Design a Jig Saw Puzzle in 1 min, for FREE | Prabhat Mandal | Skillshare

Design a Jig Saw Puzzle in 1 min, for FREE

Prabhat Mandal, Learning is living !

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5 Videos (13m)
    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Why Jig Saw Puzzles are needed?

    • 03 How to Make in 1 min

    • 04 Making it durable

    • 05 Project for you


About This Class

Hello learners,

I am here with my first class.

I have been blessed to have been exposed to great learnings in life and would like to share a small DIY hack in this class.

We keep buying jig-saw puzzles for our children and children keep asking for more and more. Due to cost factor, sometimes we can't meet children's need. Have you ever thought about making these at home, very quickly and for FREE! Yes, we can make these at home, a new piece every day, using the waste material at home.

So, here is a class for you all to make it happen.






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Prabhat Mandal

Learning is living !

Hello Learner friends,

My name is Prabhat Mandal and I am feeling privileged and honored to be connected with you all on Skillshare.

I have been a parenting coach for 11+ years, helping parents to make parenting a great learning experience, and most importantly, teacher being the child. I have also been a software engineer for about 17 years, working with one of the top MNC. I have a bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering from a premium college in India.

Apart from ...

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