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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Design a Logo Using Canva - Introduction

    • 2. Examples of Famous Logos

    • 3. Color Theory

    • 4. Design Time

    • 5. Logo Variations

    • 6. Recap

    • 7. Your Logo Project

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn 2 things:

  1. How to design and create a logo
  2. How to use Canva

We’ll be using the free version of Canva.

You'll learn how to come up with the idea for your logo design, how to choose colors and fonts to represent your brand, and you'll also learn how to use the basic functions of Canva. Canva is a great tool for designing graphics for your website or business. You don't need to be a professional designer to get high-quality results.

We'll quickly go over the psychological meaning of colors, and take a look at some of the most famous logos in the world. I'll walk you through the steps I took to come up with the idea of my website's logo, and exactly how I built the files in Canva.

This class is aimed at the beginner level. You don't need any prerequisite knowledge of Canva. We'll go over how to use the tool in class.

At the end of the course, you’ll design your own logo using the skills you learned in class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Donna DeRosa

Author / Blogger / Journalist


Hello and thank you for checking out my classes on Skillshare.

I’d like to share with you a little about my background and why I decided to teach.

For 15 years I worked as an automotive journalist and managing editor for and I was also editor of Edmunds’ award-winning Long-Term Road Test Blog.

I enjoy helping writers and bloggers discover their voice in the huge world of online content. I’m a firm believer that anyone can learn how to write, and that we all have something worthwhile to say. There are time-tested best practices that can help you on your journey to content creation. That’s what my classes are all about.

On Facebook I run a group called Vlo... See full profile

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1. Design a Logo Using Canva - Introduction: Hello. Welcome to design a logo using canvas in this class. I'm going to show you how easy it is to create your own logo using the free version of Canada. My name is Donna de Rosa. I'm a blogger and author, and I also run my own online shop. And I beg all of my own creative assets for my websites using the free version of canvas. Even if you're not a professional designer, Tools like hand to make it really easy to design professional looking graphics for your website and your brand. I'm going to walk you through how I created an attractive logo for my online shop. I also designed some smaller variations of my logo that I use in other ways. This class is aimed at a beginner level. You can create a unique logo in as little as 10 minutes using the free version of Canada. I'll take you through my thought processes to hell. I came up with the idea for my logo, why I chose the colors and fonts and I used along with the actual process of how to build and download the logo file in the correct format for your project. you'll design and create your own logo that you can use on your website in your email, on your social media channels or even in print. If you want to create business cards, mailing labels or other types of print work, please take a moment to press the follow button so you can follow me as a teacher. That way, you'll know every time I launch a new class on skill share, let's get started. 2. Examples of Famous Logos: Here's a quick look at my website. Relax ation cafe dot com. You'll see my logo at the top of the page. My overall color theme for this website is this minty green that you see throughout the page. I knew I wanted my logo have green in it, but not be exactly the same shade. I also knew I wanted my logo to be the name of the website. Relax Ation Cafe. But not just the words. The decisions I needed to make were how to make it interesting. While keeping it easy to read, I had to decide what funds to use that would represent my brand, because whatever funds I chose I wanted to use throughout my site and in other promotions, I had to design my logo to fit into the parameters of the logo area designated by my block theme. I use defeat by elegant themes with the floor child theme by divvy soup. The size a lot of for the logo is 300 by 150 pixels. I could change that size and CSS, but I was happy to keep it the same. I didn't want the logo to take up too much space on the page, and you can see as I scroll down, it gets smaller, and then it pops back up to the regular size. When designing a logo. First, think about the brand that you are creating it for its the first impression people will get . Designing a logo can really help you refine your brand. Is it serious or playful? Isn't modern or retro is a conservative or fun Knowing what you want? The branch of represent will help you when it comes time to choosing fonts and colors. Let's take a quick look at some famous logos. Coca Cola A recent study has shown that the Coca Cola logo is still the most recognized around the world. This is a good example of fun choice. The script lettering is very Americana and nostalgic. The red is vibrant, and the color red is said to promote eating. While the white swish gives a logo movement and energy. FedEx FedEx has big, boxy letters like the packages they carry. There is an arrow hidden in the lettering between the E and X. The arrow symbolizes speed and precision. The brand is built on delivering on time their main logo is purple and orange for different areas of their business. They change up the color of the ex portion of the logo. Ground shipping is green, for example. Freight is red, and so on. Chanel Chanel is a luxury brand. Many luxury brands stick with basic black and white. It's elegant, minimalist, classic and timeless. Sometimes the brand uses the Chanel name and sometimes the interlocking C's or both. The Chanel brand was born in the 19 twenties, when women were becoming more modern. Everything about the Branden logo is streamlined and new and has remained so over the decades. Apple apple is so easily recognizable that no words are needed. The design is minimal and very clear. Their logo has evolved over time, from a rainbow to a chrome look apple to the simple flat black apple you see today. There is a bite of the apple that makes it more interesting and symbolizes the product in use. It's also a play on the word bite. B Y T E. It's sleek, but it's accessible apple computers or user friendly by using a symbol instead of words. The logo complaint to an international audience. There is no language barrier Target Target has a bold, simple, energetic design. You'll notice as we move along that some of the best logo's keep it simple and clear. Target uses the bull's eye symbol repeatedly in their ad campaigns so that you recognize that brand immediately. Circles imply community and inclusiveness. Many feel that shopping at target is like being a part of a club or a lifestyle. Now it's time to design your own logo. 3. Color Theory: my brand is about relax, ation self care and has a spot like feeling. I chose colors that are soft and calming. I wanted the same for my logo, but I didn't want it to be too pastel to make it hard to read. You may want to look more in depth and color psychology when designing your logo. Here's a simple list of colors and their meanings. You'll see there are two sides to every color story. Read. Read his passion, energy, excitement but also caution. It's the color of stop signs and is used by a lot of fast food chains like McDonald's and Wendy's, but also by brands like Virgin and Canon. Blue Blue is calm. It's secure. It's trustworthy, but it can also be cold, emotionless and unapproachable. It's safe, but will it stand out? It's often used by credit card companies and electron ICS companies like Dell, Intel and Samsung. Green Green is fresh, its nature, its prosperity. But it can also be envy, could be conservative and can be agreed. It's used a lot by healthy food stores like whole foods or even star books or energy companies like BP. Yellow yellow is sunny optimistic creative when it's also the sign of caution symbols or can mean cowardice, where it can be irritating to the eyes. You'll see it on brands like Hurts posted and Best Buy. Orange, orange could symbolise warmth, confidence. It's friendly, but it can also be in maturity. It's used a lot in kids brands, and it could be considered frivolous. Some brands that use orange are Nickelodeon, but also companies like Air Miss Purple Purple is the color of royalty. It can symbolize wealth and sophistication, but it can also be moody and decadent. And, depending on what shade you use, it could look cheap. You'll see it used by brands like Taco Bell, Yahoo and Hallmark. Black black is a power color. It's elegant, it's sophisticated, but it can also symbolize morning oppression and evil. It's used a lot by luxury brands and fashion houses like Chanel or Muay or Hugo Boss, but also by companies like Nike and Apple. With the color palette and canvas, you can use variations on these basic colors. Let's open Can va. I'll walk you through the mindset and the action steps I took when designing my website logo 4. Design Time: When you first open canvas to the home page, you'll see a slider here with templates for all different kinds of graphics you can create . I already know the size that I want, So I'm gonna go up here on the right hand side, where it says custom dimensions. And here you can choose between pixels, inches, millimeters, centimeters. I'm gonna stick with pixels. And my local design is 300 pixels 1 50 So I'm gonna take that in and hit, create new design. Now you get a blank template that's been blown up to 223%. You can change that to 100% to see was actually going to look like. But it's easier if you work in a larger size. Doesn't have to be 200. It could be whatever you're comfortable with. No, I knew I wanted my logo to be the name of my sight. So I'm gonna go over here where you have options. Now I'm gonna choose text. It was all kinds of presets here with different combinations of funds. But I'm going to start from scratch, so I'm going to start with clicking. Add heading. That's the largest one. I'm gonna type in my name. Relax. Ation cafe. Obviously, this is way too large. It's also not a fund that I want, but right now I'm gonna knock it back inside just so I can start to work with it. So there we go. We have it all together. I also wanted something visual to denote the cafe part of my company name. So I searched over here. If you go to elements, there's lots of free graphics in here or something. You can buy for a dollar. And I wanted something. Cafe is. So I chose to search for the word coffee. Well, give me a bunch of photos here, but you can switch over to graphics. And there's all these different coffee images here. This one caught my eye because, of course, my site is green. So I really like this one. So could we start using that? No. Shrunk it down. So it's a little bit smaller. So then I had to start to decide what I wanted to do with it. Do I want it over on the left here like this? I don't really like that. So I put it over on the right here that could work. Should I put it in the center here? You'll see these lines at a period. Tell you when you're actually on the center. I think that's kind of distracting. Maybe up a little higher. I can click on that. And up here you'll see different things you can do with these images. You can say position. Then you can go backwards behind the letters. I still think that makes it a little distracting to read. You can't even really see what that is. But I could click on that graphic again, and here you can play with the transparency. So if you click that, you could make it a little lighter so that it's not so distracting That could work. But I'm not really happy with it, cause I kind of lost the green by making it transparent. I mean, that's just kind of hanging out there doing nothing. So I'm gonna put the transparency back up. I'm gonna do this out of the way. I do like this graphic, so I think I am going to stick with that. But it's time to decide what front I want because I'm not happy with this fund. I wanted something that was a Sarah font. I wanted to look classical but not too boring. And I don't really like this one. I think it's a little too heavy because my brain is about Relax, ation. So if you go up here, you'll see there are so many funds in here that you can choose from and they each have a preview of what they look like. You can scroll through here and find a thought that you like. I'm going to cut to the chase here and tell you that I chose Quattro Trento. So I'm gonna switch to Quattro Gento. I really like this fund. It's classically elegant and it's easy to read. I like the wide open Saref letters that are slightly rounded and as a Roman typeface. So I really like this. I think if I stretch this is Bigas. I can make it. Let's just keep playing with the to see health large. I can make it before it wraps around like that so I can center this now. I want to see if I could read this. I'm gonna knock it back to its original size. Yeah, that's okay. I guess but I saw the problem. What I do this coffee cup. I could have put it in there. I don't know. I think I want to make this even bigger because I have a very small size here to play with . So let's blow this back up. So it's easier to work with. I think I'm gonna take the cafe out and put that on a separate line. So I'm going to copy this, make a duplicate of it, slide that down, make this cafe. It doesn't need to be this wide anymore. Then I can kind of play around with making this even bigger. So again, to cut to the chase what I ended up with with size 48 which fits in exactly to this. With of this box, we want to maximize the space. And then I can use this where Cafe Anywhere under here. And I can try to figure out where I want this coffee cup to bay. So just play around trial and error. I decided that I wanted to make cafe stand out a little bit, so I wanted to go with a script fund. So again, you can go over here to found and just breeze through here and see what you like. I think a lot of script bones, like here is one is an example of lawyers. Kind of nice. I think a lot of script funds can look a little old fashioned. Um, I wanted to be easier to read also, so I'm not real happy with that one. Although it is a pretty fund. There are some handwriting fonts in here that I thought might be a little difficult to read . Another very popular right now. But I don't want people having to waste time trying to decipher what my logo said so again to cut to the chase. I'm just gonna tell you what I chose which was Parisienne and the essence of saving time. I'm going to tell you that I ended up making it 36 points and it was a matter of where do I put it? So there's a little curve here underneath the tea. What kind of squeeze it in there? Still, I had the problem. What do I do with this coffee cup? Because I don't want it to just be words. Then I had the idea. What if I replaced the l with the steam from this coffee. So this will have to be a little bigger to fill in for the L. So let's get rid of the L up here left space for here. So let's move this up, see if that works. Perhaps a little bigger, so it balances out with the word cafe. Well, if you click on one of these lines on the side, you can actually use your arrow keys to go over just a tiny bit and get it exactly the way you want it. Teoh like it to meet up with the letters here. We'll be right in the middle. I think that looks pretty good, but maybe touch bigger, so click on it and you can pull these little side boxes, make it a little bit bigger. And then again, let's reposition it. Yes, that click on one of these side things and you can really go with minute measurements here . How does that look when that's pretty good? Well, you notice when I click on this, it shows me the colors that it's made up of up here. So instead of having Justus black logo, I thought, well, these air different various shades of green. They get darker as they go along. This one's almost black, but it's a little bit softer. And because my website is all about relax ation, I think softness would really benefit my logo. So what I'm gonna do is click on this when you see they appear in this big color wheel, these air, the standard colors that always come up the's air my brand colors from another website that I've already plugged into here. That's why they're here. You won't see this on yours. But these are the three colors. This is what I have with the letters now. And these are the three colors in the logo, so it gives you a little palette of the colors that you're actually working with. So what I'm gonna do now was click on the word relax, ation. So this box highlights and I'll go up here where it says color and you'll see those colors again. And I'm gonna use the darkest one. We're just softens a little bit. Well, I think that's nice. So now what do I do with the work cafe? Do I want it to be like this? Maybe that's a little bit too light. I don't want to blend in with the logo. So the middle one, I think, works really well for this. So just click out of it, and now you can just tweak it a little bit. I don't need the full height of this logo, As you can see now that I have it going across, I can't really make it any taller. So I think what I'm gonna do, let's move everything up so that I'm maximizing this size here. So let's just click on something here. Reckon, load this up a little bit. I don't want it to the very tippy top of that. And then this to that, I just click on one of these boxes here, these lines moving up close as I can get it. Well, it still looks comfortable, so you could kind of overlap it if you want it to. But like a just like that, it's sort of meets up with the bottom of this coffee cup. So really, that is what I did to make my logo. Now, I hope that this inspires you to create your own logo to give you some idea. What kind of questions you need to ask yourself. Your local really needs to represent your brand. So if you have a high tech logo, you probably want to use something that's a little more modern. If you have a humorous or a fund brand or you're designing for a toy company or something, you might want something that's a little more quirky. It's really up to you. So there are plenty of fonts in here to choose from. We just wanted to also mention that these air both Google thoughts, which means they're open source and they could be used freely in any medium. If you use them on their website, they will display universally the same for everyone because they're served up from Google to the browser instead of having to be installed on your computer. That doesn't matter much when you're using a graphics file like this, but if you use the phone elsewhere on your site, it can really help but display the same for everyone. There are many funds preloaded into Canada. You are sure to find something that suits your needs, and, of course, your logo doesn't have to have letters or words at all. It's up to you because I ended up putting all of this at the top of this graphic. I don't really need all of the height here, so I'm going to save this file to my computer, and then I'll put it in another editing tool just to cut off the white space at the bottom . I'm not gonna show you how to do that, but I'm going to show you how to download this to your computer. So go over here on the left where you see the word file, you're going to hit the word safe. You should actually be saving this along the way. So you don't lose any of your work if you go over to the upper right hand side here, you want to click this arrow, we'll give you different file types. You can choose from a PNG. I'm going to say this as a J peg. But if we were doing this for print work, you could save it as a pdf need to have a premium membership to save it as an animation or gift. If you want your local to have a transparent background, you're gonna have to have a premium account for that. But because my website is white, I'm saving this as a J peg. You can just download it to your computer. It'll take a minute. Here we go. Open it so you can see it. And here it ISS So when I cut off this bottom, it's going to look perfect on my website. In the next video, I'll show you how I made many variations on my logo that you can use for business cars or stickers are on social media. 5. Logo Variations: now that I finalized my main logo, I want to create a smaller version that I could use a social media icons or for stickers or on business cars anywhere. I want something smaller. So, for example, if I wanted to design when I kind of like they use on Instagram, it would have to fit into a small circle. And this is not going to fit into a small circle. So I like to design little variations that could be used as a secondary logo. Liken include this smaller logo in my packaging or as a watermark in some promo Zahran photos. So it will be walking through some of the steps. We'll show you some of the variations that I've made off my leg. I already have some of these variations pre opened up here in these different tabs. So the 1st 1 here, I wanted to make something to be at the top of my Facebook page. So all I did was add another layer of text. Here I use the same phone. It's quanta Gento, I added a little tagline. So serving up good vibes and I use that third color of green that we found in the logo. So if I click up here, it's this green, the lightest of um And it just looked at the top of a Facebook page is very informal, so it doesn't have to be any fancier than that. Another thing I made was just a very small logo that I knew that could fit into a square or into a little circle. So what I did was cut out the cafe part, and I reduce this Leard to relax, and I made the are lower case, so it's sort of the same thing as this. But if I only took this part, chopped it off and just made it a little more informal by making the part and lower case, I can use this just various places and I'll show you what I did with it. So if I click on this one, actually put this one into a circle, so I'll show you how I did That will create a new page here, and you can go to elements. Then you can use different shapes that air here. But what I'm actually going to do is find a frame. So there's all kinds of frames here, so with the frame. It's really easy to put an image in here, and then it actually fits it into that shape. So there's a plane circle here. There's all different shapes. I'll just scroll through a little bit and show you what you can do. What I ended up doing was taking this circle that has a little border around the outside. So I clicked that into the middle here, extended its Bigas. I could, so you're not seeing the border here because it's on a white background. So let's click on here and you'll see you get choices up here so it's showing it in white. Here. We're gonna click on the white so I can change it to a different color. You can change it to any color that you see fit. It's reading my actual brand color here, which is this minty green from my website because I already have it loaded up here. But if not, if you wanted to add a new color, you can actually type in the hex code here. That's the actual hex code from my website. So now what we can do because we made this image, we can upload that in here and pull that image into that circle. So we go to upload, you'll see everything that I've uploaded here recently. And here it ISS I could pull that in to the center of the circle, and it will automatically center it for. You know, if you don't like that, you can do it. You put anything you want in there, you click on it, we'll just show up in the middle. But if you pull it out and push it back in, it'll actually center it there. That's from the other classes that I paid here. But this is the one that we want. So let's pull it in there. And if you click on that, you get some choices up here so I can make this bigger. If I want Teoh and center it. And then he hit done. And then it's a little smaller. When I made it up here, you can You don't like that. You could knock it down again. Push it in the center. I don. So there you go. So now this has a white background. You can save it the same way you can say file save. And then again, you can download it is anything you want. So if I'm using this for a sticker, I would downloaded as a PdF for print quality. We're not gonna do that right now, but that's the way that you would do that. So moving on, I also made business cards. This is a two page file. Now, what I did to make the business cards is I came to the front page here where there are all these templates and there is one called business card. So if you click on that, it will open a blank template, and then it puts all the different choices here of pre made business cards. So let me go back to the one that I actually made. I chose one of their pre made ones, which is this one here. I like the way it looked and had the green already. So I kind of knew that it would work with mine, but it's not my color green. So what I did was I clicked on this. If I pull it down here and I make a new page click on it, I can load that in here. Make another page load that in here So this was the basis that I use. What I did was change it to my green, which I already showed you. Is that minty green? So again, if you click on the original, we'll show you the color it's using here. And this is the color that I changed it to. And then I remove this document altogether. The text boxes, you click on them, you can get rid of them and then I upload it my circle so you can see center that in the middle. So it's another way that I used it. And then I took inspiration from the front page of here where they had their contact information in the name of the company. And I put my original logo up top here. I changed that bar in the middle. It was here that was black. I change it to be the same color that I use that dark green that I used for Relax, ation word. I put a little bit about my company here. I don't have a physical store, so I didn't put an address. I just put my Web address in my name so I can then download these. Save it first. Of course, if you want to get rid of these because I don't need these anywhere, you can hit the little trash can get rid of that one. This was the other one that I started to make that one. So I have my two pages here. It saved over to file. It's safe, and then you could hit the download button. And it's suggesting that I download this for print because it is a business card in it already knows that you don't want to. You can download it to something else, but you can download that is French, and you can choose here to download individual pages. Or you can download both pages, all pages. Here. It's a done download. If you download multiple pages of a J Peg file, it will save it as a zip file. But if you do it as a PdF, it will save it as pdf. So here it is as a PdF, it has a little printers marks on here. You could send us right off to your printer, and we'll print exactly as it looks exactly as you designed it in canvas. So all of these are variations that you can make with that original logo 6. Recap: Let's go through a brief recap of the features you've learned to use in the free version of canvas you've learned. If you come to the home page, you can scroll through all of these pre made templates, which makes designing very easy. You've also learned that you can go here to custom dimensions and type in a specific size that you need and that you can do it in pickles or inches or millimeters or centimeters. You've learned that there are a bunch of pre made templates here on the left hand side when you open a blank template and you can use them to customize your colors. Take design inspiration, change the fonts, upload your own photos. You've learned that you can go to the Elements section here, and this is where you can search through some of the free photos and graphics that you confined in here. There are other things in here, like frames where you could take a photo. You can load it into a specific shape, so if I type in the name of a key word, I'll get some photos here. I could also click that over two graphics, and if you scroll through these, you'll notice that some of them you can use for $1 but a lot of them you can find that are free. Some of them. You may find that, say, pro, and you have to have the premium version to use those photos or those images. But a lot of them are free, and the one that I used was free. You also learned that you can go into text and you can choose Put a new page here. You can choose to use heading like this. You can use a subheading, gets a little bit smaller. You can use a sub sub heading or body text. They come up in different sizes. You learn that you can move them around that if you come up here, you can choose the alignment from left to right to center. You can make them bold or italic, depending on what font you use. You can choose to change the font through a list of hundreds and hundreds of fonts. ITER in here. If I bring up one of my files will show that for some of the funds that you use like Quattro Gento, you may get some options up here like I could make this bold if I wanted to cook it again to undo it. I don't have the option to make it a talic. It's great out. Some phones won't give you the option. If I click on my pre Z and front here, it doesn't give me the option of bold or italic signal. Use it the way that it ISS. However, you can change the colors. They have preloaded colors here, or you can click the little plus sign up here, and you could put it in a specific X code If you have a a specific brand color that you're using, you've also learned that you could move images around and that you could really refine it by clicking on one of the lines. It outlined the box, and then you can use your arrow keys to move it up a tiny bit at a time. It allows you to be a little bit more precise. You've also learned that you can come up here when you click on an image and you can change the transparency of it, make it a little more transparent all the way down to nothing. So if you wanted to create a watermark, for example, you could use something like that, or you can use it a full transparency. You also learned that if you move some of these images around, you can click the position button up here, and you could put it behind the text for in front of the text. You can come over here and you can undo anything that you don't like that you've done. There's a redo button if you decide that you did like it after all. Well, that's undo that. You've also learned that you can come over here to the upload button, and you can upload your own images into Canada so you don't have to use. There's So if you wanted to use a photograph and bring it into a document, you could make it the background of a document. You've learned how to come up here to file and to hit save to save your work As you go along, you learn to come over here from the right hand side where the arrow is, and to download your document in different formats. You can do it as a PNG A J peg print quality. Pdf and hopefully you've learned the basics of how to design a logo. So in the next video, we're gonna go through what your project is for this class. 7. Your Logo Project: for your project. I want you to design and create a logo in Canada. If you have a business or a blogger or a brand, you could make one that represents that. If you don't have a business or a platform yet, you could make one for your future company or even design one based around your name. Have fun with it. Keep it simple and then share your logo design in the project section associated with this class. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the community section. I can't wait to see your logo designs. 8. Final Thoughts: Thank you for taking this class. I hope you found it fun and easy to create your own logo in Canada. I can't wait to see your logo. Designs, please share this class with anyone you think will benefit from my instruction. And don't forget to press that follow button so you can follow me as a teacher. That way you'll know every time I've released a new class on skill share. Thank you for watching. And I hope to see you in my next class.