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Design a Responsive Landing Page for Your Business

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Signing for GetResponse for FREE

    • 3. Prepare a Free Gift for your Audience (Important!)

    • 4. GetResponse - Creating your Landing Page

    • 5. GetResponse - Creating your Thank You Page (download Page)

    • 6. GetResponse - Customizing your Opt-in Page URL to Improve Conversions

    • 7. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In this class you will Design and build a responsive and professional Landing Page (Opt-in page) that will help you on your marketing, with the landing page, visitors of your website can give you their name and email in exchange for a "free gift". We'll talk about that free gift and strategies you can use to increase your list of subscribers!

We'll be using the service of GetResponse in order to collect the emails.

Also, here is the Complete Collection of my Best Sellers Skillshare Courses, you can enroll in all the courses you want!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Welcome to the course Today you'll learn how to be a amazing professional looking landing pages for your website that you can use to collect your customers name and email. And this is very important for market. We're going to step by step from zero to a complete landing beach on the first step for that is to create a gift for your customer. For you, for our so well I think we do. You will think together about give that you can give to your outings so they will give you in return their name. And by the end of this course, you will have an amazing landing bait Ready for your visitors. See you in class. 2. Signing for GetResponse for FREE: in this video, we'll talk about get response, get responses an amazing service I'm using get respond For years here, you can see the least that I have right now. Configure on the system The number of subscribers on the main difference between these service on the other service, which is called male chimp melting, is a free service when you for the 1st 2000 subscribers, so from 0 to 2000 is totally free. Get response. They have a small fee, the penny of the number of subscribers you have, but you can test it for free for 30 days. It's amazing service on the big advantage off Get response is thes that you can send out or respond their messages on what's out. What's on outer responded. I can show you here. If I go to messages and manage outer responder, I'll show you. Here they are responders sequence that I have for my niche website Camino Santiago. On this is the other responders sequence. Every time somebody joined to my lease, every time somebody go to my website on, they entered the name and an email they enter on the outer responders sequence on the other responders sequence for this specific list is this You can see here. The zero they won the chew day three on. You can see all the days here. I can show more days. So you're gonna have an idea. So you see that I am sending here every Friday a new message for the least. So basically what an outer responded do is when they join. I can set up the number off emails I want to say, center that in day zero, the number of females in they want and they chew on. You can choose whatever is better for your business. Okay, In this case, my strategy is to use the first week and 1/2. So from day zero today, nine I send email every day to this least after that, you can see the ice, and I weigh two days on ice and one m o on. After that, I am sending Joe's on Fridays. Basically. Okay, So what? Why? This is important. This is very important because you can create a sequence of marketing sequence off e mails that will add value to your customer with at a lot of value. I will tell about you about your problem about your company on it at the end. Off the sequence, you can start offering your product, offering your service so they will be interested on buying from you on in maybe hiring you or buying your product. People only buy from people that they know. If you know somebody, the chances toe for you to buy from this person are higher. So the way for you to be presented to your customer, to your viewer, to your list east through the our responders sequences. That's why this is so important because you're creating a relationship between you or your company on your customer on after the sequence. They are very confident that they are Reno. You they trust you. They know that you're an authority on. They want to buy it from you. That's the magic off the other responders sequences. So they big event that's off. Get response with the service we're talking here in this video is that you can set up the our responders sequence. Also, you can send newsletter. What's the different between our responded a newsletter and you let newsletter is a one sign messages. So doesn't matter where my subscriber are what more my subscriber are right now in which day they are. When I sent a newsletter, it goes to the hole least. Okay, Holies. So that's why it's very important. The difference between get response and a male team. Is that in? Get respond. You can set up on our responders sequence on melting. You can not. You can only set up a now responders sequence in melting. If you pay for the service for the free service they have, you are not allowed to create an hour responder sequence. Just sent regular message like new slur. That's why I love get response. I have a link for you, which is Diego Davila dot com slash get response is Diego Davila dot com slash get response . If you use this link, you can let me hit. Enter here and go to the website and I'll show you hear what I mean? Enter. Okay. It's loading the website on. If you use this link, you will earn $30. Euler. $30 in bonus off $30 in service. Forget response. Okay. And you can start your free trial here. You put your email your name on enter a password here. And with that, you don't need to enter credit card. You don't wonder any order beetles than this. Just name email and password. With that, you have 30 days off free. Try it off. Get response before going to any other service. I encourage you, toe actually test gets responds because I honestly and using for years and I love it. I think the best I test other services, and this is very easy to use. Its amazing on. I maybe create another videos at the end of these cars. That's a bonus off, showing all the wonderful things you can do with get response. I'll show you. You can do like landing pages everything you want to do. You can do it and it's all automatic. You need to know you need to know any code or anything like that. Okay, that's why I love also you will get the $30 bonus if you use the d'avola villa dot com slash get response link and I also get another $30. That's why I am offering you this promotion on you have the 30 days free trial. So, um, other than that, that's the main event that off gets response. Okay? Already enter a test email, address my name on the passport, act like on star free trial. Let's see, what's the next step? Okay, you're almost done. We just send you an email, blah, blah, blah. Perfect. So I now I can check my email after these. You check your email on. You will see the link for to activate the service. Okay, I'm on my email. Right. Right. Now, this is the email I just received from get response. All we need to do now is click on. Activate your account on this will actually activate my account. Totally free for 30 days. You can see here all the details you can feel with your information here. It's not. It's not asking you for credit card or anything like that. You need to worry about that after the 30 days the account just will disable. And you, if you don't like it, you can just try another service or you can upgrade to ah, pay plan. Okay. So fill this app and click on update details. We're now in the dashboard off. Get response. After we logging, we feel old information on the first step now is to create a new campaign. Your campaign will be a campaign for the specific goal that you have on your company. In this case, they go. All we have is to market periscope. So we will drive people from your periscopes to your email these to your out of responders sequences. Okay, so let's great a campaign called periscope. To do that, all you need to do is click on here on the drop down menu and click on Create Campaign. In Here we enter the campaigning periscope. You can put any name you one click and create campaign. Let's see such campaign already. X season. Get respond. Database Police choose a different name. Okay. Looks like it needs to be a unique name. Okay, so let's do something different. Periscope underscore Campaign create campaign. Perfect. So now we have a new campaign called Periscope underscore. Campaigned. You can call it whatever you want, what you think is good for you. So now we have a few options. We can create new slur. We can create our responders sequence, which is the sequence that people were the sequence off email they will receive when they when they join your list or we can edit the campaign settings for now. For now. Let's stop here on the get response and we will get back on get response in the future when we are building the opt in page. Okay, so for now, this is what you need to do in get response. In the next video, I'll show you another service. Which is the male team service. Another way to do it. Okay. See you in the next video. 3. Prepare a Free Gift for your Audience (Important!): before creating the landing page. We need to prepare something special. Four year viewers for your customers, something that you will give for free in exchange for their name under email Address on doesn't need to be something very expensive. Very important. It can be something like an e book, a pdf, a video ah, webinar or something else that have value for the customer. So when they go front from periscope, where world were forward, all your viewers to your landing page, the landing page that will create in the next videos. But in the landing page you will be asking for their name under M O in order to then to give you they did their information. You need to offer something for free. So in this case, for this example, I'll use a video. I'll create a landing page from my Amazon FB acres That I have in your enemy is an amazing course that teach people every day how to make money selling on Anderson. Um, I'll offer a video for free for every single person that goes in my landing page and enter the main under email. The video will show them the absolute best products that I am selling on Amazon on the prokes that make me are more than $1000 a month. I'll show you exactly bay products and selling, so you can do the same. So that's a good deal. That's a good a good a free gift that I'm giving toe my viewers okay, and you need to think in something from Value Review. For example, if you let's say you your needs is a workers, you teach people how to made workers website, for example, you can offer a lease off the best 25 plug ins. There are totally free, and that will change the way their website works. So that's a good deal, for example, or you can offer a free webinar. You said guys, enter your name and your email and you will join for free my my free webinar, where you will letter something about X, which is your niche right? Or some people give like a small e book and able doesn't need to be like 100 or 200 page e book. It can be a 15 10 15 20 pages even remember that the free gift needs to at lot off value to your customer because this is the first interaction they are having with you. They are in their in periscope. They don't know u on ur forwarding them to your to your page where they will get a freaky for you. So the free gift needs to add value to the customer about your needs about your subject. Okay, so now my challenge to you is to stop and think about what can you offer? Ah, free report or something that, like, six steps toe accomplish X or the six best ways to do where X, you know, think about what you can offer for free to customer. And in the next videos, we will implement that. Own your opt in page. Okay. In this case, for this example, I'll give a free video. My video. Let me open here for you. This video here. Where is the video? He's here. Okay. These video will show the exact products answering an Amazon held me to air $1000 a month more than $1000 a month. Okay, so everybody that signs are opting with their name on the email will be able to see this video on this video I'll be hosting on my website and I'll show you how to that in the next video. Okay, for now you think about your free gift. 4. GetResponse - Creating your Landing Page: we will explore a few ways to create a beautiful, amazing landing page for free on I'll show you now the first way that we will use The first technique will be using the get response. A website. They get response service. We already signed. Forget responded 30 day for free. You may be signed with my link. If you do that, Diego Davila dot com slash get response. You get $30.30 dollar bonus in services and I get $30 to. So it's a good deal for both of us. After we signed. We're here on the dashboard. Okay, so in here, you have some options. Some shortcuts in here. You can see landing pages, and you are you can create on the group on the Yellow Square here, create landing page. So click on that. And in here we have some models, some templates off landing beach. For this specific case, we will use the opt in page. Okay, opt in. Page is the page. That is the sign that is customised in order to increase the conversions off people putting their name on the email in exchange for something for free, as we, uh, we talk on the last video. Okay, so here, opt in pages. We have some templates. Beautiful template. You can choose. The template is that adapts better to your business to your product. In this case, let me find something for me and his example. I'll create, uh, Owen opt in page for my Amazon f b A course on you. Jimmy, I'll use this guy the free shipping day. So click on that used template. It's loading the page, and it's very simple. You don't need to know to know any codes, programming or anything like that. It's very, very simple. I'll show you how to it now. So basically, this is This is the landing page. You can change the course. You can change the tax, the bottom you can checks everything for these demonstration. I'll just do a few changes to customize for my Amazon business. This case, I'll delete these guy here, and I believe the December 18 2 on in here. I'll add the Amazon and the Amazon logo. Okay, To do that, we have here on the right side a bar. The toolbar without you can attacks. You can add pictures, images Bouton's you can a remote. More texts? Actually, this is the Upton form, which is thes name and email. You can add what these DC's Let's see what is thes or this is a square. OK, we don't want to square. We can addle the social media bottoms, PayPal on bars and stuff like that. For this case, we will add a new image. Where will be the longer that I already have here on my desktop? So this is the image click on replace. And in here you have the Istock images, which are all for free, and you can use a sju one you can select all make a terrorist here on or you concert. Let's see if they have I'm a some Amazon. Something about Amazon. I think they don't have anything about Amazon, so I'll click on my images here so I can upload my image. Click on upload from computer, locate your image on when you are happy with that I have to. Lower was actually let me try this one first. So it's up loading here. Perfect, and I can see here now and click on years image. So this is the image. Let's see if we can rece ice it. Perfect. Okay, Looks good. Let me add another image just for test on this side. Click on replace click on upload from computer. I'll try these lower here to see if his better or not it looks better. Use image. I think this one looks better, guys. So let's click on these. You can just drag to increase the size off the image. Let's see here increase the size. Wonderful. And now we can move it to here. I'll delete this one. So, to the late, all you need to do is put your mouth on the top and click on the trash can here recycled by . Okay, he's gone. And now I'll change some text text here. So let's select these and I'll put Amazon some F B A cars must be a free born us. I mean, you can you can put that put the text that you want. It takes us at that better for your business, for you. Probe You will get your delivery by Christmas. So let's change this. You will get Okay, I'll delete all these boxes here. I don't want these on. I'll put a video here on my my my video. Or I can just delete this. Delete this, uh, this half section off the website on Just go straight to the opt in page, but for now, at a video so you can see how you can add a video to I think will be useful for you. Let's delete all these guys be bear with me. Let's delete a lot these just a leg and press delete the lead on delete. Wonderful. So he run there on the tool in their toolbox bar the recent option, which is video so we can drag and drop here in the middle. Let's click once and we can resize the video. I think these size is good, wonderful. And now you see, when I click on the video at the top here, I have on space on area that where I can put the euro, the YouTube euro. So let's go to YouTube here on grab the Euro copy on paste perfect and click upload. Wonderful. This is the video, so people will, when they go to the page, they will also have access to these video. This is my sales video that I use always set on my sales pages. You can put any video in a video for you talking say, Hey, guys, this is a great bonus. Enter your name and your email the barn, and you will receive thespian this e book for free with all all the details are you want? So if you go to the video and you click, um, let's see. Click on the video twice, and you'll see these area again on you. Go to settings. You have a knob, some options that you can customize, like the control bar you can show hide out to hide out of play so that when they go to a website, the video will start playing automatically. Or you can play it on a loop if you want, and you can show title at the bar. So let's remove the title and they won the title. Perfect. That's better. So this is ready. I like the top here off the page. That's great. Subscribe to your toe, our newsletter with top offer, so we will remove these and change for something different. So let's like this and say Enter your name on email to get the free Bono's, or you can put whatever you want it here after that, that's all you need to do. This is ready. When this is ready, you go click next. Next step here on top. Well, now we need to create a page title. In this case, I'll say Amazon F B A promo. You can add a description if you want. I'll just copy on pace here just to be easier and faster. I mean, here, you can use get response to actually host your pages. Or you can assign to your own domain in the next story. In the next video, we'll we'll learn how you can assign to your own domain. So that means if you have the main like my case Amazon FDA secrets dot com O R. AMISOM course that corn or whatever I want, I can buy these domain and I can just I can host this specific page in a specific domain. In this case, I even need to to you. So it's easier for for me to say to my my viewers and periscope Hey, guys, go to my website ideal avila dot con slash Amazon, for example, which is my website on. It's easier to remember is easier than saying, Hey, go to Amazon. Maybe a prom a dog, er eight dot com You know, which is the sweater? Here It's more difficult. Eso that's that, then. That's a big advantage off hosting on your own domain, and you don't need to buy a new domain. If you already have a domain like me, I have Diego Davila dot com. I can just create a slash Amazon slash course or something like that, and I'll show you how to that on the next video, this video we will host on one of these websites so you can choose any of these websites. In this case, I think the G r eight dot com is easier, and I'll just remove here and I'll call it. Let's see if they have Amazon available. So we'll be amazon dot Let's see, After that, you can put your Google analytics I d. Here. I wouldn't go in the details about this, but if you can go toe, you can Google. They were on a ladies and you will have the link in the website if you want in here this description settings, you can choose to complete the campaign. We created a campaign called periscope campaign. Okay, so that's why one confirm up them if you check this box. That means when they entered the name on their email, they will receive an email from get response. Say, Hey, if you want, please confirm your email. Click on these bottom. So that means is more secure. That means that you are double checking if he's a real person. Okay. This case, I don't want a double opt in on on the last option here is the thank you page. So the thank you page you can set at the defaults. Thank you, Page. You can set a custom. Thank you. Page or state on current page. Stay in current page. When they click submit, they will just stay on the current page. We don't want that. So the default. Thank you. Page wool set up on the next video. Not in this one. In the next video, we'll show you how to do it on the customs. Thank you. Page. He saw you are well that you can enter here this case if you are, for example, giving a pdf for free That say that you are giving a PDS for free on. One option is to select custom sink Thank you Page on putting here the girl off the Pdf life, for example. Let's say, is on my website Diego Davila dot com slash pdf dot pdf or whatever. When they click on submit, they will receive this. Pdf automatically we will will automatically download to your hard drive. Okay, Don't worry about this right now. We will do this. Put more details for now. I leave before thank you, Page, and I'll show you why in the next video. Okay, so before we finish the video at the top here we see that they you are this you release already in years, so we need to put some f b A. Let's try that. See if he's already in use its processing. I think this will work. So now all we need to do is click on Publish. They can publish. Wonderful. That's it. We are ready now. If we go to view my landing page online in here, we can click on here on this is a landing page. Amazon Amazon will be a free Bono's. You will get the free bonus blah, blah, blah. Play the video. Great video is playing here with my my sales BDO on. Enter your name and email to get the free bottles. They can enter the name here, my name on my email and click on Sign up. When they click on sign up, they will be redirected to the thank you page on these. Thank you. Page will be setting up in these next video. Okay, See you there. 5. GetResponse - Creating your Thank You Page (download Page): it was time to customize your thank you page. The thank you page will be the page where the the customer, the viewer will download your pdf your e book, or they will be able to see your video. Okay, I'll show you how to do it right now. We're here. We just finish it. The landing page. This is the address, right? So we can view the landing page, create another, or we can manage landing page so we can come here. Or if you are in another page, you can go to the top here and click on landing page and manage. Okay, so in here we will see all the landing page. We have this case, The wonder where working is f B a problem. And it's enable right now, this one is not if I can have only one page enable at at the time, OK? Because we have wearing the free version off the landing pages on get response. So if we want to enable these, we will have an error message saying that this page cannot be published because we can have only one page at the time. Okay, so this is unable. Click on actions and edit is loading all the settings. He's loading the template on your landing page right now. And if you look, this is the landing page we just created. If you look here at the top, we have very in eight is the first stop on the second type. If thank you, Page. Okay. You can add more more options. Like another variant variant will be another landing page that you can do a B testing split test to see how what? Which based convert convert the best. Okay, in this case, we won't worry about that right now. We just will set up the thank you page. So I click on Thank you, Page. And this is the page they will see after they entered the name under email. Okay, First, we will customize here we will remove these logo and were Will add another image. Would will be probably the Amazon, uh, local. Like this. This is Jaws for test guy. This is not actually working. Just a disclaimer. So he's saying thank you for shopping. Are bla bla blam. So it's the friend. Thank you. Here you can downloads the video. The free video free video. Excellent. So this Texas saying we will make sure your orderly save blah, blah blah, watching this click on the download button to download your the video to your computer. Now winning to link the download button, we need to create a hyperlink. So when they click on here on the download or on this are here, it will out actually download the the video for them. Okay, To do that already too, is click on the button, double click on in here. We have the hyperlink. I can't. So we click on that on now is asking about the Web address email. So in this case is a Web address on we will grab the URL. I put the video on my Googled rife. You can do the same if you want, or you can host it in any other service. So copy link address. Go back here and paste the link on here. Perfect title. I don't want a title on. You can open a new window or on the same same window, so I'll say a new window just for tests and click. OK, so with that, we are ready when they click on download it will download a video. Let's test that. Let's go next step here. Where did that publish? Wonderful. So now we click on view. My landing page on Here is the landing page. Again, let's enter the name on the email just for tests and click on Sign up. Perfect. Thank you. Pages working fine. If we click on download, we need to be able to download the video. Let's try that Click on download. Um, yes, this is the video. Wonderful. Everything is working. Fine is excellent. I hope you you got you get to this point would not with no problems In case you have problems, you can just come back here on the landing page, manners landing page and click on edit. Or if you have any questions about these, you can create a new discussion on the cars. Please post a new discussion and I'll be able to help you maybe type typing my answer or maybe recording a new video. Especially for you. I often create new videos of video answers for you or for other students that have questions on my courses. So you can see here that subscribers we have one subscriber and we had three visitors. So you can come here often and see the statistic. Decide that statistics. So this is the way toe customize the thank you page. In case you want to be friends, you can do the friend. Let me show you very quick how to do it If you will. Here and edit, I'll show you how to eat a different way. In case you don't want the thank you page, you can do it differently. Let me see here. So if we go toe Thank you page again. We won't be using these on this case. Let's go. Next step. And in here we go at the bottom off the the bottom off the farm here on in the thank you page. We can choose another option, like custom. Thank you. Bitch. On in here, we paste the link paste. So this is the same thing that I based it on this bought in the hyperlink. Okay, In this case, we won't be seen this page anymore. There's another option. I always recommend this page because it looks very professional. Very nice. But if you don't want that, that's fine. You can do it differently. Just pacing the custom mural here. This is the girl that will download your video, your PDF or your e book, or whatever you are giving your viewers for free. If you prefer this, you can just click on publish on this world. Modify your land, you on the opt in, pay to Kate in the next video. I'll show you how you can use what's another way toe customize this address here, so it's easier for your viewers to remember. See you in the next video. 6. GetResponse - Customizing your Opt-in Page URL to Improve Conversions: we have the opt in page already. I'll show you how you can customize this address. Okay, So in this case now, if you are running a Paris copy, if you are doing a personal life and you say to your viewers Hey, guys, if you want to download an amazing five Steptoe have success on Amazon. Go to Amazon. F b a dot g r eight dot com A little bit difficult. So there is a way you can Charlotte, this link here, if you want. Okay. The way to do that. It's using a service, and you can use their several service that do the same is the bid Lee service. Okay, so in this case, we will copy this URL here. A copy on Go to these page here. Disturb italy billy dot com. You can log in here if you long and you can. You will be able to see your statistics later. All you need to do is spaced the Ural here. Okay. UNB Italy will automatically create a new link. This is the link that bases are suggesting for you. But you can customize if you want this case. Let's see the options we have here. We have this options. This case I'll use Bigly because he's the more famous around the Internet and I can customize what goes after after they badly slash. Okay, so in this case, I'll say, um Azzam, let's use lower case Amazon, of course. Let's see if they have it. I'll click on Safe Wonder or is already taken. Okay, so we need to do something different. Amazon FB A probably already taken Yes. So let's do Emerson secrets safe. Already taken Amazon Free secrets. Wonderful. Okay, so this is available. So basically, now you can go to your periscope on when you are doing life. You can say, Hey, guys, if you want to download my free gift, go to billy slash Amazon free secrets and you will be able to enter your name and email and download my free gift for you. So that's the way to do it. This is better. Sometimes that using the actual girl from get response with these have a complicated euro because it's Amazon. F b a dot g. R. A car. Okay, so in the next videos, we will talk about another waste to do these on. Also, I'll show you how later in the course, I'll show you how you can have this. This opt in page on your own website. So if you have like like me, I have a villa dot com. How can I create these on the road? Avila dot com slash amazon, for example. So it's a personalize address for you and for your customers. This is is even easier because you can go on periscope and you say, Hey, guys, just go to the level of Khan and you will be able to download my material so I'll show you how to that later in the course in the next videos, we will continue exploring more marketing tools. See you there. 7. Congratulations!: Congratulations for getting here to the end off the class by now, you have a great landing page ready for your customers. I hope to see you in the other courses. If you have any questions, you can find me on Diego Davila dot com. I replied toe all your emails or Lehman for my students, and I would be happy to see your message there. Also, I really appreciate your thumbs up here on skill share. See you in the next class.