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Design a Logo in Inkscape - Part 3

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

Design a Logo in Inkscape - Part 3

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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11 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. View Layout Options

    • 4. Qustionnaire

    • 5. Mood Board

    • 6. Mind Mapping

    • 7. Sketching

    • 8. Symbol Development Part 1

    • 9. Icon Development Part 2

    • 10. Developing the Symbol Part 3

    • 11. Final Word

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About This Class

Do you want to discover how you can design your own professional logo for FREE using Inkscape?
I'm Daniel Evans and I'm going to reveal , every single step of logo design creation as a published, award winning logo design professional!

From start to finish, I'm going to reveal every step of the professional logo design process from concept to sketch, to final product using Inkscape!

We're going to leave no details untouched!  You're going to learn every major tool of Inkscape and every primary feature to develop a professional logo design with ease!

If you want to discover the tricks of logo design and how to astound people with your newly acquired logo design abilities, I can show you EXACTLY how and I can do it right now!

What's more, I can show you how to do it lightning quick!

Join us TODAY and I'll reveal how YOU can grab Inkscape for FREE and begin designing awe inspiring logo designs!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Evans

Logo Designer



Daniel Evans is a Professional Logo Designer and Graphic Designer from the North-East of England with 20 years dedicated experience working freelance and for various design agencies in Utah, Seattle, New York and Britain, including 6 years working for Hewlett Packard's design division. 

He holds 5 WOLDA Awards, an ICMA Silver Award, a Hiiibrand Silver Award and an Amazing Pixels Award.  Just recently Daniel has been awarded an ICMA Award of Excellence, a Hiiibrand Bronze Award and he claimed the WOLDA 10 Silver Award.

Daniel's work is featured in the publications: 

*     Logo Lounge 7, Logo Lounge 11, Logo Creed, Damn Good, LogoPond, New Graphic 30, Logo Nest 02, IHeartLo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: Hi, I'm Daniel Evans. I'm a graphic designer who predominantly designs law goes for a living. When a design my law goes are always ensure that a use capable vector graphics software. There are a few great vector graphics software programs on the market, but non offer the same attractive asset is ink scape. Escape is free and always will be free to date. It's the best free graphics program, which allows us to create attractive vector graphics in a suitable for Matt. I'm going to reveal to you the entire process of professional log or design from start to finish using ink skip, which you can acquire without dipping into your wallet. This means you can start a local business for nothing, or you can design the local for yourself for nothing. Creativity shouldn't be restrained nor delayed, so let's dive in and get creating 3. View Layout Options: There's three display options with an escape depending upon your monitor or your choice of option. You see, if we go to view, we have default custom and wide. I have white selected because I'm using a white screen Mac monitor. From what this stipulates is my snap controls, which are these to the right hand side. And the commands which are these running down here, are located, as you can see on the right hand side. If I were to go to view and select default, you see that? And now have the commands up top on the snap controls or the right hand side. Still, if I go the view custom, you'll now say that I have both snap controls on command, located at the top. So going back to view white, I'm gonna keep it like this, and I'm gonna show you each option as it is on my screen. If you have a wide screen monitor off, you have white selected. You'll see the same as I see on screen 4. Qustionnaire: So here we have the complete with log or design question. A first question reads. What name do you wish to use in your local design? The answer is freedom. Second question. What specific tagline do you wish to use in your log or design, if any, The answer is healthcare. Question three. Do we have free reign to use upper and lower case characters where appropriate? The answer is yes. What is your business sector? Health care question five. What kind of products on North services do you provide? The answer is nationwide private health care and insurance. Question. Six. Where do you intend to apply your local? The answer is website documents and office sign Egx. Who was your target market? 25 to 45 year olds scrolling down question eight. What kind of feel would you like your log or to project I? A corporate classy fun? The answer. Given as warming reassuring and friendly. Question nine. Which of the following log horse tails do you prefer and the client stipulated Icona. Both text an icon. A side of text Question 10. Which of the following styles do you prefer? This is a font style on The answer given is San Serif Scrolling down Question 11 reads. Are there any specific elements? Pictures, for example, you'd like to see in your design the answer given us something which depicts well being on freedom. Question 12. Are there any specific elements you do not want to see in your design? Flowers or hearts? Is the answer. What your preferred colors. All uplifting, suitable colors or welcomes orange greens etcetera. Question 14. Which colors do dislike, if any, on the client stipulated dark colors. How many colors would you like to use in your designs on the client's stated For maximum question 16 please mention any specific existing log or design styles which you favour on the client's stipulated age. UK and Cigna Scrolling down Final question reads is that any additional information you'd like to add, which would help under Klein's answered As stated, Our services are aimed 25 to 45 year olds, so this must reflect in the local, which should be upbeat and quite different from other, more reserved healthcare companies, which tend to have a lot of focus on the elderly. So that wraps up the local design questionnaire, and it's this information will be using as the basis to design our local 5. Mood Board: So here we have a mood board. A mood board is a collage of gathered content, which holds value and give nous ideas. In the subsequent mind mapping process, this mood board was developed an escape itself. AH, use of popular search engine to search image results of the word freedom and then save the images of the attractive ideas. I also done the same for the word healthcare. The results give May Siris of images relating to healthcare, and a picked out the valuable images and see if he's also. And so I put all the images together and ink skip and export them is an image so that I could a reference it with a click of a mouse. As you'll see, I've arranged all images related to the word freedom on the left hand side, and all images were lit into health care on the right. Since the search term health care only tended to give results of pictures of doctors and stethoscopes are then went on a search for healthcare law, Gore's since the company, which I'll be developing a log or four, is in healthcare view, and log oars in the sector would be particularly useful. So overall, the ideas in a nutshell at a glance are free. Joyful people jumping flight leaves, landscapes, hearts and hands. So it's these concepts I'm going to bear in mind and consider your in the mind mapping process. 6. Mind Mapping: mind mapping. Also, Lorna's brainstorming is an activity which separates amateurs from professional log or designers, and a paves the way to yielding concept, which we can be proud off. The mind map allows us to freely rake through our thoughts and quickly jot them down with pencil and paper. It helps us explore possibilities of the message that the client wishes to communicate. The Mood board, which has developed beforehand, plays a vital function, also giving us ideas to explore on and elaborate upon in the mind mapping process. As explained the main map. You'll say, however, incorporate that some of the mood board concepts into the final chores and idea. The mind map starts from the center here of Raw, the company name, which also represents the field on the condition of the company, which is freedom beneath of also noted down the company sector, which is also the tagline Healthcare from Here of drawn protruding lines from these words in order down things that come to mind when I think of each word, the top portion of the paper represents thoughts related to freedom in the bottom half healthcare. If an idea fits both, I'll note it down somewhere in between. I keep the client questionnaire, close the hand on screen and a reference what the client wishes to portray in their local, such as field colors. What we use and avoid for pictures on other things to consider. As a thing of each idea, the idea may spawn another, and so extend another line and note that down also. Sometimes I repeat this process and branch off one small on, perhaps again. And so from this, ideas give way to Mawr ideas. Eventually, by way of this process, I have a full page of ideas and siblings of those ideas and grandchildren of the national ideas. Sometimes we even treat myself to a doodle to make things more clear myself and give May something a substance to carry over and the sketch in process, which the mind map relies upon. Once my pages rich with ideas are set back, analyze and consider possible solutions for each What? I'm confident that a particular idea can be made to flourish. I'll take it to the next stage in which I'll refine the idea to make it even better and to eventually create a final sketch. So this is where the creativity begins. The mind map. The mind map is the fundamental step and creating an effective professional end design. It's the very root of the final product, and so it's a step not to be skimped. There's no excuse not to make use of a mind map, even if you struggle the thing of concepts. As a person working on a computer, you have a wealth of information at your disposal on the Internet. Simply typing and the central words and with search engine can yield a whole range of results. Both text on images. So if you're wondering the idea which I've chosen a carry over and the sketch in stage is a butterfly here, a top right already have plans for this in court rating. Another idea of the hand you'll know the both of these concepts were inspired by the original mood board. I'm going to use them in a creative way to develop a strong, memorable and innovative a log or design symbol so onwards to the sketching process where the art begins 7. Sketching: with the butterfly in hand Concepts garland from the Mind Mountain process. I was then ready to sketch with pencil and paper to come up with a solid idea, which taken important the software using Google images. A search for but a flight, a reference the shape of butterfly wings experimented through several reparations, incorporating an abstract hand ship into the negative space of the wing. I decided that abstract hand should be composed of two parts, a protrusion representing the thumb and another protrusion representing the fingers. The overall idea was to depict out reaching Giving hands, which also look free to depict. Freedom experimented with having both film and fingers in the front wing, as well as thumb in the Rio wing and fingers in the front wing, continuing a reference the real butterflies on screen. I came with decision and refined further until I reached a point of near perfection. On paper, it's this design which is chores and and it's this design will be taking in the software to perfect even further to transform it in on effective healthcare brand 8. Symbol Development Part 1: the next thing we're going to do is create a layer for our pen. So I'm gonna go ahead and click, Create new Leah that's denoted by the plus Adam than their name. This pen. I want to click odds. And this odds the Lear. You say that the pan layer is above the sketch because a wish for the pan details to be above the sketch on the converse. Now, looking at the sketch, the first thing that need ask myself is what part of the sketch can be made to use in primitive shapes. Now, if you look carefully, you'll see that the bottom ship is actually composed mostly of a circle. And so I can start work by using a circle from the toolbox. So selecting the circle on and selecting a hot pink I like the work and hot pink because it stands out, I wanna click. I'm gonna drag across this circle over the sketch. I'm gonna move the slightly and a position undersize it. Now you see that we've covered a large majority of that shape at the bottom. Now that saves us a lot of time. Andi gives us a much more perfect result remains now to complete the shape that the bottom is the odds, the details at the top. So we want less to meld with the circle and curve round and meet the circle once again. Now we achieve these curves by using the penning tool. However, we do need to have a certain setting set in the snap bar, and that setting is snap two paths, and I'll explain what this is. If it was to try and continue from the circle, I might be off the path. For example, I might click and begin work, and as you'll see, I'm off to the left hand side very slightly off the circle. So with this selected snap, two paths in the snap are when I now use the pen. I can snap to the path on the circle handle. The path appears as text, so when that appears, I click and this puts down a nodes or handle point on the path of the circle. Now, with that done, the next thing I want to do is create another Nord off top. This is known as the Ceiling Lord. We have one of the side, which is known as the wall. Next one is a ceiling, so we click and we dry across and this gives us the left hand portion of the curve. Next, we want to click here. That's the floor of the curve here, which is the wall again of the curve on the left hand side. And we can click. Handle the path on the circle. Are we close the shape now? With that done, I can use the ink drop a tool to match a color. Andi. I can remove with stroke by double clicking on the stroke of the button, left on corner on clicking nor paint. The fact done, I'm gonna hold shift. I'm gonna select both of these ships. I'm gonna go the path and I'm gonna click union alternately I can use control and Plus is a keyboard shortcut on this mix. Those two shapes ours one. Now you say the ship isn't perfect. Or now what we want to do is I'm going to go and use the added path by Nords Tool keyboard Shortcut F too. So I'm gonna click upon this and this gives me the Nords to bail. That would just this shape more in a greatly. So I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in. I'm gonna use the plus on the keyboard is a short cut. Zoom in on. We're going to get the work to make the shape at the bottom a little bit more perfect. So besides being able to grab Nords with this tool, as you can see here, I can also grab the actual curves. The first thing I need to do is grab this curve and bring this in. I grabbed this Nord first. I'm pulling out. You say we also have protrusions from these nodes which are known as control handles. So we have a vast array. Things were in use here to manipulate the shape to our specification. So if we click this Nord Art and then use the handle control handle a further manipulate with shape clicking upon this Nord at the top in use this control handled to bring this further in. We just need to correct this curve here. So just grabbing the actual curve itself and bring down a little error here. Now you see, here we have a cluster of Nords, especially the to to gather here. This is a little bit on necessary. So I'm gonna go heads, click this Nord and I'm gonna click backspace. Now, I'm gonna use this control handle now to bring it up. And this gives less of a complication less margin for error and gives me a more flowing curve. Now you say that you said the panel tool can be quite an intricate process, even professional spend considerable amount of time using the control handles the curves on the Nords to it just to a point where there completely satisfied to take the time to make the adjustments. And chances are you'll end up with a much better result That done. I'm now gonna move on this portion down here. I'm gonna delete this north because there's two also on this wall because that was my starting position. I want to use this control handle and bring it out just too much. This sketch beneath I don't want to use this control handle of top just to bring this down slightly for better flow on, that marks completion of the bottom shape. So we're now ready to tackle the top 9. Icon Development Part 2: So one of the top portion of the symbol on we're gonna use the pen tool once again to draw this before I do. So I'm gonna turn off this option. Snapped the paths. Just saw that my cursor doesn't snap to the ship below. I want to select the pen tool. I'm gonna click and hung a point. He had to begin on day one over here. I'm gonna pull out a curve too much The sketch beneath. Next I'm gonna click appear This is the wall hunger point on. Since it curves around here, the next one is going to be in una point here. So cliquey and a pullout just too much. This sketch again underneath on. And he has the ceiling on the points. I want to click. I'm pull out a curve which matches with sketch here for the peak of this curve. Next, I want to click down here. Next. I want to click on the wall here on another one on the wall, and I'm gonna pull out the curve like so Now I'm gonna click down here in the bottom, and I'm gonna pull out a curve to complete the shape to close it here like so, with fact on, I'm now going to use the eyedropper tool too much their ship with the color of the ship beneath Andi for a stroke. I'm going to select nor paint so that we don't have a stroke. A sign of this. Now I'm gonna go heads and use the North to to make the fine adjustments. So assuming in when it used the plus on my keyboard, I want to click upon this Nord here because it needs some adjustment. I'm gonna pull it out. I'm gonna pull this one down also. Too much the sketch further. I don't want to use his control handle just to make this a flowing curve here. The largest change which needs to be made is this portion. Here someone click on here. I'm gonna bring this Nord up and I'm gonna drag this curve all the way up. Like so. I want to pull us curve out just too much of sketch. What need to do now is in the layers panel. I want to reduce the opacity of this so I can see this sketch underneath when he uses control handle just to bring this curve in too much This sketch adjusting down here because I had a knot on effect moving this nolde on this curve again. Just adjusting this control handle. Andi, with the keyboard shortcut minus, I'm going to zoom out to see how this looks. Now, it looks quite nice. I'm going to judge this more fairly. However, by turning off the sketch Somalia's panel, you see, we have a little eye icon, nexus sketch Ever click that it now disappears so that we see just the pen shapes on top. We can also select ship, and we go ahead and increasing opacity back before because we're not tracing the sketch underneath anymore on we can take a look at the ship overall and ask ourselves, Does this floor nicely? Is there any areas for improvement? Now, I want to see this little glitch here. It doesn't floor as nice as a like on dhere. So with the keyboard shocker. Plus, I'm gonna zoom right then and I'm gonna would dress this part first. So with the north to I'm gonna click this shape. I'm gonna drag this note down. I'm gonna click away a press return just to de select I want to use this control handle. I want to pull it out, see if we can achieve a greater floor. I'm gonna pull out. Let's control handle very slightly and I'm happy with that. So now when you gotta work on this curve appear so clicking on this on the point I want to drag down, click away to de Select. When I click this under point, I'm gonna pull this control handle down, clicking this anchor point once again and pulling downwards to safe, wing, achieve and better floor. Andi, we're getting there. I'm just going to click that one small and pull control handle up ever so slightly and I'm happy with that scrolling down and see some errors in the shape. Here, click this Nord, Pull out with this control handle on that rectifies the problem that was here. Just a little adjustment again. Now for the top. I'm gonna click this under point on and I'm gonna draw in these control handles to make this a little bit more shorter but better flowing. Some slight adjustments is always to make this perfect. I'm with a doneness marks. This is complete. But of course it Butterfly has four wings, so this will need to be copied across to make a symmetrical symbol 10. Developing the Symbol Part 3: Okay, Now let's go ahead and replicate thes shapes so that we have a symmetrical for winged butterfly. So to do this, I'm gonna click and drag to highlight both. I'm gonna go to object on group alternatively, quick and use a cable, chocolate control and G. Now, this shape on these two shapes move as a singular. So now, with this selected once again, I'm going to go ahead and use a keyboard shortcut control And de now what? This is done, It's taken a duplicate which is now placed on top. Of course, you can't see it until ago. Hadn't move it. So holding control on the keyboard to keep it locked on the horizontal axis. I'm gonna drag across the duplicate on there. You can see it. With that done, I'm going to go toe object on and flip horizontal. Alternatively, I can use the cable chocolate H. I want a whole control to keep it look down on the horizontal, and I'm just gonna move it across like so I'm gonna highlight all of these. I want to quote object group. I'm gonna hold control to keep the ratio. I don't wanna reduce it in size and place it centrally on the converse so that I can review it. So having put those two halfs together and say that I'm actually very pleased with this symbol, and so I'm gonna Guan to marry it with text. 11. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses. When I share. Resource is on when I launch contests. Remember, there are additional parts of this course, so we'll see you in the next.