Design a Watercolorful Alphabet: Turn Hand-Painted ABCs Into Versatile Vectors

Amarilys Henderson, Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

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12 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Overview

    • What You'll Need

    • A-Z Text Template

    • Thinking Ahead

    • Basic Tracing Method

    • Watercolor Painting Technique

    • Lightbox Tracing and Painting

    • Converting Watercolor to Vector

    • Grouping Each Vector Letter

    • Using Your Letters

    • Go Create! Assignment


About This Class


Play between the tension of clean typefaces and the dynamic punch that watercolor offers. Learn how to paint a font in watercolor and prepare it for digital use.

In this 14 minute class, you’ll learn from Amarilys Henderson, an illustrator with design experience whose first love is watercolor. You'll be guided through how to use existing fonts as a template to create a hand-painted alphabet that can be used as a watercolor font.

This class is perfect for designers who want to give their work a fresh look or hobbyists that have been intimidated by watercolor paints. No prior painting experience is required, but some basic Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge would be useful to maximize your new alphabet. You’ll walk away with an on-trend typeface that’s all your own.

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Very nicee
Terese Victor

-to inspire and to be inspired-

All Amarilys classes are amazing!
It was a fun and useful tutorial, however, I had a problem returning to a previous chapter to check for missing info. The program wouldn't let me stop again at previous chapters that I had already listened to once before.





Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

Hey there! I'm Amarilys. I process on paper and I problem-solve with keystrokes.

As a commercial illustrator, I've had the pleasure of bringing the dynamic vibrance of colorful watercolor strokes to everyday products. My work is licensed for greeting and Christmas cards, art prints, drawing books, and home decor items. My design background influences much of my recent work, revolving around typography and florals.

While my professional work in illustration and wedding s...

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