Design a Fabric Collection: Everything you need to know about designing for the fabric industry. | Kristina Hultkrantz | Skillshare

Design a Fabric Collection: Everything you need to know about designing for the fabric industry.

Kristina Hultkrantz, Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome to How to Design a Fabric Collection

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. What is a Fabric Collection

    • 4. Run Through of my Fabric Collection

    • 5. Start Designing Your Collection

    • 6. Building a Collection Part 1

    • 7. Building a Collection Part 2

    • 8. Thank you!

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About This Class


Hello Everyone!

Recently, in February 2019, I released a fabric collection with Paint Brush Studio fabrics. Even though I’ve been designing for awhile this is my first ever actual professionally printed fabric collection and I learned a ton during the process. In this class I can’t wait to share all the things I learned plus my tips and tricks for designing a cohesive beautiful collection! This class will equip you with all the knowledge you would possibly need to design your own fabric collection from scratch or convert a collection you already have so that it is ready for the fabric industry.


This class is for anyone curious as to what a fabric collection should include and all the technical specifics so that your collection is ready to be presented to fabric companies. You can also use this knowledge to design a fabric collection just for your own use to print on Spoonflower and to make custom personal sewing projects.

Though this class is of course suited for students of any level in order to get the most out of these classes you should already be comfortable creating repeat patterns and creating artwork. I will not be going over how to technically draw and create a pattern in Adobe Illustrator. You can check out my many classes about pattern design here:

Hand Drawn Half Drop Repeat Patterns

Hand Drawn Half Drop iPad Edition

The Pattern Make Tool

The Recolor Artwork Tool


Supplies you will need to create the class project which is a mini fabric collection of 6 patterns.

  • Inspiration for your collection. For example a Pinterest or traditional moodboard.
  • Supplies to create your own unique repeatable pattern designs. Depending on your technique this could be traditional drawing supplies, the iPad or just a computer with Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Adobe Illustrator (or Photoshop if you work with that instead, though I will not be covering how to use Photoshop) to finalize your repeat patterns, create print ready files, and a final fabric collection presentation.


In this class I will be sharing my thought process and techniques for designing a cohesive and beautiful mini fabric collection with 6 patterns including a hero, secondary and blender/filler/supporter prints.

We will cover the following:

  • The technical side of designing a pattern collection so that it is print ready and works well for the quilting market. I will be going over important things to think about for designing for the fabric industry that differ from other industries such as scale, art board size, and amount of colors recommended.
  • The creative side of designing a beautiful collection of prints that work really well together. I will be going over collecting inspiration, making sketches of your entire collection, what I think about when designing the different types of patterns and then taking a final look at your entire collection so that it is cohesive and really works together.

I am so excited to share my tips with you and to see what you all come up with in your class projects!

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I’m very happy to announce a special giveaway that me and my fellow pattern designer Maja Rönnbäck are hosting together in connection with the launch of our newest classes here on Skillshare. To celebrate that we are both releasing our debut fabric collections with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics we have gotten together to host this joint giveaway. In this special giveaway, 2 winners shall be chosen to win a bundle of fabrics from both our fabric collections. The bundle includes a total of ten fat quarters from our collections - five from each. In addition to winning the fabric bundles you will also win a personal review from one of us on your class project. In my class this means a review from me of your collection and in Maja's class this means a review of your colorways. The review will be written personally to you in an e-mail and you can even include any questions that you have for us and we will answer them personally for you. 

To enter the giveaway you need to do the following before Thursday April 4th 2019: 

  1. Enroll in both of our new classes here on Skillshare (Majas class Mastering Colors in Pattern Design: Discover Your Color Style and Kristinas class Design a Fabric Collection: Everything you need to know about designing for the fabric industry.)
  2. Create a class project in one or both of our classes and share it on the project page. If you upload a project in both classes you will double you chances of winning the giveaway
  3. Also as a little bonus, Skillshare is running a giveaway this month. If you post a project in any class you are entered to win 1 year of Skillshare Premium!

There will be 2 winners in this giveaway and the winners will be announced on Friday April 5th by us both on our Instagram stories. (@majaronnbackdesign & @emmakisstina) Good luck!

xoxo Kristina

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