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Design awesome Game Logos with Inkscape!

István Szép, Designer and design teacher

Design awesome Game Logos with Inkscape!

István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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15 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction to game logo design

    • 2. The REAL question to ask

    • 3. My proven game logo design process

    • 4. The importance of sketching

    • 5. Create a basic race game logo

    • 6. Simple -but scary! - horror game logo

    • 7. Easy puzzle game logo example

    • 8. Design a cute cartoon game logo - Part 1

    • 9. Design a cute cartoon game logo - Part 2

    • 10. Design a sci-fi logo using negative space - Part 1

    • 11. Design a sci-fi logo using negative space - Part 2

    • 12. Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design - Part 1

    • 13. Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design - Part 2

    • 14. Create a gory zombie shooter game logo - Part 1

    • 15. Create a gory zombie shooter game logo - Part 2

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About This Class

Why do you need to create a game logo?

A good game logo will make your game stand out of the crowd. 

It will help your players to recognize and remember your game.

And so, it will help you sell more copies of your game!


After creating many courses on game art design, students told me that designing a game logo is a task it s hard to undertake.


They think they lack two things: 
the creativity for logo design,
and the technical skills to create a professional looking logo.

Creativity is not  a magical thing! It is not made by unicorns, it is created  during  the design process! We all have good ideas we just have to get them out of our heads! This is what I actually cover in the first section of the course, and how we go through all the lessons of designing various logos.

And when we have the basics, we will build those technical skills as well! I will tell you every trick I use and every button I push during the course, and show you how Inkscape will help you to create an awesome logo for your game! 


And what will we create exactly?

Here are the logos we design together:

  • Logo for a racing game

  • A dark horror logo

  • A logical puzzle game logo 

  • A cute candy-cartoon logo

  • A fantasy game logo with 3D looking text

  • A space game logo using negative space (pun intended)

  • And a grunge zombie game logo with a huge splatter of blood! 

In later updates: game app icon designs and more logos on demand!

So join the class today and make your own game logo that makes your game visible and helps you sell! :) 

Am I too fast? Am I too slow? Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, I am here to teach you logo design! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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1. Introduction to game logo design: How is your game design going? Is it almost ready? Great. Now you just need a great logo to show it to the people. And this is what we will do in this course. During the course, we will create seven different logos. We will grow from simple to more complex from easy, logical game logos and raising logos to more complex fantasy and horror game logos. I will show you all the details and all the little tricks I use inning escape and during logo design. And not just that. I will share my proven logo design process from sketch to final logo, and I will show you how to create those logos and your ideas in escape this awesome free program you can follow step by step, how I drove everything how I put everything together to create the best logos for your games. My name is Esteban safe. I'm a graphic designer for more than 10 years. I create logos, illustrations and game art, and I'm happy to say I'm an indie developer as yourself Join me and let's create some amazing logos together 2. The REAL question to ask: I am missed one, and I'm really, really glad you joined my course. Let me start with a very important thing. What do you think is the most important question your game logo has to answer. What is the question? The question is, what is this game about? This is the answer we're looking for toe. Answer this question. When someone sees your logo, they have to know what is the game about? So what do you think? What is this game about? What did you see? Did you catch it? Do you have an idea? Do you have a hint? Good. I hope you have that mean That's the working logo. And what about this one? Do you see something scary? Did you see something happy? They have a feeling about the game. You might not know the details, but you can figure out already if you are interested if you want to buy this game. So the first ago was this one? It's big deal hero. It's a funny cartoon role playing game, fun to the game. It's wars and fun, and this one is phobia, which is a scary looking horror game. Now, both of these logo's will be created during this course. But there is an even bigger question, and this is what you are looking for. What is your game about? This is what you have to answer when you are creating your logo for your game, you have to know what is your game about exactly and show it to your audience. Lure them in and sell your game with the logo that is standing out and communicating what your game is about. Who is it for? How it displayed, how much fun it is. These old will help you to create the best logo possible for your very own game. So let's start and create some awesome locals together. 3. My proven game logo design process: this lecture, I will tell you my very own logo design process. My game logo design process. It's a proven process. It only has a few steps, but it's crucial that you do these steps in this order to succeed, to create a game logo that helps you sell. So first, have the game almost ready, have at least demo something that is visually, at least visually there. So you know what the game is about, what you are creating for. You. Remember the very first lecture, What is your game about? You have to know that to create a proper logo for that. So that's Rule number one. Have at least some part off your game ready. The second is do some research, even unjust. Gogel or read a book on the topic were asked people about it. Get some knowledge about what you want to include in your local Visually, I'm showing here some nights and are moors and swords because this is one off the logos I'm created in the coming lectures. So just look things up, do your research that will help your design process huge. You don't have to figure out everything. Do your research sketch on paper number three Always sketch on paper if you don't have a pencil and a piece of paper now, get it right now because you will definitely need it in the coming lectures. I will talk about it more in the next lecture. So no, just this sketch on paper. Step four is actually do the designing. I say designed the logo in escape because this course is about designing and escape. But mind you, this is Step four to sit down at the computer and start designing. There are three other steps in front off it. If you manage to do all three in disorder, designing escape step for will be much more easier and convenient for you. And when you think you are done, video logo, show it to others. Check it later, sleep a day, sleep on it and get back to it and refine it and refine your local. Refine your ideas at more details. Leave some details out. This is step number five, so refine it, shape it and step number sixties. Maybe stop and be satisfied with the logo. Don't continue it endlessly, so that's it. Let's get into doing 4. The importance of sketching: in the previous lecture, I told you my whole design process, and during the course we were focused on Step Number four designing, actually Inning Escape. But as I told you, I have this whole lecture about sketching. It's a short lecture. Just want to emphasize how important it is to sketch with pencil or pen on paper. Just now, I'm showing you some off the design. Some of the sketches I created on paper toe create the lessons we will have soon, so why it is important. Your mind is full of good ideas when you sit down to design or you have not at all. That's never true. You always have it there just in the back of your head. So what is easier Do put those ideas down, each off them, all of them in front, off you on a paper or try toe figure out, which is the best why you are juggling them in your head. It's easier when you put things down and then video judgment. Put out everything out off your head, dro everything every little stupid idea video judgment. So even if it's stupid, just throw it every time I drove. What there is a Mickey Mouse and the little character everything. What is coming from my heart? And then it's very important when you think. Okay, I made several pages of sketches. Evaluate. Reach idea is good. Which idea is good enough? And that's what you see on some of my drawings. There are circles and exclamation marks and question mark, I'm questioning later. Is this a good idea? Could this be a good idea? Also, You see, I have arrows here and there, one idea leading to the other. And this is why I do sketching. I always say sketching is like having a brainstorming session alone. So there is no team, no everyone else talking. It's only you silently sketching away all your ideas. So taking the ideas from the back off your head and putting it in front off you on the table so you can evaluate them and pick the ones which are good enough to actually work with the computer. Oh, and one more thing, very important. Sketching is not art. You don't have to be a perfect designer and create perfectly looking sketching. A lot of people do that create amazing sketching. I think it's not so important. Look at my sketches. They are almost unrecognisable. But I know what is on the picture. I make notes as well. So not just visually. I ride them. This is an idea. Fear the dark, for example. Or make this bigger. Make this smaller. I think this is good. I write down what I think. I take notes as well. And I don't care if it looks ugly, because that's just a shapeless idea. Getting shape on the paper right in front of me. And that's magic. Okay, let's get into designing some locals, shall we? 5. Create a basic race game logo: in this lesson, we will create our very first local, and it will be a very, very simple one for a racing game. Very creatively. I call it be Fast Racer. And as you see in the sketches, I always start with writing down the name and thinking what I want toe achieving this logo . I want to achieve that. Whoever is looking at it is feeling the speed, feeling its fastest for a racer game. So that's why I created shapes going from left to right. You see little cars, tires, maybe running around, Um, put it in a circle and, ah, you know, a speed dial. So I always sketch ideas. This is just a few of them. I don't show all of them, but I always catch a lot of ideas. And aside talking about it in the sketching lunch lecture, I like this from the best I like. There is a shape that is different type of text that's bold and fast, so let's recreate that we will only use a few tools and then the end of the lesson. I will show you huge trick, how to create something dynamic. So I speak some phones I'm not satisfied yet. Okay, Good. It's looking like Belfast, so it doesn't want it. But I like it that even without modifying the fund, it is looking like it's going fast from right to the left. And now I turn it into path and we shift control. G. I opened up the group. I only said like this last few letters and I make them bigger because fast is the world I want to really say. And it's also seems like it's two different would be fast. And for racing, I pick a different formed. And between the letters, I will give more spacing. It's a thinner one. Let's base it out. You can play with the text up here. Experiment. We did. I like it. This one. I like this one. Now just base it out already like this. It lose good because it says be fast. It's a call to action, as they call it in marketing. It's like, let's go order like just do it in Nike now I just created distorted shape for later on, so I see what I will achieve. I duplicate the shape and turned it into a path. The shift controls the or path objective path, and I can modify it. This side is a bit shorter and in the descends decide on the right is bigger and it's close to us. What I will do. I will put this to path together. I called it orange. So we see. I want the whole logo. Being in this perspective was the Orange Square. If you don't understand it now, you will understand later. So what I do now? Let's go back to the logo. This is the first version off the logo I create created just the text. I make the racer text whiter. I group it up and this is one version of the logo. But it's still not dynamic enough. So it control d. I duplicated and I make a more dynamic version. How can I make it more dynamic? I don't like it that the square is not following the shape of the letter. It's not following the same dynamics. So I make it longer and you see, I tilt it a bit. So we're gonna follow this line off the letter f. I can even draw it to myself. I will delete this line later on. We depends. It will. I drove it. And this object I can turn to ah guide. So if you draw the line in whatever direction you go to object, turn object into a guide and you have a guideline. So these are perfectly aligned now. Now I can pull this guideline at the end and it will be the same. Align with the letter T I Long gate the latter t so is going backwards and they are again on the same line with the red bar. Now I just put my mouse over the guideline he delete and is deleted. It's already more dynamic than the first version. Everything is going to the same direction very fast. Okay, I duplicated again. I duplicate always because I can go back to the previous version. That's why I deprecate you see, It's already a static version, a dynamic. And now I really create a more dynamic using the shape we created before it path difference . I cut out the attacks from the red shape and the path Union. I can turn everything into one path. Why? It is important now. There are no colors, no different shape. Just this one path. You see, I could edit every note in it. We will go back to the colored version later on. But now it's just one path. Why we need it? Because we will create perspective using an extension in Escape the Perspective institution and that is working with two path. I have this one which is defining the perspective, this orange shape and I have the dark one, which is the tax and the logo. So I need to path it. Not gonna work if one of them is several object or one of them is a group to path. Okay, I'm telling this because this is a tricky thing, and if you miss it, you don't get it. So no, I am building even more perspective. I want it that on the right side is big and it's close to me. And on the left, it's going away from me. So it's giving the more dynamic feeling. I put it on the top, so I like both of them. I go to extensions, modified path and perspective. I don't have to set anything. It starts to count. Okay, let's see. Let's remove it. Oh, my goodness. What happened to my text? these happens a lot of times because perspective is calculating differently. The only mistake I did with Control Z, I go back. I turned my logo 90 degrees counterclockwise, 90 degrees counterclockwise. It's just because it has a different starting point for the directions in Escape with this perspective toe. But Don Now it's working its looks like the back to the future logo. It's fast and dynamic compared to the first and the second version. The 1st 1 is starting. The 2nd 1 is a bit more dynamic, but this one is like a blast is going away, and I'm really satisfied with it. It's readable. It's strong, is going from left to right. It's Yeah, it looks cool already. I would put it on a T shirt. Cool, Okay, but we had some colors before the strong where the day go, I go towpath, break apart, and this is breaking old known connecting elements separating. I have to go into the letters and the path difference. Cut out all the holes in the letters because those are disappearing as well. That's a tiny price to pay. That escape makes me do. But other than that, each letters now are separate and in this perspective, distorted shape. I said like these the holes in the letters with control. Plus I put them together, they would look good. I merge these letters as well where I can just color them white. But I would do I would merge them as well and cut them out from the red shape. But now I just selected. And the holes I made red and the shapes I made White. So this is it. I could stop here, but I can make the be different. So the fastest standing more out. You see, This is what I made here as well. On my sketches. I want the fast the word fast standard like crazy. So it is fast and dynamic. But I wanted more fast. I select the letters off the first I duplicated it control D and I turned into another color. Now I will draw a square around it and cut off the bottom half off this light gray one. I sell a both of them and path difference or control minus. And now I have the original fast text, the dark one and this light one. I give this a bit off a Grady int and I achieve a shining effect like it's the you know, it's a surface on a car shining so I can play with the Grady and which direction I wanted to go. I will have it in a second. I just wanted to be slightly visible. Yeah, so it has this shiny car feeling now. I'm satisfied with everything, but I want to hold this logo together because all this text, I select them and they group them up. All this tax is looking cool, but I want to give it a bit off a background. Usually I don't give background to logos, but if someone has this much text, I think it's a good idea to give it a simple background. So I just go around with the pen tool, the busier tool and not holding, just clicking, clicking, clicking, creating straight lines. This will make my logo look like a sticker. You know, when there is an edge around the sticker, I don't go in details, and in other locals I will show you how to do this much more professionally. But here I just want to create a rough surface around my logo I make the different color and it's really looking like a sticker, and it's holding the whole logo together. I can give this Grady, and to maybe needed, maybe not. Let's see. I'm not really sure. Yeah, let's go back to flat color. I can lift it up So it is looking like a shadow and giving it it's giving it a bit office. Three D Feel I could play a bit more with a But let's just keep it this way. Let's keep it a bit like a sticker. Okay? I'm satisfied. Move it back a bit. I made it white, so it will stand on more on the red background. It's burning on the black. It's also standing out. I hope you enjoyed this first local. It was very simple, but still very satisfying and easy to recreate. Play video created around. Show me what he did and get ready for the next ones 6. Simple -but scary! - horror game logo: in this lesson, we will create a very simple but intuitive horror game logo I call my game phobia, which means fear. And you see, I have many ideas. Very simple ones in the sketches I drew someone, you know, hiding in fear and the scary face and the skull blood spots. And I really like the phone. This oldest won't. And this I like that. The letter. I will be like a hand mark a dark ah background. And the Markoff fingers bloody fingers on the wall because black background, small amount of flight and blood there. That's for a scary horror game. So how I start, I just speak a phone and any phoned I want because I will create my own phone version for this logo. I will do that with other locals as well. But this is the simple. This is a very simple one. You will see. So I picked a nice and thin fund. You see, I'm looking for something elegant, nothing special. And if you saw the alien posters, the alien movie posters I really like it is the same amount off big distance between the letters and up there. You can add some distance between the letters, and now I just simply speak the pencil to the free handle and start to draw some shapes around the letters I want to draw until the bottom half. So until the half off the letter, what I want to create is like wrought, um, old blood war. Yeah, basically, you see, like mold the texture. You can play with the smoothness up here. A lot of people and started escape their like, freaking girls like, Oh my God, I used the pencil tool and it's not working because it's not move. You can play with this muteness, but in this case, it's also looking very good If it's not smooth, we drove in a very big scale, and we will always jack always zooming in and out. Checking our logo is looking in a small scale, you see, so all these big chunks I'm growing in a small scale. They are looking very nice. It looks like hair or fur or wet hair or really just disintegrating, rotting away, melting away letters. So I am not going above half off the letters because they stopped part. I want toe keep more or less intact and focus here on the bottom. In your version, you can do it differently. But the rule here is, I think, is not over doing the visual effect. If everything has a visual effect, then everything looking the same than it's boring. What this carry a lot of times in science fiction, I read it somewhere the most Kerry aliens are the ones who are looking almost like us, and just there is a bit of human under them. And then there is some scary thing over them. I do the same there, this recognizable, clean, very simple fund, and I just throw over this murky move the shapes. As you see I'm also playing and growing, Ah, little bits falling apart, falling down even you can move them around. And this more scale they look awesome, like everything is falling apart, crumbling here as well. I think it's like broken in like a ruin or a roof broken. And so I give some more thickness here on the bottom. But the top I keep, at least for now, nice and clean. And you see, I don't go back much, and I don't Chorak much. Why? Because this is exactly what I want. Randomness. A feeling that this just appeared randomly. I didn't road It's this right away like it was. It is rotten. So just be playful here as well, I always say, for logo design, creativity is a lot of times coming from playfulness. So we just drove with the pencil, so this is an easy way to do here. Inside, I finished the shape. I turned off the snapping, so I just figured the shape. So it's following the letter B. Okay, you're seeing small scale. It's not. It's what is visible that something is wrong with the letters. And that's what I want. Something is clearly wrong with this little parts. I give some weight under the old I like it how it looked at the age. That's why I'm doing it here as well. And I will do some things here on the baby because it's too imbalanced. This letter is to imbalance because this little edge is there on the left. So here, on the right, I had some little no I'm things falling apart. Same here with the B with a P. I'm satisfied. It looks cool in a small scale. Now I am skipping the letter I and I'm going straight to the latter. A Why? Because I will delete this letter and we will create the palm print here. The bloody palm print. In the meantime, unjust turned my text from text towpath. So just object towpath or shift control. See, this way I will added the phones. But before I un group it so every letter is on individual object and now I'm just continue to drawing on the literary. I skipped the letter. I, as I said before and going back to the I. I don't have to do anything about this. These are gonna match together with both union and now this is one shape. Everything is in one shape. With this, I can draw over little figures and I can make little cracks. That's strange idea. Let's make it right. So I see what I do. I can make the cracks and holes into these shapes make it even more random looking may even more falling apart. You see, in this little hole down there, I make a crack in the little that's a backpack shaped there. I make a hole, so it's looking like it's smoke or falling apart. Or it's like an old rotten curtain. If you need visual ideas for this, just look at some horror posters or horror movies and you know what I'm talking about or with torn clothes. Yeah, so this is my This is what I want to achieve. This is the feeling I want to achieve if I want to make this a logo, which is more like Victorian era, like in 19th century or 18th century English, Then I would use a different phone, but I could use the same rooting effect on any phone, basically, So I'm just giving some little more details. I go letter by letter and having my family drawing these. I bite out this part and you see here again I make little holes because that was too weak already. Like, this is much lighter. And again, I'm the letter I bought again. I'm gonna skip it. Why? Because there will be my bloody palm print again forming the letter. I I'm wanting some bubbles and cracks here, and there's also I made them smaller, and I decided I can cut through this shape. The point is, drove us much that it's not everywhere Andrew us much that the letter is still recognisable . If I would cut, for example, a huge part on the right from the letter O, that would be a letter C. But I did know I selected all the new elements, colored them a different color. So I see them and unified them. And now I selected them and selected both the original text and with path difference. I cut them out of the text. Now I just throw a scare and with path difference, I cut out my letter I and now I can make my own letter I in the same way I did with the molded parts of the letters. I will throw five lines. Very, very wobbly. Strange lines. They don't have to be straight. It's like, you know, remember, it's a bloody fingerprints on the wall. Someone is Shaklee falling, collapsing next to the wall. And he's making lines like this. So it's easy. I just start read four lines which will be upper and one which is a bit lower, does the thumb. These are red now. I can recall of them later. Darker red, whatever I want. No, I'm just nicely drawing them. What I do here is I'm following the bands and curves more or less on each finger. So, for example, at around the hall, if you see there is this bend and those so here. So here's this big bending curve on and also the steam part on the bottom. I am trying to follow it with each line, which would mean that the hand moved together. That's why I tried to follow it. So I correct these port and OK, it's not 100% personally perfect, but it doesn't have to be has to be wavy. It has to be weird. This is too thing. So I make it a bit thicker. Okay? And the last the little finger, it can be a bit maybe different, a bit more open, okay to open. So I selected and I turned it in a bit much nicer. And I have to finish it here on the bottom. It's too close and it's too short. So I finish it. And then I view marriage all these five strings together so I can move them and shave them together. So just control plus or path union and I measure them together. You see now I made it very dry red. And what I do know again, as I did with the more depart I do some blood splatters here and there. Little dots here and there, as it was in my sketch, as I told you in the beginning, usually in local designed to go for full simplicity. But in game logo design there are so many added elements, it's yeah, it has a path. So you can you can create somebody'd elements and have some fun again. I merged them together, and I really like how the latter looks. When I zoom out, I see it works. Let's see it on a dark background. I sanded to the back. Okay, the eyes visible and the text I have to make white. So it's standing up now. This is already good. This is already scary, they said, looking how I imagined you see on the sketch I said that it has to be thin. It's I think, it's thin enough. Maybe I can play a bit making longer. Make it different. I will see. But for now I'm satisfied. What I want is that the light is not so into her face So with the Grady end, I am making the top a bit transparent, and this is already looking scary, like the light is going away like it's fading. It's not enough light now. I duplicated it and make the opposite of the half, and I give it some blur. This way, I am creating ghost like effect. I will play now with a bit. Read it a bit because I am, and this is what you should do as well. Figure out which is better for you. Is it more transparent? Should be more visible. Should be thinner longer. I think I will make it longer. It's looking like a ghost text, so I just simply duplicated the white taxi seeds still here. I elongated it. I made it longer and I made it very transparent, almost like a ghost key effect and gave it a good amount of blur. I'm usually against effects and blur toe overuse them, but in this case it's just giving to the effect. No, I can take the eye as well in the long. Get it a bit. So it's a bit out of the picture, like someone was really falling to the ground so in small size, this is how it looks. I liked in a big black screen. It give its giving it a lot of space. I think I could play for hours. Read these letters. It is with these ghost letters should then be bigger, smaller. Should I cut them out? Should I play video more? I distorted a bit and let's see how it looks. Not much of a difference, but a bit. So there are so many things you can do and be playful. Create your own effects and look for what you want to achieve. What do you want to show to the gamer? Because in just a few seconds, a few minutes, I mean, we created only using the pencil tool and the phone tool. We created something good looking, something scary, something which could work for horror game. We create the bloodlines. We created the letters and, ah, that's it. Be playful and think about what your logo wants to say about your game. 7. Easy puzzle game logo example: Now, in this one lecture, we will create an entire logo. Very simple for a block. Logical game. So I decided to call it block ical. You know, block Logical. Okay. Don't laugh about my name giving. This is for educational purposes only. So when I start to sketch, I always draw out the letter B. I always start with the main letters of the starting letters off the word I route right down There were several times and I want to create this time a letter B b a tough from little elements, you see, like falling apart like the books blocks are coming from the top. I imagine this game is a bit like batteries or Lego or I don't know, a bit like maybe like Minecraft. So there are blocks and there is a logic involved. Obviously, when you have your game and then you start to design your logo, you will know exactly your game mechanics. And you can design for that. No, let's just assume that this is a game which falling blocks which are building up different objects. So I picked a blocking, phoned a very thick fund, and this will be my letter B And for this local I've will not dro anything like different elements or object. We will just make this letter B fall apart. I'm thinking to curve down the little books, but I stay and make them rather sharp on the edge. I color them differently and what I do first, I will make this little books control de to duplicate again and again Good and no duplicate downwards. When you hold control and you move something, it will move in a nice organized way. So it will be staying aligned. I am deleting a few elements and I'm duplicating a few elements. These ones I don't need this one, Niedere. So I will cut out the pink part from the dark gray part and replicate this. Okay, let's see if I want to do this corner. Yeah, I match it to the edge. So there is no little edge there. I make them semi transparent. So I see what will be the little boxes, the little details. I moved them in this one image to the edge. Okay. And I'm creating the little blocks falling to the top. I duplicate all my blocks now control de and pull them apart here on the top, so they will float upwards. And they are the same size that I hear have here. I want to create this edge better. So I moved this society bit. I don't want the little gap there. Good. So you still there? Yeah, I treat a bit, but it's okay. I have an idea to keep one little curry side there on the top. But other than that, I will just use square blocks like this. So I said, like these blocks and cut out more blocks and squares from the be not cutting out there, just duplicating them all over the place. Maybe here one, maybe nothing color than white. So I see what I do. So this is how it will look with cutting up. But I'm checking now. Is it recognizable? It is still a letter B. Is it looking us redish or recognizable and strong? Us? It was on my sketches. So you see, I'm constantly checking. So I went back. It controls ear several times and no, there pink again. And what have you do? I want to have that little curve. So I duplicate the b select the little square there and the B and complicated little squares value see is duplicated and I go to path Intersection. And now I have one little curve there and the game path intersection I have only took over there on the edge. Israel. They look like this. This little shard could be Yeah, I think it would look good. This one. I cut off this one. I duplicate and I cut off and I have one. So I put it aside for myself for later. All the others I merged together with Contra, part for path Union, Select the B and then path difference. So got them off. I tracked it. It's recognizable. It is looking like a B. Now I select all my other boxes and play with them and make it blocks falling upwards. I moved them a bit inside, so it has more off a three dish effect. And I'm also planning toe create smaller boxes like they are disappearing in the sky or they are appearing from the sky flowing dumber. So I play between the size, so yeah, I just want to create this effect off, disintegrating us. You. So a science fiction movie and things are falling apart a bit. Sorry, video games. So that's what I want to have blocks falling in places. This is a very simple ago and it's up to you how complicated you make it, how complex you make it with the different elements. I'm just criticizing. And now I'm coloring them gray and put up the opacity. They don't have to be transparent anymore. Yeah, it was good. It looks similar. It's still recognizably to be and I still have this effect. When I was catching, I just threw this effect not related to the local. Just the feeling what I want so I can make scratch bigger, smaller. But I need some structure. They can overlap, they can touch each other. Okay, In this part, I'm really just playing. So my structure is that put the bigger boxes in a lower range and medium blocks over them and on the top mostly small books. This is my rules. This is how you make it that they are coming from a distance to closer. So these are my three books sizes. If I lined them together, You see, it's like pom pom pom. They are in the distance so This is the feeling I want to create here. The bigger blocks is closer to the closer to the B and then medium and then small blocks. This is the feeling off this integrating or things are appearing from the distance you see from top to bottom. And let's play between this curve. I could put it here. I can move it aside a bit or I can build it up from little books. Maybe it's just experiment. Here is the small block. Let's make it even a smaller and home Elise the blocks I can use to build up a curve and give it a different color. And with a few blocks I am reshaping this curve. You don't have to do this after me. I'm just trying something and you should do the same. I'm always experimenting. Yeah, but I don't like it. So what happens? I use the same rule. Big block on the bottom, smaller blocks above. This gives the feeling off. Disintegrating and falling in part depends where you are watching it, and that's it. I'm just playing with small blocks and little blocks and us every rule in graphic design. It's good to have them and set them and then break them. Sometimes I don't say don't have a rule and just create random stuff. I still creep My rule set. So big, medium and small blocks bottom up. But still, you see, I'm resizing this. I'm still doing, um, some fun and I'm still creating different sizes and have some form it. I don't need this little curve anymore, So I'm just playing with the distances to create the effect I want. Zoom in and out all the time to check my logo, how it will look in different scales and you should do the same all the time. I duplicate some of the little boxes. If you grab an object and push space, you can stamp that object around. So grab the object, move it around, put space and you can replicate it easily. Vidal control D. So I delete the big books. I just have bigger, smaller and extra small boxes around, and it has the feeling that everything is falling apart. I really like it. It could be a Bitcoin logo, really tacky, but it's also very simple. So it's good for your game. Okay, Some small daughter and there and also let's get out some parts here as well, just a small one. So it is not broken only on the top on the left side, but also a bit disintegrating building up on the right side of. So I have this movement that everything is going up or coming down. Now I select everything. I'm satisfied with the shape. I select everything and I put it aside. I keep the original so I can get back to it. I grouped it up with control Gee and I calorie to a different color. So I see what I do and I duplicated. And this day application. I just hold control and I move it upwards and I create sound thickness. But you see, with the small boxes it generated two books. It is too big off a distance, so I have to go into the group. I decided to take this because it's great at the letter B. You can see it's awesome, but here I'm missing some little parts. So what I do, I pull them apart. I pull them closer, so I pulled them up and pull them closer to the original. I just select everything all the little boxes, everything which is small just holding shift and cook clicking around. Okay. And now I grabbed one. So I grabbed all of them because all of them are selected and I bailed my little cubes. I do the same for the medium was again on that one that when I miss before and here there are some mistakes. So for the media months again good it looks, or the blocking and three dish. This is a very simple May way to create three D effect or thickness telephoned. Just duplicate what you did and lift it up in a precise manner. It is not like a drop shadow. It is thickness. Now I give a Grady int to the front fund the light gray one and let's make it green. So my game has this dream green color. And if that is green, the and it won. This one has to be a different color as well. So from gray, it can go toe a larter, uh, color and darker on the bottom, darker green. So it is green but is very dark. And it's creating this block a three d looking effect. Very simple one. So again easily just drove your object de plicating and that's it. You have this nice three d looking effect, and now I can write the text under it with the same front or a different front I want. Yeah, it's a nice Blaquart block in front again, and I used this dark green, the exact same dark green aside, used before, so it's much readable. I lined them together and make the tax to be smaller, bigger? I can play around with it if I can put it next to it. But no, I will keep it this way. This could go on a T shirt. It would look cool. So it's a very geeky, very simple logo, and it's looking like Legos. But I want to give Do It is some shiny stripes, so I make a square distorted, complicated and make it thinner a bit. Maj. Dammit! Bath union! Good. Now I duplicated this green object Green group and I go towpath intersection and advocate perfect intersection from the stripes. When you do, these done duplicate the whole bi and the blocks and everything because intersection on lever between two parties, it is not working between the whole object or groups. I mean, so it cannot be done with groups. So I just selected the letter B replicated, Selected the stripes and ah, no, I have the intersection and just gave it some Grady int nice and fast. It looks like a bit off stripe off a bit of flight. It ordered to lose good. But I am still going on. I am drawing some little squares the applicator applicator applicator and align them. Select everyone. I push if control a to the line and distribute window to open. If it was not open already and align them horizontally and vertically select everyone and with control pass or path Union. I merged them together. So no, it is one object and I pushed control X Go into the group. I double click the group. I go in and I scare my little squares scale more scare more. And the line is what I want to do is duplicate the B shape and I go to path Intersection. This was path difference. This was my mistake. Bath intersection. Good. And now I gonna color them. Pick a color from the background, the green one. And they're already looking nice and different. I give them a light Grady in, so they're more visible on the bottom, and it gives us the feeling that the B itself is built up from little building books. So it was good. Now I put it behind because that floating block on the left was under it. OK, nice. And that's it. If I want to play a bit more and make it more three d, I think I want to make a big difference with the blocks, so make some of them darker, some of them lighter, depending where they are in the space, because, you see they are all the same color. Now the text can be a bit lighter as well. And for example, this block can be yeah, the same bright color, and this more want to. So they seem they are different in places, and this can be a bit darker. So that's it. Play around and be playful. When you create a local design, do sketches and think ahead. But when you're designing, play around and create the logo your game deserves. Have fun. Recreate this or even better, make your own 8. Design a cute cartoon game logo - Part 1: Now this coming logo is for acute animal themed game. So if you have a metarie game or something like that, where you have a cute main character, you can use this. I don't have the game, as you should have already for before creating your logo. But I made up a game called Little Post Show up with the main character being a doggy or little gets or descendant. So in the logo, I will incorporate a little dog, a puppy, and I've was thinking to make it like a board and have this fluffy letters, the doggy and this little pull prints dog IPO prints in the logo. So in this first lecture, I will only focus on the character issue. Ever character in your game. That's great. If you don't have, you can do it with me. This is a good practice for drawing characters, taking us an extra lesson off character design into the local designers, and after this one, we will create the text in the next lesson and figure it out how the whole thing looks together. But now we just start with nose off the dog. So I created a square. The shift control. See, I turned it toe both and control clicking the nodes makes it curves. I'm contra clicking three notes and making it occurred. I duplicated and I turned it around. And this little nose turns out to be as well the body because I am growing that little poppy on the left. Not the one under the Q dog, but the one next to the W. So this is the body and the other one is deaf head and the nose. Okay, you see, drawing in escape character. How I drove its simple cartoon characters. It's like puppeteering, id implicated again. Shrink it very much. And I have the leg. I modify the shape of it and mind you, some very important thing getting escape. I learned during the years. The lesser knows you have the better to cleaner in the shape. It will not be Mobley or wavy. It will be clean. These shape just has The body has only a few notes. So I already have defeat the body and the head and each of them is consisting only few notes and started with the simple square. No, I managed them together with Path Union. So this is one shape. I drove a square, turned it a bit, and this will be the years I'd obligated with control d turn it a bit again and these other years and obligated again. And this is the tail as well. I make it longer, but so is matching the bottom off the dog's body. Okay, it's 15. It control five. I can go to the outline view and match it perfectly. Going through five again. Control on the five on the numeric keyboard. So not on the top off your keyboard. If you have a numeric keyboard like I have, you can do this. If not, go to view and serve it to you. No, I select the tail and the body, and I merged them together. I delete this note because I don't need it and I fix up the back. You see, this is again, but I said I deleted that note to make more clean shape. Although in game design logos are a bit more complicated than general logo design. I'm still looking for clear and ah, easy to understandable design. I pulled down Ah, note I pulled down a guy, dine and move the nodes so they are in one line. So the dog is sitting on a horizontal line. Let's give him a different color. It will change later on. The body can be disgrace and the years can be brown. It pays down. I put it behind so I pushed the page. Donkey here will be the eyes. We'll be right. I duplicated with control D and holding control and shift. I am shrinking this circle. I doubly gated again. Color it white. And I gave the shine to the I. If I want a cute puppy, I think added eyes are huge. The bigger they are the cuter than puppies. This is evolution. The bigger something. The eyes of something are the cuter. We think it is so big Head, big eyes, small body equals acuteness. This is one of my lessons in my character these in court I give him little eyebrows. It is transparent because I made a Grady int on the eyes. So I set it back to full color and I pick a darker color for the eyebrows. I might need it. I might not ever see it later on. Make it longer a bit. I love to move the eyes of characters. It's like they're looking around and getting alive. So I move it a bit on the side, not totally in the middle. I duplicate the I, and that will be the nose. Obviously, I want to make it bigger. Flatter. I turned it into a path objective path, and I can shape it if you pull a note or if you pull a path between two notes, you can create any shape you want. If you learn to know to, you will draw in escape us. I do. You can be a professional illustrator. Also, it's helps with local designers. No, I just throw a circle, make it white, give it to Grady and or simply duplicate this one to create a shine on the nose. I like to duplicate because I like what I created before. I like to use what I created before I give it to Grady Int. Yeah, and it's just almost not visible, but is giving a texture and a shine to the little nose. A few minutes and my little dog is done. Let's give him a tongue hanging out our cities. On my sketch. I drove one circle I duplicated and draw another circle. I put the red room behind with page down and divide one above. I am resizing this white ellipse, so it is following a bit the shape of the head. If you know the door character called Pimp A, it's an old cartoon. It looks like this. His stone was always hanging out. I'm holding shift and rotating it, so it already looks like a little tongue hanging out. That's calories. It's a bit door. Okay, it's nicer this way. I duplicated and made it by a brighter version. I duplicate the back again, and now it has a thickness. It has a dark version in the back and a lighter version in the front. I made this little triangle duplicate the shape of the tongue and bath intersection. It's gutting out so nicely and group it up and I have the little tongue. I can position it and rotate it a bit. Put it in place. Okay, looks nice. It's following the shape of the head. Do I need the eye, bro? Dough I needed. I don't think so. I put it aside. I can give a nice color Grady into the dog But I think it's also important to give him some sports. I said, Like this little circles, all of them, it's shift and measure them together. The control path, path union and applicator, the doggy shape, selected application and the circles and path difference again, This is a tool I use a lot. If you do this with path difference, you can follow an edge of the shape show so easily as here. The sports are following perfectly the shape of my dog. I re colored them a bit and I duplicated it. Now we control five. I view What am I doing? And I will make a cut off from the body. So in the outline of you, I'm checking how I could cut off the head are not going to remove it from the body. I just will create a bit of shadow here. I want to follow the neck and follow the tongue. No, I selected the day Obligated body and the shape I just drew path intersection. And if I go back to the origin of you, nothing happened. Not yet, or it seems, but I pick up this brown color and with the Grady and tool. I can create a little shadowy part with page down. I put it under the tongue. It lose good because the head is already separated and it's giving a bit of three D field. It's not perfect. So let's play a bit more with the great. The end looks very nice and cartoonish. Select the eyes control G. I make them one group, and I make them bigger. I like the years, but they could turn downwards like something like this I don't need than the back here, because it is that one is also turning downwards. It's not visible with chief controls C or pass object to path. I turned it into a path, and I select only the three bottom stroke and make them bigger. So the year is looking more like the year off this little dog on the sketch. I group it up and this is it. I have my little dog. I can make a little line here, so the leg is a bit more detailed. I bend it a bit. I duplicated the body under it, and I said it to a nice, simple color. This way, I have a little band above the leg as well. The only thing I miss for the little doggies. Another poll, which is like a hand hanging on his side on my drawing. So I'm just creating the poet 54 circles. I measure them together, Sandro Plus or Path Union. I duplicated and I colored it application to another color. So I see what I do. I make that smaller. I said, like them and I go to path difference. This way I have the shape cut out. Looks like a little hand or shadow for little hand and grow a little line on the top has to be grain and blue. I duplicated with age. I flip it over and I put it also on the other side player between the shape off it. So they had the same length I selected. Group it up with Contra Gee and pollute. Put it into the place and that's it. The character is done. I hope you enjoyed it and created your own. In the next lesson, we will create the rest of the logo and it will look amazing. I promise 9. Design a cute cartoon game logo - Part 2: Okay, so let's continue with a little push up logo. We created the little dog in the previous lesson. And in this one, as I said, we will create the final logo and the text and some effects here and there to make it more cute and friendly. I pick a front as always. I do it fast, but usually takes much more time. And I put a big, very cute friendly phoned. Now I turn it into path Object towpath. We shift control, G. I put it aside. So every ah Blatter is ah different object and I delete the nodes which are making the dot on the I. And now I draw a circle duplicated three times, merged these two circles on the bottom and put the one on the top in the middle and select all of them and merge them together with Path union or contra path. And now I'm deleting this note on the bottom. I already have this Cloverfield clover leaf shape and I modified. I click on these corners control click, which is making them curves. And I'm already getting toe have the little po shape I want to create. I see. So in the sketches I made before. This is how easy it is to make it in escape. So just started with basic shapes, merge them together and create what you want. So this is the little pool. I looked it up online because sadly, I don't have a dog myself. So I had to look it up like how many toes and how they look. So I just looked it up. And now I'm creating the little toes, just making a circle, duplicating it, then selecting these two circles and public ating them together and flipping them horizontally. That's it. No, I have the little pose. Get a final adjustment and both union, I scale it according to the size of my phone. I can play with it a bit. And what I will have is that us here you see on the left, on my sketch a little and Shope will be the same phones. So I just used the same. I don't care about the colors. Now I'm talking about shapes and composition. I recovered them later, so I just make them this brown. Maybe I will change it later. It's the color of the dog. And how the text po in the meal. I will pay P A W. I will use the phone, which is different, which is even more playful, even more rounded, cute and different. So no, I have the three words. I scaled it down a bit like making the word po the bigger one and the most important. I scaled down the doggy to it and we'd page up. I bring the dog towards me on the top so it's over the text. I bring up the airline and distribute Windows Shift Control A. If you didn't have it open already, and the line little and shop together and the pool and the dog, I will scale a bit and play with a bit. So the whole logo is looking good. I'm reaping the dog. Let's see. With pushing the letter age, you can flip an object horizontally. I flip it back because I'm not sure under like it that much. So let's pick a color for the poll. Green would be nice with this brown, but it's too much not playful enough for me now, and it's like eco friendly color. So let's go with something more playful and if is this strong orange than the little and the poor, and the shope has to also change. Finding a color is not an easy task. You can go to color lovers dot com and find the color there and ah yeah, finding your color is not easy. So we see I'm just flipping around the wheel here and finding matching colors. If I decided the dog will be discolor and the poll tax will be this color, what is the matching color? I quite like this yellow. So let's David that what I also can do us. I managed the texting toe one shape with Path Union. I can't move the letters around the just select all the notes, which are building up the letters and move them. Shape them a bit because I don't like the distance between the letters, so I just moved them around nicely. I said, like them better, so I only select the letter I want with shift click. I dislike this node, okay, and I turned the letters around a bit. This gives a childish play for effect for the text and the text. What is very important? It's still readable. I don't like it when people are designing ah text or a header or ah logo text even, and they paint every color different because this is for Children, that is not good. You can have the same color, the same type of fund inside one word, but maybe move around a bit. The letters and that will keep it playful and still readable. But keep them one color and keep them the same phone. So this is what I do. I'm satisfied with the pole. I will come back to that later. And ah, I do the same with the shop. So I go. I turned it towpath. Go into the group. When you double clip DoubleClick group, you can go into it and added Element separately. So I move them around a bit. They can even touch each other if it's still readable. It's fine. I double click to get out of the group. There may be the touching is too much. You see readability eligibility like it's above everything with text. You write text because you want people to read it unless you are crazy graffitti artist. But still, this is your major reason. So I like it. How it looks but steel. Yeah, these are just three words on the little dog. I want something to hold them together, give a background shape. So I select all the three of the words hit control de to duplicate it and hit shift control G or just on group several times until all the groups are up. And I have only objects So and then I hit control Plus and you see, it's merged together. So all the text now is one object. I push end. It goes to the back and with a shift click, I get the color off the doggie with a shift click. I'm coloring the stroke so it gives it a nice dark stroke. It is behind the original text. That's why I have a nice outline around everything. I reposition the dog now and I will incorporate him in the logo as well. I did the same, replicated him. Shift control G to break up the group merged and application together and give him a nice outline. But as the outline is brown, I like that brown. I have to change the color of the doggies here and the sport on his back. Maybe this orange is looking good. Maybe it's too much is the same color as the poll. I like that. I'm not sure if it's good enough. We will see later on what I do. I select the object in the bottom at the bottom, and I am just changing the shape. It's not visible, is just filling up this little holes you see at the P and in a I just feel up the little holes there. It's already much better than my first version. I'm thinking to boot a board behind, but this one is still holding it together. I like it now. I duplicate the background. This is how the back layer is looking. I put it behind again and with shift click, I give it an orange off line and the bigger stroke. Okay, this orange is maybe too much. I went to path stroke towpath. So all the stroke became one path. And now I'm just deleting the nodes, creating this little holes again. That's it. It looks good. It looks Looks like a sticker. Let's get another color. Okay. The yellow is working very nice, but now the text is disappearing, the little in the shop. So I said like those letters and I turned them toe white for contrast. Much better. So now I have post standing out, little standing out. Maybe Paul was getting a bit too. Yeah, going behind with orange. Unless, let's switch it. Okay, I like it. So it's nicely standing against the great A. Nice is standing against the yellow when the word po is jumping out. In this background, the only thing I would color is a bit the dog is to or to gray. But let's table I stay like these because I really like him. Just this part is very much to the very close. To the white. It's not really reasonable. So I duplicate just the basic shape of the doggy with him aside with the page down, step by step, I sent it behind, and I pick this brown to differentiate a bit toe. Cut it off a bit from the sea like here, cut it off the bits from the white in the logo. It's very important. You see, I always zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out to see how my logo is. Looking in small scale now to give some cartoony feel around these letters here on the bottom and on the top I will give it up shiny plastic. Feel like it's rubber or candy. So think about all the candy games and match three games. They all have this effects on every bottle and on every you element. Oh, I don't need the stroke. Let's just deleted. It's easy. Just with the base here, tool, I go around roll polygon shape and then control Click this three notes toe curve them. I just control the so duplicated and then I just move it around and hit space. I will position it later on. Now I just want to figure out where to put it. Obviously, I don't put it on the curve on the T, for example, but I put it on every corner and on the top of the I need to reshape it later on. I make it a bit smaller, shorter here. This one too. So I'm just editing the shape of it already. Five eczema. Zoom out. You can see that. This looks like rubber. I like this one. I will keep this phone for the long ones. Yeah. No, I just gonna keep this one I like this shape very much. I put it in every corner and I make it longer downwards a bit. And for the little short corners, I keep the other ones. So this is for a longer corner toe like told her one. He does well, No, let's make it short because on the top of the eye, in the top of the Ellis's shorter. So I have two types of shine, a small one in the big one. Tiny difference. But it makes a big difference because it will bake it. Look more material like just turn every shine, according to the letter, because you remember I was playing with the letters, and here I need to be curve. So I need to draw that one big triangle and I will just bend it. I bandit and then I control click on the nodes on the end, and that will make it curvy. See, I can't throw, Click or I move it that the note handles are showing the same direction that will make a perfect curve on the end. Pull it out of it. Nice. It's a nice little shine in every letter. I select all of them it holding shift and with control G I group them up so it is about easier toe color them and move them together if I need toe. So let's makes a color for them between the white and the orange. So they're not so popping out. And now I just control Click an element and with control. See, I need these two Contra si Cuando vi just based it here. I don't have to read through everything and I applied the same little shines in the same rules. Small shines big shines here on the bottom There is only the small shines, actually, And from the letter e I can grab the longer shine highlight and put it on the letter or I need this one here. I needed even longer I do it a lot of times and I have something that I just modified. You don't always have to recreate meaning escape. It's so easy. Just control de you have it duplicated or control. See Contrave. You see, it's a bit different bigger curve than it was in the lottery and still it works Control D and it works for the O Israel. Nice. So if I zoom out. I see that the letters are popping out there looking rubber can be feeling and give some color to the letters I said like them and merge them together and I give them a Grady int. I am still looking for this candy feeling. So the great aunties from orange to some purple or pink eye Vusi. Obviously it's up to you with your logo. I'm just playing be playful in logo design. Definitely. Game will go to say, Okay, this pink looks school even more candy. I make the Grady and a bit bigger, so it's hardly visible, I said, Like the little and I used the same from the grade Ian's. I select the already created Radiant. So is the same exact two colors. This is it. This is how it looks now. I could give you different colors. I could play with the background. Yeah, I made it a bit more vivid. Yellow. I could give it the pink one if it's Ah, game for little girls. But I like the yellow one. It communicates. It's standing out. There is a mistake here on the bottom, so I just corrected and I'm just checking my logo a few times again in small sizes and big size because I want to see how it works. So this is what I have now. I select everything in with control. G I group it up. This is where I started. This was the original idea. This was the basic logo. Just the text set. And the little doggie drone. And this is the final version with all the text effects. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned a lot if I am too fast. If I'm too slow, just stop the video and try to do it. And if you're stuck, just ask me anytime and I will answer your question. Okay? Keep up practicing and then see you in the next lecture. 10. Design a sci-fi logo using negative space - Part 1: in this lesson, we will create a science fiction space logo. I call the game Space dark, and I imagine the local will be more clever take on game logos. And I really like this type of thing playing with the mind of the viewer. And we will create a so called negative space logo if you see on the bottom of the sketch in the letter A. There is a little space, man, This is the spaceman. We will drove first in this lesson and in the next one we will create the worked around to see Here's the little spaceman. All the text will be dark, he will be white and he will be standing out now in negative space. It's very important that the space in the letter has to have a shape. Have another layer off meaning. That's why the spacemen have you have. But it's also important that the taxes readable. So first I will create this little dude looking like this bigger one. So I just create a simple spaceman. I had several ideas. You see hours of road there, alien. I was thinking 15 phones, but then I realized hell, now I will create a negative space logo for you because I want you to learn that type off logos. And it's very important and very clever way off using lovers. So I started some few blocks building my puppet. I have the body, the head, the legs. This is the arm control, the and age de plicating it and flipping it. Now I select the body. I make it a bit smaller. I want the had to be a bit bigger. I want to clumsy suit. I would both objective path or shift control. See, I turned into a bath and I could rock click on the nodes to make them curves. I do this several times during the lessons. I hope you learned it already, and then I shave a bit the head. I do the same with the body. I wanted to be a bit for male body, so it's wider on the shoulders and more narrow on the bottom control. Click the notes make them kers. Play with the curves. I have very simple shapes, but it still works. I delete the arms. I will draw them differently. I turned him as he's on my sketch, so during him a bit and making full already. And now with the polygon tool, the basic tool. I am just drawing the hand with a wrinkle in it. And I am just adding the fingers as well, just quickly clicks. I'm not holding toe create curves. I'm just clicking, clicking, clicking to create straight lines. I'm just following my order. Geno sketch. I could draw over the sketch. I don't like to do that like throw directly over the sketch because I'm also creating something new now. I may be made mistakes like now this told, Is Tom Base totally out of the picture? But still, I can reshape and reconfigure, and I can create new stuff, so I make it thicker because it's a glove. It's not, you know, a naked hand, but it already is like a scared hand. It's already I keeps falling and grabbing into the emptiness off the dark space. All right, something like this. I imagine this game space dark, would be dark point and click. Maybe people dying in space, you know, a bit like that space maybe, but less shooting more thinking, Oh, maybe a game like that space food. So again, just creaking ground and growing a beard shape for the hands. I'm just counting home and fingers It has, and then I adjust them if you cannot do it. So in one motion, I can tell you one thing. Practice practice will help you to get this. And you can grow very fluent in Victor. If you cannot, you can do us. I did with the other hand that you can just add the different fingers. This in their separately. What I do now I have you create the leg, turned this ah, block into a path. So shift, controversy or bath object a path and we double creaking at some additional notes. I pulled them out and here I have the boots. I like the shape so much that I delete the other other leg I duplicate this turned ah, right leg and I turned the left leg as well. And although they are the same object, I'm just modify a bit to create enough randomness. They don't look the same anymore, but they have the same base. This is great. In vector and inning escape These where you're sparing a lot of time. I'm just control clicking to give their boots around the nose. So control click on the nodes again and I'm playing a bit with the head. I almost have the shape it looks or the good Let's reshape it. Or even a bit more. It was a little holder. Let's cover it up. Okay. What if I turned a head around upside down? Okay, It looks like a bucket turning back control Z and turning back easily now. I duplicated the shape and colored it to a dark blue. So I see what I do. And this will be the wiser on the hand. And this will be the, you know, the glass plate or plastic plate where you can actually see. No, I have the leg. I can move these a little cross. That's the center of rotation so I can rotate and pay. Puppet Master. I scared this leg a bit slower because that's behind and this one bigger because that's closer to me. I will do the same in the hands. This from Bigger and the other one will be a bit smaller because that's further from me. This will give some space. You get it his we give some space to my character Hello. Okay, so changing the location of the center off location. The little plus you can turn the object around the they're sit. I select everything, is scaling down a bit and I duplicate. I always duplicate. So I have the original. When I have a new idea, I duplicate so I can go back to it now. I want to cut it out, cut the shape out. So I'm urged the whole body together. Then select divisor and the body and hit control minus or past difference. So I have a whole And now I have my little spaceman. I can put him here in the letter A how it will look in the latter. A is like, Let's create a shape. Corner it back. Let's make it dark. And this is what is in my head. Everything around him is white, and that's it. He's in a black background or at least dark background. Later on, I will introduce other colors. You know, we have a strong visual idea, and in the next last year we will create the logo around it. 11. Design a sci-fi logo using negative space - Part 2: Now we have the little spaceman lets the text toe our space. Dark local. I am choosing a phone. I chose it already, which is quite pick so quite bold. It has enough space and it has a lot of worry. Answer. Sissy! And in the Bold, the boldest version, it has enough space in the letter. A toe put in the little space man. I turned it towpath, obviously, and I am group it the Steve Control G or and group. And I want to make the phone even thicker, even more thick. So I give it a nice stroke and the shift control. And with a shift click, I make it black stroke or dark grey stroke as well, and I am basing the letters closer to each other. I duplicated the letters and I went bath throw towpath, which is creating an even ticker version. And you see, it's not a stroke. It's already apart. So we to feel. And now I can select each phoned each letter and with union, match this original shape together with the thicker stroke. I just created this way. I have no additional stroke. I have some very thick phones. I can play with the spacing between. I like that they're close. But you see readability. Was I what I always say readability is so important. So I create a little gap here artificially and cut out a small piece off the letter C even thinner, and I just cut it off and that's it. So the latter is a bit shorter. And for the S, I make it even thicker bit and make it smaller. I'm playing with the thickness. Usually I say to my students in the college that don't do this, don't modify letters that much. But if you don't find a pick in a front or a different phone for yourself and it's not hurting readability, you should. Now I am creating a black square here to fill up the space I duplicated and feel up as well . The space at the A. The shift control AI opened their line window and align these square to the bottom of the literary, So it's all filled up. I made this on ticker as well. I aligned to the right, replicated, and I may get sticker as well, so I'm looking for little spaces, very little spaces inside the letters. Does that mean Yeah and align it so it looks like a nice It's very thick and no again. I write my other word. It doesn't matter if it's not the same size of fund. Why? Because space is five letters and dark. It's four letters. So it will be I am my Amy's that both of the words are the same with so dark will be bigger . I did the same she control, see to turn into a path and shift control G toe, open the group and you see now why re sizing it and dark is much bigger than the space letters. I select all of them and play pays them. You see, there is a gap there, which I don't really like. And I just pulled a guiding from the left ruler. So I know there is the edge of the letter s in the letter in space, and I can put it there. I duplicate that bar, are used on the aid there, and they use the same thing, the same method, in the line and distribute window. I align it to the bottom of the latter A. And I also covered up the holes in the D. And they are. I duplicated. So I have the original, which is at the table, and now take it as a prototype. It's not finished yet, but it's almost there. And I want to see how my little spaceman looks inside the lottery, how small it has to be, how big it has to be now. The original shape. I think the good integrity space logo is because depending on the original shape, the original shape here was a triangle, and now my letter is are not really recognizable because it's only as basement there. So I opened up the bottom again and make this basement a bit bigger. If I look at the A in the dark now, it looks in small scale. Definitely. It looks like a letter A and the negative space logo should work very well and read very well. No, I'm just adding a 10 good line that will be. I'm turning off the field and giving it a why stroke That will be like a pipe or ah Kettering rope to my astronaut, and that will be a design element as well. I make it a bit thinner, indistinct with control click. So I'm just adding whatever polygonal line and with control click, I'm making the corners curves. I do that a lot. If you took notice on all the lessons, I do that a lot control. Click the notes and they became curse. And then you can move them around with the note handles and create a baby. Nice line. I like the little loop there. I don't need that whole idea. I deleted it. That note, and I wanted at the top is this part. He's following the arch off the letter C this way. Although the line is disappearing between the A and they are there, it's still connecting the the space and the dark part you see, like the cable is coming from somewhere out off the letters, and it's connecting a restaurant out to something out of the picture. It's nice, and it's following the arch. It's OK if it's not following on the bottom, but it's nicely connecting my astronaut, and it looks cool that you can follow the line. This is called continuity because our brain already losing path off the line two times before and after the letter R. But we put it together and make it a full line. Now I event and make the stroke into a path, and my reason to do that is was to give some random ity into the run, randomness into the design and create various thickness over that line so I can use this tool to modify the path and holding shift. I can make it thicker, and without it I can make a thinner. So I wanted. That is just thin here and there, almost disappearing. And this is giving the wave astri dish feel like this pipe is or feathering rope. It's close toe a sword. Ah, you know, distant to us. And I opened it up very much at the top of the letter. C like that is close to us and this makes does not falling apart. I duplicate again because I have a new idea because I have not a new idea because I am at the new step off my idea. And if I make a mistake, I can go back to the previous step. This is why I always duplicate. I added the rope to the astronaut, and I selected everything else. I mean over the text and ah merged them together with Path Union. So now I have only two objects. One is the black text and the white is the astronaut in the rope. I can color it. I can move them together. And now I want to make only one object you see eye color it with one click. It's one object, one path because I selected the text and thus turnout and I went to path difference or control minus and cut it out. This is good because I can create something amazing And this is a trick I use a lot of time . So this is how it looks on Ah White on a back black background. But a good logo shouldn't rely on any background color. Good logo. She stand on itself. So I want the text dark and space space dark Toby, the dog background and Dustin are standing out in white. So I am creating a space scene. I am just creating a big square now, which will be space black to dark purple I create a random polygon. I will make it a different purple to create kind of like a star cloud go crazy Give it a big blur. This is how I use how I do space background those of for my games. Now I'm ending little stars, which are us small white dots, as I can with us. I can do very small ones, and then I take the spray to and just pray the place all over with my little stars. You can play like on more. It doesn't matter if they rotate their role circles. You can play with the amount the size of the brush, the random ization in the size off the off the stars. I am keeping the random size at bay, so they are mostly the same size. But I am using a lot off amount here to create something like a Milky Way or like a thick star field. I like to do this because I like to create a random background. You don't want to create stars in an aligned order. I really enjoyed this. A. So you can see. I hope you do it, too. It's a bit heavy on the computer, so after a while I'm just stopping it, and I say OK now stars. But spraying them is much more fun than doing them individually. Okay, when I click the spray to will I use it that it's making one object? So it's coping the original objective, Select origin circle. You spray it around and it's create one object I play which, with the giving radiant to my cloud and playing with the Grady int in the background, you see, and it looks quite nice. The background. The folk looks like very foggy, and the stars look small. No, I manage them together into one group, and I duplicate my logo, which is now remind you is one path. I make it big enough to cover up my space background. Select both of them the path and the space background, and I replicated because what I want to do it would be nice. Also, what's a white logo on the bedroom? But I want to do is create a clipping mask. Because of this, this is the effect I was looking for. You see the space and the tars and the darkness inside the logo, and you see the astronaut floating in the space. You see, if I take it back, you can see it was just one object over group, and it's easy to modify it, because if you clean the clip, you can go back and do whatever you want. So that's it. And also you can double, click and go inside. The Creeper Clippers clipping mask is basically or a group trip. It's like a group, so you double click and you can go into it and you can modify the elements. So it's Ah, not when you cut it with a clip, got an object or a group of the clip. It's not finished. So this is their space dark original thing, the original text. And this is what I have now. This is the feeling I had when I was for the thinking about the sketch, and it doesn't matter that the P and the and it opened. The D and R are not cut out. I could give little spaceman here and there on the top or several things floating in space like a spaceship coming in. No, I don't want to do that. I have one strong visual idea, the spaceman floating alone in space and that's it. The only thing I want, what is here at the P and then the on the are I want to give a little distance, Maybe between the letters for readability. So it's very easy. I just gonna make a little try and go. I make the different color. So I see. And we'd come through my select, both of them, and we control minus minus or path difference. I cut it out again. Here, I make a tiny triangle so it makes a bit off a gap between the letters. Maybe it's more readable. And because here I use trying goes. I'm gonna use triangles as we're here on the top of the sea because that's too aligned. Select the text again, control minus or path difference. And that's it. So, like the background and the text again and that's it. Create a clipping mask. So I hope you like it. And you learned about negative space logos again. Negative space locals are awesome. And the clever way toe Conway a message. This should be just a little triangle hole, but it's a space man alone floating in space, and I'm not. I don't care about the latter other triangle hole in the top. So have fun created on and please show me 12. Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design - Part 1: in this lecture. If you create a logo for a generate hero game, an RPG role playing game, it could be anything fantasy related. So little night running around, you know, just being a hero and doing good things. Us always. I started with a sketch. I called the game Big deal heroes, because why not? And I like this one the better, because it is a It has a bonder in the background. It has a sword, has diamonds. And I really like this type of phones with the line inside. So it looks like it's a jewelry and it could be golden phones, and I will add huge swords to the drawing. Start with the text and I start with the hero part. I will use different phone for the different parts. I have some bad s phones here, and I suppose you always by your phones or get the phones you use now for the educational purpose. I just pick whatever front I like. Let's scale it up a bit. Nice. Looks very heroic. Looks very Viking. And now I say big deal in two other lines us. I used on my little sketch, but obviously I want a different, more modern and friend. You're looking phone for this So hero will be more fun, dizzy, and this will be more friendly. Playing with phones and playing with different styles is good for your game because now I will create ah logo, which is friendly, which is a cute night going around and doing stuff. So this front is perfect. It's really playful, so it's a big deal. Let's kill them down to be okay. A shift click. I'm selecting all of them together and the shift control A. I opened the range window and arrange everything in the middle and they're always square behind and let's make it all right. This purple is good. I turned it into a path and I said, like these two notes and other node in the middle this way I created a narrow But in this case this will be a hanging banner. If the background is blue blue 50 background this purple. I want to add contrast, so I make the letters different colors. The big deal will be white and the hero will be yellow because I would imagine because of the front I told you in the beginning. I imagine it will be gold looking in this tutorial, we will create not just a gold looking phone. I will play with different later. But I will create three dimensional looking gold engraved, phoned or text out off my little simple text. So first I turned it into a path object to Bath. Then the chief control G. I put it aside and then I merge it with Control plus or path Union. Now I duplicated and I put the text or the other path above. Now I have the back off the gold bar and the front of the gold bar. And now I go to extensions generate from path extrude. A tiny window appears and there's lies and polygons. We pick polygons. There is life preview I really don't care about. It usually is just slowing down your computer. So he supply. If you made a mistake, just hit control C and the magic happened. I move it apart. So you see, What are those Polygons Basically escape awesomely generated the polygons going from one direction to the other from one path to the other. I put this path to the top, selecting it and pushing home and I removed the outlines of the polygons. It looks already much better and you see the feel is semi transparent. So I pull up the offer to the maximum and I called the rich Orange already looks awesome. And it was just so easy. No, we shift control, G. I put the side, the polygons and with path union, I measure them together and this is what I have. So I have now three object one in the back, one in the front, and one which I know color and will be the actual body off my iron bar fund. But, you see, there are some tiny mistakes. I found this nice brown, a dark gold color, you can say, but there this tiny makes mistakes, so there is no actual way around it. You have to go around and clean up all the little corners as much as you can. It depends how big your local will be show. But always assume that your game will be mega successful and we'll be on giant posters everywhere. And you don't want a bad logo for that. So we just go around and clean up the polygons. Also, don't be afraid because some parts will be hidden by the front by the front plate. So it is OK to have some mistakes behind those lines. It doesn't have to be perfect. So I just zoom out and search for mistakes. That is a mistake. But that's not visible, you see, So I don't care. But there on the bottom And here in the inside there are some mistakes. I have to nicely shape to get over. And I also didn't correct the last part off, though, because I really match together the black plate and this one. You see, this one is not matching the side of the are. So I move it down with control five control and numbering five. I'm constantly switching the view. So I am seeing what I'm doing. It's ah or you go to view wealthy and switch you to outline or you do like me control and five on the numeric keyboard and constantly switching. So you see, I don't care Here on the top of the I don't care if there is a mistake. I want to take care here on the bottom that what is straight is straight and what is needs to be. Curve is a curve, for example. This one is a mistake. Other than that doesn't matter. You were seeing a second Why, okay, Did I made everything? So those yellow parts, they don't matter. That's not a mistake, because no, I'm selecting the back and I'm selecting the brown part and merge them together with Control Pass. And this monster monster is what I get. But it doesn't matter because it's covered with the top layer, and it looks perfect, just calorie dark for higher contrast. Let's use the color picker to get some more colors, making gold look cold. It's a bit tricky. It's all about shining stuff, and I see some little details, which I can delete. I delete some notes. They're not visible. They are just taking up some memory. So I delete them. I don't need them. Let's just clean up a bit. But other than that, for example, here on the top of the are it doesn't matter. It's covered up, and now I put a great the end to create the golden look. They make it from darker orange, going to yellow one. I see some mistakes, mostly that my Grady int is transparent. Always check for that. This is good. This one is transparent. You see, it's not 100 per not to 55. So I pulled up the Alpha and now it is not transparent anymore. Those little parts are not visible. I still delete those notes. As I said before, I like to clean up. It's already looks three d issue and I know it. Blender On any under city program, you can do it maybe faster, but hearing escape. You can also play a lot relight and with different effects. And you can match three D and to the in a very easy way. No, I had the Grady end to the background. I mean to the back shape, and I make it even darker on the bottom. This way it's Popes out even more nice, isn't it? It already looks ready. What I want, what is? I want to add some more details and play with this color. I'm not sure about this yellow, but let's duplicate it and give some more shine and texture. Toe gold. I duplicated it twice and I made it two different type of green. I used green because why? Why not. I just want to see the difference. So I have a lighter and the darker one and I go to path difference and I remain with a very thin green line. I color it white or actually with the mixture. I will make a brighter yellow one and I can make it much nicer. Okay, let's make this fun darker as well. But no, I have a tiny right shine on the edge and I have a background. But I did like, complicated. Now everything. Imagine them together and I gave it a huge huge stroke. Let's make it diner smaller. So I duplicated the whole drawing. Here it is. I murdered together with control path and there is a front layer that is the one for the three d part. And now I have one object which is for the stroke. I made this together so I feel of this little holes here as well. You see before after and the stroke would be much lighter. It could be darker. I will see later on how it is working with my purple background. I still refined this path. If the stroke is this dark, my path has to be a bit lighter, so I'm just playing with the color. But I would do if I would have real object to look at like a piece of gold holders. It Look, this is what I would draw Luca preferences online. What I do is the bottom is darker and the top off the text is orange inside. So it has this feeling like reflected light inside. No, I duplicated the main front piece and I added a stroke. I go to stroke towpath, you see, Now I have this one. I duplicate the main layer again and I take out this path with bath difference. I cut out this stroke from the path under it. So I have this little corners cut off. And what remains is only this middle part of the text. I give you the stroke as well. And now it's really like a tiny engrave mint. I make a different lighter color a bit and I make the edge different. Let's see not Maybe it is good like this. So this is looking engraved. So just de plicating and cutting off the path. I gave it a gravy and and you see it playing with the same oranges, browns and yellows and whites. It's giving really a textural field, and it's different here on the bottom, in here, on the top. But what I want to do is still give some shine. So I duplicate again the front layer and just throw a square over it, I said, like both of them and I go toe path intersection and now I have half this purple thing. I color it white and with the Grady, and I play with it a bit, so it looks like there is a shine on it from the bottom from the top. I could make a different color, but with this white, it looks very shiny and very strong. So here is my hero text. This is it in different parts. It is built up from several different objects, but it has a very cool three dish feel. 13. Cartoon fantasy RPG game logo design - Part 2: So let's group up a little text and I can move it around this one. Let's continue with the big deal and us will practice again. You will do the extrusion again. OK, so let's make let's make another type off three D text. It will be not as complex as the other one, but still. I arranged the text a bit more, aligned them to each other, and I imagine together into one object. So you see, I can move the text of it. I move it a bit closer. There's two big gaps. A shift control G. I broke the group and I must have playing a bit. As I said, this is like a play full hero story. So yeah, and now I measure them together. Bath Union. Obviously I duplicated it. Control D I calorie differently. Source. E. And even if I move up, it's already looking three D Now, holding control and shift, I make it bigger. I said, like these two objects and that go to extensions generate from path extrude and it's already set two polygons. Okay, He I my polygons, I said, like them and we page down. I push them a bit lower and I turned off the stroke. On the bullet goes I merge it together into one object. So first of all, I put it aside and then I merged together and now I put it behind the 1st 1 the first object. And you see, we have the same issues at the curves. Somehow the polygons are not generating nice curves. But that's not a big drawback. Just go around. Everything is nice. Okay, Here there are some little occurs I have to arrange. And you see, I'm not at all Pactual because I have you merge them with the bottom layer. So I said, like both bath and union This time it went much faster and I have already the polygon shape . So let's color it back to white looks already. Cool. That's group it up a bit and we'd page down. I move it behind the hero text so it looks like it is sitting on the top of the text. It looks very three D has duplicate my banner making bigger because I don't want the text being out off it. I mean, the yellow won. The gold text can be hanging out of the bundle, but white. One has to be in it said like these three notes and turned them a bit. Let's play a bit. Let's make the Bonder flapping in the wind. So I am changing a bit with the path of the tour. This is two down. Let's lift it. It was to my space under the hero text. Looks nice. I could give it. Give some edge to it some Grady and so it's raving and we will see how it looks. This gray. I can also pick up to something different. Let's see. Okay, not the whole thing, Just grace. So the three d part It's much more contrast like this. It's popping out okay, and it's still readable. The haloed hero text can have as well a purple outline, maybe a darker, proper. And if this had, then the big deal can have that too much nicer because everything now has this dark purple outline. Let's work a bit more on the Buner. I duplicate the Boehner. I color it always two different, vivid, stupid color. So I see what I do. I move it up a bit, and I called a little lighter purple and give it a Grady and from the top. So it looks like my banner has an edge, like a different type of material. Like, I don't know, a seam. No, I'm making some little cuts and holes on the banner, so it looks a bit thorn. Some little holes here and there. Just replicate some circles. Now imagine them together with Control Plus or path Union, you know, is the same thing. And no, I select the big blunder and the little circles and I went to path difference to cut it out . Let's play with the text of it. As you see, there is no recipe. How van the tax will look good. I'm playing with it now. It is too big. It is too much on the edge. Um, or it was before Too small. It's really practice. Practice, practice. Practice a lot and you will get to it. Oh, accidentally move them. Separate. Okay, so this is the size. It cannot be much bigger because it doesn't look good if it's over the edges, especially on a white background. If I want to use my logo on different ground, maybe I duplicate the whole thing and colored this dark purple and I go to path difference to do that before I needed toe UN group after the application on Group the whole Thing and the Control Plus Magic together and I made a little shadow. Now on the top of you make a bar around the Dedge Square, basically the super just simple brown and not transparent, of course. Yeah, the page down key. I put it behind and no, I have the bar of edge the banner is hanging from. I can play with the edge a bit here, so it looks like it is really under bar. And here is well, we double click. I had one note and I play with these direction as well. So it looks like it is really rolled up on this little bar small detail. But it is, Yeah, I think it's important. So now it already lose. School like this is very started from, and this is what we had in the sketch, and we still meet some things. I want to hang it to the ceiling. Maybe later I will remove these. Maybe it's too. I don't know. Maybe it's too much. It's just a simple line toe hanging from the ceiling and now with the polygon tool as well . I create these exact shape. Nothing to work done because this is a small detail, so I'm not creating, I don't know overdose three D looking rope. It's just a little thing. I make a thinner. I made it lighter color, so it's not the same color as the bar I duplicated. And that's it. It is this light. Then this has to be this light as well, because that's a string. And here I adopt double click an at another node. So give some thickness to this rope again. Double click. Okay, so it has some things. I turn it a bit. I would want to make it more dynamic, not just flatly hanging, So that's why I'm turning. But I moved the rope as well, because if you ever hang a picture frame, you know that it is. The triangle is always pointing upwards, and it still the image can hang a beat. Goofy. So this is what I did. I moved everything on the side and adjusted the hangar on the top. I give a Grady into the outer side as well, so I play between the color here, make it darker. But just to be okay, looks much cooler. I group it up with control G and I am starting to do a very important part which is so on the sketches. And that's two huge swords behind the banner there. So I just make something which I did in the previous video. I made a square and no, I'm defining a dot on the bottom and old in the bottom, and I just extruded so here it is again. I said, like, these are the node. Pull it down. This is a narrow shape. This is the same I did with the bender and here in the top I pull it together and that's here's the blade already. This is how I always do A cartoon blade. I colored it. Grade applicator. Did it draw a square arable with And no, the one which is under I can color brighter and the other one I can call her darker. This way. It's already seems that my blade is a bit three d like it has. Ah, I did this sticker in the middle. Now this is the cross Iran. And because I wanted to play a bit with the other parts of the logo. I pick a color from there, and this will be to handle No. I want to wrap this handle. That's why I made this little square. I distorted and scale it already. If I duplicated, it would look like it's wrapped. I turned it into a path. So object to path or shift control. Why? And we control clicking on those two nodes. I'm creating this leaf shape, and now I'm just duplicating it. I modify the bottom. Okay, not this much. Okay, I modify the bottom so it's matching the object under it. Then I will delete the object from under and put them on each other. You will see why it is good in a second. So delete control. D pull it down. And you see they are matching perfectly. No, I made the top of feet. Okay. Tonight met a nice match. I duplicate the 2nd 1 and you see, it's matching top and bottom, Ezra and obligated again. Perfect. Obligated again. It will be not visible after a while, so I put it down there. I select all of them and in the alignment window I gonna line them from each other and I can give you the grade Ian from left to right? Just a bit. So it has a more round. It's really Look, I measured them together with the path union and I gave them the Grady and together. And now I create the Palmer again. I arrange it to the middle and I want that to be Mataric. So I picked the color from the Golden Bar One circle duplicate. Put it in the middle. It's already looking good like a coin. If you follow any of my other courses. I think in the games and course I create, I show you how to do exactly like this, creating a coin. So I duplicated the circle in the middle and I cut it off into a crescent shaped look. And that's it. I grew up with up and the right of a sword. I can fight around now. How to put it in upside down in the front, in the back. Obviously, I don't want to be in front of the text, so I wanted behind good. I duplicated, and here is the other sword behind. So this is my no go and it can be a little details. I did. I can play with the source. They can be bigger. It can be. I don't know if your dark you can be different color. It can be dragons and blood. But here is a right Here is where I step now. So I have the three D text and I have the golden text and I have the banner and I have the swords us I planned And it looks good on a diet background and it looks good. Looks good on a white background. So I hope you enjoy the tutorial. If you have any questions about this, please ask me any time and I'm there to help you. 14. Create a gory zombie shooter game logo - Part 1: I'm always talking about clean logos, but this time I will create a grunge zombie logo. Cold Zombie kills It will feature a drone zone behead and a splatter off blood and the bullet going through. So this is my elaborate sketch and here's the bullet going through between the letters, I am aiming for a blood splatter, which I will create we tracing as better myself. I am creating now little sketch off colors. I want the greenish blue is Zumba head maybe more green than blue. Okay, let's say this is the color, okay, and I will have a splatter like a bullet is entering in one side and it's going out on the other side. Splash brains out and on the thread. I put the letter read white. The names only kills because it has high contrast. So contrast and readability. Local design is very important, but in this case it will be recognizable. I already picked the phone which is distorted and grunge, so it would look perfectly for my zombie logo and my colored white, as I said, for having a great difference, a great contrast between the text and the background, and I'm ending this little white strike. On the end, it will be the bullet. Also, I really rotate the whole thing. So making dynamic and they really already have the feeling this is just a color sketch hold . You see, according to my origins, catch how the bullet is going and going and going out here on the right side. So here is my color sketch, and I want to create the blame. Brain splattered the splashing behind. I could don't know this platter, but I created one with myself. As you see, it's so simple. Just weed control. E Control II imported the images before it took some time. That's why loaded up earlier. So it's a high resolution photo I just made with my phone. Nothing special. You can do it with coffee. You can do it with mud. You can do it with paint. I used some paint I stole from my wife. Don't tell it her. She's painting our quarrels and that's it. I created the this artistic, artistic splash. I can delete that one. I have a version which is black and white for even higher contrast, and I already cut off the brush and the table And now I will say like the image and I go to path trays beaten up and I select trays, colors and how many scans I want. I just want a few. I don't want 20. I just want a few and I don't care about again. I don't care about having a preview, but here, so not not having a live preview. But here in the preview, it's very good. You see, it's more color. It's gonna create more objects. It's only 2/4 or sleep. Three colors don't create on a few other objects, so it's much easier to handle. And it looks so nice and grunge and run them. And my goal is to create a very random splatter. So this is the image, as I said, very simple to make. So make your own and have some fun. Make some dirt and just to take a photo off it. And then here is what I traced reading escape. So I deleted its venue traces, creating a group. I debated the background Great scale s crater, and I deleted the photo. I don't need it anymore. And there are some things here on the top, right and this big blob on the left, which I don't need. So I just take the polygon tour the busier tool, and I drove around the splatter and I will cut these things off. I just do a polygon. I make it red. So I see, I said, like both of them path difference. Easy as that. It's cut off. I don't have to delete individual notes. I can cut them off now it's still toothed flattery here and there. I want the direction like going from left to right so I will have two colors in my splatter . So I will draw. Ah, another polygon around toe Have this platter feeling so I like the red and I will give it a darker red as well around the edges. This will give a bit of a three d feel So we around the edges I will draw another polygon just fastly clicking around. I duplicate the original. This will be my This will be my in darker splatter. I drove the polygon just clicking creaking. This is not science. I'm just deciding which splatters to keep and which not, which will be darker and less visible and which will be bright red and very visible. Now I duplicate this shape I mean the polygon, because if I don't I both i portia path intersection and it's creating an intersection from the dark shape and the the red one is also visible, but the shape is still there. You see, I move it aside. There are the dark splashes and no, I select the orgy no one as well and like push path difference to cut out what was It was a group. So in group it bath difference toe cut off What is on the edge on the red one? You see, I cut off what was covered by the polygon and before with the same polygon I made a difference. An intersection with the dark splatters. So no, I have dark specters and bright ones. I can play more with the colors. I group it up. I don't like this holes in the middle because I have to put of why text over to remember. So I am covering up nicely staying in the line like when you were ready young and coloring . So just throwing a polygon, staying in the lines So the edges still very random and I just select the polygon and the original and path Union, and it's filling it up again. I don't have to delete the whole note by note. I can create a polygon over it and remove it or add notes outside, please. Okay, The only thing now is that the text and of course, in the next lesson, creating the zone behead. So I select my text. I made a typo. I correct it. I colored white and put it over. It would look so nice like this. But my game has a name off Two words. So I've you give another one And I'm playing a bit with Grady int from a bright red to the original red which seems to be talking now. So the red is fresher on one side and I like it. It gives it more movement And then this one is maybe too dark as well. This can be a darker red as well. Read a simple control D I duplicate the zombie text and resize the kills. I wanted that the zombie and the kills Words are the same size. They're a bit big. My splatter is not wide enough. So I am zooming them, scaling them down a bit. It's not readable because too much wide around. So let's see what I can do with my splatter. I can make it a bit bigger or I can work on my text a bit. In this splattering chaos, I can just give red background behind the text, just a very simple one. Let's see how that works. It's such a chaos around the edges that it's not visible, really, that there is ah kindof weird stroke around the text. I do this because I love I love Ah, how taxes on the background. But I what I like more is text which is readable. There is a bit of a mistake here. This is an L not and I Okay, so this is it. It's going around and its readable. And it's a cool splatter already like this. I am satisfied this could go on a T shirt. I always say this, but even on the app store like this. Okay, there are a lot off zone begins, but this is cool and I hope this is salable. Which means it's I look at it and I see us platter. I see the text big and readable, and I'm clicking on it. Okay, What is this game about? Probably it's about killing and Zambezia. So let's play a bit. Move the letters of me. I am creating a bit of space here between the letters because I want the bullet going between, remember? So this is my splatter. I duplicated. I always duplicate everything. So if I make a big change now, I can go back to the previous versions. There are still sounds platters, which I'm not 100% satisfied within their too big. But I will also managed those. This one is not needed because they are somehow giving away the shape. So I'm just throwing around them, allowing again a little polygon and cut them off. So I select the bully. Gone said, like the shape with shift buff difference. It's cut off. It's an easy trick, and it's good because it's flattering more on the back here. This one's in the front is also maybe not needed. Too much noise. This is a noisy local, but it's too much noise. So here will be the bullet, just a simple white line. For now. Then it looks already nice. It's already have this feeling, and now in the next lecture, we will create the zombie head 15. Create a gory zombie shooter game logo - Part 2: So let's continue throwing the zombie head. I have the splatter and the text. Let's out some more fun. Now you can create betters on behead or a different sum. Be under me. Use a photo us a reference. But me, I'm growing like cartoons a lot of times, So I'm thinking for more by game. That's also fitting. I mean, they are. There are some really serious stuff, but I like cartoony characters. So if you want to co pedis and learn how I do a Zone B, had the drove ahead in general because this character design as well please follow. If not, then followers well and create your very own zombie head by photo reference is drawing over photos. So I am just I just grabbed the polygon tool again, the pen tool. I just throw a rough shape. I just see you know that this platter is not big enough. It's not around the head, so I duplicate the original splatter, turn it a bit and cut out this part with Bath in their section. It's not visible because it's under, so it's not the duplication, it's under the head, but I can turn it upside down or turn it around a bit. Yeah, And give some more background to my Zumba head. Ah, I'm thinking on ahead, cut in half like this. So it's only the upper house, some thief here and there. So again, I had the polygon shape and I'm control clicking the notes. I put it aside so I'm not always accidentally creaking on the background. Then I put it back. That's the beauty of Rector. So I'm just moving the polygons around. Obviously I go very fast. You can go in your tempo. Okay? I have about 10 years of practice feeding safe. I'm experimenting with different shapes. What I want, how I want, what feeling I want. I like this one because it looks like a skull already and very dynamic. Now I'm just adding a circle and I duplicated a smaller one and the bigger ones These will be the eyes. I draw a polygon over it, select both bath difference and cut it off. This half circle is great for an evil eye. I modified. They're a bit so it's not 1/2 circle. Totally. But I can bend it a bit and it looks like a cartoon villains. Evil eye. Something is left there. I deleted. Good. No, I had the circle. I pick the same green and make it darker. I loved that picking green, which is already there. Color which is already there and play with it again. Circle da plicating Make it even more darker. That's the inside of the eye. The obligated made it. Why does the shine India Now it obligated the basic shape of the I make it dark green. And I love these. This is how you make a character super evil Looking with page down, I put it behind and I made these dark lines around the I pull it even down or down here do the same. Turn the eyes a bit to make it even more evil The applicator pick the same green pays down and that's it. I'm creating the nose is just a rough triangle. Lee shape I looking now at the skull us reference here Next to me on my phone you can do the same and I drew a be darker over it and made an intersection with original shape and I made it very dark. So the nose hole has some death as well. I am modifying the shape of it, getting it closer. I like to make it tight and narrow because it's more dynamic. You see, it has a dynamic going upwards and bending from left right, as the bullet is going through on double clicking here on the Joe Line to make it a bit more of a V and create the place for the teeth. Now, drawing teeth is not really rocket science. If you are doing it for your own crazy zombie character and no one says what you should row , why are the teeth so crooked? Because it's a zone B. So there is no rule just play around. I send them behind with the page down and they're not gonna be dark green. They're gonna be yellowish, white, dirty. Okay, good. I'm giving him some years. I picked the darker green, so the years are part off the head, but seemed that they are behind. And here I will give another year, which is in the front. Okay, so this is the zombie had so far I've will add more details again. This is a bit of fun, like having character design session, but this character is like part of the logo, and we will be part of the icon for sure. I am creating some random looking lines around the eyes. These polling on lines are working great to create scratches and, you know, lines between teeth. As we see on some zombie movies. There are these dry lines and you know, they make the whole thing more scary. I duplicate the basic shape of the head buff intersection and just the line appear. I did this because I wanted to draw it fast here, so and didn't drew pain stacking the a lot of little triangles. I just cut them off. And here I put the shape re between the letters to emphasize the big muscle here on the top of the forehead. And now I am drawing the muscle again. I may be needed. Maybe not. I will see if I'm not satisfied availability later. So I'm playing with this shape. I pull it down a bit here on this side, so it's evil. I duplicated, and I modify this one because I already have the shape. I just have to modify it. So it's matching the direction off this. I good and I like bold zombies, but I like the ones which are not totally falling apart yet. And they have some hair because they remind me that zombies were once human, so I just throw him some dark green. Al G looking hair is just slightly covering the top of the head and some other pieces of hair being around looks evil enough. I like it now. I want to give some shadows and highlights and how I do that. I do a simple polygon around the places where I wanted to being dark or being shiny, so I just roughly drove around. Now I'm just clicking and creating again, just creating simple lines. I connect them. This will be if the light would be from back. It would be dark because but because I wanted bright from the front, I pick a lighter green and it's already looking a bit three dimensional. And it's so easy to do. I can play with the shapes to make them even better, obviously. So I'm control clicking on the nodes and create curves from the notes, so just control clicking again. If it's too fast. If I'm growing too fast, you can stop the video any time. If you are still stuck, just ask and I will answer. So I'm just going around and playing with the shape and it's really up to you. I know this how it how this looks because I drew stuff like this before and I check always photo references. I know that the cheekbones are closer and the nose is closer. So with him light and where are the dark places under the eyes? So that's how I created practice. Practice ended will work for us. I moved this So it's matching that muscle. No zombies really don't zombie video the sign off decay. So I'm just creating some blisters and I don't know What is it on the head of the zone? Be different shapes. So I'm just adding a simple circles. Eso the skin is not looking so smooth. I'm just the applicator ing and creating different little circles, I said, like them, put them over here and pick a darker green for them, like the skin is already rotting away a bit. I delete these after all, I like the idea, but the shadow is enough to give me the eyes and they looked like Ah, weird eyebrows. So I deleted it. You see, I'm not afraid to say I made a mistake, so no, I grooved it up and ah, I scale it and position it into my original logo, and I'm quite happy with it. I still have to work on it, and I have to work on the relation off the text and the splatter and the head size of those are very important. So it has to be catchy and visible and readable. So this is coming out from here and the bullet goes these direction. I don't make it that thing. I make it looking like a line, and I'm creating this shape a bit. And with the polygon tool, I will add little green shards like it's breaking the bone or things of the zombie's head are just, you know everywhere. So I'm creating some very simple particles, triangles, squares and they are flying around everywhere because the bullet is exiting the head, and these help me to ease the amount of red around everywhere and give more randomness and playfulness in the logo as well. I just have to take care and that it's still readable So it's not covering all the letters and it's playful, but its readable. So I am happy we did how it looks so far. Let's duplicate because I again want to experiment. So this is my original sketch and this is where the bullet went out. This is what I created. Then I had this platter and here I am so far all right. I want this thing. I know I put it under the zombie head, but I wanted to help this battery feeling. So maybe here is better and I owe It would be so nice if it would be this big, scary down a bit. So, as I said, I'm looking for the proportion of the right proportion of the head and the text. I have something in my head and I had some sketches, but it's still a bit of work to get this local to working and give a bank here like a little explosion. We'll be invite or green. Yeah, he's better green just where the bullet is existing. So not just the little details, but I'm also giving a little boom. I just feel like that we're done the previous and so I changed them there in the correct order. Like to work like that. There is the first version second version served version after each other. And if I make a mistake, I can go back. Always the previous version. So here is the line existing and I like the direction of my origins Catch So I turned it a bit order this so much dynamic. It's more dynamic is just, I think, 20 degrees off a turn and it's so much more dynamic. I'm moving this because I want some contrast for the teeth and I want the k to be readable . I'm playing in the red color of it, Not the text. Come on. Okay, good. What if these are green? Okay, that says this whole splatter is going okay. It's not so good idea. I like the red. I give some darker trying goes as well, like they're coming from the inside of the head. But this should be read as well. Dark red as it was Now I will create a bullet shape. I just start with the square. I turn it to ah, path. She control see or objective path. I said like this to top notes and I add the note exactly in the middle. I pull it out and Contra clicked these two notes. This is already looking like a bullet I painted yellowish. Yes, something like yellow. So it is looking like metal or brass. So it's not red. I duplicated, and I shrink that application. That's how I create a lightning, a bit off brighter line in the middle. I grew up it up, and I put it in its place. It's OK if it's not that visible. It's not that prominent. I mean, a black bullet would be more visible. I can play a bit with the colors, but it's OK if it's not super visible, because what needs to be visible. If I look at this image first I see with the eyes of the zone be looking in my eyes and then I read. Zombie kills the title of the game, and I will remember. Hopefully that's the idea off a good local people remembering I had some more sharks here in there. I'm still playing a bit with the size. I want to text a bit, a bit more prominent, more visible. As you see. I'm always changing and I'm experimenting and this is why escape is good and vector is good because just grab any object gravelly element and you put it around. You don't have to re raise anything. You just move an object around and you can experiment, Case to close. I need the line and this boom a bit out And this little shards as well. And of course, your positioning the bullet a bit. So this is edible that is standing out and yeah, text is readable even in small size although its grandeur crazy. So that was my original idea. And this is my final one. I hope you like it. I hope you learned a lot from it. Sorry to being so fast, but I wanted to make it into lectures, make your own and show me I'm very, very curious about what you created for your very own Zone B game or any other game which could be grand read splatters. It could be zombie blood, alien blood, whatever. Let me know. Please show me and create and have fun