Design and Launch a Mobile App for Your Business in 2 hours or less (Zero coding required) | Segun Adekoye | Skillshare

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Design and Launch a Mobile App for Your Business in 2 hours or less (Zero coding required)

teacher avatar Segun Adekoye, Founder, LaSkill

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Platform

    • 3. Getting Started

    • 4. Designing your App

    • 5. Choosing Colors

    • 6. Exploring the Features of the Platform

    • 7. Building our App

    • 8. Finishing Your App

    • 9. Publishing Your App

    • 10. Quick Recap

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About This Class



  • Basic knowledge of how platforms like Facebook, Instagram work. It's as easy as uploading images and writing text where necessary
  • If you have knowledge of Wordpress sites, you'll find this extremely simple (but knowledge of Wordpress is not a prerequisite)
  • Users will need to have their images ready or can use existing templates on the platform

This course will teach you how to create and publish your app on your favorite app store. 

What will my app do?

There are tons of features on the platform that would help you build your desired app. Here are some below:

  • News section
  • Online catalogue
  • Custom pages (as many as you want)
  • RSS feeds
  • Image and video galleries from various services (Picasa, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram) + upload your own
  • Contact form with various field types
  • A booking system
  • A calendar
  • Show your Wordpress posts
  • Add a job board
  • Integrate e-commerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop
  • Create chat, membership apps
  • Show a non-Wordpress articles via RSS
  • Give coupons, discount codes
  • Send push notifications

(and much more)

How long will it take me to build the app?

Depend on the complexity of the app you're building, it should take you between 1 - 7 hours to build your app. Simpler apps (like basic business apps) should not take more than 2 hours. More advanced apps can take slightly more time.

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if:

  • You need to profit creating mobile applications for customers 
  • You possess a business and need to offer your clients an application to download, which will make your organization look more expert and dependable 
  • You possess a site and need to transform it into an application, so your adherents will have a speedy and prompt approach to contact you through their gadgets 
  • You possess a business and need to make it less demanding for your clients to contact you when they require your service, by tapping on your app symbol 
  • You need to send your clients (or site supporters) notices about deals, new articles, new items and such - by sending them push notifications
  • You are a website admin who needs to offer your clients another administration other than building their site making an app for them as well 
  • You're searching for a simple to utilize, inexpensive platform to making an app

Almost everyone has a mobile phone and the power of apps in marketing cannot be underestimated. While people will visit your website only when they have a reason to, they remember or when they have been heavily retargeted through retargeting tags, you can always get the attention of your mobile app users through push notifications and exciting in-app incentives. You can also easily engage your customers on your mobile app.

Once you follow the course carefully, you'll be able to launch your own app on the app stores in a few days.

Additional costs:

The platform you will work with will cost you $97/annum. The platform handles the hosting of your apps. That being said, you *might* have to pay for a developer account, which is not related to the platform:

  • A developer account - any individual who needs to distribute applications must be enrolled as an Android as well as Apple developer. Android developer account costs 25$ (one time) and Apple developer account costs 99$ (every year). One account gives you a chance to distribute the same number of applications as you need and it is not related with the program you make the application with. You can prevent those expenses if you get another person to upload the apps for you - yet it's NOT suggested!

You can preview the apps you design by downloading 'Apps Company Previewer' on IOS or Google Play stores

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Segun Adekoye

Founder, LaSkill


LaSkill comes from the word 'Learn a Skill'. I am a multi-skilled person surrounded by multi-skilled people. I believe that with each online course created, millions of people will be empowered, and several thousands will be financially free.

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1. Intro: this is me. I own a business. I've been trying to create an up for my business for a while, but I have not been able to because I can't afford expensive up developers. They charge too much. Sometimes I don't complete your up. You pay high maintenance course to keep another developer. But then I found a website that allows me build mobile apps in minutes, and it's a dragon drop interface, and it's very easy to use now. I can be a gazillion ups for my business and for people. I can spend more time with my family. I can create ups and monetize them. I don't worry about up coast or hosting. If this is your story, take a seat because you design your own up at the end of this course south, easy as a B C. At the end of the scores, you'd have learned how to create apps for IOS and Android. How to publish and promote your ups and how to make money from your ups. What I waiting for? A ruling. Let's get started 2. The Platform: we're moving. Nearing. You can't create not just the regular business mobile apps. What? You can also create booking ups. You can create chats, applications you can create and abs for restaurants, hospitality businesses. Um, you name it? Yeah, basically limited by your creativity using this platform, The platform is easy to use. A 10 year old can easily logon to move in earing and create an up on launch in lives on six hours. Anybody can do this or you have to do is visit aps dot movie nearing dot com once he going toe Absolute movie Nearing that come you up. Brought to this page where you sign up the entire email address the entire password, you confirm password, and then you say no, but because, um, I already have an existing account our movie nearing I will be logging on to the dashboard . 3. Getting Started: Once you log on to your movie near in account, you're greeted with the number of applications here that she had already created. So once you create an opera Moby nearing, you find it right here among this absolute state. Andi, you can easily edit your ups. You can copy. You can. You can duplicate the app so you can delete the APS on these other side. You have the visits on the install. So once you're ups have been hosted on the AB stole the S or the Google play store, you would find analyses on how you're upset performing both in terms off installations and visits. So jump right into, um, action by creating an application to create an application. We click here, create application. So right here we enter. What kind of application we're trying to create for the purpose of this course are called this test one test one you click on creates, and then you're taking the rights into the application development Passport. Once the Logan see moving, airing up development dashboard, you're greeted with templates. Um, that different types of templates on movie nearing. We have arts, we have CT, we have cooperates. We have designed education. We have entertainment who have event. We have fashion, health and beauty hotels, local businesses, music organizations, real estates on sports. So the limitation you have in a platform like movie nearing is basically going to be bordered around how creative you can be in developing an up. Using this platform for couples off this training will pick one off is so less imagine. We are trying to build on application for a solemn always far. So, um, we haven't option here. So Drilled Beauty center, so I'll take that of beauty center. 4. Designing your App: So the first thing we do once we select templates if we're working with the template, is to choose layout. We have different kinds off menu layouts in mobile nearing. So for for the propose off, this would select, um, this one. So if if we're going to create an up, you know, we we like like a salan up spot up. You know, we're basically because of the beautiful picture we have behind would like to ensure that the icons are icons are very visible. Customers can easily see what they want, right once they log on to the open launched up. Or you could decide you wanted something else entirely. So for the purpose of discourse, um, I'll go back to the Sickler menu style. So once we have an idea of what up would look like in terms off framework on the outs, we come here to choose whatever images we want we want to work with is usually recommended that we have way work with the sizes below here so that the APP is able to have just different screen sizes, whether it's out of mobile for what I were walking with an iPod, we're working with a longer device to select your picture and change the picture for your spot, you upload your picture. So now that we've selected our picture, when I'm going to cripple the image to the exact ratio on size or dimension that the up would need so we'll just move this around the between we think we find So this looks like it once you have a good wi what you see or once you feel comfortable with what you're seen , select. Okay, so we have this, um, between the picture here. So for the sake of consistency will maintaining, seeing. And then, of course, we change. So for iPod users, this is what will select once we are done with the image food like to use all right into selecting our country. Um, so imagine your application. It's why business in the United Kingdom. So you select United Kingdom. Um, it was your funds. You have a couple of fronts here article area. For the purpose of this course, once we are satisfied with what up looks like we will move to the next phase, which is them colors 5. Choosing Colors: Maybe you should change color over text. The call over icons have changed already to white. The border text less cynical of the text. Okay, so we have this. Let's Cindy column header on them. We're fine. Okay. So we just change the club head out to burnt orange. Once we click this, we can see that, um, we have the color. We have the texts right here. If this is not something we're fine with and we think would like to change, we could make you read since I was a bit of red around here. Eso sick. We read, you stick with the light red, it pops. So when you don't with selecting the colors, we move right to features. 6. Exploring the Features of the Platform: Once you click on the features, it shows you a turn off features that you can integrate right into your up to get you up running as soon as possible. So the features are categorized into Social on, that's for sure. We have contests Facebook funnel pages, job boards, noose wall, have media. Have you on the media? You could integrate all your files right into you up. If you wanted to start a podcast in sight after image, you could create a gallery. Could create a portfolio for you. For design agency. You have radio, you could start a radio. Um, streaming service right When you're up of RCIs feeds allows you to pull feeds from sites, different sites on publicize using your up. You have videos. We also have a contact category under contact. Your booking booking allows people to book and make reservations, too. You are contact. Alas, it allows you to feel contact form that people easily access to find your contact details. Form gives you a form. Hello allows you to develop a form that use this kind and time setting details into which you have enough messing messaging, push notifications and they have topics push notifications is particularly interesting because push notifications allow you to reach. People have already installed you're up easily to keep that top of mind awareness for you or your clients. UPS monetization on the monetize issuing. You can't give loyalty cards, discount coupons, Q R coupons, the cassette meals, equal mass and catalogues you have customized. The customization features of moving nearing allows you to integrate your own source. Cordes right into the up their building on movie nearing or create costume pages. The minority exists on your Korean up integration Movie Nearing Allows you to insert wings If you have a website that's bute and equal more side disputes on my gentle on the my gentle CNS or PRESTA Shop or Shopify Evolution commercial. What press All this can be integrated right into more. Be nearing up um, events. You can, you can add, Kalinda, see a movie nearing up and you have miscellaneous on the missile. In years, you have, um, things like cold scan. We tell us to, which allows you to scans that includes, but museum will be nearing up. You have maps, you have padlock, but look helps you restrict setting uses from gaining access to your up in case you wanted to create a membership site. You have places you have tips calculator on. You have weather. So these are all the features of the 7. Building our App: for the propose off this training. We will, because we picked templates there already. Ups that exist right here so would tweak a few of them. Onda, see how they work out. See how they plan up. Um, so we definitely want an about us page who wants people to be able to book right on this up . Um, discounts we're hoping will be able to give discounts, loyalty cards, places, loyalty card on places, places allows them waas integrate features that would let people find places close to us is in this up, but for post for the purpose of history. New taken out places we have galleries. Um, because this is this par business where people tend to respects and want their privacies will be taken out galleries. So there is a form, and then there's a contact script because we already have a booking feature. We'll take you in the form feature from this up. But this is what the form would look like if you decide you wanted to keep the form. But we'll take that would take out the form. So we have contacts. Once you click on contacts, we already have on idea of what the contact page look like is a movie nearing You have the image of your you could place the image of your company right here off your head office. You have the address. Really? To description. Have your full number. How you can located. You mean address website fees, book. Another important things you'd like to give out. So right here we can change the image. You can move right into the address. Change it description. Inter in real addresses, websites, the loyalty cards features allow the integration off loyalty points. We could decide to give it a different name. Color rewards to call this rewards on it. We noticed changes right here. Um, nine validated point to go to 31 official, three fish. Okay, Only all two point includes dust. That's the issue. So we could decide to change by ground off the little to cut. We could also, um, manage content on the little to say Underwood link. But this counts where we want to be able to give discounts to the ugliest in customer. So this is what it discount form is. Requires that you log in, tells when it's volleyed. Um, we could easily any discount by coming below to the future. Settings. Activating shoes. So shoes sharing once we click Money Way could write how much we wanted to take off. It could be a 50% off, so come right here. Two single. We go entirely to description the conditions in terms on our off. We can use it at the end of the expiry date. The book in future allows us to create a meaningful that I use is gonna anti details into for number email, address, number of people location, which are the branches. New York dates, booking details, comments on sent. And we could manage that information right here. OK, Sean, we can also decide that all the fields that we feel are missing from this crunching the background images as well. So this simply tells us that if people are sending e mails to the San Francisco location, the San Francisco email But this could be San Francisco ATS beauty sent out of beauty. The New York looking junk will be New York. Brutus entered a beauty parent location. Could be parity bit centered of beauty. So with that we can manage. We could decide to add each Every form is customizable. We could decide to add. Um, the emails is in this. Why did the existing you can also decide? I want to deactivate the foreman. You do not think the phone should be on available? We haven't about a speech that allows us to in time for mission about the spa with the sun . You know what? Whatever business we are creative. So right here we can select the images we want to show. And this is our toe appeared up so we could select images on. Then you can click start by clicking toe add pictures. Here you could add takes image, video address, port in attachments and slider and then the entire text here. Then they bill the address the latitude and longitude. If you want people to be able to finalists easily using Google maps and then we save Andi, we have that sorted. Once we're done with the features would like to integrate right on the up move right to the next step, which is the application 8. Finishing Your App: So we want application to have a lovely icon, like photos like Facebook. Like health, like newsstand like sleep book, like Sleeper. And so we would create our own unique icon. Remember that on the homepage of the apple, we have these the image off candles on stones on so we could decide that we would use this beautiful fishing proceeding as start of image of the up on one. This is one of the upstarts Often goes to the home page. Be, um the other imagery all included at the beginning of this streaming comes alive. I want to be here satisfied with the different diamond. Shuns the startup, made a move right to the next. 9. Publishing Your App: once. Like once you come to publication, you see the application name. You see the Bondo I d. The package name change. Application him right here. You could also monetize your we could click on the banner or than is the interstitial options to choose? If you'd like to have been as a into studio ads, you could also download or generate your source scores for iPhone and then android for android phones. You can easily generate AP case. Once you have your AP case, all you have to do is log onto your android American police toe on upload Your CPK with four golds are proof once is that proved your life so you could start the process off, including the up to completion within 3 to 4 hours. The generator epic a click. Generate a picky on. Then you see something like this with generating you give it a bit off time between five 10 minutes on an A P k generated for you 10. Quick Recap: just a quick recap off. What? We just Mason once you're going to be moving there in dashboard, you have you're readyto with which you design Onda launch you up Movie Nerine is easy to use in the sense that it takes you from one stage to the next. Once you finish your designs, you know what colors you like to work with. You know what features you like to have on You know how you want application to start on what I can do. You like to have it, and then you move on to publication. You have analitico is analytics gives you in up analytics and future analytics basically giving an incident over Vinto How people are using up where the, uh, how long they spend, um, on what features they really like. You can also go into adding uses to a specific up. So if you had the clients who would like to access is one up who creates a new user for them on allow the users to access down, up under settings, terms and conditions, loyalty cards, Facebook, instagram. If you wanted tens on conditions for your up, you could please that under terms and conditions. Facebook instagram domain advanced on messages. Once we're doing with these who move right into the advanced, the advance allows it to check if you like to enable offline content or not.