Design a Logo in Inkscape - Part 4 | Daniel Evans | Skillshare

Design a Logo in Inkscape - Part 4

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Summary

    • 3. Developing the Type

    • 4. Marrying Symbol & Tagline

    • 5. Kerning

    • 6. Sourcing Fonts

    • 7. Colouring

    • 8. Exporting Transparent PNG

    • 9. Final Word


About This Class

Do you want to discover how you can design your own professional logo for FREE using Inkscape?
I'm Daniel Evans and I'm going to reveal , every single step of logo design creation as a published, award winning logo design professional!

From start to finish, I'm going to reveal every step of the professional logo design process from concept to sketch, to final product using Inkscape!

We're going to leave no details untouched!  You're going to learn every major tool of Inkscape and every primary feature to develop a professional logo design with ease!

If you want to discover the tricks of logo design and how to astound people with your newly acquired logo design abilities, I can show you EXACTLY how and I can do it right now!

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Summary: Hi, I'm Daniel Evans. I'm a graphic designer who predominantly designs law goes for a living. When a design my law goes are always ensure that a use capable vector graphics software. There are a few great vector graphics software programs on the market, but non offer the same attractive asset is ink scape. Escape is free and always will be free to date. It's the best free graphics program, which allows us to create attractive vector graphics in a suitable for Matt. I'm going to reveal to you the entire process of professional log or design from start to finish using ink skip, which you can acquire without dipping into your wallet. This means you can start a local business for nothing, or you can design the local for yourself for nothing. Creativity shouldn't be restrained nor delayed, so let's dive in and get creating 3. Developing the Type: So now we're gonna add text to the symbol to bring together the log or design. Before do this, I want to select the symbol, and I'm gonna color it. Black saw that the pink doesn't deter from the actual design form a local design. It needs to shine, so to speak without color color is an additional asset to the design. So I want more space to work with. So I'm gonna press shift control and D and I'm gonna bring up the document properties you see beneath display. I have short page border checked. I wanna uncheck this, and as you'll see the outline of the A four page disappears. It's just so I've got more white space to work with here. Now I'm going to select the text to I'm gonna click in the work area and type out the company name, which is freedom. Once that's done, I'm going to select that and press control and D twice to make to Jube. Look, it's you see, we have the two duplicates, which I'm gonna bring across here now. We also have a tag line which is health care as stipulated in the client question it so I want to do that again. But this time typing out healthcare I'm just reducing this in size because it is a tagline , after all, holding control to keep it in proportion. Once that's done, I impress control and de Aza keyboard shortcut to duplicate. And I do that twice on Give a tagline. Each one of these now selected three fonts from a free font website which I like the look off, which I'm going to try with this symbol for my notes and so that you know which funds on working with. I'm gonna make a note of them up above each. The 1st 1 is Roble. Next is true and or round Andi Final One is powder, so I'm just gonna decrease ease and size very slightly just so it doesn't overpower the actual designs. So there we have the three fonts that I'm going to try. So I want to go ahead and apply these fonts the actual words beneath. And then I'm gonna sign this symbol teach. So now I'm gonna open the text options which is located here on the right hand side or up above. If you have an alternative layout. Alternatively, we can new shift control and t also open the tax options on here we have them. So the first thing I want to do is select this line of text on the first fund is Wrobel. It's actually called reportable, as we see here. So I want to select this in. The one I'm looking for is the thin version, sir. Click thin in the style. Now they say it doesn't make any changes, actually, on the work area itself. But we do have a preview here once I'm happy with this. I impress. Apply on it, applies it to the text in the work area. I'm just gonna increase this and size ever so slightly, holding control to keep it in proportion. Moving on to the next. We're going to select the phone call. True. Anil. So scrolling down with teas, we have it. Now we have a variety of options for styles, so I'm just going to click through them all. There is one hell in mind, but I'm going to check out the rest. Hannity extra ball metallic that I want to use on by the preview. It looks reasonably okay, so I'm gonna click, apply and this will apply to the tax in the workspace, selecting this holding control to keep in proportion and just increasing it in size just to match the next. So now, for the last time when applying fund called powder. So schooling down of the peace we have it. Andi, In the preview window, it shows the front applied, which I'm happy with. So clicking apply. It now changes that in the workspace. So just adjusting the size holding control like so, I now have three fonts, the compact. But now I also need to do the tagline So with the tagline complete, which you'll do in the next age back and then judge which funds look best against the symbol. 4. Marrying Symbol & Tagline: So now we're going to apply the symbol to each one of these and different layouts. So I'm gonna take this reduced in size, holding control to keep the ratio on for the 1st 1 Just moving these down for the 1st 1 I'm gonna place this top center because the client stipulate this in the questionnaire. They also told us that the favor a log or designed with a symbol to the left hand side, it's placing the tagline beneath. I want to make a copy of this by clicking on it on using the cable shore Cook, Control and D twice to make two copies. Someone place this one of the left on site decreased in size very slightly. Holding control is always on doing the same for the last. Just spacing these out. Now, judge each one of these Maura effectively now, before do I'm just gonna put the taglines in a better position and send the things so I'm gonna put this underneath here on will put the put the flight to the right onside. We don't need any precise alignment at the stage just to place it and judge by I. So I'm gonna place health care to the right hand side, the bottom off the company name like so I'm gonna do the same for the one on the right to so reviewing these law goals with the taglines and position and the symbols paired with the tax, I can see that the 1st 1 on the left hand side is the one and lightly north and begin to refine. I like this particular font because it's clean. It's slander on dit isn't too over complicated Now its core inform doesn't have to represent a final state. As I stated, we are going to go on to refine this until it's perfect. I want to take a copy of this by highlight net on pressing control and be on the keyboard. I'm gonna do that again to take another copy. Now I'm going to try this front with a symbol placed to the left on site holding control. I'm going to resize it and put it in a position. As with the others, I want to try the tagline at the bottom right, like so, So increasing these and size just something. Take about a look. Hold and control keep proportions. Now is the time to judge layouts, and I can see out of these two. I much prefer the bottom one. It gives more of a balance, it's more clean. And the text, particularly the F flows well with the wing of the butterfly. And so it's this logo I'll be taking to the next stage. 5. Kerning: So here we have the chores and log or design. The next step is to do turning now Kern ng as the spacing of characters so that it looks visually pleasing. You'll see here, for example, the space between these two e's is not the same as the space between the day and the all now the space and doesn't always have to be the same between each character. There's no hard and fast mathematical rules. However, the characters do need to look correct. So to do this I want to click the font. I'm gonna go to path, then a select object to path keyboard chocolate for this, a shift control and see now, with this dawn, the font is now converted in the shapes. To see this more clearly. If a god object on group, you see that each character is now a shape and it move these ships independently left and right so that it looks more pleasing on the eye is mentioned. So I'm gonna go ahead and do exactly that. So I want to click and drag across the on the M and using the keyboard arrows I want to press left going to do the same just for the M. Now I'm gonna drag this portion of letters across. I'm gonna bring out that gap between those two eases mentioned. Now I'm going to look at it and judge the only M needs to be brought closer to the D ons. Looking at that, I think that occurred in complete for the company name. Now I'm gonna move on to the tagline for the tagline and do exactly the same. I caught the path, object the path. I don't go to object on group. Now I'm gonna begin By moving these across, I'm gonna make health care, have quite a bit of distance in between each character just for style purposes and because the tagline is smaller and needs to be more legible on and that those gaps between each current, this helps it to be more readable. So spacing each Now it's important to mention again that there are options to space characters of the raw font. However, manual Kern ings absolutely pinnacle for professional log or design, mainly because those spacing options of the font worn to give you a professional result because the computer work things out mathematically, you'll get different spacing between each different shipped character. It takes a long as it takes. The most important thing is is that we achieve a quality and result on I'm happy with this . I want to highlight all on one a gold object and group. So that's treated as a single entity. That done, I'm gonna place it underneath. Back where? It was it Bottom right, A slight adjustment. Now with the cleaning done, that's that local ready for coloring. 6. Sourcing Fonts: in my local projects are sometimes use paid for premium font. However, there's an extensive range of quality free fonts available on the Internet. The two sites, which a frequent most for free funds, are different dot com and fund spacedotcom. The homepage of the font dot com displays the cut degrees of fonts from Sun Sarah. If the script and a whole range of otherwise the funds and different categories clicking, browse over it font spacedotcom will present a range of similar cut degrees. It's worth checking both site, as each tends to horse different funds. Once you've found a fund that you like simply click with Donald Button and install a front in accordance with your computer system, you should dam built with Select the phone through your software. 7. Colouring: the client questionnaire stipulated that were freely used Any uplifting and vibrant colors which may reflect the nature, freedom and health care whilst avoiding colors which arm or dark. So let's go ahead on and select this local. I want to go to object on group and making sure that each element ISS separate here so that we can color as we see fit. Hi lightness again. I'm going to reduce it in size, holding control to keep proportions. And I'm gonna bring this over here top left. I'm gonna make a copy of this or a duplicate, rather by pressing control and D on the keyboard and dragging down a stupid idiot I'm gonna do to see him again. Control and d dragging across the duplicate. I don't also do the same again with the bottom one. So here we have four versions and in each version I'll experiment with different colors. Now it begin on what a start up A top left. I want to select the two top wings of the butterfly holding shift. It helps may select both, and I want to select a green down here from the colors, but I'm going to double click also, actually, if we double now, I'm gonna slightly green down here. From the palate on I'm gonna double click the green at bottom left and that opens the stroke. The Fillon stroke dialogue from here Confining. Adjust my colors. So I'm going to use the sliders CMA y que to create a different color so that's quite a bright green. I want to bring it up slightly and scion on a little bit. Magenta. I think so. For the bottom of the butterfly wings holding chef to select both, I'm gone to apply in orange. So selecting an orange from the palate below on, I'm using sliders to just gonna make a more yellowish orange than the default color. And I'm gonna reduce the yellow. I think so. I'm happy with that's all. Next on the text in the client questionnaire, it stipulated that we can use a maximum of four colors using the drop a tool. I want to select the green from the palate below on going to use a sliders once again. Now, I could use a light green for this, But if I have a doctor, green for the text attends toe work better for legibility, so it's more readable. Overall, I'm happy with that. Now I'm going to select health care. Andi, I'm going to click and orange down in the palate, but I'm actually going to use the eyedropper just too much. The butterfly wings. Andi, I'm happy with that. However, I think and gone too much health care with the mean text. So using the eyedropper tool, click on the main text and we'll see how that works. I am happy with fact attacks is nice and dark thoughts still green on. We have the uplifting, bright colored butterfly So under the next next I'm going to try a different approach with the top, right? Local. So I'm gonna select the top wing. I'm gonna hold shift on the keyboard on gonna go down here. I'm going to select a yellow. I want to use the slide as to get a more refined personal color. So moving up the magenta I'm happy with that color. Selecting the bottom wings of the butterfly holding shift again. Andi selecting a green. I want to use the sliders once again to find a color that I like bringing down the yellow and I'm happy with that So all of the text clicking and dragging overall characters. I'm gonna go for orange again. However, I'm gonna go for darker orange, bringing the black. That's just a note. Would buy a K and the slider on for health care. I'm gonna much the man text using the I don't want to. I'll try green first. See how that looks. It doesn't stand out enough. So I want to go back to the eyedropper. Andi, I want to match the main text. So now on the third, selecting the top wings again. Holding shift. Andi, When I click green and the palette and uses sliders once again to do various combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black I like the green very different from the green up top in the green, a top right selecting the Botton shapes of the wings. I'm going to select another green, and I'm gonna use the sliders as per usual. And I'm gonna keep the butterfly all green just to see how that looks. Bringing up the black now for the text. I'm gonna color this in an orange, clicking orange in the palate on and make a more personalized color The slide is adjusted once it can. On the tagline Health K using the eyedropper tool. I want to match it with the bottom mowing. See how this looks when a highlight that again. And I'm just gonna go and match it with the men company name there feels if this is a little bit too bright So I'm going to reduce this. It's never too late to make changes. And I'm happy with that. So onto the last as before selecting those wings and I'm gonna look for an uplifting color in the color palette down below, Read tends to signified in just someone a veer away from red Ah thing. I'm gonna opt for the yellow once again Andi, keep it yellow, as opposed to making it more orange. So just slight adjustments here. It doesn't want bay to yellow, Otherwise it won't stand out on a white background. I'm happy with that. Selecting the bottom portions of the wing on selecting, agreeing from the palate, adjusting this very slightly like so now one of the taxed selecting a green, bringing up the darkness of the green using the black slider. I'm happy with fact on with the tagline on using the eyedropper tool. I'm now gonna much a green above. And so now is the time a judge all four to see which will become the final Ogle. And I have to say it's top left, which takes it feels if it has a nice, steady balance of an uplifting mood. Andi depiction of health care. So it's this local here, which is the final log or design for freedom health care, and that's how we go about planning and designing a professional local design in ink scape . 8. Exporting Transparent PNG: This is a common question. So I'm going to cover it here. This is how to export a transparent raster image, PNG in particular. So the first step is we got a file and we choose export. Secondly, we select PNG from the pull down menu and check the box next toe Alfa to ensure that the image maintains its transparency. Finally, we save as usual maintaining the doctor PNG file extension. And so this now gives us an image with a transparent background. 9. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.