts of the years and put it in front of it, and that's it. It has a nice shine, and I just want to give some darker parts or so. So the head off the Little Goblin is as well has a bit of three D effect, but because of the Grady and I have to modify the color of the nose. So it's matching the original shape you see, because it was too bright. I put it down or here as well, so it's a long nose. He's very angry, pointing forward, and it has a beat off a street. The effect. Just because of the Grady, entered the big shine on the head. I can still play with the eyes. Still not sure where they should look. Make them a bit darker. Okay, good, because in small size us it will be in my game. Probably so not huge characters. It will be much darker and much more visible now, just using the polling on tour with five clicks, I'm creating the little eyebrow and for the eyebrow as well. I'm picking the same dark color I make it. Ah, not transparent. Yes, and I picked It was the same dark color here. It can be a Grady int, so it is really looking like a dent like an inside curve off the years and give a Grady INT on the years as well. So the end ofit is lighter, like it's pointing outside of the head. That's it. I really hope you enjoy the video. And in the next one we will create the other goblin heads and then build our army. I promise 12. Design 2 more goblin heads: So we just finished the little head of this gobbling the circle of one. And as I said, we will continue to create other ones. Let's just select all of the elements in control. G group them up. Okay? And let's check here. Yes, I have a triangular one and a long one. I like that one like this, looking a bit like a stick. So I'm thinking to create these two. They are similar, but different enough to have different characters and the different look and feel, but still goblin. So I create a square and I go to object towpath or shift control. See? And I modified the shape of this crap to something like a triangle like shape. I'm control creaking the edges, which is turning them into curves. But then I'm making the note. Handles smaller again to keep them corner like, but still curvy. So like smooth corners. I duplicate DoubleClick there twice to create a job own and ah, I double click. Here is where to create a chin. When you create twice next to each other, you can create a little segment. You see us here, you can create a little segment on a path. And now I control clicked and I have this little shape looking a bit like a skull and is definitely more triangular and more definite than the previous goblin. Now I go into the group and select everything I could use. I can have the most the nose years, and I just go back and paste it with copy paste because the ears will be the same. I don't have to redrow everything. This is already thinking modular. When you're drawing vector, you are already a lot of times have to think Modular. Okay, so let's position the eyes, position the nose, give this head a bit of fig radiant. Let's pick the same Grady and to see every Grady and has a color. Now I just come back and give this had the exact same radiant and then position the Grady and line. So it is having the line from the top, so the light is coming from the top. I can make even rotate. We'll flip the tooth, so it's pointing upwards rather than downwards. Make the mouth and the tooth big, big, bit smaller and rotate. Okay, I don't want him to chew on his or her own eyeball. Make it a bit smaller. Okay, scary enough. I rotate the eyes a bit, the whole segment. Good. You see, I'm making small modifications to make it look more random. That's the whole idea to have the same start with the same element. So I don't have to redraw everything from zero but changes. And also the nose us. It was on my blueprint. Make it less pointy, but more like a nose of rich from a fairy tale. Okay, so let's baby, did I have more hope to nose? Very cartoony. I'm just deleting nose and control clicking knows to turn them into corners into curves instead of corners. And this looks like half a banana, but it works for me. It is grumpy. It is closing together very much with the chin. Okay, it's too much. I delete this note. Okay. Easy. Yeah. Still looking like half across on or a banana. But still, it is looking funny, and it is looking evil. And again, I have to color it darker here. Nice. So it's matching the same darkness off the head, so it looks actually like it's grown out of the head. Okay, do I keep the air position? Yes. I duplicate the head and do the same. Shine us. I did with the circle semi transparent. I give it the same, Grady and and make it smaller and move it a bit back. So the shine is coming from the top with page up and page down, I position it. And again I have to play with the Grady int off the years. So it is matching the head, you see, Nice. And also the radiant of the inside. So it is again has Grady. And so it has a three d effect, and it looks nice, but I think I double IQ eight the year and cut off this part. So it has a little shadow here, So the ear is having a drop shadow. Not here at the bottom. So again I go toe, you can see if I changed it to outline view and changed the shape of it. So the shadow is not at the base of the year, but behind that year. And no, I go to path difference and cut it out. So I have this little triangle shape following the year, which is helping me as you see, even in small sized year, to stand out from the view. I select everything and with control G I group it up. I'm thinking, if I make the smiling OK, looks not enough. Okay, he's weird enough. Okay, so I select everything and group up, and that's it. I have my second goblin looking very much like this. A more triangular, and now let's create Mr Stick Head. He has a long head looking like French, right? So I just create with the pen tool with 54 click a little slanted rectangle and give it the same radiant already, which I know which was and then control. Clicking on the edges and shaping could be the sides, adding notes here and there, I create a more organic look. I gave him an accurate two clicks again, the same tree collect before, so create two notes next to each other to create a segment which is shape herbal. Delete this note because I don't need it. Make it closer a bit. Delete the notes here. Yeah, maybe I don't need the neck because none of the other heads have a neck. And why is that important? Because I am creating modular design. Each modules have to have the same structure. So if there is no neck on the others, why would I have a knack here? Okay. I'm just adding some kind of like a chain here. This is more long, different. And now, with Contra c Contrave, I just put in the same elements us I had from the first gobbling again. I'm not throwing over the noses and eyes and everything again. No. So, like that year, Where to put it up high. I think down here. Make it to beat Rotated following the size of the head. OK, looks good. Play with the Grady Inter beat and the game play with the color off the Grady int off the year. So pick it from here from the base. So the base of the year is matching the head under it. Okay, It's very dark here, but fine. A little bit outside. Okay, good. I delete the nose because I move the I a bit outside Make it smaller inside of it. Just a bit smaller. I make also the teeth different. Give him a bit off a buck. Teeth. Well, back to earth. Just to have some fun just to make it a bit more different again than the previous guy. Okay, now duplicate the shape of the head, select the mouth and the path difference. I cut it off so the edge of the mouth is matching the edge of the head. For me. It's OK if the eyebrow is out of it, because that's like very much forward. It's looking like the whole, uh, forehead is forward shape of beat the head looking like a pumpkin or cucumber and with a few clicks, create a bitten off a different nose. Boxer knows with broken pointy and just going through creaking here and there. It's cuter is different. It's not as pointed as the 1st 1 and not us hooked. Banana knows as the 2nd 1 absolutely different. Put this one down a bit. I couldn't it much more down, and it would be very We had, like, he would wear braces, pulled ahead a bit shorter as well. How longer as well again applicator head and fix this corner and the nose fixed there because it was not touched on the top. Okay, if I'm coming outside a bit zooming out of it. I see that it looks nice. I group it up and I have three very different heads. The only thing I miss is yeah, I made it a bit hard, bigger. The only thing I might miss our little details, like dots on the top and the last head is missing a shine. So let's go. Put the dots here, double click to get into the head and the public ate the head shape and give it to Grady and make it smaller. Put it up a bit into the left so the light is coming from the top Left Good. I have toe play with the ear a bit, but it's a bit higher. Put out good and I would copy Paste. I just based in the little that's I used there. Complicated again. Scale. It rotated a bit, so it is following the shape of the skull. That's it. My three goblin heads are done. I really hope you enjoy the video. And on the next videos, we will create towards those arms, legs and weapons and deny ville. Assemble my goblin army. If you create your own globally has show it to me shared with me I am so curious about different shapes and ideas you have. If you just copy mine, find that's great already because you'll learn and develop. But if you create your own sketches and your own ideas for your own characters, that is even better for you because you create already for your very own game from your own imagination. Okay, let's move on to the next lesson. 13. Add three bodies to the heads: So here are all the heads off the different creatures with the different goblins. Yes, If I put it here, you can only see all the different heads are applying. They can be used in the blueprint. And now let's focus on the body. I just applicator this part off my blueprint and just to get the size or the measurement off how bigger bodies I want. And I want to create as well three different bodies. So three by Sri it gonna be already nine different variations off heads and bodies. First of all, I make it not 50% transparent. Begin, I scholar, go towpath object The path toe Make it changeable by the know that it or to And I am thinking too. Give this one a thorn Ah, shirt or dress or tunic If you real so I just read the past We depend tool Ideally, the armed with pen tool. I'm just do it. Creating this rough is exact around here I modified here the bit so it's matching more the shape off the body and I'm bending these edges So it is looking mawr organic. So it's not a straight here. I leave this little bark. I control cricket. Like, uh, there's a little fold in the material. I said I both on them. And I goto path union or control Plus to merge it together. I make it a bit closer thinner here on the body. This one also closer. Nice. It has a nice baki shoulder. And, uh, this rag regs on the bottom. And now easily just row rectangle, which will be a bet. I make it. Ah, dark brown color. And I give it another. But And this is why I drew the little bock a der belly. So it looks like the two beds were the belts. Ah, twisted twice around. The body is creating little bark off the clothes and also here, if you ever try to tuck your shirt into a traveler, you know that there is always a little dope like a muffin top, we call it. So this is what we create here. It's a more natural look. Okay. Nice. So it was just a simple growth held together with leather belts. Now I just make it even more torn. I create some circles. I said I both of them with control, plus a path union. Measure them together and the path difference. I cut it out of the material so it looks like it's burned whole or I don't know. Uh, it was stolen out of the material. I give it to Grady into lighter on the top, darker on the bottom. So here on the Topol, let's see if it can be yellow now. Almost white. Okay, good. It's pale sand color creamy white is good and this one can be also be different. And I just gonna draw here a metallic looking ah, bell tobacco. Let's pick this gray different gray. So is standing out off the dress Good. I duplicated and I rotated in position and this middle part I picked the same color of the belt. So it seems like the belt is going through this little belt buckle. I group everything together, shape it a bit more, group everything together with control G to form a group and that's it. I position it now. If I duplicated with Contra de and we'd end or page down, I send it behind heads. You can see that it's fitting all of my goblins. This is what we want. This is the idea between modular design, but I think you are getting it right now already. So the idea is to doe two more bodies, different dresses, different belts different. I don't know different materials. And these two more bodies will be interchangeable between the heads creating nine different versions. After that. 93 new arms, three new legs and three new weapons in the coming glasses. Okay, so I duplicated the body just to see that the proportions will be right for these head as well. And I'm just creating a simple shape. He will be more hunched. I like it. It's matching very nicely the this banana nose I created for this little goblin. And I delete this note and I create this being kidney shape to make you more hunched over stronger shoulder and the, uh, not more narrow aria at the pelvis. So I picked the color from the other drawings because us with heads. And as I said, in every design about modular design, it has to be consistent. If you want the parts interchangeable, you have to be consistent. So or I picture color from the bad or the dress or I create or I use a new color which is matching those or us in this case, I create half naked version, Very worry, or like so I just created half naked by making it created goblin screen color this green blue and application the bed and modifying. So it is fitting at least one I make the brown part of the buckle of beat front. So the whole bad feeling that is turning around to give it a bit more perspective. And this is one think that not to thinner one like with the previous version and to give him trousers, I'm creating a polygon over the body shape. Select the polygon and the body shape shift, and I go toe bath division, which is cutting the bath around the polygon. I picked the brown make it lighter. And this is like, uh, a top of a trouser. It looks like diapers now, but it will be a top off a different trouser, believe me. And this is also a lie, brown, which is matching the previous drawing. So what to do? We'd the third body let me murder nobody together like group it together. Contra G with end. Put it in the back position it a bit, and for this, everybody again. I am drawing a little potato shape and we'll use the same colors, the same brownish greenish colors and, ah, let's make something different this time. Like he's wearing a buttoned up shirt or pull over jump or something like that. I pull this out so he has a little bit off a hunch as well. Control. Click some nose to make it curvy, you know, rather than an edge. I'm thinking to use another color, but maybe the original is better. Has put it behind the page. Down or end. I'm still thinking on the color to use. Maybe later I will change it. Okay, sure, I will. But first I want drove some buttons here, so I drove in Ah, circle and change the color to something I know. Let's say this brown Okay, Yes, and I like this brown, but it's not matching the blue wish I had for the shirt. So let's pick this color or create a lighter version of which you degrade the end. Nice. So it is similar, like the other dresses. Same washed out color, but still it's better. So let's duplicate the circle a bit, make it darker and the obligated again. I colored it differently, and I goto path difference to cut out this move shape, you see, and that is like, Ah, shadow off the inside the button and now I'm creating two rounded squares. I create one duplicated and rotated to create this rounded edges X across sign, and it looks like the button is just soon there. This could be a different color as well. Too dark? Yes, if you are holding. Obviously you know this, but I tell again, if you are holding the color pickle down when you are picking your color, it's real. Merge those colors together. It will makes new colors for you from the given objects. So nice I duplicate the buttons. These are my two buttons. I like the shape of the body. Not really sporty, but goblins are usually not sporty, not for your types. And let's do the same trick bath, intersection, toe. Have the trouser here. Let's make it dark on the top and brighter on the bottom, and that's it. It has the same color of trousers which, like the other goblin, has like the other body has this way I group them up and send it to the backward. And this way they are interchangeable. This is a smaller body, bigger body. I will see how they react together. Maybe I have to make this. Yes, a bit bigger. So I keep my design modular. The bodies and the heads are more or less the same size and attach the same way. There is no next. For example, there are no hats and different things yet, so I can interchange it every head with address everybody. And that's my idea. That is my whole point off creating a model character design. In the next lesson, we will create some body parts and after that we finalize the design with adding the weapons. 14. Creating goblin arms and goblin legs: three heads and three bodies are done. Let's create some arms and legs and then move on to create some weapons for these bad guys . Okay, so how to do that? I want to give them bend the dynamic arms. So I am creating a circle. And if you grab that point little circle here, you can create semi circles out off any circle. In ah escape. I give it a stroke and turn off the inside color. The field color made a stroke thicker, and the arm will be basically a stroke. So I pick a color from the body, make this arm big, smaller a bit. I put the center of rotation up here. This little cross just grab it and put it here and it will rotate around that My holding control. I make it a bit bigger and again, I it's too much of a circle, so I make it shorter. You can create this outside line if you are mouse course or is inside the circle than you are pulling it. And then I go towpath stroke towpath to make this little curvy line into a path. And now I'm creating a rounded a circle I turned off the stroke for that. And that will be just the simple grammatical feast. That's it. I grew these objects together with control G, and that's it. That's an arm in the feast, and I'm not giving them fingers or anything. I just applicator this arm and that's it. I were used on all the bodies on all the goblins because I just want simple faced to hold the weapons. I really drove later on, and I duplicated again. Also on this one. It looks like he's wearing arrest. I could rotate it and it looks nice. I can imagine that it's already easy to create an intimation where I he's walking and walking with his arms and moving his arms back and forth. Now, on this one, I can create an arm version off the arm where I make it. I duplicated original shape and I make the zigzag line over it, and then I go toe control minus or path difference to cut it off. So I create the same rag like feeling like I did before, and you see it works moves together because it's part of the group. Now, how to make this 12 different the middle one. I think I really create a little bed to keep the elbows safe so a little elbow are more I create. Ah, metallic looking. So this gray I picking for the from the bell? Backer, I'm creating this matter. Leak looking shape. Make this lighter here be darker. Good. I duplicated again and make this from brown. I move it a bit aside. Bit lighter. Okay, so it looks like a small moved in or or a ladder. Um, yeah, buckle. So it will be here. It's not. The shield is just a small thing. Keeping things safe, I rotated to feed the arm and just easily clicking around. I'm adding some leather straps here and here. Send them behind. With page down. I send them behind. And with Contra G I group them up. And this is how the arm looks now. It's not the naked arm like the other one. It has this little protector on the elbow. I put here the center of rotation. Good. The goblin can happily march now, using keys, legs and his arms. Okay, but what about the legs? We were created. Those two order. Generally, I just create some long, long rectangles. If you're left, angle is wrong. They just click this icon on the top right and make it cornered again. The chief controversy or path object towpath. I turn it into a path, and then I'm just bending it and shaping it to create with the no tool to create this simple feat in the circles, I think some ellipses, Some circles. I've you create some toes, a big one and maybe one or two on the other side. Small ones. So, like the whole leg Make it a bit bigger, maybe. Okay, nothing like this. And make it the color off the skin off my goblin. I add to nose here and delete the one at the heel to make the hell curve year. Okay, I group it up, replicated, and that's it. One of them, My color. Darker So it seems that it's behind is the darker green I pick from the inside of the years off the goblin, and now, if I duplicated, it's visible that one can be in the front and one can be in the back. Now I want to give him some trousers so I make the whole like the color off the trousers. So I drove an object and need bath division again. I cut it into half the original shape. So this one part division and you see is divided into 22 shapes, one off them. I've color back to the original green. Or rather not. I give him some boots, so I pulled this from a bit bigger. Keep the shape of the leg, make it longer a bit and give him a boot shape. We'll be pointed, but not this point. OK, good, and I will color it differently. Not the light brown off the trouser. But I think I would pick this darker brown from the ladder bed because these are leather boots as well. Awesome. With Paige up, I put it above defeat. So it's covering the bottom of the leg and the back one eyed applicator it and the back leg I make bit darker both of the Browns. So the same thing I did with the naked feet I do again so you can see that debt leg is different. That one is a different color when I duplicate the leg with the boots and I see an issue that again. I have to modify the body of it. If I want them fully modular, I have to use the same legs. But then I have to modify the body because the heads have to be levelled and legs have to be a levelled for my characters. So the body have to be different. And for this one I draw a simple shape which will be the steel toe off my shoe. This will be a very tough steel toed boots like working boots or heavy armor boots. Okay. And if you have steel straps here up better, this one is is looking like a piece of rope holding it together. I used the same color us the string in the buttons and let's group it up and it control deed applicator. Send it back and again make it darker. I already created that color earlier, so the boot will be this very dark and trouser will be just a bit darker. And let's get the color for these, Okay, just to be darker. And also maybe for this a bit darker. Nice. So when he's walking, there will be a clear difference between the two feet and the two legs. That's the whole idea. Well, so much. We're done. I'm eager to see what I can be. A Let's show you what I can be already from these few arms and legs and ah, jumpers and bodies. So even just using the same heads, they are so different. Different posture, different legs. I duplicate them again and changed the legs again. And then we'll change their heads a bit to the second goblin head, which is more triangle. You see, there are so many different versions I can make. There are so many different things I can make only with these elements. And in the next lecture, I will show you how to add some weapons to this to create more than 200 different gobbling versions. All similar or fearsome. Okay. I hope you're satisfied so far. Keep up with me. It reverse it 15. Create a set of fantasy weapons for our goblin minions!: So here, my goblins. And they are just one thing, some weapons. So a stick or something is very suitable for a government in something disposable, something easy. So I was drawing up some crude weapons. I will not draw the bomb and this bendy skim it are like blade. But I will go for a club, the hatchet. And it's very, very crude. Uh, cleavers for, like thing. I like the shape of this hatchet on guy will draw that. So I will create three different, very, very different weapons for them to have some fun and to create more possibilities for my final goblin designs. So I start with a simple gray square gray rectangle. I'm, I think, some nose here, here and there. And that's you. Remember, we did the same with the job own that. I'm double clicking anything, some notes and move notes in and out to break the line of it. And this is what I did. It's a very simple club. I just called brown pick the same color, and I rotated to draw some lines over it somewhere Reliance with the pencil toe. Just adjust the smoothness of it to make it feel like it is actually made out of wood like it's card out off piece of wood, a blank or a big chunk of wood. Okay, I just make one object. I close it. Also here I duplicate Georgina shape. Select them and I go towpath intersection, and I will peak a lighter brown color. This is perfect. I really colored later and turn off the stroke already. Looks nice. Bit like bacon. Okay? And I make the colors to make it a bit darker, and it looks like it is made from food and no weed. The pen tool I've you create some shards in it, some to give some edges like pieces of stone or pieces of metal into the club. So it despite club and the more sharp and the more triangle like they are or kruky toe beaten up, the better. You don't have to make hundreds of them. Just a few seems bad enough. Nice. I select all of them position and scared them and group it up with control. G. I make it a bit smaller, so it's fitting into the hand off my little soldier. And if I move the center of rotation and rotated. You can see this is how it will look when it will be well did in an animation by this little creature. Okay, Seems good to me. I didn't like it. What else? I can create the new weapons for the two other guys here, and I will create this very crude cleaver like sword looks a bit like anonymous ward. So I drove a rectangle created Turn it into a partnership controversy or path objective path and I move the move it a bit on the top toe. Give this. We're shape and applicator the blade and aligned to shapes next to each other to the left. And that will be the handle. So it will be a bit like a kitchen knife. I can't row cricket, but then bit straight on it out. So it's not perfectly a ah curve and other note here to create handle. Okay, Perfect. It's matching. Now the hand of you'll be brown and the blade will be different color. So it will be distinctive enough now. Just shaped the blade a bit more. I will make it more cleaver like I will pick the dark gray color from the boots and I don plicating original shape and color that lighter gray. And with that I have on edge over the blade. It seemed like it sharper over the edges. So, like these two notes and pull them up, I said, I both of them and we'd end. I send them to the back, move this on a bit higher with two little circles, I will add some nails or screws holding the handle together. It looks like a nice cleaver already and make it a bit more pointy. Give this one a Grady and Grady and can make things much more alive if you don't want super flat design. And here's the trick I use all the time. I'm just creating two rectangles, merging them together with Path Union. Make them white, put it over the blade and squeezed Ever Tatum a bit. Make them absolutely cover the blade, The applicator Georgina Blade Select these shiny object and go toe path intersection and I have a shine. I give it a grade e ent, so it's not absolutely white, but still you have the feeling like it's a shiny surface, like it's a shiny metal surface. But I also want it a bit buttered up a bit broken up. So I'm growing a little object along the blade, you see, covering up some triangles. So, like both of them and path difference. So this little triangles and creating dance and cracks on the blade, the handle is now be darker. Okay, let's group it up and scale it for my little creature. Okay, Too small. Nice has to be in front of the head, so I select everything. And if it's rotated, it has to be like this. Okay? Don't cut the other one. Nice. I put him to safety, and I just put the blade and the arm on the top. So when he is rotating, the blade is covering his face from this for you. And the last thing I want to create is the hatchet. I really like this word hatchet. And it's basically a small excuse for chopping food over for throwing us throwing weapon. And yeah, it is a very crude y king side weapon. So I'm just again starting with the great wrecked and go at the note to create the face of the hatchet. This is the back part of the ancient and there is a front part. I bend the both of them a bit. This one more. This is the front. It's already has a hatchet X shape. So it's nice. Have the general grey shape. Now I duplicated and pick a lighter colors and no have two shapes. Already. I duplicated again and make it orange a different color. So I have 123 I put them back with Control Z, and my idea is to make the orange one a bit bigger and cut off everything from the light grey to create this blade shape is just another idea. Another version off the same method. How you can create a blade running around distinctive shape like a did with a sword or cleaver. I give you the Grady, and this time it is really working it. It really have the object to come to have a three D effect. Make it a bit longer. Nice. So the head of the X is looking cool already, uh, again, I'm creating some dense and I don placated eso. You see, it's two of them. I duplicated with control D select one off them and select the bright color and passed difference. And you see, I da placated it because of exactly this, because I have to cut that out also from the dark part. And now if I cut it, it's much better. So it's a really broken, beaten up hatchet. I can even give it some weakness to move these little notes off the dark grey element a bit . The whole idea is to yes, the whole idea is to cover some places, so it looks like it has some thickness. You see, they look just like a bit of shadows here and there. But they are very nice. Okay, let's give you the handle to again. We started direct on girl or actually us. We are doing vector and modular design. We could copy this one. They cope it. And what do we do with it? We make it longer and we make it bigger to match our X. I'm double clicking. So at some notes, I'm not simply scaling it up or making a thinner or higher. I'm doing this because I like the handle part at the bottom. And I'm deleting these. The original knows now. It looks already nice. I make the top curve year position it into place pulled down toe, make it more curvy. Nice. And I do the same trick again to give it some. We're okay. Nice. So again, I just threw a zigzag object and selected both past difference that created the little dance. I group it up now and I can give it a shine out here on the top. So I just control C control Vida Shine. I don't have to draw it 1,000,000 times. I have to make it longer. Then it was on the blade. It's OK. I just said, like the nodes and make them longer. And now I will just put it into position. Duplicate the base select the shine and the base are sided with the sword and path difference. A path intersection actually, to create this nice little shine on the edge of my blade I group it up, make it smaller and give it into the hand off my little guy Gates. Huge! Now scary also make this one smaller bid Nice. He's holding his hand like this. Let's check the circle of flotation. How it looks when he's wielding it. Oh, good. Scary enough now does the whole idea. I have all three weapons. Now we have different arms, different heads, different weapons, and we can create really, really a lot of goblins out of it. Let's see, that's order our little books off gobbling elements. So we have three heads, three different bodies, three different arms matching all of the bodies, three different legs, matching all of the bodies and then three different weapons. That is three by three by three by three by three is 243 different goblins you can create using these elements. If you create a few more, you can have much more versions. And keep in mind that these things are modular. Does the whole idea behind this whole course to teach you to think in modular design? So 243 possible goblins, but they look very similar. But if someone is looking them up, close day will be different. So let's just pick one from each row. One head, one body, one arm, one Hatcher. This time, so one weapon and a leg. And let's put this together to have a goblin, which was never drawn before. It's none off the goblins, which I drew before, so these things are not connected. They don't have to be the same. I can create totally different goblins. Us you. So in the promo video and I will show you in a second you can create a lot. You can create many, many different goblins out of this. So that was the part off the model character design off this course. I hope you enjoyed it. And you are ready to create your own army. Off minions, please. If you did show me, I am so, so curious to see your creations. And don't forget, I'm here to teach you. So if you have any questions, just ask and have fun creating the Goblin army.