Design beautiful landing pages that generate quality leads | Serban Cosmin | Skillshare

Design beautiful landing pages that generate quality leads

Serban Cosmin, Landing Page Designer

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11 Videos (1h 41m)
    • Introduction - Designing a landing page in Photoshop

    • Finding inspiration

    • Creating a wireframe

    • Designing the header

    • Designing the first features section

    • Designing the second features section

    • Designing the process breakdown section

    • Designing the testimonial section

    • Designing the final closing argument section

    • Spacing the elements

    • Importing into Instapage


About This Class

In this course you’re going to learn how to design a landing page in Photoshop that’s optimized for conversions and will help your business generate more leads.

This series of videos will take you over the whole process of designing a lead generation landing page from scratch. We’ll begin by finding inspiration on the web, create wireframes and then build a landing page design inside Photoshop.

Once the page is completed in Photoshop, I’ll use Instapage to build a live version and start getting leads.

Now in addition to 1-2 hours of videos this project is packed with resources, you’ll receive the fully layered Photoshop file of the landing page created and the Instapage document, which you can upload right away and start using it as a template.

This course is aimed at students that have previously used Photoshop and are at an Intermediate level.

By joining this course you can either follow along and create the same page, or start your own project and build the landing page your business or product needs.

Exercise files and layered PSD: Download here


Are you ready? Let’s get started!





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Serban Cosmin

Landing Page Designer

Been designing landing pages for a couple of years now, created templates that have been used by thousands of clients worldwide.

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