Design as Strategy: Talking About Design | Chris Fredricks | Skillshare

Design as Strategy: Talking About Design

Chris Fredricks, Brand Strategy & Content Creation

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Design As Strategy

    • 2. Proposal Project

    • 3. Brand Strategy

    • 4. Proposal / Brand Strategy

    • 5. User Experience

    • 6. Proposal / User Experience

    • 7. Design Thinking

    • 8. Proposal / Design Thinking

    • 9. It's all Connected

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About This Class

Explaining the value of design can be hard. There are a lot of fancy terms for things good designers often do naturally: Brand Strategy, Design Thinking, User Experience (UX). Some designers dismiss this language as over-simplifying their process or diminishing the value of design, while others see them as a way to explain their work. 

There is value in knowing what these things mean. They will give you new ways to explain your existing work, and to propose work to potential clients. You’ll also find things aren’t as clear cut as they seem, and a lot of design terminology overlaps, everything is connected, and all of these concepts are of value to pretty much any kind of design project. User Experience isn’t just for screen design, brand strategy isn’t just about making logos, and design thinking isn’t just for people that love writing things on post-it notes. 

These are tools, you can pick and choose what works best for the job at hand. They help you explain your work, and we’ll use them today to help you create a template for your future client proposals.

This class is for Design Students, Designers looking to better explain their work, and those that interact with designers in a work setting or as a client. Let’s talk about design.