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15 Videos (57m)
    • Overview

    • Introduction and Useful Reference Literature

    • Moodboard Preparation

    • Image Selection

    • Pre-sketching and Sketching

    • Minimizing Anchor Points

    • Refining and Fine-Tuning

    • Adding Color and Post-Project Advice

    • Gridding

    • Sketching for Letter Marks

    • Execution and Refining of Letter "K"

    • Project Intro

    • Negative Space Boxer Sketching

    • Execution of a Negative Space Boxer

    • Words of Wisdom


About This Class

Learn how to create a simple, solid, and modern brand mark in this popular logo design class with designer George Bokhua! Each lesson makes it easy and fun to get inspired, learn techniques, and gain skills for designing your next logo.

Knowing how to design a great logo is a core skill in a graphic designer's toolkit. When you think of a business or brand, the first thing that comes to mind is nearly always the logo. It is the visual representation of that product, place, thing, or business. Its impact is huge.

And as for style? The power of simplicity should never be underestimated, as oftentimes simple shapes and colors communicate a stronger message than an over-done image. It creates an immediate impression in a viewer's mind.

Designer George Bokhua works primarily with monochromatic, simple shapes in logo and identity design. This Skillshare class explores that style, so that you can learn how to maximize communication with minimal information.

Throughout the lessons, he creates multiple logos. You'll learn about:

  • Applying a strong, simple, and minimal design aesthetic to logo design
  • Creating simple marks from complex characters, from inspiration and reference to sketching
  • Applying minimalism to typographic logos, from concept and sketch to refining in Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating a negative space mark

Understanding simplification and perception in design are essential to becoming more fluent as a logo designer. This class will give you all the tools you need to spot effective logo design and, most importantly, communicate effectively with your own logos.

Please note that this class is primarily a theoretical approach to logo design. It will challenge your design approach and push your skill in different types of logos. Basic familiarity with Adobe Illustrator is strongly recommended.




Sample Images from Video Lessons

1,625 of 1,708 students recommendSee All

Sure wish George will do another class to explain what he was doing on the grid video. I think it was interesting to watch, but I really would have liked to know what he was doing and the reasoning behind all of it. Still is one of the better classes I have taken on Skillshare. Thanks!
Larry Jones

Specializing in old west/victorian era design

Simple, quick and to the point. Learned a few new tips! :)
JLSA Marshall

Designer • Artist

It is a useful method to learn if you want to design logos or icons. The process though is quite tricky to do: cutting and joining the paths, but probably becomes easier with more practice.





George Bokhua

Digital Graphic Designer & Illustrator

George Bokhua is a very good logo designer.