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12 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Some context

    • 3. The project

    • 4. Finding a concept

    • 5. Planning

    • 6. Sketching

    • 7. Drawing

    • 8. Color & finish

    • 9. Exporting

    • 10. Compiling

    • 11. Installing

    • 12. Thanks & farewell


About This Class

In this class you will learn to create a dynamic wallpaper for Mac OS, using your creativity and a completely free application specifically designed for this class.

You will:

  • Learn about dynamic wallpapers
  • Choose a theme or concept to work with
  • Plan your wallpaper image by image
  • Assign a time range to each other
  • Compile all the work into a native file so you can use your wallpaper or offer it to your audience
  • Get a free app to make all this work!

This class is especially interesting for:

  • Illustrators and artists
  • Designers and photographers
  • Animators
  • Students interested on creative processes and methodology
  • Students who love to mix creativity and technology
  • Parents or teachers who want to introduce their children/students into sequential art in a fun way

My name is Raúl Gil and I'm the 50% of 
Two Tale Tellers. I'm an illustrator and designer from Barcelona and I work in any medium in which images, words and/or interaction combine to tell stories, usually inhabited by characters that transmit life and emotion. Here are some samples of my work:


You can see more work here.

Music used in this class:

'Sincerely' by Kevin MacLeod (License CC BY) / via


1. Introduction: Hello. I'm wolf from two tellers and I'm an illustrator and designer. In this class, you learn how to create a dynamic wallpaper for MCA, wears dynamic wallpapers, offer you divorce ability of explaining stories or express something important for you using your creative skills. It doesn't matter if you're not just an industry or a photographer or a designer. They're also I got a way to introduce yourself, your Children or your students. If you're a teacher into sequential art in a fun way with almost immediate results, pass the phone will learn more about dynamical papers. Then we'll choose a specific theme that is interesting. A sequence of changing images throughout the day. Well planned the number of images to be developed depending on the frequency with which we want our war paper to change. We created necessary images one by one and finally welcome file them using Best friend, a new application specifically developed for this class that you can get for free and generate that cool final wallpaper to enjoy yourself or offer to your own audience. This way, we'll obtain United Micro West Fire that we can and still and enjoy in our computers, making your hours in front of the screen more bearable, fun and personal. This glass requires nothing more than your creativity and that drawing toes you refer to him by the final file. You'll need a Mac computer, but you still can follow. Enjoy the entire creative process in full if your windows user. So if you're ready, let's start. 2. Some context: a dynamic wallpaper is one that is not limited to single image. It is composed by several of them that change. Throughout the day, dynamical papers began to be used in Michael Was Mojave and are now a permanent feature of the new systems Thes Will papers are heck fires, a kind of containers finds that contain others, such as a collection of images, along with all the necessary information. One of the notable features off dynamical papers in my quest is the possibility of making them change depending on the position off the sun with respect to our geographical location , which is interesting to show the evolution off landscapes throughout the day. But for the purposes of this class, this factor one the important, unless you wanted to be for kings of this class, with the choice of an interesting concept that evolves, image my image hour by hour. And now let's talk about your project 3. The project: the project of this class will be, of course, to create your own dynamic wallpaper. I will accompany you with my own project to illustrate the whole process and give you some tips and ideas creating a wallpaper of this type, something that you can cover without additional help. It is scalable. Since you deter mined how extensive the production is, it's satisfactory, and it also represents a certain at theistic and or conceptual challenge in practice that your project will have four faces. A choice of a theme or concept planning off the quantity off images to be developed and the attribution off time brains to each one. Recreation off the necessary images on the compilation off all of them in a native hate file. We'll talk about obedience off all these through other class. We may use images off a certain resolution. So if you were papers made off off many images, it probably weighs a lot. So when it comes to sharing your project, simply include some of the most representative images of its evolution. A storyboard or what? You can see their most practical. And of course, you can always offer an external link if you want to share the resulting file with other students you can use around project as a guide. And now finally, let's start creating. 4. Finding a concept: as in our twisting character to sign class. The first step is the choice to choose. What do you want to do? The possibilities are beautifully endless, but let me help you a little bit. Some time ago, I created us more concept for a smart which phase in which a human head rotated, changing from birth to death credit early aging. The cycle was given every minute, so it was an opportunity to reflect on the value on the passing of time. This concept is perfectly distributable to this class, so the most simple thing is to consider two essential factors. Time and space. An example of change through a space could be a wallpaper in which a diver goes deeper into the ocean, finding nature step great darkness, but also new sea creatures in amazing corals. Or the repairs process could be shown fiver coming to the surface legal by leader until she reaches the light and show says the surface and the scale assented. An example of change over time could be the rotating head mentioned before or flower opening and closing in a cycle. Throughout today, a building being billed from its foundations until its completion and subsequently it's aging until collapsing and tetra. In essence, we could say that it's an animation in which each frame has the necessary entity to be an individual wallpaper. Don't be afraid to be especially conceptual. You don't have to limit yourself to logical or material processes. Remember this a good opportunity to tell a story to others and to yourself, because you can enjoy your own wallpaper. Imagine that it contains a lot of inspirational quote that are changing depending on the time of day to have in front of you the necessary inspiration you need. This would be a good idea, and you could solve it on Lee with the biography just as an example. So it's time for you to find your concert. In my case, I just want to have time with projects. So I want to use one of my favorite generous science vision, and I have recreate some kind of classic V movie scene. Are present a scientist experimenting with himself and transforming into a mutant creature . Gradually step by step, image by image. Why? Because why not? Let's see what comes out 5. Planning: four status. It's important in order with restaurant the application to be used in the final stage of the project, you'll be able to assign any time range to any inmate, meaning that we could create an image for every minute off the day. I wouldn't recommend that you could make 12 images changing every two hours. Eight images changing every three six images, changing every four etcetera or simply said completely irregular rangers, in my case is an example. I will create only four images that would imply a change every six hours. But I want to see the complete cycle off my wallpaper to your in my working day. If it's from nine AM to five PM, I can have the first image displayed from 000 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then change the image every two hours, allowing the last one to last until the next start of a cycle. This way, in 1/3 of the day, I can see the full development off the wallpaper. Use the vaccination off hours as you prefer to get what you want. If your basic idea is essentially a decoration, a landscape or something considered less static. Decide which elements will change between each of the state off the wallpaper. For example. If we talk about the interior off a restaurant, different characters could come and go. Why the light in general changes by day. It could be a nice place to go to it and at night a cocktail bar with life music. So now take time to think about your images and how often you want him to change. One established We can start creating the images. 6. Sketching: resulting to a story. Poor Simpson. Interesting, especially if you plan to create a lot of images. You don't need to go into too much detail about the drawings, simply those necessary to make it clear what it should contain in broad strokes and how each image relates to the others. I'll try to condense all the images in my case, only four in a single campus, so I have a clear vision of the whole thing. So I'm going to use a flat background with Onley, some elements appearing over it. First a computer and a desk with scientists in his initial state injecting some kind of the in a mix into him. Then the scientist transforms into some kind of Sleiman mutant as homage to the classic court. Humans film waken see some fly trades appearing and the characters advances slightly to the right. In the first step, the mutant evolves, showing some goat traits end up off the previous ones. The monster grows, it advances a bit more and seems confused. Finally, some Brittany in trait appear, showing some snakes hanging from his body. The character advances almost disappearing from the screen, so we'll show the man than the man with flighty and a. Then we'll let some go traits and finally reptilian ones, and it will try to express, visually that this integration of the character's humanity this doesn't even qualify as a storyboard. But it's enough for me to have a short script. Once we have all the sketches, we can have a clear idea off the set and at all removed details as we can t there when everything is 100% defined, we can draw with the tranquility to have a clear plan, an ethics course. 7. Drawing: Since we face definitive images, we must talk about resolutions. Today there are quite a few computers that work, and there Macca West and the range of resolutions variable depending on the type of images you design, this will be more or less sensitive to changes in resolutions and scaling to make sure that the images show the best aspect in the widest possible range of screens. I personally work with five K resolution that IHS 5120 per 2880 pixels off course. You can work on higher resolutions and then re scale all the work to five K. If this is more comfortable for you, and now please accompany me on my drunken process, which will be quite accelerated and synthetic to save you hours of this realization festival. I'll start defining the scientists at the very beginning when he's injecting something into him. He's somehow suffering and insecure. So will express idea that the protagonist stars being very human at the great step by step . Let's accelerate the process that we can see how everything evolves till we have to find the first post. Then I'll draw some kind of console or computer with information and some D n A samples for the moment, just to find the structure and scale, and I'll jump into the second stage. In this stage, we can see the scientists slightly mutating and gaining some flight like attributes like wings and fly arm. Using real references is always good. If you have no idea about the real structure of a fly with the post and expression, we can see that the scientists starting to realize all of this, as in Bean a great year, the gun falls surprise races, and we ready for the first step in this one. The character grows it, gained some goat attributes and seems confused and dizzy. He's starting to lose his original consciousness horns and four appear and the man becomes a monster. I try to define the sketches as much as I can, and if it's necessary, I cleaned the line in a new layer. If not, ah uses catch as a base for the color. - And now let's go to the fourth and last eight, when he crosses slightly and gain some reptilian traits like a scale of skin, a 17 tone and snakes appearing through his body. - And once all the poses are ready, let's go back to the computer. We let some details like the DNA samples Putin's light, another staff. As you can see procreate. Squeak line is really helpful when creating this more mechanical element. So now we have our scientist, our flight men, our flight goat men and finally, our flight guilt snake mutant. So with this, we have all the images fully defined and ready to be colored and exported. So let's go now to the final stage of a visual process before sending all the content. 8. Color & finish: all right, we reached the final stage of the creation. The cholera finished. In my case, this is a much more mechanical fast stage. Once I established a specific believed to work with, let me show you how you usually proceed. First, we need to define a pallet. Possibility is to use some off the many services and products out there with thousands of color palettes. Pretty find. I use cooler square a lot. You can buy the up or use the free browser generator. It's very easy to years, and it will allow you to create five color palette. You can manipulate global values off the pallet or lock the colors you like and randomly change the rest so you can get new ones. Then you can export pallets to use them freely. Color Han is another surface with tones of pallets ready to be used. You can. Such Pollitz, using base colors picked your favorite, and they're not UPS. Distract some others. I recommend you to use my friend Magath's illustration. Tools Directory Well, you'll be able to filter results is depending on your needs. If you feel the bicolor, you'll be able to find some nice online resources or at some others. You may know you can also strike the selection of colors from images, illustrations or photos you like. So I've defined a pallet based on Brown's so more saturated and some other more reddish. Then, if added a couple of colors for the character skin and to accent colors for some other details, the first thing I do is to test selection, to see how it works. I apply the color toe one off the steps very roughly. Details are not important at all. I just need a global idea and see if I need to alter some of the colors. Once I find I can start applying it step by step, I activate a color test layer from time to time to contrast of results as you can see the pencil, this physical on top, off the color in multiply mode and a very loud transparency. And now it's all about creating flats that is creating big masses of flat color that will serve as containers off. All the details and texture will apply later. - We use the same color code to each of the steps to ensure the consistency, and it's definitely a matter of time and patience. Once you are in control of your own tools and process, the stage is quite fast. - Naturally , If you're not an illustrator, you can use photographs, lettering or graphic design solutions to create your images. You have thousands off really tool glasses on skin shirt to learn about all of these areas . So after applying some details, texture and color correction, we have our four step wallpaper almost ready. The scientists, mutating in four steps, know that we have the images we need to export and compile them. 9. Exporting: for your wallpaper toe work, you must explore your images in J P, G or PMT format. The level of compression and the weight of images is not SF, since your war paper will be installed locally, although it may be important to consider a higher level of compression if you need to distribute the functional wallpaper over the Internet, give in mind that the images that make up your paper are quite large, and together they can wait hundreds of megabytes. In some cases. Be that, as it may be, only really important thing is the properly name age off the images. When exporting your images, I recommend you to name them in a logical numerical order that allows you to easily sort them later. That is one jpg to JB etcetera. Once you have your collection of exported and correctly named images, group them in a specific folder that will use later in the project. 10. Compiling: there are different ways are there to create a heck file, including commercial tools for price. We didn't think that was an option for you, so I decided to ask my friend and Televisa, one of the best IOS engineers I know to develop a specific up. He was very kind to develop espera on that you can get for free in this class. And yes, as you want. We called it best Brown, which means desk or nightfall in Catalan, inspired by the Wolfman off the sand urine. Today we've added the application as a downloadable research within the class. If, in the future we uploaded through any Apple service will tell you once the app is opened, you'll see us more an empty window. It's basically a box in which you can pour your images. See like your images, drag them into the box and bam! Half of the process is done. Now you can configure the different time frames for every image, assigning a specific hour for each one you can see. You can find some icons in every slot. You can eliminate an image if you don't want it, and you can define the default light and dark mode image and done. Just generate the wallpaper and you'll get the final file to install. No, let's install it. 11. Installing: Once you have your wallpaper ready, go to your Macintosh hard drive and look for your library folder. Once they're opened the Desktop Pictures folder, copy your wallpaper and based it inside this folder. Now you can go to system preferences and open the desktop and screen Safer option. Now you're what paper will be selectable and will be activated immediately. You see, you have the option of using it as a dynamic wallpaper or a static one. In that case, you'll be able to choose the light or the dark, more default image reconfigured investor. Once this is done that what paper should be activated on display the image corresponding to the range setting the application. It only remains to enjoy the progressive changes off your project. Congratulations. 12. Thanks & farewell: I still remember the moment when we d o once of the place when from using operating systems based on textual instructions into visual interfaces. Eventually, the ability to customize the world paper was like a spectacular novelty. Dynamic wallpapers are not of revelation or a huge technical advance, but they do offer something interesting, as you have seen in this class, the possibility of embarking on a creative process and tell a story or express something that is important for you. Having a good dynamic will paper depends on two factors on one hand. The contribution off the developer community. Always active, always looking for solutions to very specific problems, they're often dis interested. Work I Ghanians will allow you to build your world papers comfortably and on the other your creativity, which is what will make your wallpaper really remarkable. It's always, I hope my accent hasn't been too annoying for you, and that you feel inspired to create will be happy to see your project and self any adopt. You may have now a capital off visual notes. We got to this point of the class police leave. Our Revere Dad will help us improve our classes in the future. Remember to take a look at our project to get you And of course, leave Has any comments or questions you have, and it will help you. And if you are interested in our classes, follow us on Instagram or Twitter and also on skill shirt so that we can notify you every time we publish a new class. I hope you enjoyed this glass very much. Thank you for your time. Your attention, and see you soon in a new class. Take care.