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Design a Drink Label in Illustrator

Florin Buzea, Full Stack Graphic Designer

Design a Drink Label in Illustrator

Florin Buzea, Full Stack Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro Drink

    • 2. Type & Colour

    • 3. Designing The Label

    • 4. Adding Personality

    • 5. Details Part 1

    • 6. Details Part 2

    • 7. Variation & Presentation

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Florin Buzea and together we’re going to design a drink label using Adobe Illustrator.

We'll start by choosing our fonts and colors, we'll add a bit of structure in the design and after we'll tie it all up by adding a few details, we're going to present the label design by adding it on a mock-up in Photoshop.

This course was created with beginners in mind but you do have to have a bit of experience with Illustrator.

Once you completed the course please make sure to leave a review. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Florin Buzea

Full Stack Graphic Designer


A graphic designer at heart with a passion for Web and UX/UI.

Originally from Romania, I've moved to the UK 7 years ago to study Animation & Visual Effects at University. I had to get a job in order to sustain myself but I never thought that I could get so lucky as to find my passion whilst doing so. I was hired by a small print shop where I've started learning Illustrator. Whenever I wasn't at University I was at this shop where I was struggling not to get fired. Over the months my position wasn't in doubt anymore, customers would ask for me to do their design work and more importantly, it was clear to me that this is what I wanted to do.

It would've been a shame to drop out of University so for the next 3 years I did both.

After I graduated I've started to te... See full profile

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1. Intro Drink: Hi there. I'm Flow Full stop. Graphic designer and founder. We flow studio on independent agency that deals with brand identity design and websites. In this next 30 minutes or so, we're gonna sign a label for a drink. I myself, we're gonna choose a whiskey cocktail, but feel free to choose whatever drink you want. This course can be taken by anyone who knows a bit about illustrator. We're going to start by choosing our fonts and colors. We're gonna put a bit of structure onto the design. We're gonna add a bit of detail, and then we're gonna present it using a mock up in 40 shop. If all of this sounds appealing, let's start creating this drink label. 2. Type & Colour: are they? Thank you for choosing discourse. Do you design a drink? Label I myself for going to design a whiskey type label. Feel free to choose. Whatever drink you on. It doesn't need to be an alcoholic drink book. I'm gonna go with whiskey type type label. So the first thing we would do is gather our funds have put a few forms for each year category down below into the resource is top. So feel free to download, um, or use your own funds for myself. I'm gonna accuse the several fund right now. Which is gonna be It's gonna be my several fund gonna accuse lower case. Okay, cool. That's my main funds Calligraphy fund, which is gonna be from the same family for me. It doesn't need to be the same for you. That's gonna be my calligraphy forms. Okay. And then for the final phoned my son's phoned again from the same family for myself. You just feel free to Jews were ever found you've got or something From what I've put down below into the resource is panel cu So these are my funds. Nothing too special. A lemme decided of some callers that I'm gonna use just going design a few boxes here we're going to use for colors. Three colors, which probably gonna be quite boring. But for the third color, I want to use the gold foil would be right back. Okay, so these are my colors. Nothing too special. And the gold foil it is created from combining a few yellows and browns. Just in case you want the same colors as I'm using. I've put them down below as well. Or maybe you just want the gold foil. There's a file down there for you to download as well. Okay, cool. So now that we've got this, it's time to move on to actually put a bit of structure onto this label and start designing . 3. Designing The Label: Okay, so we've got the colors. We've got the funds. Let me just move them out of the way for now. Because this is gonna be our label because I haven't mentioned it's a 10 80. My 1200 aren't bored, so let's just start putting these phones to good use. So this is gonna be my main funds, the title of the drink, which is gonna be all the mom with. I want us to be in a lower case. OK, but put it in two lines, allying to center and then using old and the hope Roky to reduce the space in between the lines. Okay, some company that probably picked bigger. Okay, cool. So the 2nd 1 that's gonna be so, the second fund is gonna be the city where the drinks from in this case and can use the city. I'm in at the moment. So that's gonna be Cruz Poke. Feel free to use whatever city want. You can use your hometown or the city. You want to end open, you get the gist, and then for the drink, I want to use the same front. Is this so I'm gonna put whiskey. I just want to edit. It just looks a bit different. I'm gonna make it a bit smaller, then go into effect. Gonna warp the open lock. Negative. It's just put negative seven. If you're not happy with the are you ended up with Scottie or parents being changed percentage here. I'm just gonna put 10. Seems to be okay. It's gonna make this a bit toe a little. Okay, So I'm happy that when you're 100% certain that you're happy with what you've created with the arc just selected object and expanded parents. It's used the sounds front as well. And let me delete this one. Cool. So what I want to do here someone to write something along that line. So there's two ways to do this. You can actually grow the pencil and create arc yourself. What I'm gonna do it's probably a bit more complicated, but I think is gonna work better. It's going to use a circle too much The ark. So with circle selected, select a 40 as well and then would cop slunk once again the funds. And now when you aligned to the center, the surf is going to be aligned to the front that looks good to me with a pencil. I'm just gonna put two more uncle points right here. Cool. Just leave the other ones. Didn't let me make this a stroke. And then with the time tool type one path boom. Okay, for every reason want it went onto the or the side of this happens to you, the only thing you need to do is find this line, Just put it drug it onto the top of the Oh, look, it's not just gonna put some text here. She's going to see a ready to drink cocktail with. Then whiskey is going to be domain cellar. Okay, you just make this a bit bigger. Didn't expand the right. And the left case now looks good to me. Probably a bit bigger, moving a bit higher up. And then with the old and right, put a bit of space in between the letters cool and popular that remove the sun's. What I want to do is differentiate this old mammoth to the whiskey. It's the same fund, but I think I can make this a bit more fans here. Just so it doesn't look the same as the whiskey. So I'm gonna take the old mammoth. I'm just gonna create three copies by selecting gold and then controlled. The is going to say anything. So let me just change the color of thes just so you can get an idea off what I want to do. Colors don't really matter. This is gonna be the main fund this I'm gonna have to get rid of. I'll put White for now and then the orange bar. If I bring it to the bark, this is gonna be our shadow. So now that I can see, I can actually move this a bit. So what I'm gonna do is take the white pot. I'm gonna play about with it till I'm happy here. So that looks good to me. Let me bring a cooler back to the white just so you can see what I'm doing. I'm gonna cop the green part into the orange bar. I'm going to select the green part, first object, compound path, and then make cool. I'm going to select a color. I'm gonna do the same thing to the orange one make then again, qualities of matter. It's not if I select both of them going to the Pathfinder and then minus front. Boom. You can see we've got our shadow. Let's remove the small bits that you don't really need. Probably don't want this this If you like them, you can leave them in book. I just think they're in the way. Okay. Probably this one as well, then the smaller ones, which I don't like. Cool. Now, this is where the coolers come into play. Gonna make the old mom with the whiskey and the ready to drink, select the eyedropper. Just going to select the color here. Cool. And I'm gonna take the green. Then I'm going to select the gold foil. Cool. You can see the effect I'm trying to go for. Let me outline the Klusener Poker is well controlled shift. Oh, then this is gonna be gold as well. Cool. It's not the exact effect that I want, but let me show you how I'm going to fix this selected sexy. And let me just united first with the Pathfinder to select shadow that we just created for the old mammoth. And now, with the gold fall selected here, select a great into and in. Just change your gold for just like that. So I'm just drug in my mouth. And once I'm happy with the position, just release. You can see that looks much better now. So yet the main text is Don't let's move on to created a pretty label here. Where we gonna put the details? Never thing. 4. Adding Personality: So you got the main sets off funds kicking ropey in. What I would do next is select everything. Control shift, you know, group the title group, the city and group to drink. Kool, let me move this up. And then what I'm gonna do next is create a label onto the label. Yes, that's going to continue all of the details of the drink. So who is produced by the level of alcohol Batch Number and knowledge don. So first of all, make a box here. OK, we just changed in numbers here. 75 85. You can make it solar. You can make it smaller. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Cool. This is gonna be the main body which will change the color to this soft soft cream with the box selected object path Offset Path 10 Looks good to me, and then I'm going to do another one path. Oh, said path minus 10 own rights. Let me take the smallest box and just make it the same dark cooler that we used for the for the phones as well and then won't field and stroke. And I want to stroke to be four points here four points. Looks cool. Let me take the eyedropper. I used the same thickness. Look, bringing down 21 Just make this a bit bigger. Object path. Have said path for maybe. Yeah, full of school. Let me the league smaller. Okay, that's cool. And then, to create that label effect, what I'm gonna do is take a box wells holding shift. That's gonna be a perfect box to make it seem cooler. Just gonna rotate it and then align. It's right here. I'm gonna make it smaller. Then I'm just gonna copy it over once. Once holding shifting old and then control the to duplicate it a bunch of times, Taylor reaches the end. Okay, Now I'm gonna select all of them. I just wanna make sure the end off touching the edge here. Cool movie up there. I'm just gonna copy them over at the bottom. Now, select all of the creamy boxes yet, including the background born, then go into Part finder. Unite. If at any point you don't see any of the panels that I'm using, just go to windows and you'll find everything right here. No, What is selected? Arrange in center back. That's our label. Let's elect a line, then just put it into the middle here. Then I want just to be the same thickness as the arbiter box. Just copy it over here, and then just make sure the distance in between them is the same on the bottom. It's going to copy it here and then duplicate of once more. And now let's just fill this up with taxi. So taking the text, just gonna pull filtering. Cool. But I'm gonna change the fun, too. Fund And I really like a type the right to formed called King. You've got his front in the resource is fall down below filtering. Cool. He's gonna make it a bit smaller. Okay, Happy with that, then Let me take the serif font again. Then I'm just gonna put non chill. Just want this to be a bit bigger. He's gonna drag it right here. Now Wells holding old. Just use the right arrow key to put some space in between the letters. Unfortunate. This phone doesn't have an italic version, so it's going to create an myself transform here. Preview. That's gonna other few degrees in here. Probably 10. Okay, let me just make another line Bang on in the middle here, using the eyedropper tune. Going to copy the properties off that stroke. Then Probably make this a bit bigger so I can fill the space of a bit more. Okay, let me take this text moving here. Gonna put produced by Move it in a bit. I'm gonna use the signature formed here. Feel free to use whatever signature formed you want. You've got one in the fall that there for you to use as well. I'm gonna use one that I like. Cool. It's gonna make it bigger. And I'm gonna put my your name in here Que It's probably a bit too big. I don't mind it moving across the lines here, but happy with that. Let me just transform it. Sure, it once again I want is to be fertile. Then this probably minus degrees minus five. Looks good to me. Okay, so this actually looks like I've used my own signature on this bottle. OK, Computer moving on me. Select another fund. Told films again you've got this one in the resource is don't below just gonna put 30% alcohol and then the volume 70 center leases we're gonna change these two open case. Okay? We just align it to the filtering one. We do. This left just fine for these as well. That's okay. Me Take this line here and movie over onto the second line. I'm going to copy the filtering with the main Texas Well, and she's gonna move it along, and this is going to say batch number. I'm gonna choose a random number, which is I don't know, 84. Cool. Limit being get closer. Let me copy the line once again. Here. Cool. And I'll finally I just want to put some sex in here Once used this fund. What I'm gonna new is selected. Copy it. And when you paste it, the sheer effect it's not gonna get pasted A swell. So we've got straight sex here. Gonna make it's morning. I'm just going to see Produced bottled by myself in conclusion. Okay, this move it. Make sure it's left just fine, and then move the lines closer together. If you forgot how to do that. Just old and the hope Roky. OK, so that's our label. You can move these things around until you're happy to me. This looks good enough. So yeah, let's bring in some more details in 5. Details Part 1: right. So we're making progress. Me just move things around a bit. Probably disobeyed high rope and this a bit lower. The reason for that is that I want to create something here, something that, like a similar to a budge that's gonna tell the year off the production off this drink. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create to olive branches with some initials inside and and I'm going to write since 1991. So let's start with the branches first. Just make a line first. Cool color of it. Doesn't matter what is going to select the same color in thickness as before. And let me just make my leaves here. I'm gonna selected circle. I'm going to duplicate it. Then you concede my leaf. It's right in the middle here with both from selected go to the Pathfinder and then intersect. Let me swap Phil and stroke wonders to be filled in. Let me make this a bit bigger, though. That's about right. Lemon reflected to create the other leaf. And then I want the base of the leaf to such my line. Their coup that looks good to me. Like these. Copy them in front here. They make him a bit smaller. Then let me take another one. Put it right in the front here. Okay, Now that I've done that, let me just unite these two. Let me in, groove this real quick, then select. The 1st 1 is like the 2nd 1 Select the blend tool first, second. And that looks good to me. Actually, I don't want the line. Let me delete it. And then for this, what I want to do is go to window brushes and then with all of this selected, let me group it first and then copy it onto the brushes Here, it's gonna be on Arte Brush, OK? Just make sure the direction is to to write and then everything else here, it's the same as mind. Let me just put here or leave leaves. Okay? Now, I can actually put this onto apart, which is gonna be useful with what I want to create here. So let me create a circle. Actually, let me create something like an oval here. Okay, let me just change the color off this so I can see it better. And then once again, I'm going to use the offset pass stool. Probably gonna put eight here. Listen with me, Mata. This is just for for me to put the leaves on. Let me put two more uncle Points juiced about here. Doesn't need to be perfect. Let me delete the other ones. So this is pretty much the path I'm gonna be working with. Need to collect the brush, but you can see it looks hideous. We can actually fix that. Just make it bigger. A bit smaller. Probably even more. Okay, so I'm happy with that. You just make this a bit small. I'm gonna keep it. I'm gonna make it smaller. It's about right. Let me just copy this. And I'm gonna use the reflect all once again. Then I'm just gonna try to march the distance in between the circles and the leaves. That looks good enough for me. Select both of these object expanded parents. And now if I try and make it smaller, you can see it's not as horrible as before, but I just want to delete these last two leaves on each side. Just bring it down here, Okay? Let me just copy this text over here because I'm going to use the same font. I'm just gonna put a seat, make it bigger. Probably like that. Copy. Over twice. Let me just get rid of this because I don't need to Brush is anymore. And then the 2nd 1 is gonna be in the initials of the city. This is probably gonna be different for you, but even on initial, it's gonna work. It doesn't need to be perfect. Let's move this over because I'm going to use the text again, and then control shift all to outline it. Then let me bring it in here. Didn't make it smaller, and then just so I can see it couldn't save the I drop. I'm gonna make your warrants. This needs to be in the front. Cool. And then for this, it's gonna put sent when a copy over, down below gonna put 1991 just because I want both of one to be the same length. And it's gonna copy this over here and then gonna put why are you just gonna stand for year ? Probably doesn't even make sensible. It flows quite nicely in my opinion. Cool. Let me group d stew and let me just move them into place to this a bit too big. It's gonna make it smaller, bringing down and then control shift or to outline everything. Now, the thing is, I don't want this to be a two prominent. I'm talking about the top detail here that we just created. I'm gonna leave the circle for the initials for the leaves and then for the text outside. Just gonna make it gold. I'm gonna take the Grady, and this is gonna change gold here. Just saw it falls on the sea and the end. Okay. Cool. Which is group it. Yeah. We spend quite a little time on their sport. I think the small touches just brings this whole design together. 6. Details Part 2: Okay, so we are making good progress. I just want to put a bit more detail into it. I just want to use an illustration at the back here. Now. What I did is a set of illustrations down below from you to choose from. They're gonna appear exactly like this. They're free as well to download. So, yeah, just going to select this one control city. Copy, then the images. Bring it here. Control V. Let me rotate it. Obviously, I chose this one because it actually looks like a mammoth. And then with the eyedropper, it's going to take this soft cream once again. Arrange center by. You can see what I'm going for. We make is biggest possible. Okay, so I'm loving that You can see how this and this actually made everything linked together quite nicely. The only thing is, I'm not happy with this space here. So what if we create stump in the same color? It doesn't need to be obvious. Just wanted to fill the space here to create a stamp. I'm just gonna make a circle. An object path. You can tell I love this tool preview, then minus 30. Okay, Let me see, like both of them, and then swap feeling stroke. Now, I'm gonna take this circle. I'm gonna copy over and then I'm gonna take the type on path to palanquin rights crafted with conviction in the front. Um, same sounds fund as I used before, But obviously the text needs to be weights more. Okay, that looks cool to me. 30. If I put it into the circle now, I can make it bigger greats. Now, let me copy this over and then the longest line that you see here, spring inside, release the mass school. If I bring this in what I need to do, let's make the circle bigger with controlling shift. Just wait. Touches the top off the text we've already created. And now with the eyedropper tool. Just make sure it's the same size. Cool. Hope that makes sense. Now, let me change the text here to say, ready to drink, cocktail killed and then in the middle here. I'm probably gonna make this morning, actually. Yeah, then both of them. Let me make him okay. Let me just make a box here real quick on the stool. Reason why did this box first of all. Just make sure this Texas balance same with this one. And then because this is where I'm going to write some text in. So again, me copy some funds over. No polka. This is gonna copy it over because I don't want the sheer effect to it. Cool. Now, if I put it right here now, looks quite nice. Let me get rid of the box. But I also want to get rid of this part of the circle here. So what? I will do it. Select both of Gold Pathfinder and then select the 2nd 1 We just select the cooler for this , which is gonna be the same as to Mammoth. It already looks good, but But I want this line here. So let me select the pencil. Go to put another uncle Point. What? Now it's the focus in the way. So I'm just gonna select it and control to to lock it. Let me in Group D's to select one of whom and with the pen tal, she's gonna put another uncle point, then deleted, then gonna do the same thing with this one Blue. Let me grab a bit of text from here. call Pete basted Ryan here, then here. I'm gonna put clues. Que needs to be smaller. Okay. Make sure it's in the center. I think the other one I will just put 91 here, then in the sense probably gonna move the poker. Just need to unlock it. Control Alton to move a bit. Law. Great. So that looks quite good to me. Control shift to know control G to group it. Now I can bring it into my design right here. Gonna make it smaller, going to rotate it a bit. And then that looks quite good to me. The last thing I want to do, let me on group it. Select the lines here that make him a bit thicker. And also objects path offset, stroke, Cool, control G. And then there we go. You can actually reuse this asset on other material. Most of my designs doing here. I just want a gold foil border to this. So let me other box to the art board, officer path and 30 abilities a bit too much. Probably 20. 20. Looks decent. Just make this a bit thicker, though. Let me move the colors out of the way for now and then just so it's not something to straight. Been a select a circle going to make something. It doesn't matter the size and then just put it right in the corner. Probably make it smaller. Okay? And then copy over to the right side as well. Now select all three of them. Pathfinder didn't select the second option. I was just selected. Just copy it all over. Don't release it, then select the original one. Object path. Outline. Stroke. Cool. And it was it selected. I'm just gonna select the gold color. And this is pretty much done for us now. There's a reason I told you not to let this first fall making white, but without a stroke. And then make another copy. Bring it in and then send it to the Bach. Let's lock this gold foil border and then make a copy off the white box and then bring it in. Now select everything, control seven to mask it and then unlocked the foil right here. Then make sure it's at the top. Cool. So you can see with fixed the spot here and then with this one, bring it in, make sure it's at the bunk and we're pretty much done. 7. Variation & Presentation: before we move on to presenting this, let's make another option. Now, don't worry. Just gonna change the colors, but you'll get an idea off. Second version off the bottle. So let me make the background in this dark color. Obviously, at this moment looks serious. Then for the mammoth, we don't have to release the clipping mosque. Just double click on the Monmouth. Then you can see that I've never used this color. I'm gonna use it now. Cool, then. That sex here, the main text is gonna be winds. This stamp is gonna be the same color as the mammoth. Then the label it's gonna make you want cute and obviously business to be open. Then the text here needs to be white. And now just gonna make this Weitz real quick. Okay, so that's almost second version. Now, we don't need the colors anymore, but what we do need is to quickly create the label at the top of the bottle. That's gonna be quite small again. It's gonna take a minute to create. You're just gonna make it 3 25 by 200. I'm gonna take it quite close here. The only thing I'm gonna put on that. The city text, The name what I'm going to do with the name. Just gonna put it in one role. Obviously, I'm gonna have to make it smaller. Right underneath. Cool. We just move it a bit. Boop, then probably since 1991 as well. Right? Embarks on here. It's gonna get rid of the year. It's gonna put it here. Let me just pull quick Styx so I can break it off quite nicely. That's one of them, but this need to copy it over. This is gonna be winds. Then let me make the background real quick. Center back. Cool. We just changed this to 40% alcohol. And then the box number, he is gonna be 72. Okay? He's gonna export this export Ours best top, PNG and export. Make sure it's transpiring here. Okay, you've got this file into The resource is folded down below as well. For the labels on. It's not difficult, but if you haven't done it before, you stick around. You can actually change the content off the drink so you can actually make it a vodka or water is going to keep it at that for Now I'm gonna go to label label artwork and then bottle artwork, and then I'm gonna drug the file that with just exported on top, gonna make it smaller, been filed and save place. Let's see what we've done. He's too close to the bottom there. So control T which is gonna make it smaller. And also, I'm gonna believe a bit more space at the bottom here, save place. That's most pressing them for the cop. But just gonna make it smaller, and I'm gonna bring it at the bottom here, file safe. We can always change it place, but that looks perfect. If I zoom and you can actually see, our design looks quite cool. So just to summarize what we did is we choose our funds, put in a bit of color, a pillar structure. We've designed the label for a few details. Then we added more details. We did a variation for the label and then with put it on a markup to present it. So yet don't forget support your projects below right to reviews. Well, it helps a lot check out my other courses and yeah, our to you in a bit.