Design an Art Deco Pattern in Illustrator | Daniela ⚘ Usurelu | Skillshare

Design an Art Deco Pattern in Illustrator

Daniela ⚘ Usurelu, Quirky Sewing | Surface Pattern Design

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Description

    • 3. Art Deco Style

    • 4. Create Moodboards

    • 5. Prepare Illustrator & Create Motif

    • 6. Create the Repeat Tile

    • 7. Save Repeat for PODs

    • 8. Create Project and Thanks

    • 9. Watch Me Work


About This Class


Pattern design enthusiast? Join Daniela, a self-taught surface pattern designer from Bucharest, Romania as she shares her method of creating streamlined patterns, in the Art Deco style. Join the class "Design an Art Deco Pattern in Illustrator" and learn how to create an Art Deco repeatable pattern, how to save the repeat block or swatch, upload your design on Spoonflower and have it printed on fabric! 

Key skills students will learn:

- what is Art Deco in surface pattern design and how to identify it

- how to set up moodboards for pattern design inspiration

- create Art Deco repeat tile in Illustrator; use the Pattern Tool to create a streamlined pattern

- motif vs. repeat tile

- export repeat pattern/swatch for POD - print on demand services such as Society6 or Spoonflower

Are you new to surface pattern design? Take my class "Repeat Patterns Made Easy, in Illustrator" for a step-by-step look at creating a seamless repeat pattern.

You can find Daniela's work on her website and can keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook.

PS: special thanks for the inspiration and being part of my mood board to:

Happy making!