Design an Arts & Crafts Enclosed Pattern

Chris Heath, Writer | Designer | Illustrator

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9 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Building the Grid

    • Choosing Your Plant Subject

    • Drawing Your Plant

    • Vectorizing Your Plant

    • General Design Principles

    • Adding a Background Pattern

    • Styling Your Artwork

    • Your Project


About This Class

In this class, we will cover how to:

  • use some simple geometry to build a geometric grid, and
  • lay out an Arts & Crafts style decorative pattern using this grid.

Given the fluidity and naturalistic style of Arts & Crafts decorative patterns, it may seem a bit strange to start with a geometric grid. We will be using this geometric grid as a creative springboard for laying out your decorative ideas. When finished, we will remove the grid so that your completed design can shine through.

I'll guide you through each step of the process, highlighting key principles to keep in mind while you are drawing, so that your design captures the essence of the Arts & Crafts movement.

To complete this project, it is assumed that you have used a vector drawing tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. However, you may side-step the vector drawing tools and complete your project in whatever medium you wish, whether that be pen and ink, water colour or acrylics. The grid that we will be building in this class is also available for download and printing.

Welcome to the class. I hope you enjoy it.

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Very clear instruction with a bit of the thought 'evolution' that takes place in design added. I might not ever do arts and crafts based design but I learned a lot that I can use for my own process.
Georgia Gibbs


I highly recommend this class, it's awesome
Great class, thanks Chris! Just the right balance of technical information and workflow plus key examples of other work. Nice references to victorian/arts & crafts principles and design. Felt very informative without getting bogged down in information. Lots of points for further research, plus I liked Chris' style of presentation - Looking forward to incorporating some of these principles into my work!





Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator

Chris Heath is a writer, designer and illustrator based in 'Art Deco' Napier, New Zealand.

With a thesis about the role of geometry in architecture under his belt, Chris pursued a career as a decorative artist for many years. In addition to faux paint finishes, his work involved designing stencil patterns for furniture, walls and floors, and reinstating historic stencil patterns in some of Auckland's historic buildings.

He's never been great with mental arithmetic, n...

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